Thursday 30 January 2014

Najib's peace and Anwar's war

I'm driving off for CNY celebrations after work today.

Hopefully it's not too jammed on the highway.

Been terribly busy at work the past two days. No time to sit down and properly write.

You all probably have read the whole of Anwar Ibrahim's Kajang nonsense by now and I therefore don't have to add more to what you all have already know.

I just hope that all of us to be rationale about the whole thing and ask ourselves : Is this the kind of man we should have as the PM of Malaysia?

Seriously, do you think this country will be better under the leadership of someone like Anwar?

I don't think so. I will always remember how he screwed up as DPM and Finance minister.

On why Anwar wants to have this Kajang by-election, maybe we should read the opinion of this young Chinese guy to get into the political spirit of the Chinese New Year

There must be a method to Anwar's 'madness

Najib has meanwhile said his Cabinet is willing to talk with Anwar on reconciliation.

Okay, I was against even talking to Anwar. He and his gang are the ones who started the mess of the kalimah "Allah" issue and other racially and religiously sensitive stuff.

But Najib now seems willing to talk. Well, he is the prime minister and that's his prerogative.

At least, he said there will be no such thing as talking about setting up a unity government. That I really cannot support.

To just talk and taking suggestions for Malaysians' good as a responsible government is okay then, I guess.

Najib had after all talked about reconciliation way back when BN was still reeling from the Chinese tsunami of 13th General Election.

He has always been a moderate and looks like he will not change the way he is despite urgings from the Umno right wing for him to do so.

Whatever being said about Najib, the guy is at least consistent with his stand as he believes in it and wants it implemented despite the risk of becoming unpopular even among Umno people, particularly those from the right wing.

I'm quite sure that you can't say the same about Anwar.

Anwar would be willing to say one thing and do something different if it means he will become more popular.

I am very sure he wouldn't care about such reconciliation talks if he is the one on the other end of the table with the power in his hands.

That's I think is the real difference between Anwar and Najib.


  1. I am a simple person, or at least I think I am. I believe a Higher Power (God or the universe) will put the right person at the helm. But sometimes things get a little complicated and evil does triumph at times. I go to this religious centre and the devotees there always welcome the VIP (normally a state rep) with great respect. But then during meetings/talks these devotees will say negative things about the govt. I don't attend this place or worship anymore because it's so munafik. If u really dislike the way things are, then tell the state rep about your displeasure. There was one incident where the leader of that organisation said "We have to thank Anwar for the piece of land". That was soon after the govt had given that organisation a piece of land to set up a new centre. I don't know if it is alright to say all this, but I feel one should feel gratitude when something is given.

  2. Maybe they felt the gift/allocation wasn't sincere... I don't know.

  3. I think BN should just sit this one out. No point contesting. If BN wins they'll say EC is cheating and all hell will break loose. Let PKR vs PSM vs DAP vs Pas then. Who is going bark louder? That will be interesting to watch.

  4. Annie,

    I suspect that the Kajang move by Anwar is all about being the MB of Selangor - nothing less.

    I have not figured out how Anwar is going to get the Sultan of Selangor to sign off on the paperwork :)

    The NST article by Adrian Lai sounds quite reasonable - if Anwar becomes MB of Selangor and he does a good job, then PRU14 looks real good for Pakatan.

    Also, it solves the thorny problem of controlling Azmin - Azmin will be 2IC to NOBODY except Anwar Ibrahim.

    So, with Khalid out of the picture, Azmin is all happy because although he is still 2IC to the MB of Selangor, it's his good buddy, Anwar who is MB :)

    You are quite right also in that Najib was the first to call for a national reconciliation just after PRU13 in May 2013, followed by Lim Kit Siang in Jan 2014, and finally by Anwar this week :) PAS? I haven't heard anything from them regarding this.

    National reconciliation does not mean a unity government - I seriously doubt if Najib is that stupid to "let the barbarians in through the city gates".

    Will Anwar be a good leader for Malaysia?

    Well, he couldn't be any worse than what we have at the moment. :)

    The real advantage Anwar has is that nobody knows what is going to happen when Pakatan takes over.

    Most people are probably hoping that the successes of the Pakatan states will be replicated on a national level but nobody knows for sure.

    The party in power always has a greater responsibility and BN has simply tripped and taken it's eye off the ball. It has allowed itself to be accused of way too many shortcomings - many are justified and many are unjustified.

    "With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben in Spiderman

    OK, ok, ok, Voltaire probably said it, or even Jesus as some would claim but I like Spiderman, so go ahead - sue me :)

    Anyway, I would like to wish all readers here who celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year -

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

    And to those who don't celebrate the event, go visit a friend who does and do your bit to foster better racial ties in Malaysia.


    1. So Anwar will pull all the stop to make Azmin happy?

    2. Anwar is power mad lah...all his life spend on scheming to get to the top. Does he ever does any real work? NO.

    3. Anon 20:52,

      The All-Singing All--Dancing Anwar-n-Azmin Show has been playing for a very long time in the Malaysian political theatre.

      There are probably not too many like them - maybe Najib and Hishammuddin, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh? I dunno.

      I don't think the Kajang Manoeuvre is just about making Azmin happy.

      I mean, of cos, Azmin will be very happy now that he has Anwar in Selangor as a shield against any "spears" Khalid may throw and I suspect Khalid is a very good and very accurate spear chucker.

      Having some kind of truce between Khalid and Azmin will certainly help PR re-focus on managing Selangor effectively.

      Note that Anwar does not have to be MB - he only needs to calm things down between Khalid and Azmin.

      As others have said, it is probably part of a larger plan to take Putrajaya in PRU14 although I would have preferred Anwar to have stood for a state seat where his presence will make more of a difference, maybe even in Sabah or Sarawak!! :)

      But then, what do I know ? I am only a half-baked untrained wannabe political analyst who thinks he knows what is going on.


    4. Gladiator.
      I think the best way to settle the power tussle in PKR's Selangor is by holding their own party election. It' long overdue. Don't you think so? DAP already had their CEC. PAS, their Muktamar. When is PKR having theirs?

    5. RD,

      I don't think the PKR state elections for Selangor will do anything.

      I'm not too sure when PKR will be holding it other than that it will be soon. You might have forgotten that I have never been a member of any political party.

      I support political parties based on a mere whim and fancy - piss me off and I'll just vote the other guy, no problem :) Believe me, all political parties all over the world absolutely hate voters like me because they can't control my vote and they have to suck up to me for my vote every time.

      Heheheheheh!! I just love having the YB kowtowing to me every time I meet them in the street :) I have seen how shabbily they treat their own party members who have been 110% loyal to the party for years and years.

      But I digress.

      Anyway, isn't Azmin already top dog in PKR Selangor?

      But, unfortunately, as far as prestige and power is concerned, he is No 2 to Khalid because Khalid is the MB.

      From what I can see, Azmin WILL NOT be Number Two to ANYBODY except Anwar.

      I think the best way to resolve the power tussle in Selangor is for both Khalid and Azmin to STFU until after PRU14 :)


  5. Is that your boyfriend?

    1. He doesn't have double-chin. So, my guess is "NO".

    2. Do you see any double chin on his face ?


    3. Anon 18:05

      Try to look closely and even closer, you can see it actually.

  6. Well written and at least we know that Najib has been consistent in his thinking and policy right? No flip flop like those before him. I am equally happy that Najib and indeed his whole cabinet are not willing to talk about Unity Government with Anwar and his number one crony, DAP. Did we actually hear PAS talking about Unity Government, though PAS is Kerry keen to merge with UMNO but not to join UMNO. There is a different between a merger and joining an entity, especially a political entity. When we decide to merge, we have to stipulate certain toms and conditions, but when we join an entity, we have to follow all the conditions that we have to agree.

  7. Anwar has proven to be consistently inconsistent therefore we malaysian shouldn't trust this kind of leader or rather mobster who has time after time created lots of havoc for the sake of his own greed for power. Safe journey annie...happy chinese new year!

    1. Haha...anon 17:49, you may continue to trust Najib and his UMNO geng okay.

    2. Anon 19:56...I will anytime...haha

    3. "Anwar has proven to be consistently inconsistent therefore we malaysian shouldn't trust this kind of leader."

      Unfortunately the chingkies never consider themselves to be malaysian, unless they have equal status as the pribumis. So expect the chingkies to continue to trust Anwar.

    4. so, anon 20:39, prepare to eat more kangkung and at the same time berterima kasih to Najib and geng.

    5. stupid anon 20:39, pro UMNO bloggers already don't trust Najib and even Annie already starting to have doubt on him now ! In short, nobody trust Najib nowadays, and his PM-ship will be cut short very very the soon.

    6. Anon 21:04, Don't repeat the same outdated assumed we are dumb...once beaten twice shy...this time around we won't forget.

    7. Anon 20:10. Don't be so sure. Najib may be smarter than you think. He may have many more aces in his sleeves.

    8. Re. Unfortunately the chingkies never consider themselves to be malaysian,

      They have self-voted themselves out the equation in the last PRU13. Unfortunately? Not at all, in fact GOOD RIDDANCE, we finally found out their CONNIVING, UNGRATEFUL and SELFISH attitude. Across the Coast Way, the Singaporeans have equally detest them;

      Re. unless they have equal status as the pribumis.

      To be able to claim and accord status as Pribumi, one must exhibit certain trait of dominant culture e.g. Bahasa Melayu is one of them and of which they are lacking with their Toilet Bowl Bahasa Melayu.

      In China during cultural revolution, Moa Tse Tung has stripped them from their sense of identity and belonging; yet after liberation in the early 90's with PRC "capitalist" approach, they revert to their old self i.e. Conniving, Greedy and Ungrateful. Please google yourself about this.

      Re. So expect the chingkies to continue to trust Anwar.

      Never mind Anwar, Babi pakai baju pun mereka akan undi, asal bukan UMNO. That is how despicable they are fyi.

    9. RETARD anon 20:39

      UMNO/BN supporters do not exhibit blind allegiance; for we continuously critics for the betterment of the GOMEN of the day and for the interest of MELAYU TOTOK, maybe India but not Cina DAP 100%. PERIOD.

      Unlike you PAKATOON followers who swallow everything shove down your throat (in some cases PUN intended) by your dear leader (s), we in contrast, have the auto Gag Reflect to throw it back on their face, if we things won't work in our way. Tun DOL resignation is one prime example, it is we the Malay who brought him down not you the Cina DAP.

    10. Anon 21:04

      Re. prepare to eat more kangkung and at the same time berterima kasih to Najib and geng.

      Yes you should be thankful that the Kangkung is still available for you in this country, though is cheap and low class according to you, it is still fresh and healthy greens for us to consume. In fact, why don't you ask your Mama Dapster to distribute it next year during CNY, as she has tweeted as that some Cina DAP in Jerusubang had asked for vegie instead of Mandarin Orange.

      In China they even eat dead chicken you know. Take a look here:

    11. LOL,I was just being scarstic.You nailed it with your spot on commentary. Tq.

    12. Anon 14:46

      Do adopt a moniker, so that we can TIBAI those REDBEANIE in full force.

    13. LOL, TIBAI we will, they will feel our side of Tsunami.

  8. Kepada Annie siao che dan keluarga tersayang,

    Xing nian kuai le, dengan berkat cahaya petunjuk Nabi, salallahu alaihi wa sallam

    1. a song dedicated to Auntie Bukit Cina bertamaddun . . ......


  9. > Subject: RAFIZI EXPLAINING TO D RAYATS - part 1
    >> I am aware that there is a lot of explanation that has to be made on the decision to vacate the Kajang seat to force a by-election. I am also acutely aware of Dato’ Ambiga’s advice communicated personally to me that we have to be as honest as possible with the people.
    >> Apology to the public
    >> So let me begin by offering the sincerest apology to the Malaysian public especially the voters of Kajang. The by-election will certainly consume public money and public space at the time when the people have to go through economic hardship.
    >> There is no excuse for wasting public money except to offer my sincerest apology and for the party to be prepared if the voters of Kajang decide to punish us.
    >> In all honesty, as the strongest proponent of the scheme I bear most responsibility for the decision.
    >> Dynamics in Umno, racial and religious controversies
    >> Yet precisely because we are honest to ourselves and the people, we have to acknowledge that there are problems and challenges that we are facing in Selangor that require intervention.
    >> While Khalid Ibrahim’s administration has shown sterling performance over the last 6 years that endears him to the public, there are rooms for improvement in many areas especially given the latest dynamics in Umno.
    >> It is an open secret that the move to remove Najib Razak has begun. As a party strategist, I cannot rule out the possibility that Najib is removed and Umno falls to the ultras led by Mahathir Mohamad’s faction.
    >> The unscrupulous attack and schemes to take Selangor by hook or by crook will begin the moment the weak Najib is removed. Even as we speak, Umno’s cards are all too obvious in the latest round of racial and religious controversies stirred up in Selangor in the last few months.
    >> Should Najib fall, expect a full blown manipulation of racial and religious issues to create mistrust and frustration with the Selangor government.
    >> Model state as a launchpad for Putrajaya
    >> While Khalid Ibrahim’s administration has set a gold standard in integrity and prudence in managing public funds, we also have to admit there are also other areas that we can improve.
    >> We need radical approach to solving the traffic woes, the pace of affordable public housing has to pick up. There is a need for more rigorous forward planning of water resources in Selangor and some hard decisions have to be made soon. We have to vigorously protect the rights of the minorities who are the targets of Umno’s political game.
    >> As an MP, I certainly believe we can do better especially with regards to cleanliness and livelihood of the people. We have the potential to be a model state with least potholes in densely populated areas.
    >> In other words, Selangor has to be doubly better than what it is today if it were to become a showcase for Pakatan in its quest for Putrajaya. Just as Istanbul was a launchpad for Erdogan and Jakarta is a launchpad for Jokowi, Selangor can be a great launchpad for Pakatan to take over Putrajaya.


    Fortification of Pakatan in Selangor

    The job is not done and we are about to face another round of onslaught from Umno.

    Therefore, while it is certainly inexcusable to spend public fund unnecessarily in a by-election, it is an even bigger dereliction of public duty if we do not do anything, knowing that this round is going to be tougher.

    What PKR and Pakatan Selangor need is a fortification so that we can expedite reforms and simultaneously fend off political attacks and manouvres from Umno. We need as many of our top leaders around Selangor to defend Selangor because it remains the crown jewel of any political coalition in the country.

    Hence the decision to field Anwar Ibrahim for a state seat as this provides an option that we can readily exercise should the need arise.

    Does this mean there will be a change of stewardship of Selangor government? Maybe yes, maybe no. But we do have the option to optimize our leadership potential if Umno stirs up more trouble.

    Option is key. Having the option means having the flexibility of manouvres that can easily frustrate Umno’s game in Selangor especially with regards to racial and religious controversies.

    Avoid the Kedah experience

    At the end of the day, I know no amount of explanation can sooth the public anger. I only appeal for time to let the rationale sink in and space for us to do the necessary.

    I also have to apologise on behalf of my party for the differences we have among ourselves that are seen as factional and often frustrates the public. Yet we trying our best to resolve it now for the sake of Malaysians, because not doing it now will certainly condemn us to the same experience of Pakatan in Kedah. We learn the lesson bitterly that differences must be managed early because the party always has to be whole to face Umno.

    The game-changing Kajang Move

    Good political leaders will never be popular. It pains me that we have to drag Anwar Ibrahim through this and subject him to public anger, yet his willingness to be a part of the bigger picture is the mark of the man.

    Throughout the last few days, I reassured myself that it was Churchill who chose to be unpopular and remained a minority voice of alarm against the advancing Nazis till the end despite a public popularity to appease the Nazis. An the height of Nazi’s power, Churchill stood alone when every one else in Europe bowed to Hitler.

    The conviction of doing the right thing, in the face of extreme criticism and public anger, remains a yardstick of what an honest leadership is.

    I thank the top leadership of Pakatan who understand the necessity of doing this. I thank my comrades in the second leadership line up of Pakatan who have given the moral and political support for us to proceed.

    I hope that one day when we are in Putrajaya, we can look back to the difficult days of what will be called the “Kajang Move” as the game changer in our quest for Putrajaya. I honestly hope that it will our defining moments that allow us one step closer to Putrajaya.

    I maybe naïve and ridiculed for my naivette, but that’s as honest as I can be.

    Let’s look ahead for a stronger Pakatan in Selangor posed to take over Putrajaya in the next election and don’t look back.

    Rafizi Ramli is the MP for Pandan and strategic director for Parti Keadilan

    1. The only one maneuvering in Kajang is Anwar. Umno and its BN friends have been happily fumbling along as they try to handle issues such as the price hikes. They are not maneuvering at all. Anwar and his macais such as Rafizi overestimated themselves thinking they can get away with anything, thus the move in Kajang. This time they may find that the people are not as gullible as they thought. The mounting public anger over the Kajang maneuver was not what they had expected. Thus this statement by Rafizi appealing the people to swallow their shit and telling them its medication for their illness.

    2. The "I" Files: Behind the Mask of Anwar Ibrahim

    3. so what's so superior about him?

    4. Annie @ 12:31,

      There will probably be a small swing against Pakatan in Kajang but I seriously doubt if PKR will lose the seat.

      If anything, the Kajang by-election will be more of a testing time for MCA (if BN decides to contest, which I think they will).

      This will be the first outing for the new management team in MCA and I bet they will be worried sick thinking how much the swing will be.

      It will be almost like a victory if MCA loses by a much smaller margin.

      It will be merely embarrassing if MCA lost by about the same margin.

      But it will be disastrous for MCA if PKR wins Kajang by an even bigger margin!!!


    5. Let them sing their out of tune song. As in reality show these bunch of clown will surely be voted out.

    6. Re. If anything, the Kajang by-election will be more of a testing time for MCA

      MCA is dead or MIGHT AS WELL DEAD. You don't go to war to test the Market, you go to war to win. It is the tax payer money you are wasting, not mention time wasted.

      Re. It will be almost like a victory if MCA loses by a much smaller margin.

      You don't go to war to lose, even by a small margin. If you are not 110% confident then better back off. Latest statistics shows that 49% voters are Malays, 41% are Chinese and 10% are Indian. In the last election, PKR won by 6000 plus margin only.

      Given that the Chinese are no longer with BN and Asal Bukan UMNO, they won't swing their vote en mass and no amount of goodies will do that. If any, the PRK Sungai LImau is a good example , where majority of them didn't come out to vote.

      It is the "MELAYU" UMNO's battle and no longer MCA Chinese battle. Should UMNO/BN field MCA candidate, it will suffer major repercussion by the "MELAYU TOTOK" since this is a Malay majority constituency and WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH MCA and CINA. Should UMNO/BN field UMNO candidate, the following will be revealed win, lose or draw:

      a. Should UMNO win, the talk about the Malay Tsunami after PRU13 is in fact true considering that Chinese votes are not longer relevant and needed after PRU13 (due to their own doing, Gelang Patah is the testing ground and Bukit Katil is another). It is an affirmation of Malay Unity and Support to the GOMEN of the day and moving forward.

      b. UMNO/BN will have to work really hard to appease the MELAYU TOTOK and has to sacrifice the "Semangat Setiakawan" with MCA, for what happen to them is their own doing not UMNO/BN/Melayu and their mere existence today by the grace of ALLAH is at the MERCY of "TOTOK MELAYU" votes in the last PRU13 not the Chinese;

      C. Sadly, nobody talks about the Indian, they are left in the rut as usual and being used again and again by both sides. There are 10% of them there ( according to report quoting Helen) and the split is 45% BN and 55% Pakatan. The trend should likely to remain the same this time around,unless Anwar Ibrahim's Kampung Buah Pala debacle has been forgiven and forgotten by the poor Indian; A point to note, the rich, the professional, the christian and "I am Not Indian Actually" don't root for BN/UMNO anymore.

      The question now is, what is the new "gula-gula" that Anwar and Pakatan will peddle to the poor Indian community this time around? Last time was his antic as "Sivaji the Boss" complete with the costume, look here you Indians:

      D. The Chinese are irrelevant in this coming PRK, they are just bonus point for UMNO/BN, in fact MCA Chinese is the one who is "terhegeh-hegeh" begging for the "Totok Melayu" votes while they themselves are already a Pariah in their own community.

    7. SHAH ALAM- Formula meletakkan golongan agamawan sebagai calon dalam Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) Dun Kajang tidak boleh diguna pakai BN berikutan komposisi pengundinya yang hampir sama antara Melayu dan Cina.

      Pensyarah Sains Sosial Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Prof Madya Dr Mohd Noor Mat Yazid berkata, calon agamawan juga belum mampu mempengaruhi pengundi untuk memberikan kemenangan kepada BN.

      “Formula di Permatang Pauh dengan meletakkan calon agamawan semasa pilihan raya lalu mungkin sesuai kerana ia kawasan kampung dengan majoritinya Melayu dan berhasil kerana berjaya kurangkan undi kepada PKR.

      “Tapi di Kajang, pengundi Cina khususnya tidak akan mengambil kisah dengan calon agamawan atau tidak langsung memberi undi kepada BN kerana komposisinya 49 peratus Melayu dan 40 peratus Cina,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian semalam.

      Sehubungan itu katanya, beliau yakin BN tidak akan memperjudikan calonnya hanya untuk bertanding di PRK Kajang yang tidak akan memberi implikasi yang besar kepada parti itu.

      “Kalau ikutkan sejarahnya pun, Pas menang pada tahun 1999, 2004 MCA, manakala bagi 2008 dan 2013, PKR kekal dengan majoriti yang lebih besar.

      “Sekalipun kalah, tiada apa kesan kepada Dun Selangor begitu juga kalau menang. Tapi kesannya jadi besar jika PKR berjaya dikalahkan BN dalam PRK ini,” kata beliau.

    8. Re. They are not maneuvering at all.

      CORRECTION. They shit all over the places and let UMNO/BN clear the mess.

    9. Agreed with you LOL. I'm so wish that Malay Tsunami will happen in Kajang and will show to the nation who is the boss. With this tsunami BN will able to stop all those nonsense created by opposition. By then all Malaysian could focused on what matters most to us i.e. nation building rather than continues sick politicking.

    10. LOL @ 1 February 2014 09:55,

      "C. Sadly, nobody talks about the Indian, they are left in the rut as usual and being used again and again by both sides."

      Gosh, you feel sad for the Indians because they are left in a rut?

      Maybe the answer is in a comment you made elsewhere

      "...CORRECTION, you are "KELING PARIAH YANG SUKA PUTAR BELIT" that is in you and your community DNA...."

      If you feel like that towards the Indian community, why would you be sad for the Indian community now?


    11. If you have been following Helen's blog, you would understand my stance about the Poor Indian Community. I don't need to explain to you why, but as AN ULTRA MALAY RACIST I will say what I feel and think is right based on the issue, regardless who there are. I may have called them names but to put a blind eye on their plight is not me.

      Even in Annie's blog, it is always a battle between the Malay and the Chinese, and the Indian have never once been mentioned (maybe there have been before that I am not aware of). I am pretty sure there are many silent Indian followers in here or Indian commenter who are masquerading as Anon or Redbeanie, but never once any of them voices his/her POV. Are they ashamed to be Indian.?

      I believe Kluang Girl, Anita and you, are all Indian. What have you guys all done to help raised the plight of your community other than bickering about the GOMEN of the day?

      Helen has aptly described the scenario of the Indian community and why are they in the mess untill now "ada 4 orang India, mereka mahu menubuhkan 5 buah parti politik dengan 10 jawatan".

    12. The insight of the Kajang by-election is all about Anwar's captivation not Pakatan Rakyat collision.

      This man Anwar, has no feel bones of tedium. He is determined to his advent of the Prime Ministership due for no delay. The post of Menteri Besar of Selangor would be his stepping stone for make ends meet regardless of being toady. The only description that we can think of him is politically a very sick man indeed. 

      He was blackballed from his sordid past yet his supporters are as blind as the bats praising him as suspiciously as the demigod. 

      Don't they see it? He is not fighting for a cause. He is a dead lover from a contagious laughing stock. It is obvious, he is fighting for himself and make belief that his stance merely as the pop-prophet. He thought himself as a paladin but actually a demagogue with shenanigan in nature. Yet, the deaf and laudable louder are damned blind to see it!

      A party with no set of fundamental sources of party doctrines is PKR. PKR is synonym for Anwar. Repeatedly, it is all about Anwar and his closed cohorts since the day it was established. The premises of revenge, avenge and hatred by leadership is principally a summarization of PKR. Ini pati Gila Beb! deemed for mental masturbation.


    13. LOL @ 08:00,

      "...I don't need to explain to you why, but as AN ULTRA MALAY RACIST I will say what I feel and think is right based on the issue, regardless who there are. I may have called them names but to put a blind eye on their plight is not me...."


      With views like that, the best you could ever be is a wannabe ultra Malay racist.

      And one who is attempting to justify his feelings of pity to the very same people he stomps on.

      And he does not need to explain why!!!!!


      Furthermore, you claim not to be a good Muslim as you are trying to learn more about Islam - that's a fair statement and to be commended.

      BUT it should be trivial to find out if islam permits racism and yet, you seem to have made no effort to do so.

      Personally, I cannot believe that a religion like Islam would struggle to give you an answer on your racist behaviour :)

      I wonder if you realise that there are people who spit on Islam because of so-called Muslims like you? Is that your plan? To make people hate Islam?


    14. Re. With views like that, the best you could ever be is a wannabe ultra Malay racist.

      First thing first, I was a point of view about the plight of the poor Indian community, when discussing an issue, you focus on the issue and factors around it. It is an opinion. Thus it doesn't reflect my being a racist.

      It is all started, with a vision and dream, but when push come to shove, action will speak louder than words.

      Re. Personally, I cannot believe that a religion like Islam would struggle to give you an answer on your racist behaviour :)

      You opinion doesn't matter, so why bother...:: D and you are here to tell and judge me because ?

      Re. I wonder if you realise that there are people who spit on Islam because of so-called Muslims like you?

      And you are saying that all this while there are no people spit on Islam without people like me? Please explain further.

      BTW, how did you think this relay or conversation started. Is it because of me, being racist or you being a MORON AND RETARD by calling people who believe in religion stupid?

      Kesiankan Keling Pariah macam kau ni, dah terjerat dengan perbuatan sendiri, sekarang nak putar belit pulak. Dah tu ada hati nak cadangkan tukar rukun negara? Kau ingat negara ni makbapak keturunan Keling Pariah kau yang punya?

    15. Btw, Gladiator you must feel and think that your are handsome and tough hero like Russel Crowe in the movie Gladiator aka Wannabe right?

      Kah..Kah...Kah... pungkok hitam legam ada hati nak berangan.

    16. Gladiator,

      1. Let me ask you this, why did you go berserk when I posted the story about devadasi "Prostitution of God" by calling me the enemy of the state?

      Please refer to Annie's entry on "Najib Shouldn't Entertain Anwar's Nonsense" and your comment dated 28 January 2014, 22:20.

      Can't bear the heat huh? ROTFL

      2. Here is your comment in the same entry on 28 January 11:01

      Quote " Pls stop being a racist. I can only but ask you to stop.
      Racism is one thing which has been killing Malaysia. You are no better than the so-called DAPster whom you hate so much." Unquote

      Care to explain how Racism has been killing Malaysia and in what way?

      As an Ultra Malay Racist "WANNABE" and through my naked eyes, only the poor Indian gangsters, mind you 75% of them make up that statistics, were the one who are being hunted to the death. Were their death due to racism in Malaysia?

      3. Your comment on People Spit on Islam because of people like me. Well maybe you are right there but in defense it is my Jihad (you may disagree with this, no problemo), but what about Hindu Indian who consume cow urine? Aren't they self-degrading themselves?

      Cow dung and urine 'healthy'

      'God resides in cow dung,' says Kesari Gumat, as he walks through his laboratory where researchers mix bovine excreta with medicinal herbs and monitor beakers of simmering cow urine.

      4. Again, let's go back to root cause of this long-winded argument i.e. YOU CALL PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN RELIGION AS STUPID.

      DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agung Malaysia is a Muslim, he believes in Relgion i.e Islam;

      Datuk Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak is a Muslim, he believes in Religion i.e Islam;

      Datuk Sri Dr Zahid Hamidi, the Home Minister is a Muslim, he believes in Religion i.e. Islam;

      Annie the owner of this blog is a Muslim, she believes in Religion i.e. Islam;

      The list can go on and on. So are you calling all these people as stupid as well? Care to explain and confirm that?

      5. Finally, let's look at the suggestion from you to change the "Rukun Negara" particularly I believe the point of "Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan" which is your main concern. How do you propose to amend that? Bear in mind that next after that is "Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara" and the Raja in that phrase is a Muslim who believes in Religion i.e Islam.

      Let's hear from you oh! the great and wise GLADIATOR.

  11. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your love ones, Annie.
    May the Year of the Horse, gallops your health and fortunes, better and higher.

  12. Brunei’s brain drain

    Abdul Malik Omar

    The debate on Brunei’s brain drain has again hit a feverish pitch since Hardware Zone published a post entitled “Very severe brain drain as Brunei falls into decline, talented Bruneians leaving the country“. Citizens like myself are only too indifferent to the negativity surrounding the subject but it kind of begs the question: Why do many of the talented and skilled Bruneians leave the country?

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