Monday 22 August 2016

A KFC dinner with a good Umno big shot

I was having a KFC dinner alone the other night when a friend and his family turned up at the place.

It was quite a pleasant surprise for me as I had not met him for quite a while.

My friend is quite a big shot at the Umno headquarters.

Yup, he still eats KFC despite being an important Umno guy and a Datuk.

His wife is also very nice and doesn't behave or even look like a Mak Datin.

I never called them Datuk and Datin.

Sounds weird to call my friends by those titles anyway.

My friend sat with me while his wife and children had their dinner at an adjoining table.

As usual, we mostly talked about politics.

His wife doesn't care much about such things.

She is a successful businesswoman and doesn't depend on her husband much for money.

I think she is even richer than her husband.

And nope, she also doesn't depend on her husband's political connections to be successful in business.

Really, I'm telling the truth about my friend and his wife.

There are indeed Umno people who are like that.

Anyway, my friend told me some latest developments in Umno's preparations for the next general election.

I can only tell you all that it's going to be much earlier than expected.

I asked him whether Umno is confident of winning and he said yes.

Reason - the opposition is in worse shape than BN.

I think he was being truthful about that.

The opposition is indeed in a mess at the moment.

Too much infighting.

And that, even when they are yet to win the election.

The earlier the general election is held, the less time for them to patch things up.

Nonetheless, my friend said there are still worries because the BN machineries are still plagued by glitches.

"Too many people are busy promoting things for their own vested interest. They spoiled everything," he said.

My friend also agrees with me that the best way to deal with Umno members who are unhappy with the leadership is not to throw them away.

"We must win back as many of them as we can," he said.

"Of course the hardcore ones have to go. Nothing much we can do about them anyway."

It was good to hear that.

So, it's not true that everyone at the top of Umno preaches that "either you are with us or against us" mantra.

I'm of the opinion that those who advocate that stupid phrase are either stupid or intentionally trying to tear Umno apart from within.

My friend also told me about how like minded Umno people such as himself are trying their best to stop others from using the party for their own personal interests.

He said it's not easy.

Well, at least now I know there are those who are still trying to do the right thing.

I wished him and his band of good Umno people all the best.

Another thing that I asked him was whether he feels that the mainstream media bosses are doing the right thing in their support for the establishment, especially in the way they harshly handled Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

My friend's face changed when I asked him that.

He then made a vulgar sign with his fingers but did so discreetly so that his wife and children didn't see it.

"Tu semua nak jaga kedudukan je," he said.

Well, what to do, everyone has to earn a living and that's all some people are good at.

My friend should know about these sorts of things.

He was in the thick of things when Pak Lah's people used the same tactic against Dr Mahathir and the outcome was the disastrous 2008 general election.


  1. Politics is all about being inclusive,not exclusive.Even Pas people realized that with 'Pas for all' slogan.

    Prof Kangkunh

    1. Sekadar cadangan untuk negara ku yang tercinta..

      1. Bersatu (majoriti Melayu bekas Umno) bergabung dengan Amanah (majoriti Melayu bkas Pas).

      2. Sebab idelogi Bersatu sama dengan Amanah?

      3. Inilah erti penyatuan Melayu pasca baru.

      3. Gabungan Bersatu & Amanah lawan kerusi Melayu Umno.

      4. Perlu berjiwa besar.. Penyatuan politik Melayu.

  2. Entahlah...

    Ekonomi dah merosot teruk ni. Budak Melayu yang baru grad kalau bertuah berkereta bolehlah bawak UBER.

    Nak dapat pinjaman dari Bank untuk beli rumah dan kereta pun sukar sekarang.

    Banyak SME yang lingkup.

    Tapi Gomen cakap semua masih bagus-bagus belaka.

    Annie tak tanya kawan Annie tu cam mana UMNO nak tolong Melayu?

    Duit 1MDB kat Amerika Syarikat tu cam mana? Malaysia tak nak dapat balik ke?

    Baik bagi je la dua ekor babi tu kat DoJ Amerika. Dua ekor je. Bukannya suruh MO1 pun jadi fall guy. Dapat balikkan harta negara.

    Sekarang PTPN cakap takde duit bagi pinjaman 100%. Sebab banyak yang tak bayar hutang. Tapi kalau ekonomi cam ni, macam mana nak cari kerja? Semua tempat mengurangkan pekerja.

    Free Mori, kedai roti dah exit Malaysia. Sudahlah belanja RM10 juta untuk buat central kitchen. Tu satu contoh je.

    Orang UMNO ni hanya kuat jaga UMNOputra dia orang. Rakyat cam mana? Lip service je la banyak. Tapi semua harta, kekayaan semua kat tangan UMNOputra.

    Orang-orang politik UMNO sekarang semua samseng kuat makan dedak. Bila nak undi bagi je sekampit beras sebagai token bagi rakyat.

    Kawan UMNO Annie masih boleh makan KFC. Tapi ramai yang kena berhutang keliling pinggang untuk makan.

    Meluat dengan UMNO sekarang. Semua pemakan dedak.

    1. Jenis melayu haprak memang akan sokong orang melayu penyamun haprak..depa peduli apa rakyat..asal diri sendiri kaya raya dgn dedak atau apa saja yg halal atau tak halal.Ini jenis manusia tak ada nilai agama dalam dirinya sama sekali.Jenis ni mungkin tak solat atau solat sebagai adat saja..jenis inilah yang akan menjahannamkan bangsa agama dan negara.

      Jenis ini patut di hapuskan ...

    2. Istilah putraumno @pemakan dedak@kroni perlu diberi definisi yg jelas.kalau ikut takrifan saya pemakan dedak bukan saja penyokong tegar umno tp meliputi penerima BR1M yg mungkin bukan semua penyokong UMNO.pelajar ipta terutamanya UiTM yg rata rata mendapat pendidikan bersubsidi.pesakit di hospital kerajaan.penerima biasiswa kerajaan.ahli perniagaan yg dpt kontrak kerajaan.mereka semua adalah 'pemakan dedak'.no wonder umno dan BN sukar utk dikalahkan dlm pru akan dtg despite 1MDB issue yg x melekat pun di hati orang bandar pun bukan semuanya cerdik

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Penerima bantuan yg ada berperancangan seperti brim , pinjaman / biasiswa dll bukan penerima dedak .Itu hanya 'spin' penerima dedak untk menyakinkan diri masing2 wang yg mereka terima itu dibolehkan.

  3. "He then made a vulgar sign with his fingers but did so discreetly so that his wife and children didn't see it."

    Just wondering what vulgar sign that was, made by a male-friend of yours, Annie. Using 'fingers' from both limbs?

    However, during Pak Lah, everything was different. Even his SIL, aka 'tingkat 4' was a bane to everybody. Your captain Rocky, including ABITW, Dr.MiM, Magpie, Bujai and all opposition bloggers are in the same bandwagon to pull him down.

    But Najib is totally different. He seems to have a lot of money in his personal capacity as PM cum Finance Minister. His 1MDB and Jho Low, the middleman had now became a taboo in UMNO and the government. Only two persons are allowed to 'educate' the Rakyat on 1MDB's debts.....Arul Kandasamy & Johari Abdul Ghani, aka Champion of Kg. Dato Keramat.... No more, I think.

    Even Ku Nan was against 'assets declaration'. He's afraid his wife & children might be exposed to kidnapping.
    Never heard of any relatives of the 10 most richest in Malaysia being kidnapped. Maybe Ku Nan is more rich than them.

  4. Ekonomi memang terok sekarang.
    Semua kawan-kawan saya yang terperangkap dalam
    UNIT TRUST, menangis tak berlagu. UNIT BERTAMBAH,
    tapi harganya jatuh.
    Kalau jual, rugi yang amat. Beli RM60K, bila nak jual
    turun at least RM 10-15K.
    Saya tak masuk Unit Trust.
    Saya beli terus dari Share market.
    Sekarang saya juga turut terperangkap, tak boleh
    jual sebab, volume tersangat tipis - takda siapa
    nak beli, walaupun murah!
    Kounter yang naik cuma berkaitan INDEX sebab nak
    tunjuk bahawa ekonomi Malaysia stabil!
    Kaunter-kaaunter yang melibatkan peniaga runcit,
    semuanya dah jatuh teruk, ada yang cuma 3 sen
    sesaham daripada 50 atau 60 sen sebelum ekonomi merundum.
    Jadi, hari-hari makan di rumah saja - sekali sehari.
    KFC di kira teramat mewah, hanya untuk pemimpin-pemimpin
    UMNO dan seangkatannya.

    1. RE "Too many people are busy promoting things for their own vested interest. They spoiled everything," he said.

      humanity faded ... morally banktupt

    2. sampai hari ini pokjib takut saman WSJ dan Tun M bersabit 1MDB....apa yg berlaku bukan fitnah tapi fakta,cuma najib dan kuncu kuncu asyik menipu dan berlaku zalim, hanya orang orang fasik yg menyokong kepimpinan seperti ini iaitu tahu perkara mungkar itu salah tapi di sokong dan pertahankan....hidup dlm mungkar ada la fasiq walau pun kita beriman dgn allah swt.

  5. Annie,

    And Fat Soh expects me to believe that you are a DAP blogger.


    As for your friend and his wife, I know a similar UMNO couple in KL where the wife wears the pants around the house and the husband is simply the "man-bag".

    I mean, he looks good, he is articulate, highly intelligent, very classy but all his money is from her :)

    Anyway, your friend is quite right to a certain extent - the Opposition is not as organised as they should be.

    For example, I am not too sure how Bersatu will be factored into the Opposition calculations.

    Then we have PAS and their own Gagasan who seem to fancy their own chances.

    Added into the mix, we have Sarawak DAP and Sarawak PKR at each others throats.

    So, for UMNO to taken advantage of the Opposition mess is a clever move.

    Here's a little tidbit.

    I was talking to an MCA guy recently in my kampung and he seemed quietly confident of winning the state seat back from Pakatan in GE14.

    MCA, in my kampung, have already been working very hard in sizing up the opposition and he shared some confidential info with me which I don't propose to disclose publicly.

    And no, I am also saying nothing to the Pakatan people I know.

    Suffice to say, MCA seems to have also started their GE14 preps quite early as well.


  6. he made a vulgar sign
    i suppose its middle fingers?
    even though he eats at KFC, it just an act of being good
    he probably told his friends that his wife is always observing him behaves as well
    also, he dont want to lose his fat wallet wife
    hes obviously antagonize everyone besides umno and his neutral wife
    meek and sheep always flocks to umno because its easier

  7. If you asked anyone in town today (except 3.2m UMNO lembu,the dedak eaters and PAS after receiving RM90m), they will say UMNO today is a despicable party. No one ever give them two-hoots anymore. They are nothing rather than perceived as crooks and thieves. They can win all the elections they want but they can't earn any victory as the name UMNO under Najib and the forty thieves are worth the garbage bin or even the toilet bowl.

  8. MCA and its false promises as usual. MCA is just making sure that no seats are taken from them, esp in Malay majority areas. MCA should realize that they will never win in Malay areas. Chinese areas, well let us see

  9. "My friend also told me about how like minded Umno people such as himself are trying their best to stop others from using the party for their own personal interests.

    He said it's not easy."


    This is a really hilarious statement, seeing as the top man sapu-ed US$4 billion from 1MDB into his own pockets, the bulk of which is derived from deceiving a fellow Muslim nation called the UAE.

    You think the kaki bodek in the MTU care?

    Is your friend of MTU level?

    If he is, he is aiding a crook.

    If he isn't, then you think anyone in Umngok gives a flying **** what he thinks?

    Get my point?

    Play-acting don't cut it, sorry.

    If you have principles, quit.

    Simple as that.

    1. not just MTU.......dun forget 200-plus KBU also.....pemakan dedak tanpa maruah

  10. Just about 13 years ago Malaysia was No. 1 among the developing countries. No 1 among the Islamic countries. Up and coming developed nation. Now, 13 years later we have become a pariah state. Run by the pariahs and for the pariahs. Uncouth village idiots.

    No leader could accept Najib with “respect and admiration” any longer, and that the PM had become irrelevant, leaving him to focus on Umno members instead whose stupidity has no limitations, who continued to support him against the “foreigners” out to get him.

    But strangely the whole country has been objecting to TPPA as it is a foreign interference in our country's business but Riza Aziz stepfather's went ahead to sign it.How come?

    1. Don't worry Zack.
      Trump will dismantle TPPA when he become President. Then he will drag Obama to court for abetting with Najib's 1MDB money laundering. Obama's aid was also involved in that DuSable deal and as usual, with 1MDB, the project went kaput after millions of the taxpayer money changed hands.

      On April 12, 2014, 1MDB, via its unit 1MDB Solar entered into a PPA with Tenaga Nasional Bhd for the construction of a 50MW solar power plant in Kuala Ketil, Kedah.

  11. Annie, what a beautiful kindergarden story..

    1. May Allah fry me in hell if I made up this story. How about that? Happy?

    2. QURAN: Surah Al-Haqqah (The Inevitable)

      25. But as for him/her who will be given his Record in his left hand, will say:
      "I wish that I had not been given my Record!

      26. "And that I had never known, how my Account is?

      27. "I wish, that it would be my end(death)!

      28. "My wealth has not availed me,

      29. "My power and arguments (to defend myself) have gone from me!"

      30. (It will be said): "Seize him/her and chain him/her,

      31. Then throw him/her into the blazing Fire.

      32. "Then fasten him/her with a chain whose length is seventy cubits!"

      33. Verily, he/she used not to believe in Allah, the Most Great,

      34. And urged not on the feeding of Al-Miskin (the poor),

      35. So no friend has he/her here this Day,

      36. Nor any food except filth from the washing of wounds,

      37. None will eat it except the Khati'un (arrogant, deceitful, avaricious evilmongers, ).

  12. I can see you're usually up in arms for what's good and what's right and who's doing right .Sometimes even being borderline naive . Truth is this . Whether said friend is a good guy or not , eat Nasi Putih or Kfc . The establishment he comes from is shit . He might as well just leave it cos it sure as hell ain't gonna change .Deep down I'm sure he knows it too . Zack is right . Just mention the word UMNO to the general public . Pick any race . 99% of the time you're not going to hear something nice in reply . Take a good look at the state of your country . Tell me honestly we are 'ok' . Berapa lama Lagi nak tipu diri sendiri ?

  13. Annie....why ask irrelevant things....who says UMNO or BN will lose the next general elections..... Everything is fiddled to give them assured victory to continue.NSC would aid thei

  14. Sorry for the break.....NSC would aid their rule
    You should have asked him about Nawawi...kidnap paranoid Tengku Adnan or MO 1.

    1. 'kidnap paranoid Tengku Adnan'???........maybe with huge tractor or 10 horses pulling him, kut : )


    2. Try your jail/ swimming-pool paranoid CM, Sdr Manoharan
      and Penang state-hillland for $ political kickbacks corrupt EXCOs

      ( and '000s of paraniod affordable home applicants?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


  15. Unemployable or our brats, Lil sis Ms Annie
    a tad most choosey(?) than the rest of the world

    " With such a propitious environment for doing business, it is no surprise that Malaysia has the lowest unemployment rate among the 26 upper-middle-income countries (3.1%). The country is also rated top for pay and productivity, and capacity to prevent the brain drain of talented individuals when compared to its peers"

    -- WEF Switzerland Ms Corrigan latest economic report on May 31st 2016
    ( World Economic Forum)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH