Monday 6 January 2014

"Allah" may become a name of Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Yesterday, reports from several churches around Selangor indicated that services had been held with the word "Allah" being used in reference to the Christian god.

A friend who met me after attending his church service proudly told me that the priest had made it a point to use the word.

He said the Christian community knows that the authorities would not dare to implement the laws which prohibit the use of the word "Allah" by Christians. and other non-muslims.

"They wouldn't dare, as if they do so, they will lose the support of Christians among the bumiputera of Sabah and Sarawak," he said.

It has become obvious from yesterday that the churches do not care about the Court of Appeal's decision on the matter and the recent decree by the Sultan of Selangor that the word "Allah" is exclusively to be used by Muslims in his State.

The raid last week by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor where 300 copies of the Bahasa Malaysia Bible were confiscated had served as the trigger point in this latest round of "Allah" issue polemic.

It is an issue being kept alive  and reheated by DAP starting with the Lim Guan Eng's Christmas message of 2012 which was aimed at winning the crucial Sabah and Sarawak Christian bumiputera voters bank.

It has now becoming some sorts of a crusade among a large segment of Christians led by the evangelists of DAP such as Selangor state assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok, Tony Pua, the Ngah cousins of Perak etc.

Surreptitiously backed by powerful media organizations such as The Star, this movement which ultimate aim is to be the actual power behind the throne after the demise of Umno and its BN allies  feel that they are now strong enough to go even against  the Sultan of Selangor by not heeding to his decree.

They believe that they can get away with it.

Their thinking as articulated by my friend was that, if the authorities dare to  act against them, the wrath of the international community will hit this country in the form of economic sanctions or even military intervention.

A Muslim majority country oppressing its minority Christians - that will be the new international label of Malaysia. A pariah nation, which should be bombed to stone age, or so they believe.

In a way, they were right. The authorities wouldn't and shouldn't act recklessly on their acts of provocation.

I'm counting on the authorities to be cool in handling this issue.

However,  the law must be abided and those who break it must be punished.

The rule of law must prevail. Otherwise, what is the point of having the laws in the first place.

Those who break the laws must be punished, sooner or later.

Actually, there was no reason for them to go through this divisive argument, except that they had actually meant it as a political tool to win elections and gain power in this country.

If they were sincere, they could get what they want through proper legal means.

If they really want to change things in this country, then they must abide by the laws by getting enough of themselves as law makers at the polls.

The DAP evangelists must convince their Malay Muslims allies in PKR and Pas to go along with them to win enough seats to rule the country and then change the laws which they feel are being repressive of their rights as Christians.

They can then enact the law which among others will allow the word "Allah" to be used by the Christians.

I am sure Anwar Ibrahim will be able to convince the Malay Muslims of PKR to go along with this idea. Mat Sabu definitely could convince the Pas people to do the same.

Heck, they can even then enact a law allowing parents to name their children "Allah".

I know that Hannah Yeoh may be interested in naming her next baby as "Allah".

It sounds quite nice and could be categorized as a Bangsa Malaysia name.

Well, Hannah, you interested or not? After all, some Christians are known to have named their child Jesus. Why not "Allah" then?

You wear tudung once in a while and then name your next child "Allah" and I'm sure you can win more Malay votes in the next election.


  1. Please-lah Annie, not another imaginary story !
    Your friend my friend....gosh, can be more creative or not.
    Also my friend who met me after attending his church service told me that UMNO is using the Allah issue to divert the public attention from the price hike issue and UMNO has also given instruction to their bloggers (annie included) to spin the story.

    1. Annie is paid by UMNO to create havoc for the christian community in the country, see the way she hentam and disparaging the christian. She indeed bring bad name to ISLAM as a muslim.

    2. and the best part is............"my friend who met me after attending his church service"....woi annie, kalau nak tipu, nak buat cerita dongeng serta drama pon kenalah pandai sikit. Baik kata, my neighbor who is a staunch christian told me after his church service bla bla bla.

    3. ROTL and you guys keep coming for more

    4. Somehow , I would agreed with your friend Annie that the authorities don't dare to act against the those Christian not because of the international community ( I believe this is isolated case of only christian in Malaysia want to change their god name to be Allah) but the authorities are just so weak and so is Malaysia leadership .

      Christian are confused led after all , the games they are playing are more political motivated (everyone knows that , let them be more confused.

      Weak leadership is bad ,let work for the change.

  2. Hmmm....let me guess, you friend name is Tikus Tan Keng Liang ?

  3. Annie, better not make big issue of this. We know what is the response, as expected from our PM for all Malaysians:

    Sensitive issues which can affect peace and stability in Malaysia must be handled calmly and with maturity, said the prime minister.

    "Dialogue and engagement must be held and those involved must set aside their emotions to discuss matters rationally," said Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

  4. For many malays, this is a bigger issue:

    Manchester United, the defending champions, who are seventh in the Premier League, were knocked out of the FA Cup by Swansea at Old Trafford on Sunday and Moyes admitted there was less of a fear factor at Old Trafford this season after his side's fourth loss in six home matches.

    "Of course we need to return to winning ways," said the Scot.

    "We need to try and get ourselves to be hard to play against and get something out of the good play we have in games."

    United were knocked out at the third-round stage for only the second time in 30 years when Wilfried Bony's 90th-minute winner earned Swansea a first win at Old Trafford after Javier Hernandez had cancelled out Wayne Routledge's early goal.

    1. For many Chinese "Jual Nonok" is biggest issue...Tak percaya? read the news day in and day aout about the raid in brothel, rumah urut etc.


  5. Annie, your 'Christian friend' is one hell a fella, got so much 'christian information' to share with you,some more letting you write on your blog.
    Annie, do you know the different between catholic and christian or not ?
    Christian god ? how about catholic god ? May Allah save Annie from further stupidity !

    1. Re. Christian god ? how about catholic god ?

      Wah pandainya kau... Sebelum nak panngil Annie BODOH, baik kau periksa OTAK kaiu dulu:

      Comparison of Christian Denominations' Beliefs

  6. Annie wrote : The rule of law must prevail. Otherwise, what is the point of having the laws in the first place.
    So, what happened to the murderers of Altantuya ? Who gives the instruction to C4 the poor women ? The judge seem don't care or interested and why the law set free the two detectives that C4ed Altantuya ?

    1. Anon 20:47

      Wah! so clever lah you... your cinabeng mother and father must be proud.

    2. A few people told me that She was a "SPY" actually.

  7. Err did u ask your friend if the service was conducted in bahasa? I really like to know that... since all these time they are so proud communicating in Eng. Bahasa melayu apa ada... so low class.

  8. Annie : Well, Hannah, you interested or not? After all, some Christians are known to have named their child Jesus. Why not "Allah" then?

    Ostazah Annie, your stupidity is beyond redemption and please give your argument more intelligently, otherwise it looks very bad on you as a Muslim and your religion.

    1. Annie is full of rubbish like Perkasa and what can you expect from a UMNO blogger ? Rubbish !

    2. And you Anon 22:26 plus the rest of the Redbeanies are maggots that keep coming to this blog, only maggots and likes love rubbish, dumpster and shit...ROTFL

  9. "Al-Ilah means 'The God'. Allah is not the name of God. Frankly, anyone who thinks that Allah is the name of God, is not just incorrect, but is going against the Quran itself. It is almost a blasphemous thought to think that Allah has a name. (Reza Aslan)

    1. who is reza azlan? one of your gods name?

    2. Did you bother to check who Reza Aslan is? Do you know what kind of Muslim he is? He's so liberal that he makes Anwar Ibrahim look like Ayatollah Khomeini. Do you know that his wife is an Evangelical Christian? Or that his children are not being raised as Muslims? Or that contrary to what the Quran says over and over again, he doesn't think that there exists a Hell for the disbeliever?

    3. The Quran itself says Allah is a name. See 6:118 for example.

    4. The Muslims always start something with "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" meaning "In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful."

    5. Dr. Mohd. Zaidi bin Ismail (IKIM):

      "It is obvious that with regard to the way the Malays have been using the term "Allah" in accordance with what Islam has taught them, it is THE "PROPER NAME" FOR THE ONE AND ONLY GOD WITH ALL THE NAMES AND ATTRIBUTES NECESSARY AND PROPER FOR HIM and, just like any other proper name, it cannot be translated but rather should be basically maintained as such."

      Reza Aslan appears to be antithetical to the requisites of sound scholarship, as demonstrated by the following essay:

  10. Jesus is a name of a prophet, like Abraham, Yahya or Ismail, so no big deal to name a person Jesus Lee Santos.
    Allah in arabic literally means god so it is foolish for a person to carry a name like God Wong Ah Beng or Allah Tan Ah Kow.

    1. Re. it is foolish for a person to carry a name like God Wong Ah Beng or Allah Tan Ah Kow.

      Or trust me my friend, when it comes to being and becoming a FOOL just to be fancy, nobody can beat the Cinabeng, Once I met a salesgirl name Tiny that look likes SHAMU from Sea World. The funny part is, when I called her "Ti Ni", she corrected me by saying "actually my name is Tai Ni", and I burst into laughter immediately.

    2. anon 11:01, like that also laughter kah ?

    3. Shamu , the Killer whale is not Tiny in size.

  11. Annie : You wear tudung once in a while and then name your next child "Allah" and I'm sure you can win more Malay votes in the next election.
    What kind of logic is that ? It is not Friday yet Annie dah buat lawak awal ...hahahahaha

    1. Annon 21:10

      You are seriously a retard. Annie wrote based on observation and reading (like most of us Ultra Racist Malay) wrt to Lee Kwan Yew tactic to win the Malay vote in Singapore in the 1960's. She needs to use satire and sarcasm to simplify it so that you i.e the Cinabeng product of SJKC will understand.

      Here is the picture for to see:

      It also serves as reminder to other Malay Muslims not be fool by this EVANGELISTA..

  12. Only in Malaysia, words need to be protected by law !! Pandainya UMNO.
    As usual , stupid Annie mangkok will loudly says TETAP SOKONG & HIDUP UMNO !!

    1. Definitely UMNO and why not? They have made malaysia what it is today. No other party can do that. Dap - no brains, pkr - use dick to think and pas - near death.

    2. DAP@Dogs And Pigs

    3. Rubbish. It happens everywhere and for the same reason - to stop people from claiming something to be what it is not. For example, in the UK there are laws on "protected titles". You can't call yourself a psychologist or a social worker unless you're registered. In the EU, there are laws to protect food names. E.g. You can't call your cheese parmesan unless it comes from a specific part of Italy even if your cheese is identical to it.

    4. Re. Only in Malaysia, words need to be protected by law !!

      Yes Indeed, Because all KAUM PENDATANG are known to be ingrate and "BIADAP".

      A law is still a law, in any any country that you are residing. Tak Suka? Sila BERAMBUS.

      In China they have to have mandatory law to curb population growth, coz you people the CINABENG types are ruthless and will 'beranak pjnak macam babi" if not control measure being imposed.

  13. Annie, your 'christian friend' pray to which christian god ? and your 'christian friend" an UMNO supporter or DAP supporter ? and to which temple your 'christian friend' attend sunday service ?

  14. All this while the chauvinist Christian in peninsular Malaysia has been using the word God..Father....Son and the holy spirit in their Sunday sermons and their prayers. There was never a need to use the word Allah in their prayers and churches then....why the need now?

    Are the chauvinist Christians have bad intention and ill feelings towards Islam in so doing keeps provoking the Muslim community almost everyday in the what have you...

    It seems that these chauvinist Christian realised that all these while that they are actually praying the wrong god.

    What does the Protestant, Anglican, Lutheran and any other followers of Christian faith think about this issue. At least we now know what the chauvinist Christian is up to.

  15. Wow Annie, so many RBAs in here, must be paid by the anak bangsa Malaysia 's mother la. Keep writing Annie

  16. Annie,

    Religion is yet other factor used to divide Malaysians. Race is the other.

    These two areas have cause endless problems not only in Malaysia but everywhere else in the world when used for political purposes.

    I find it amusing that those who are arguing over this Allah issue will probably claim that they doing so with good intentions.

    They seem to forget history has shown that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.


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    Source: The Real Singapore

  18. Annie, why don't you attend a church service this Sunday to find out whether these Allah story is true?

    1. Why should she? Nanti kau orang fitnah dia masuk kritian pulak bukan masuk gereja.

  19. Use the Kalimah Allah, ONLY if you believe there is ONE god, that is Allah. Most of the Christians believe Jesus (the prophet) as the God, which is totally wrong. Even the Jewish believe in ONE god!

  20. What's up with the Christians in peninsular keep upsetting Muslims in Malaysia? The Muslims are the majority here, they should know it better. Why do they insist on it when all these while they can practicing their faith without it? I mean why provoking them? Why blame Jais. Who issued a statement that they would go ahead using it. Isn't it an act of provocation?
    You go against the ruling from the Court of Appeal, a decree from the Sultan of Selangor as head of state's religion and Malay and you have the guts to say Jais had break the law?
    Jais was forced to act because that is the reason of their existence. Please don't try to play victim here and feigned surprise. How wonderful thespians you are. Jais was not to be blamed bacause they just doing their job. Deep down their heart they knew the sanctity of the religion need to be protected.
    Where are Muslims in Pas? Where are Muslims in Pakatan? What with the deafening silent? Dressed in long flowing robes, skull caps, turbans, speaking laced with Arabic words but nowhere to be seen when Islam fighting for its survival in Muslims country. Try do that in Iran or Saudi Arabia. Only then, you would be grateful how we have tolerated you all this while.

  21. Y, u so jealous? She is a mother. Wat abt U? Go cry in d TOILET!!

    1. Nobody is jealous of her but she is one Hypothalamus Hypocrite.

      1. A mother, yes she is, but she denied the paternity of Tamil/Indian ethnicity of her children. Is she ashamed of Tamil/Indian community?

      2. Once she called Datin Rosmah Big Momma, now she become even Bigger Momma @ Hypothalamus by god grace.

      3. She has been calling UMNO/BN corrupt, now she is even a bigger corrupter by giving herself a big pay check of 300%.

      Now why don't you go flush your face in the TOILET...

  22. .



    Your blog has inexplicably escaped my notice.

    However I find my comment elsewhere would

    somehow fit in the discussuion that is taking

    place. Have a good life!


    ........ ... ... ....


    . |

    Catholics should not use the word Allah

    when used as a translation for the word god.

    The Islam concept of god is not the same as

    what catholics refer to as god.

    Look at the way the Bible refers to God-

    ' In the name of Our father, The Son and The Holy Ghost....'

    In effect catholics have 3 gods- the Father, the Son [Jesus]

    and the Holy Ghost. In Islam there is only 1 god =Allah.

    See the video Surah 116 -

    While Unitarian Christians have the same single

    God concept of Allah and Jesus as a Prophet, the catholics

    have a 3 component god . And though Pakiam the would like

    to mislead the malaysian people by saying that it had always

    been an article of the catholic faith that the catholics

    have 1 god . In effect Pakiam said catholic gods :The Father

    + The Son + The Holy Ghost = 1+1+1 =1 God . The 3-in-1 concept

    is not consistent with the catholic guideline of having 3-

    component god. If Pakiam insists that his god is 1, then

    he is saying that the catholics and the Unitarians are having

    the same concept! That is heretical by catholic dictat!


  23. .




    Mistranslation -The style of the Catholics

    It was reported that catholics in attempting

    to attract Indians to catholicism is adopting

    hindu deity Mariamah as Mother Mariam [Jesus's

    Mother]. In the history of England catholics have

    had a brutal past, involving in murders and

    treachery. Finally Lord Walsingham put a

    stop to all the treachery by killing all

    the known catholics involved in the treachery.

    See the movies: Elizabeth 1 and Elizabeth 11

    A look at the Bahasa Malaysia translation shows

    that the catholics carelessly [perhaps with

    an underlying sinister motive] translates

    The Father [Bapa Allah] , The Son [Anak ..] and

    The Holy Ghost [ Roh Qudus]

    Surah Ikhlas clearly states that Allah has no son

    and none is equal to Him. So the translation is

    unacceptable to muslims. Of course if Catholics want

    to have 1 god just like the Unitarians, there can be no

    objection to the use of Allah as god!

    Observe in Bahasa, Roh is an attribute of man whose life

    is finite. Jesus lived for x number of years. Roh [life]

    is given when a baby appears in the womb, and is taken.

    when a man dies. Literal translation of Holy Ghost would

    most likely be Pontianak Suci. taking into consideration

    the manner of Jesus appearing after his 'death' as described

    by Saul. The phrase Roh Quddus [arabic phrase] appeared in

    surah al-maidah in the Quran and it refers to Angel Jibril [Gabriel]

    Why does the catholic got their translation of English into

    Bahasa Indonesia all mixed up and not represent the meaning of

    the phrase or word?

    My take is that the translators wanted to intentionally

    confuse/mislead whoever read the Bahasa bible- just like using Mariamah [hindu deity]

    as a translation for Mariam [Jesus's mother]


    The careless translation [ with evil intention] is not

    a thing that muslims in malaysia would view as simply bad translation'

    but an affront to our sense and sensiblities. No doubt the chinese and

    indians in malaysia had always taken for granted our [melayus] relaxed and simple

    give and take attitude as a sign that they can push for whatever

    unreasonable demands . Generally the chinese are catholic-newbies and hardly understand

    christian dictats well enough to discuss concepts of trinity or even of god!.

    Most chinese took up christianity whilst at the university and prided themselves in

    having 'glamorous' christian names like June Wong instead of Wong Ping Gan.

    Chinese and Indians malaysia treat national laws contemptuosly as treat laws as

    suggestions rather than an order that they need to obey.

    Just drive around

    Ipoh Road -see how hundreds of chinese and indian routinely break traffic laws by

    the minute !

    In Angola , catholic inspired leaders have destroyed

    mosques and prohibited the people from practising Islam.

    Are there any utterance of protest from the head

    of the catholic church in Rome and catholics

    around the world?

    Zilch !

    Yet , with all the concessions given to

    the catholics to freely build churches and

    freedom to remit tithes and collection funds

    to Rome, Bangkok [SEA catholic control region]

    or the Phillipines unhindered, the catholics

    in Malaysia are an ungrateful lot!




  24. re : "It was reported that catholics in attempting to attract Indians to catholicism is adopting hindu deity Mariamah as Mother Mariam [Jesus's Mother]."

    Trinitarian Pauline Christianity really grew out of Paul's early proselytization efforts with the gentiles and pagans in which their religious symbols and rites were syncretized, wittingly and unwittingly, into the Mosaic Law of Judaism. However, the Church of Jerusalem persevered with their Unitarian Christianity which Prophet Jesus taught his disciples, James, John, Peter, Thomas, and Matthew, to name a few of those whom the Quran calls the "Hawariyun". It was an instruction of self-realization whose main aim was for man to know and love the One and Only God Most Merciful, and to serve all human beings, in appreciation of the Lord's graces.

    Mithras, Jesus and Paul:

  25. salam, annie
    terus lah menulis, aku respect dan sokong kau... jgn di pedulikan cacian anjing anjing dap.. semoga kau kuat semangat dan sihat selalu ...amin.

  26. The problem for Christians is that they translate ho theos/ton theon equivalent to generic nouns of (the god) or Al-ilah in Aramaic/Arabic to that of the word Allah.

    For those who try to look into the etymology of the word Allah will relate it to root ilah with tittle Al- (the) in front. However, when doing comparison of word Allah with generic nouns like ilah or Al-ilah , one will find it is not equal to those two words. For example we have titles of God like Al-awal, Al-akhir, when one wish to invoke either one as name, one drops the word Al-, by saying O Awal, or O Akhir. The same cant be applied when doing supplication towards Allah, as one will say O Allah. Not O Ilah, O Lah, nor does can one imply that such invocation is due to existence of title Al-allah. The reason is that Allah is proper/unique noun.