Sunday 28 August 2016

Do Johoreans need Bangsa Johor?

I thought I don't want to write about the Bangsa Johor issue again as I had written about it quite a while before the whole nonsense started a few days ago.

But the debate on it seems to be getting worse.

So, I think I better write a bit to reiterate my position on it.

Well, I had made clear what I think of the concept in this post in May this year,

We are Malaysians from the state of Johor, no more, no less

As I wrote there, I don't subscribe to the concept of Bangsa Johor despite being a Johorean.

In fact, I'm against all attempts to introduce any kind of new bangsa (race).

This is what I think of the Bangsa Malaysia concept which was first popularised by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who triggered the latest debate on Bangsa Johor with his statement a few days ago,

Bangsa Malaysia bullshit

That post is the third most read of this blog so far.

For me, there are bangsa Melayu, bangsa Cina, bangsa India etc.

And they are all Malaysians irrespective of those races of theirs.

To create a bangsa Malaysia or Bangsa Johor is the same as trying to create a bangsa Singapura or bangsa Amerika.

For me it's silly.

There's really no such things in the first place - the Singaporeans and Americans know that.

Do we Malaysians really need to do otherwise by creating all these bangsa concepts?

Do we want to be like Indonesians? They have Bangsa Indonesia.

But I'm quite sure most of us don't want to be like the Indonesians.

Their country is not as good as ours, don't you think?

Otherwise, why so many of them come to work here. Some even die while smuggling themselves to come here.

As for Bangsa Johor, if it's for cheering the JDT football team, okay lah.

For fun.

But I don't think it should be promoted beyond that.

I don't think we want to also later on have Bangsa Sarawak, Bangsa Sabah, Bangsa Kelantan, Bangsa Kedah etc.

What more if those bangsa start to claim that they are superior than other Malaysians and even want their states to break off from Malaysia.

It's possible to happen, isn't it?

What will happen to Malaysia then?

This concept of Bangsa Johor was actually only being bandied out after the last general election of 2013.

I hardly heard of it before that.

Then it was followed by several controversies connected to it, including some which involved calls for Johor to separate from Malaysia.

You can just google "bangsa johor" and read stories about those controversies.

I think they were all so unnecessary.

Same as the concept itself - unnecessary.

Honestly, I'm quite embarrassed whenever my friends from other states made fun of the whole thing.

"What's wrong with you all Johoreans? Not enough bangsa in this country is it, that you want to create a new one for yourself?" one of my friends teased.

Really. I feel that Johoreans don't need a new label such as Bangsa Johor which will makes them even more distinct from their fellow Malaysians.

That's why I disagree with it.

All this while, Johor have been doing quite well without such a concept, why the need for it now?

Unless of course if by promoting that concept, Johor can really gain something out of it instead of just an empty sense of pride.

For instance, if all the Bangsa Johor people can take back the whole stretch of coastal land from Stulang to Second Link along the bank of Tebrau Straits from the mainland Chinese - then I will also join the bandwagon and declare myself a member of Bangsa Johor.

Then it will worth something real.

Otherwise, I really think it's nothing more than just a vehicle to give Johoreans a sense of false pride, the same as the Bangsa Malaysia concept which actually did nothing much to unite Malaysians.


  1. Promote Johoreans Last
    .. campaign nauzubi 'Llah by non-Johorean bosses

    Johoreans go lah syiok sendiri, suck your leaders and each other. Losers!

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Kata Imam al-Ghazali, lidah antara nikmat Allah SWT yang besar dan antara ciptaan Tuhan yang amat halus dan ganjil. Lidah mempunyai bentuk yang indah, kecil dan menarik.

      Selanjutnya Imam al-Ghazali berkata: “Keimanan dan kekufuran seseorang tiada terang dan jelas, selain dengan kesaksian lidah. Lidah mempunyai ketaatan yang besar dan mempunyai dosa besar pula. Anggota tubuh yang paling derhaka kepada manusia ialah lidah. Sesungguhnya lidah alat perangkap syaitan yang paling jitu untuk menjerumuskan manusia.”

      Bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat, M Zin...

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    3. TQ for the reminder, Tasauf and al-Ghazalis not easy to appreciate Sdr ANON 21:12

      We are not refering to anyone in particular, just a reminder here about the consequences of state(?) tribalism

      Making a group exclusive goes both ways, makes you are more likely to be excluded by others kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gahah DPH

    4. Yang patut bertaubat adalah Mahathir. Tak habis-habis dengan memfitnah. We want him to return back the RM100 - 200 billions which he stole from the rakyat or tiada maaf bagimu

    5. Sorry Anon 22:10
      Can't publish your comment because it's too vulgar. Thank you.

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    7. Whats your comments got to do with this thread(?) Sdr ANON 23:17
      on Bangsa Johor that you go ROFU

      ( and hmm why LoA allow you?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. Sorry Zamri,
      Have to spike your comment.. Since M Zain complained about it, I decided that your comment is not fair to him. Also, on second thought, I think it's too vulgar. Thank you.

    9. I could also ask why you are permitting this creepy M. Zin weirdo's constant obsessions with fellatio and farting through (that's his problem, I guess).

      But it's insulting to Johor (in case you haven't noticed, re-read his 1st comment - not vulgar??? C'mon la my dear Annie), hence VERY relevant to the thread.

      I rest my case!

      PS: Fellatio and farting should never be mixed together.


    10. My appologies for the confusion, Sdr Zamri
      for inadvertent ommission of the word 'up' that would eliminate any ambiguity about the subject(?) of the action

      'Suck up' in Urban Dictionary:
      ( July 25th 2008, like 'penjilat')

      " An underling who likes to give an ego-logical boost to someone higher up on the ladder in order to gain power"

      Bangsa Johor?
      OK lets focus on the subject instead of the commentors and what sexual inclinations(?) here. Johoreans and Lil sis Ms Annie, you are great people,
      really no need to carry own basket

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    11. hang 'carry' pale otak hang ler, o mangkuk zina, o......

    12. Anon 15:37,

      The truth really hurts, isn't it? But must you resort to using vulgar language? You're no better than DAP RBAs. Oh! Pardon my ignorance! DAP supremo and apanama tu who said "Melayu mudah lupa" dah tidur sebantal. Pandanlah pengikutnya pun dah sama macam RBA. Eloklah tu, nescaya Mahathir akan 'memang'dan si Boboi akan jadi PM. PM tu bukan bermakna Perdana Menteri tau, hahaha..

    13. M Zain mind your language and leave Johoreans alone for your sake.

      Bangsa Johore or no Bangsa Johor, there's nothing wrong with that,

      Bangsa Malaysia or no Bangsa Malaysia, there's nothing wrong with that,

      we cry for a wonderful world, we think to ourselves, what a wonderful world.

      We have been crying for someone who has cheated us. We miss that wonderful feeling of trust to someone whom it may concern.

      We miss the wonderful world around us because of him.

      We miss to see trees of green and red roses too because of him.

      We miss the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky because of him.

      We miss to see the skies of blue and clouds of white because of this one man.

      We miss the world is, what a wonderful world we live in because of him.

      We must get rid of him, now wait!, no, we must get rid of him, first and foremost!

      Then you can see faces of people going by.

      You see friends shaking hands saying, "how do you do?" But they're really saying, "I love you."

      At last, we can see the world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. We just have to begin to seek them with our eyes open.

      There is no end to the adventures.

      We miss no more the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night.

      We are into, and be engaged in the wonderful world. We free to open our eyes again. The more often we see the things around us, more things become more beautiful and wonderful, more champions become visible to us.

      That is why we don't take for granted the beauty of our home: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds - those we love.

      Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world without that one Man, Najib.

    14. Anon 07:41,

      Phulamak, terbaekkkkk bro! Gua tabik sama lu! (you should recording this song in studio)

    15. la komen beremosi orang Melaka yang terkenal bebahasa lahabau yang takde Sultan. Shame on you la DPH???

  2. Bangsa Johor actually are the PARIAH.
    Stupid lots with false pride.
    What make them diffrent from other MALAYSIANS....?
    Darah sama merah.
    Semua kena bayar GST.
    Semua kena patuh kepada undang-undang.
    Semua kena sembah TUHAN - yang Islam sembah ALLAH.
    Tapi Pariah are feudalist.
    Mereka lebih takutkan manusia daripada Tuhan.
    Mereka bangga dijadikan pariah.
    Mereka bersatu sebagai pariah.

    1. setuju! bangsa johor.. negeri pun rampas dari org. upah pulak lanun. di jual nya pulak negeri setelah dapat. bila dah kaya, rakyat jelata jadi pariah. baru menang bola, dah mula nak ketepi bangsa lain.

    2. Tak perlu lah kata pariah atau sembah manusia ke apa. Berhujah dengan sopan atau beri pendapat mengapa memperbanyakkan lagi bangsa yang sedia ada di Malaysia, adalah tidak baik.
      Bagilah contoh Pak-Pak Arab yang banyak kabilah dan puak-puak. Asyik berkelahi & berbunuhan sesama sendiri.
      Malah 'salam' yang orang Islam ucapkan sesama sendiri, hari ini, mencerminkan mereka sangat-sangat dambakan keamanan, kerana asyik berperang sesama sendiri, sejak zaman Nabi Isa lagi.
      'May Peace be Upon you'.

      Hakikatnya, 'Agama' bangsa-Arab inilah yang dianuti Melayu hari ini. Dibawa oleh Saudagar Kaya-raya Arabs ke Nusantara, lebih-kurang 500 tahun dahulu. Kekayaan membawa kedudukan & kehormatan Rakyat marhean.
      Ketika dibawa ke Nusantara, kegemilangan dan keAgongan Islam sudah teruk merudum akibat perbalahan Sunni & Syiah, ~200 tahun selepas wafat Nabi Muhammad SAW. Yang pertama sekali ‘memeluk’ Agama yang dibawa Saudagar Arab ini ialah Duli-Duli Yang maha Mulia Tuanku-Tuanku Sultan. Rakyat yang setia, hanya turuti Baginda sekalian.

      Oleh yang demikian, orang Melayu jangan nak ikut perangai Pak Arab.

    3. She who calls others Pariah is a persona non grata bitch, a derelict bum who is afraid of her own showdown. She is more stupid than a half-baked bitch of Jalan Ah Loh.

      She is worst than the Feudalist. She is the untouchable leper, a tramp and who belongs to the family of hobos.

      She thinks she is Mahsuri whose white blood flows in her veins. She thinks she is the only one who is a law abiding citizen. But she is just a bitch.

      There is no different between Bangsa Johore, Bangsa Malaysia, Bangsa Keling or Bangsa Cina, as long as you have peace and feeI belonging to yourselves of being what ever Bangsa you want to be.

  3. Come on Annie, likening Johor with America is off the mark. Of course there's a bangsa Amerika - it's the nation of America! ....... just like there's the nation of Malaysia. Remember the American civil war when those slave-endorsing states wanted to secede from the American Union?


  4. Annie,

    My 2 sen (excluding GST).

    I honestly think that what Tun said, and the whole Bangsa Johor concept, are two separate things.

    BANGSA JOHOR: If understood in its 1920 intention, then it's a good thing. Unity among all citizens of Johor, who can say it's bad? Why should e.g, Kedahans, Johoreans, not feel proud of their home state? When Perak fans yell "Kejor Yob Kejor" it's state pride. The recent comments (like over 2 years) from TMJ and his father are evidence that the royals want Johoreans to be united and harmonious. It's a good thing.

    SEPARATION: OK, this is "Level 2". Even the TMJ has dropped hints.

    This is a good point by a Singapore academic:

    “The Johor case is symptomatic of this process having gone too far, and occurs alongside other recent expressions of Malay opposition to Umno power and to its self- proclaimed mandate to champion Malayness and Malaysianness,” Ooi wrote in the piece titled “Seeking a new formula to unite Malaysia's diversity”.

    The TMJ has been making strong remarks about the state of the nation (Federation). If the rest of Malaysia is spiralling downwards, then should Johor save itself? (History geeks will point out that Johor has a very special place in the Federation. Secession is not impossible legally.)

    But should Johor leave? Tun's point is, it should not. Just kick out Mr & Mrs Klepet and restore the country. To me, leaving the Federation is (like matsals say) "throwing out the baby with the bathwater".

  5. Remember this?

    I wonder why Nazi Aziz, best friend of Michael Chia (everyone should have their own Jho Low!) is keeping so quiet?

    After his insults towards TMJ he should stay out.

    1. Nazri & orang yang menyokong Nazri otak semua letak dekat lutut......aku mmg nazri ambo x respek langsung...manusia bongkak dan takbur.......

    2. nazri aziz = kaki bodek & kaki rasuah no 1

    3. Mengikut pengakuan Nazri Aziz (Pokemon no 6) lain dirinya saorang pemakan Dedak tegar, beliau mungkin tahu dimananya wang yang berbillion itu dilaburkan, disimpan atau dilesapkan.

      Difahamkan bahawa MO1-Pokemon no 1 daripada 150 Pokemon/Penyamun telah timbul di Touch Machine (ATM) baru-baru ini.

      Dikatakan juga bahawa wang tu dibawa oleh Keledai Terbang dari Saudi ke Bank Digital Maya Nusantara (BDMN).

  6. We cannot even distinguish between "Bangsa" and "Keturunan". If we acknowledge each other as "Bangsa melayu", "Bangsa Cina" and "Bangsa India" then let us also accept there is no "Bangsa Malaysia".

    1. Ya, race(keturunan) has a genetic factor attributed to it. While a nation(bangsa) as a socio-cultural concept may include various races. The problem arises when people freely and carelessly mix up "race" with "nation". So for example, the nation of China today composes of many different races although with a Chinese race majority. But individuals descended from the Chinese race in this country are nationals of Malaysia.

    2. Remember ........ Negaraku

  7. I fully agree with Annie on this bangsa-Johor crap.

    But, Dr.M had never before, said or wrote anything about Bangsa-Johor...until a reporter asked his opinion about it. Maybe that reporter knows very well, how to provoke the Malays into continuous polemics among themselves.
    (There was even a fake letters between Lin Dan & Chong Wei.)

    What Dr.M said was reasonable and honest, too.

    And we have never seen the Sultan's official statement or video rebuking Dr.M either.

    Maybe there're people in Najib's camp, trying to instigate animosity between the Palace, Johoreans and Dr.M to their advantage. It's a fact that TMJ had been at loggerhead with Najib's people, including FAM.
    Maybe they already felt threaten by Rakyat's support for BERSATU.

    1. Bangun Johor, Bangkit Johor, sebelum terlambat. Tiada lagi politik kotor dan korup. Rakyat mengharapkan agar Sultan Johor dapat membela rakyat. Persetujuan dahulu baru perjanjian takkan terbatal setelah persetujuan setelah perjanjian dimenterai. Tidak ada persetujuan maka tiada perjanjian.

    2. Dr M honest? Since when? Honesty is such a foreign word to Dr M. I think my cat knows what being honest mean compared to the Dr M.

    3. Between Dr.M and the present one, I trust Dr.M more.

    4. The traits of an honest leader:-

      - would have immediately transferred, money donated into his personal account, to his party's account.

      - would not have solicit dubious middleman, such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low, wasting hundreds of million ringgit of Rakyat's money, to pay needless commissions or as kickbacks.

      - would have brought, setting-up of 1MDB through debt funding, to the cabinet for discussion.

      - would have comply with his own Ministry, the KPDNKK's Jihad, to stamp-out the use of middleman in government dealings.

      - would not have appointed himself as Finance Minister too. (In kapir country, this would surely raise a lot of eyebrows).

      I bet, your cat must not have known about human's crave for money.

  8. On Malaysia's coat of arms, underneath of its written 'Bersekutu bertambah mutu' or unity in strength. It is by being in the federation or a union, we become strong and great. We have been living together in the federation for almost 60 years, why now 'local sentiment' becomes so loud and strong like never before?
    This is probably because of a weak central government that we have right now. When you're weak, everyone will take advantage of you.

  9. Annie,

    So I can't call myself Bangsa Selangor? :(

    OK then, I'll stay a plain ordinary Selangorean then.

    Look, as you have said, a state identity should only really be for sporting purposes, bragging rights about beaches or durians or nasi lemak (or whatever those strange Terengganuans(?) call their nasi lemak)

    We have to have some way to differentiate ourselves and I would rather we identify ourselves by state then by race or religion.

    I have always felt that a heterogeneous society is more vibrant, more exciting then a flavourless homogeneous society where everybody is the same.

    So, be a Bangsa Johore or Johorean, be a Penangite or a Bangsa Pinang, or whatever floats your boat.

    All I ask is to not use hate and anger in your bangsa.


  10. Its like UK Bangsa London, Bangsa Liverpool, Bangsa Manchester, etc. Sound very foolish not to mention idiotic. The same with Bangsa Johor. The term is embarassing to ordinary but educated people from Johor. It is only valid if Johor secedes from federation to become Republic of Johor.

    1. 'It is only valid if Johor secedes from federation to become Republic of Johor.' Hey no way, you mean we won't have Najib stealing public funds any more? No more Najib as PM? No more Rosie handbag money taken from orphans and retirees? Wow, the Johor folks will be sooooo sad!


  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry, can't let your comment through because of the remark on the crown prince of Johor. It could be deemed as seditious.

  12. It is very unfair for the sultan & crown prince to make such remarks when we the rakyat cannot speak freely voicing our opinions against them. Bila la negara msia ni boleh melangkah kehadapan dan berbincang secara matang negara macamana kita mahu 10-20 tahun akan datang. Semua pemimpin2nya dok sibuk mengungkit kisah masa lampau.


    1. Syed Sadiq Abdul Rahman, a member of the Bersatu pro-tem committee, last night issued a media statement in which he gave a list of the occasions when Umno leaders failed to defend the Malay rulers.

      “This statement was not made to defend any party, but to request for several Umno members – Hishamuddin Hussein, Azalina Othman Said, etc – and anyone else who feels its sting to stop being a hypocrite,” he said.

      “When Mahathir made a remark on Bangsa Johor, many made a fuss about it as if they have always fought for the constitutional monarchy in Malaysia.”

      However, he noted, nothing was heard from Umno when the National Security Council Bill was passed as a law without the rulers’ consent.

      The rulers’ request for the bill to be redrafted was in fact ignored, he added. He asked: “Where was Umno-BN then?”

      He also mentioned Umno Supreme Council member Nazri Aziz’s verbal attack on the Crown Prince of Johor. “Where was Umno when Nazri said, ‘We will whack him’?”

      He brought up other incidences in which Umno allegedly treated the royals with disrespect, such as when it ignored their decree for the 1MDB issue to be solved immediately.

      Betul lah tu.......

      UMNO = MUNAFIQ No 1


    Irmohizam who is also Selangor Youth Council president advised the youths to be more sceptical of information disseminated by foreign media like The Wall Street Journal and Telegraph on the civil lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to seize more than US$1 billion in assets it said were purchased with money purportedly stolen from 1MDB.

    He argued that the information was not credible and “unprofessional” as the DOJ has yet to furnish details, including whom the seized assets would be returned to.

    “All the allegations and statements issued by the DOJ should have be followed-up but from what I see, the DOJ doesn’t take the matter seriously.

    “Honestly, I can say the DOJ is unjust and only wants to bully our country,” he said.

    Kih kih kih........hang paling suka makan dedak apa? Ayam, kambing, hippo (?).......poorah lah dei!

    1. ahli2 umngok semua mmg balaci ler......'that's whats they do best'........

  14. I prefer the word 'kabilah Johor'. It has an Arab jahiliyah ring to it. you know the days when they are still killing their newborn daughter. Some people say it has been used since 1920s, like it is some kinda proud thing. It's a step backwards in time. If anyone who should be more assobiyah of their proud long history is Kedah people. The Sungai Batu archeological site carbon dating have shown that their civilization start at 500 B.C. That is near Roman and Greek timeline. But you don't see them obsess about being Bangsa Kedah.

  15. interesting to see AH Soh's latest write. She was talking about Chinese being Malaysian. One of it is having Malaysian names like the Thais and Indonesians who embraced the land's culutures and names. Talked about hypocricy! Her name is mat salleh la, not Malaysian name... Maybe she should set an example by having a Malay (sian) name .

    1. and you expected anything less than hypocrisy from fatty 3 chin? LOL...........

  16. Annie,

    I'm sorry to say that your boy from Pulai is talking nonsense again.

    "Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was arrested under Internal Securty Act (ISA) during former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad era because he was fighting against cronyism, corruption and nepotism, claimed Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

    He said that Umno Kulim Bandar Baru division chief Abd Aziz Sheik Fadzil and a few Umno Youth executive council members were also implicated and marginalised from mainstream politics, for defending the principal (Zahid).

    Utusan Malaysia quoted Nur Jazlan as saying: "Remember why last time Mahathir was very angry with Ahmad Zahid until he put him under ISA? The main reason was Ahmad Zahid and us brought up the issues of cronyism, corruption and nepotism until at last (we had) to 'pay the price' by being removed from positions."


    Zahid was "used" by Anwar to challenge Tun in Parliament with being corrupt. The very next day, Tun produced a list of mega-assets owned by Zahid, e.g. bunglows, superbikes, cars - all impossible to own on Zahid's salary.

    Zahid wet his pants and shut up. Padan muka.

    After that Zahid was caught under ISA because he was in Abim and an Anwar macai.

    Nothing to do with corruption.

    Everybody knows this.

    Very bad spinning from Nur Jazlan.

    1. this story is true, see hansard parlimen......

    2. Zahid challenge to TSMY to prove that Jibby got 1 billion. But it's not smart. Of course there is evidence, only mangkuk hayun like RPK & pemakan dedak sewaktunya can deny today that the money is stolen fm 1MDB. Kantoi mean kantoi.

    3. mdzfrs beb,

      aku setuju itu lah dia nya yang sebenar nya. Kita semua ingat zahid terus ghaib lepas keluar nya "mega list" tu.

      Mamat pulai ni tak macam bapak dia la..dia nak kelentong siapa ni ?

    4. No need to ask TSMY to furnish proof since he learned it from the former AG Gani Patail. Go and ask Gani la wether it is true or not..

  17. Does Zahid still support Anwar? Secretly. Some people think so. I don't think so. I think Zahid just wants No.1 job and he'll leave Anwar to history. That's my view. Anyway

    1. zahid more popular than najis in umno......dat's why the pendekar bugis have to postponed umno election. But Zahid also ambitious.....maybe kena pecat mcm TSMY.......beware of fat woman, DAZH!

  18. I always thought Bangsa Johor is Jawa!

  19. Mungkin sudah nasib ataupun... takdir umat Islam diakhir zaman ini. Sebut saja 'Negara Islam' atau ada orang Islam di Negara bukan-Islam, mesti jadi huru-hara. Dibunuh beramai-ramai, ditindas dan sebagainya. Bila kita lemah, kita tidak upaya membantu.

    Di kalangan Pak-Pak Arab lagi teruk. Mereka hidup berkabilah dan puak-puak. Asyik berkelahi & berbunuhan sesama sendiri, dari zaman sebelum Nabi Muhammad SAW lagi.
    Malah 'salam' yang diucapkan sesama Pak-Pak Arab pun, mencerminkan bahawa mereka sangat-sangat dambakan keamanan yang tak kunjung tiba kerana asyik berperang sesama sendiri.

    'May Peace be Upon you'.... kita yang Melayu pun turut ucap benda yang sama. Kadang-kadang kita tak paham pun apa yang kita ucapkan....bahasa Arab...berapa sangat yang faham.
    Kalau ucap 'Selamat Pagi/tengahari/petang/malam'...faham la.

    Hakikatnya, 'Agama' bangsa-Arab inilah yang dianuti Melayu hari ini. Dibawa oleh Saudagar Kaya-raya Arabs ke Nusantara, lebih-kurang 500 tahun lalu.

    Kekayaan sesaorang membawa kuasa, kedudukan & kehormatan dari Rakyat marhean yang miskin. Dalam reality...Mana ada orang kaya, hormat pada orang miskin. Orang-politik lainlah...mereka pandai berlakon depan kamera...kebanyakanya...di musim Piliharaya, siap cium pipi orang-tua miskin yang sakit.

    Ketika dibawa ke Nusantara, kegemilangan dan keAgongan Islam sudah teruk merudum akibat perbalahan Sunni & Syiah, ~200 tahun selepas wafat Nabi Muhammad SAW. Yang pertama sekali ‘memeluk- Agama' yang dibawa Saudagar Arab ini ialah Duli-Duli Yang maha Mulia Tuanku-Tuanku Sultan. Rakyat yang taat-setia, hanya turuti Baginda sekalian.

    Oleh yang demikian, orang Melayu jangan nak ikut perangai Pak-Pak Arab yang amat gemar berkhabilah atau berpuak-puak. Bangsa Arab tidak lagi mampu mengembalikan kemuliaan & keagongan Islam seperti Zaman Rasulullah dahulu.

    Mungkin.... Bangsa Melayu Boleh...tapi mesti belajar juga ilmu science, mathematic & bahasa Inggeris...bukan hanya Ilmu kitab.

    Dan yang paling mustahak....jangan memperbanyakan lagi bangsa-Melayu dan BERSATU lah tolak Najib.

    1. Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar bertitah bahawa baginda masih berpegang kepada adat dan tradisi Melayu kerana dilahirkan berbangsa tersebut, dan menggesa komuniti Melayu untuk tidak meminggirkan budaya mereka.

      Menurut Sultan Johor itu, mereka yang mahu “menjadi orang Arab” lebih sesuai jika menetap di Arab Saudi.

      "Jika ada sebahagian daripada anda mahu menjadi orang Arab dan mengamalkan budaya Arab, serta tidak mahu mengikut adat istiadat dan tradisi Melayu kita, itu terpulang kepada anda,” titah baginda dalam satu temuramah dengan portal The Star Online.

      "Saya juga mengalu-alukan anda untuk tinggal di Arab Saudi.

      "Itu adalah hak anda tetapi saya percaya ada orang Melayu yang bangga dengan budaya Melayu. Sekurang-kurangnya saya menjadi diri sendiri dan tidak hipokrit dan rakyat Johor tahu siapa pemerintah mereka," tambahnya.

    2. Saya maklum apa yang Tuanku pernah ucapkan itu.

      Tapi...berpegang pada adat, budaya dan tradisi Melayu...tak sama dengan Melayu yang ber'mentality' Pak Arab yang suka berpuak-puak dan tidak mahu bersatu. Memuja Raja, pemimpin atau golongan agamawan di Negeri atau wilayah mereka secara berlebihan.
      Menganggap segala apa yang mereka miliki lebih hebat, kaya & makmur....dan akhirnya berpendapat....mertabat mereka lebih tinggi dari lain-lain negeri atau wilayah...seterusnya menjerumus kepada takbur, sombong, dengki, irihati, permusuhan dan pekelahian.

      Dan ini tidak baik untuk kesatuan umat Islam & Negara.

  20. Hey Annie, your BFF (Best Friend Forever) Fat Soh's blog is dying, lah. Very lukewarm response. Guess they got bored of reading same rant, over and over. Her paymaster might be getting worried, kan? No more dedak!

    1. pls don't include si gemuk's own replies in the thread.......if subtract hers, then almost nothing already......annie's way better

  21. Annie,

    Something to ponder on Merdeka, there are still good people out there:

  22. Sorry to say, all this mess does shows that our federal government weakness... anyway its unite the people of Johor indeed...

  23. Bangsa Johor mean to agreed all the decisions made by king. Among those agreement is polarization. Which is against bumi's agenda. No wonder MCA still look alike rock solid (although begin to fallen apart in last GE) because they are protected by social contract. You cannot hate Chinese becoz they are 'bangsa johor too. If u disagree get lost from johor now!!!


  24. UMNO controlled media especially TV3 suku has been going crazy of a video purportedly a person who paid RM260 (and not RM2.6b) to a man who is the father of a DAP rep in Penang. The money was said to be paid as an inducement to obtain low cost house in Penang and since the victim did not receive the promised low cost house,he demanded for the return of the RM260.And as expected MACC will spring into action immediately.

    Assuming what has been reported is true, the victim did not get his low cost house at all and the alleged perpetrator is the father of a DAP rep. But what about RM2.6b in Najib’s account which he admitted while evidence shows it was from 1MDB and Najib cannot provide any evidence of otherwise.The same goes with the RM42m from SRC which Najib claimed he did not know who put that money in his account(only human with cow brains will believe this bullshit because even the cows don’t believe such bullshit) but did not bothered to return it to SRC. And these are money stolen from the people.

    Riza Aziz and his good friend Jho Low were suddenly ignored although the former is the son of Rosmah. See the vast difference here???

    PM Dept today issued a rudiclous statement on TSMY alleging Najib had RM1b in his account by claiming TSMY had an affair with a lady who is not his wife. There were no evidence or any court judgement proving such claim but since this government is run by monkeys and donkeys,thus such unfounded personal attack coming from a PM office!!Even Indonesian government is thousand times more professional than this rotten government.

    That’s how pathetic the government of Najib is,whom Annie worships like hell.