Tuesday 16 August 2016

Go Jazlan !

Deputy Home Minister DS Nur Jazlan Mohamed actually replied to my queries about the possibility of our passports being made in China.

He said,

No go for made-in-China Malaysian passports

Please click on the link to read the whole thing.


“We are investigating this,” Nur Jazlan told The Mole after being queried about the matter. “There are specific conditions in the contract that they (Datasonic) have to fulfill.”
When asked whether the government will stop Datasonic from making Malaysian passports in China if the company indeed plans to do so, Nur Jazlan wrote this via Whatsapp: “For sure”.
 “The passports were assembled here previously. There are security issues involved,” he added .
The claims were first circulated by anonymous blogger, Annie via her latest post in her ‘Life of Annie’ blog.
Hey, Jazlan is not so bad, isn't he?

At least he was paying attention and pro-active to concerns over the matter.

For that, I'm putting a better picture of him in this blog,

See, he looks better grinning and in suit. Got flowers in the background some more.

Sorry Jazlan, can't find a less chubby looking picture of you. That one you simply have to exercise and diet a bit, okay.

Anyway, based on Jazlan's response, I conclude that,

1. Jazlan doesn't know yet where Datasonic will make the passports and their microchips.

That's because he said "We are investigating this". Otherwise he would have said "No, that Annie is lying and a fraud. Don't read that bitch's blog because she is Pro-Tun and being paid by DAP. Datasonic is not going to make our passports in China. I know for certain that Datasonic will make the passports in Balakong. They told me so".

Okay, Jazlan is nice and would never says it like that, but I know someone else who most certainly would :)

I think my sources was telling the truth too when they said PM DS Najib Razak was not aware of what's Datasonic's plan. If a deputy minister in charge of the whole thing was not aware, how could the PM knows about it, right?

I feel that Datasonic and a lot of other people are not being transparent enough over this matter.

They are expecting the rakyat to just accept whatever they are doing.

And for that, we have to pay them some more. In this case, RM1.6 billion.

2. The government will not allow the passports to be made in China.

Jazlan said, “The passports were assembled here previously. There are security issues involved,”

That's reassuring.

At least I know that the government doesn't compromise on security issues.

Ya lah, if we want to have our shoes or clothes being made in China, then it's okay.

But our passports?

Well, anyway, I'm expecting Datasonic to come out with a statement soon saying that they are not going to make the passports in China.

Of course that's expected of them now things are out in the open.

They will quickly set up plants in Balakong to produce the microchips and print the passport booklets.

And for that we may have to expect more early morning long queues at the immigration counters.

What to do?

Redha saja lah.

I'm wishing good luck to Jazlan in his investigation.

Thanks anyway Datuk for responding.

Next time you come back to Pulai, I will belanja you makan tempe goreng, okay :)


  1. way to go Jazlan, being pro-active is the smartest way in tackling issues that r related to your areas of responsibility.. just disregard about all those -ve comments about u n concentrate on doing your job; that way, i m not surprised that u'll be promoted to a full minister status within a couple of years time. i think he himself knows of this +ve prospect of him being made a minister eventually..

    1. Sungguh kebijaksanaannya ternyata Jazlan ni!!!

      Jazlan said, “The passports were assembled here previously. There are security issues involved.”

      Alamak! daya fikirannya FBI pun kalah man .....

    2. hahaha......15.46 sarcasm giler!

  2. "Sorry Jazlan, can't find a less chubby looking picture of you. That one you simply have to exercise and diet a bit, okay."

    HA HA HA, good one lah Annie : )

    "Next time you come back to Pulai, I will belanja you makan tempe goreng, okay"

    Not too much, OK.

    Don't want him to swell up like some triple-chinned fake Malaysiakini ustazah, do we? She's the founder of Umno and Adviser to PAS (I don't think PAS care much for this anti-Islam khinzir betina, though.)

    Nur Jazlan still has hope to be slimmer, but that female Chinese hypocrite (hippo-crite?) is a gone case.

    But to restore his respect, Nur Jazlan should reveal publicly everything he knows about the PAC hearings. If he had any integrity, he would resign rather than being part of a corrupt govt.

    But he abandoned the rakyat for the perks of office, so I guess he'll look the other way - like they all do.

    1. Nur Jazlan??? Menteri kelas pelacur jalanan ja dia tu.......yang ahjib the bogus pirate is kelas bapa ayam......matching, kan? Pooorahhhh.......

    2. Semua Sejenis Sultans of Swing Syiok Sendiri


  3. Annie,

    //first circulated by anonymous blogger, Annie via her latest post in her ‘Life of Annie’ blog.//

    Well, I hope you will not get into trouble for being the first to bring up the issue.

    Incidentally, I wonder if "somebody" would notice that The Mole referred to you as a "her".

    Maybe The Mole is another Pro-Tun DAP Christian evangelical mouthpiece, I dunno.


  4. Annie,

    Good job by our badminton mixed doubles team to reach the Olympic Final. Another silver medal at least. (Remember the 1992 Thomas Cup Final, when Tun was in charge and the country was respected globally? Those were the days!)

    Anyway, here's the female half of our medal-winning partnership:


    This is just so Ustazah Blobby has another slimmer Chinese female to add to her jealousy hate list. Yes, Blobby, there are Chinese women with only one chin, who are not covered with tonnes of cellulite.

    Get over it.

    You won't, of course.

    You sad, lonely, bitter, Jabba The Hutt.

    1. ehhhh, betul, jabba & ah so 'missing twin'......



  5. PM Najib ni kapiaq atau Islam? Bukan apa. Pemimpin kapiaq di negara kapiaq pun tak sebat duit sebanyak itu dan masuk ke akaun sendiri.

    Aku langsung tak percaya jenis manusia macam ni. Rupa saja manusia dan berstatus agama Islam tapi perangai dan sifat mengalahkan kafir dan yahudi. Bagaimana Yahudi buat tanah warga Palestin macam tanah depa, tak ubah macam Najib masukkan duit bukan milik dia ke akaun sendiri dan dibelanja tanpa pengetahuan barisan kabinet dan rakyat Malaysia.

    Dah employ Yahudi menjadi sebahagian team penasihat, perangai pun dah mirip Yahudi laknat. Aku doakan para "yahudi" dalam pimpinan negara Malaysia ni agar mampos cepat sebelum negara ini lebih menjadi haru biru dan muflis.

    1. Makan dedak hanya sementara.

      Tetapi apabila Negara dijajah semula maka pemimpin UMNO akan merana dimasa depan.

      Terikut juga anak isteri dan cucu cicit.

    2. Si Najib memang kapiaq dep kapiaq...

  6. This young man (Nur Jaslan) is not blowing his own trumpet. He never forget to take his drugs in the morning. He understands the meaning of walking the talk. He is reacting to talks about walking his talks whom his talk is not just a talk.

    You got to give yourself a chance to believe in him. He could be the future material of a future leader. He is a successful young man who do listening than do most talking and taking what is not his, at least for now.

    But it is ashamed or rather unfortunate, he is one of the dreams of a Dreamer. He is trapped among the can-carriers. He is at the finger tip of the unusual known Dreamer, the Cash King.

    The Cash King who seems to have control over everything. Because of money talks, the King has the money and the King talks.

    The subjects are those of pity can-carriers who are very proud of themselves. They thought they will live happily ever after.

    They felt they were impregnable. Would there be plot against them, not only fail to harm them but sort to confirm their false strength and existence. They are known to be protected and no harm will come to them as long as their Cash King is there standing.

    No wonder, the King has been working hard to portray himself of being victorious by walking the talk. He is supposedly marked for a King but unfortunately he is nothing more than a counterfeited King who is going to be cashed out sooner or later.

    Just thoughts; Would the Cash King is still desiring King when the King runs out of Cash? What about to those bunches of his visible can-carriers, suckers and stooges?


    1. Dulu saya respect dgn Nur Jazlan nih semasa dia dlm PAC. Tetapi bila dah bertaraf menteri, rupa2nya perangainya mcm pemakan dedak yg lain.

      Manusia mudah berubah bila dpt kuasa. Nur Jazlan sama juga mcm yg lain, tidak ada kelainannya spt sangkaanku dulu.

      Nur Jazlan, bapa kau dah lama meninggal dunia.
      Buat apa nak petik nama orang yg telah tidak ada untuk menjadi benteng diri kau.

      Kalau Tok Mat masih hidup mungkin dia pun menyesal mempunyai anak yg sanggup makan dedak seperti kau. Mungkin kau yg terlebih dahulu makan penendang Tok Mat.

    2. I think the Malaysian public won't so easily forget that Nur Jazlan stood down from PAC becos he was close to uncovering the truth.

      Sori lah...I personally believed he used it as a bargain chip against Jibby.

      "Gimme something good - for a Menteri position, or I will make sure the PAC really reports what happened on 1MDB case".

      So he's a smart man.

      But I do not admire him. Sorry

  7. Annie,

    For your personal amusement, here's the latest pidgin mixture from Blobby's blob, whoops, blog:

    "In what way? I advocate perpaduan between orang PAS and orang Umno to combine strength for the purpose of defeating dajjal DAP. Personally I have more confidence in PAS for the task. Protuns are willing to berpadu dengan DAP for the purpose of toppling Najib. Better my nawaitu than yours, I say."

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Ohhhhh, I'm wiping tears away.

    Perpaduan, dajjal, berpadu, nawaitu, and one smelly unwashed baju kurung.

    That's all you need, sista.

    You're soooo credible now!

    I'm sure PAS will embrace you with open arms as their Official Political Adviser.

    Oh, wait;


    No, they won't. The only thing you have in common with PAS is that you were both once dating the DAP. (Although I still find it hard to believe that Blobby ever had a blobfriend, whoops boyfriend.)

    Stop treating the Malays as fools, fatty.

    You are fooling nobody.

    1. mdzfrs,

      //hard to believe that Blobby ever had a blobfriend, whoops boyfriend//


      Ustazah Blobby has certainly been giving PAS lots of advice on how to operate as a successful political party.

      Of cos, we all know how PAS is an innocent, inexperienced political virgin out of rural idyllic Kelantan, right?

      Her very public courting of Nik Abduh must be quite distressing for the poor man because he seems to be keeping a low profile to avoid any more public photos of himself floating around for the Ustazah to drool over.

      Honestly, every time I read her writings about Nik Abduh, it seems like she is having orgasms as she gushes all over him!


    2. 'Honestly, every time I read her writings about Nik Abduh, it seems like she is having orgasms as she gushes all over him!'........geli lah bro

    3. Anonymous @ 16 August 2016 at 17:25.

      //geli lah bro//

      Aiyoh, if you feel geli, how do you think the object of her love and desires, poor Nik Abduh, feels?



  8. Datasonic is also supplier of our MyKad chip. Where do they manufacture it? Made in China? Hahahah

    1. Datasonic? Nah, bacalah......


    2. Reading this article it is clear that Datasonic got "kabel". So. Is the blame for the rakyat or for the crony? The crony of course. Who helped the crony??? Why Zahid so quiet? Does he get the kickback. This is fair. Why there is no answer. For this question... The Menteri is the decision maker. Right? So Zahid is the blame.

  9. Ooooo Nur Jazlan's a dead man walking. He replied to Annie which means somewhere in the Blobbosphere, the mount krakatoa equivalent of jealousy just erupted "bigly", as Donald Trump would say!

    Fat Soh would have bloated up like a puffer fish on steroids!

    Good job Annie of alerting us about the China deal. Your sources obviously more authentic than charts and graphs.

    1. 'Fat Soh would have bloated up like a puffer fish on steroids'.......kih kih kih......mmg dah lama 'bloat' ber.......xde beza

  10. What about MyKad printed in China?

    Cannot trust chew ben ben

    Datasonic is a corrupt company. Chairman is mahathir's brother in law.

  11. LoA. Pelita dah malap ke. It appears that you just can't resist topping the kerosene :) Still we thank you for highlighting the passport issue.

  12. I thought I visited the wrong blog either Chedet.cc or Malaysiakini. I did twice and couldn't believe my eyes that LOA has turned into a Protuns and Pakatoons blog.

    1. Hey, look everybody!!

      We have a visitor from Smelly Fat Soh's circle of friends.

      Notice the modus operandi?

      An anonymous poster puts up a comment about how LoA has turned into a Pro-Tun Pakatoon blog.

      Then Smelly Fat Soh duly reproduces the comment in her blog as evidence that LoA has turned into a Pro-Tun Pakatoon blog.

      Now, let's see when this comment make its debut.


  13. what's da problem with made in China passport? Your fast rail to northern corridoor all made in China

    Your 1mdb bail out fund ALL MADE IN CHINA

    Go CHina !!

  14. It has been very obious that you are worshiping those in the UMNO-led government. Frankly not a single one of them is ever being perceived as intelligent at all.Let's forget about Ahmad Maslan,Salleh Keruak or Rahman Dahlan for a while or even the newly appointed AG where at one look at his face you will know that he does not have any brains up in his head.

    Just look at Nur Jazlan,Nazri Aziz or even your idol the Kera Jantan aka ox-fart. Even his so-called oxford stint remains questionable. If any of those Ministers takes an IQ test, none of them will ever make it above 30 points out of 120. Najib has said that he prefers loyalty(boot-licking) rather than Brains(intelligence). Even half-past-six label is an over statement to these people.

    Gone are the days when we have real Ministers like Daim Zainuddin etc.