Saturday 20 August 2016

Relax, it's Saturday

Apparently, two Chinese want to pick up a fight with me today.

One is an ultra Chinese and the other a self-hating Chinese.

But today is a Saturday.

My rest day.

I'm not in the mood for such things.

By the way, I'm also quite tired of fighting.

It doesn't really add any value to my life.

So, I just want to rest.

It had been such a tiring week.

You all relax too, okay.

I recommend you all to do something relaxing but beneficial at the same time.

Such, maybe you all can consider watching this documentary about Japanese bamboo,

It's really nice and educational.

I had been to a Japanese bamboo forest.

It was on a fine autumn afternoon at a small town called Yamazaki, about 15 minutes train ride from Kyoto.

It was so peaceful there. A very memorable experience.

Eh, you all have a nice weekend, okay.

Don't fight all the time.



  1. It's really nice and educational.....betul tu orang Jepun ni.

  2. Perangai manusia memang pelik Annie.Mengutuk orang tapi tak cermin diri sendiri.Semalam tengok final badminton untuk wanita ada wakil dari India.Timbul rasa ingin tau akan prestasi Team India di olimpik kali ni lalu search di google.Terjumpa plak story pasal reporter Pakistan yang kutok2 Team India di tweeter pasal India walau penduduk bilionan orang tapi cuma dapat pingat gangsa satu jer...Tak sedar diri sungguh,negara sendiri pun dapat telor jer berani nak kutok negara orang..

    1. Hmmmmmmm......cina komunis menang pingat emas...najib lanun pusing trx dapat duit cina komunis......tambah 27 beliyon duit CCCC cina komunis....pokjib sokong chen long, kut? Tunku lawan komunis, pokjib peluk dorang plak......"how time have changed"

    2. "Saya tidak tahu mengenai permohonan Azizulhasni Awang mendapatkan tajaan basikal 'road bike' sebagai persediaan ke Olimpik," tegas Menteri Besar Terengganu Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman.

      Ehhhhh, kemonlahbro......agaknya anak terengganu yang nama zizulhasni yang main basikal taraf world class ni ramai sangat......mungkin ada satu juta kut....tu yang tak kenal.....patutlah kebawah duli tuanku marah sangat.....tak reti hormat orang......

    3. Datuk Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman? more. Skrang 'Encik Ahmad Razif' jer. Padan muka!

  3. Annie,

    Yes, relax.

    I think you and That Creature is more a case of Frodo vs. Gollum than Batman vs. Superman.

    Frodo had the chance to slit Gollum's throat, but pity stayed his hand.

    Pity that poor animal as it waddles to its laptop every day to churn out a weird combination of English and semi-Islamic words (used out of context) for the handful of losers who think it's actually worth reading.

    Sad, lonely, bitter and insane.

    And her neck would be pretty hard to slit with all that pork fat accumulated around it : )

    1. Sad, lonely, bitter and insane.......yessss! perfect in describe her!

  4. Can you believe ah so? She is flying Utusan masthead in her blog.......ehhhhh, fatty, Malays dun read it no more lah.....the sales figures are 1/3 of what it was your research lah fatty.....if gomen dun bail out them, they close long ago. You think org Melayu bodo ke ah so? Poyo......

    1. She always tries some stupidly desperate tactic to twist around, lah. Desperate dedak eater! Major fail every time. #fatloser

  5. Give chance lah to Fat Soh. Kesian her. Her one only joy in her sad unloved life.....

    1. 'Her one only joy in her sad unloved life'.....apart from eating? hehehe.......

  6. fitnah, fight, fitnah, frustrated ... that's why Harimau Malaya is playing like shits man . . .

  7. The Prophet, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The disease of the previous civilizations will creep slowly into yours: envy and enmity; indeed, this disease is a pair of shears. I’m not saying it will shear hair; rather, it will shear the religion. By the One in whose Hand is my soul, you will never enter into Paradise until you have faith, and you will never believe until you love one another. Can I inform you of that which if put into practice will make it an established reality? Spread peace amongst yourselves.”