Friday 3 January 2014

Guan Eng and his new Mercedes Benz

So, handsome boy Guan Eng has a new car and a lot of people are jealous of him.

So much hue and cry.

Poor boy had to defend himself and the car.

These were his defense,

1. The Mercedes was purchased after a state executive council meeting, that took into account safety and security of state leaders.

2. The car was worth the money for long-term purchase.

3. It belongs to the state and will likely serve the next chief minister.

4. A Mercedes' maintenance in the long run was better than a Proton.

5. It was exempted from tax and was given a special discount.

6. The state executive councillors had initially wanted to replace their old Proton Perdanas with Mercedes cars instead  of Toyota Camrys.

You can read the report here,

Guan Eng defends decision to buy new Mercedes-Benz

and judge for yourselves whether his defense holds water or just a damage control exercise.

My conclusions from Guan Eng's excuses,

1. You want to be safe on the road, buy Mercedes Benz

2. People with Mercedes Benz think long term

3. Next Penang CM likely be driven around in Mercedes Benz too.

4. A Mercedes Benz is cheaper to own than Proton.

5. Companies which sell Mercedes Benz are keen to give (special discounts with no strings attached). 

6. People in Penang love Mercedes Benz.

Actually, I don't agree that a Chief Minister should have to defend himself and his car like that.

It's kinda pathetic.

Guan Eng should just ignore the hue and cry.

I don't think he has anything to fear because no matter what he does, he will still have the support of the Chinese community.

In fact, even if the Penang government had bought him a Rolls Royce, Guan Eng should not fear losing the over 90 per cent Chinese community's support that DAP won in GE13.

After all he needs a car to match all those taikors who sponsored his party's campaign in Penang in the run up to GE13.
He is untouchable.

He may even paint the Mercedes Benz the colors of Rainbow and will still get the undying majority support of the Chinese community.

If the likes of Anwar  Ibrahim and Mustapa Ali can get away with almost anything, why not Guan Eng, isn't it?

Anyway, are you still flying economy class Guan Eng?


  1. A true leader wouldnt be concerned about this. The people 's welfare will be the first thing on his mind . This however seems to be the value put forward by all the community leaders in this country. First thing on their mind is MELARAM..MELARAM..MELARAM...mencari..CUNT..CUNT..CUNT... How lah to get the Amois on a proton. Even the popular horny old goat AUI - popular among the braindead kampung Meleis needs a Ferrari to add a desperado bimbo to his harem. Hypocrite dickheads running the country ...expect to be DOOMED!



    2. Terenganu MB stopped to assist an accident victim and ferry him to hospital. Will this tokong do the same, especially if the victim is a malay?

    3. Tokong will not only ferry an accident victim regardless of races to the hospital, but also will provide financial help if needed to the accident victim and tokong would not need to publicize his good deeds for everyone to read.

    4. Anon 14:37. Really?? Dunia nak kiamat dah ke?

    5. Anon 9:22

      I am all for "Pemimpin Berjiwa Rakyat", but when one does it too often and flashes it in medias, the deeds become "corny" and insincere, frankly tantamount to "Publicity Stunt".

  2. Not sure LGE still fly economy class or not, but very the sure PM Rosmah and Najib fly private jet airbus, now with an additional of one jet !

    By the way, Najib deserves to sit in a 'Perdana' because of poorly manage the country.

    1. i bet ur another stupid chinabeng hypocrite wen bn govt do the same thing its wrong but wen ur species do its ok pulak.. shame on u sepet

    2. poorly manage mama moo moo moo

      rakyat punya ekonomi sudah retarded compare with colorful condo cow hehehe.

    3. anon 23:54, tolong pakailah otak sikit ! PR beli barang dengan harga discount you dengki, UMNO beli barang dengan harga yg berlipat ganda engkau sokong. Shame of you anon !

    4. Anon 14:43

      Awak pun patut pakai otak lebih sikit. Tak ada siapa yang jealous, isunya disini adalah dah beli dan berbelanja mewah tapi masih nak spin... DASAR HIPOKRIT

    5. re: "If the likes of Anwar Ibrahim and Mustapa Ali can get away with almost anything, why not Guan Eng, isn't it?"

      Rainbow Rage : When humans want to turn the tables on the laws of the Creator God Most High

  3. I don't want to write about this coz if this people cannot see what has happen then they will never see anything at all:):) But with all this nonsense reasons they spur in and out to defend LGE, I tempted to suggest for MB Selangor to buy a Ferrari and PM to used Lamborghini hehhehheh. I'm tempted soooo tempted.


    1. No need to suggest as they probably have them parked in the garage.

    2. Fazillah, do you have any idea what cars Najib's children are driving or parked in their garage ?

    3. I once was told that an UMNO croony's son has 4 bungalows and a supercar at each bungalow. I never check the fact though.

  4. LGE handsome?

    1. Ya handsome if you are a mentally retarded moron!

    2. I bet he is also a hand some guy!

    3. but smelly chaitttt

    4. Annie should use the photo when Iguana Eng was in style ala Metro-sexual with chestnut color hair that brought disaster to his feng shui....

  5. 4. A Mercedes' maintenance in the long run was better than a Proton. -- What complete bullshit. This is the skewed logic of your run-of-the-mill shit-eating-pig-eater chink who thrives on scamming his followers by making ludicrous claims.

    I've owned a mercedes and a proton. Of course the proton is MUCH MUCH cheaper to own and operate over the ENTIRE life cycle of the car than the Merc

    1. What? You must be joking. Mercedes always have lower O&M cost to the user than a Proton, simply because most Merc are company cars and the cost are borne by the company instead of the user. Protons are mostly owned by low ranking individuals, trapped in the middle between BR1M beneficiaries and elite robbers.

    2. Look, i don't know if you are trying to be clever by disputing Anon 22:25 with your answer. By looking at it, you seem to be having a problem thinking logically and making an "apples to apples" comparison, not to mention rude. Just refrain from making comments if you are unable to write coherently, will you?

    3. Anon 00:59. Observe and think

    4. Aku guna iswara dah 11 thn elok je..maintenance x mahal pun and rosak? X pernah!

      I wish people would simply just admit I want a merc because I want to look/feel/smell rich...can eksyen with other ppl oso. Muahha

    5. hahahaha anon 11:48, teruskan pandu lu punya proton Iswara, kalau boleh suruh Najib naik proton iswara sebab kos-nya rendah.

    6. I still drive around in my 23 yr old Mercedes. Very cheap to run. Can use RON95. Many second hand spare parts available. Kereta potong pun ada. Not seen many 23 yr old Proton around eh!

    7. Anon 18:55

      Please compare apple to apple, and not apple to orange. For the price you paid, it should last you that long, but frankly many of these old cars (plus the recon) are nuisance to the traffic, as they always manage to go kaput at the wrong time and place causing massive traffic jam.

      Tak percaya? pergi lalu kat highway, kereta jenis apa yang selalu tersadai kat emergency lane.

    8. A brand new RM600k Mercedes S Class has a body with 4 doors, an engine and 4 tyres. A used Proton Saga may cost only RM6k but it too have has a body with 4 doors, an engine and 4 tyres. Both are used to move people or goods from one place to another. In this Bolehland, where truth is a rare commodity, one or two zeroes at the back make no difference.

      A Mercedes S300L and an Aerobus A320 VVIP jet are similar too. Both are used to move fat asses around.

    9. Re. In this Bolehland

      Yes this Bolehland that gives the Chinese Ingrate Jus Soli and making us the Malays regreted it for the rest of our lives till doom day.

      For the record, Negara Brunei Darul Salam has made the right desicion by not giving the Chinese citizenship and they are known as foreign guest only until today. Very Smart of the Sultan.

      Re. where truth is a rare commodity, one or two zeroes at the back make no difference.

      Very true indeed as in the CEC debacle and creative accounting with ""Fictitious Budget Deficit in order to derive Budget Surplus for easy and personal glory year in year out just like in Penang.

  6. HAHAA


    A TYPICAL DAP CLOWN..Dogs And Pigs

  7. Why Economy Class? He flies in businessman private jet ok!

  8. So much hue and cry in the name of materialistic gains. Not much creativity at all these partisan DongZong ChinPeng adoring neo-marxists . . . . but real Malaysians just do what you gotta do:

  9. If you fond's of pointing finger at others , you tends to forget rest of your finger are pointing back at you ,but I believe the DAP's and PR have only one finger pointing at others only.

    1. Re. I believe the DAP's and PR have only one finger pointing at others only.

      My theory is they use the other fingers either to wank themselves or finger their ass...

      Sorry Annie, I just can't let this one pass.

  10. Annie,

    Kenapa pengikut-pengikut (followers) awak yang Pro Pakatan semua BANGANG dan BAHLOL. Tak pernah sekali pun saya baca mereka dapat berhujah berdasar dan bersandar isu dan fakta. Kerja dia orang "spin, spin and spin". Orang cerita pasal Iguana Eng beli Mercedes, dia spin pasal condo lah, lembu lah, UMNO la..

    Mereka-mereka ni MUSTI (mesti disebut ikut lingo tahun 60 an cerita P. Ramlee) produk sekolah SJKC (yang kerajaan patut hapuskan sebab jadi sarang MENTERNAK CUCU CICIT KOMUNIS), yang tak tahu perkembangan semasa dan dunia luar.

  11. Extract from Kadir Jasin latest blog:

    New Measurement for Success

    TO many Umno leaders, the measure of the party’s success is big cars, big houses and expensive watches whose names they can’t even mention.

    During the time that my late father was a delegate to the Umno general assembly in the 1960’s and 1970’s, outstation delegates stayed at friends house, cheap hotels around Batu Road or at public halls. They travelled by train and stage buses. Now they came by air and expensive cars, and stayed at 5-star hotels.

    They do not bother about corruption, wastage of public funds and extravagance. They pay lips service to the suffering of the people due to high cost of living, unaffordable housing and a slew of price increases. The houses are getting smaller, the buildings are getting taller and the density higher.

    Not every Umno leader is doing well. But most are. The ones who follow the straight and narrow are viewed with disdain - little wonder that the rakyat feel that Umno leaders are doing well financially and are out of touch with the reality of the rakyat’s everyday life.

    Because of their extravagant lifestyle, these leaders do not question why government had to spend RM180 million on executive jets. They see nothing wrong to it. They don’t even care that that the PM was away from the country during the New Year two years in a row.

    Read the rest at

  12. Annie, they actually wanted to get Mercedes all along not Toyota, but they are unsure on the exemption of the tax so that is why they have to settle for Camry. That was the statement by them,
    Annie you really want to check the following
    - The stat on economic growth which is shocking 2009 was negative, 2010 the only year Penang is ok and LGE said the best growth for Penang since long time but he did not want to mentioned the disaster of 2009. 2102 less than 2% I heard 2013 is also the same.
    - FDI continuously dropping year by year
    - Expenses actually increases since DAP took over and the percentage of increase is more than during Gerakan
    So what is so great about LGE?
    Surplus in budget is a creative accounting, I know am gonna spend 5 million I tabled budget 7 million and yes it is going to create surplus....