Tuesday 11 June 2013

The forgotten soldiers

I had a conversation last night with someone who was on the BN's side of the GE13 frontline.

He is one of the key people who worked in the back rooms of the Johor BN machinery in the run up to and during the election.

I could sense his extreme frustrations from the tone of his voice and the way he related the unfolding of events in Johor after the GE13.

He didn't even bother to hide his negative feelings about the way the Umno leadership is handling the party's post-election strategy.

"They do not even seem to care about how ordinary Umno members on the ground feel about the party's future direction," he said.

"And of course, people like myself who work our ass off for the party during the election were discarded as if we were worthless once the new Umno people in power take over the running of the show."

I was actually quite alarmed by the way he voiced his displeasure.

This is actually a guy who holds a lot of information related to Umno's strategy in Johor and he could easily turn to the other side and causes serious damage to Umno.

He could easily become another Aspan or Sakmongkol or Mike Tyson, etc.

I told him to be patient and not lose faith in his perjuangan.

"Oh, that you don't have to worry about. I'm not going to sell my soul like those pengkhianat bangsa," he quickly retorted.

"If I really can't stand the way the Umno leadership handles things as at the moment, I will just go away and have a quiet life.

"I just don't want to have anything to do with what they are doing now, which I think is damaging to the Malays' cause.

"But rest assured, I'm not going to sell out on my principle as a Malay Muslim."

I believe there were many others like this guy out there. Loyal Umno members and workers who worked hard for the party but got a raw deal from the party leadership after the election.

I wish the Umno leadership could change their attitude towards these party members and workers.

I think they deserve more credit for their works and contributions then those highly paid consultants and advisers at the Umno war room who failed to even warn DS Najib Razak about the severity of the then oncoming Chinese tsunami of GE13.

Back to the guy again, he is actually now out of work.

I had met him as he had requested my advise on how to downgrade his CV without lying about his qualifications.

He is actually too overqualified for the job he is applying which is a cashier at a hypermarket.

Yes, he was that desperate for the job.

And no, I'm not telling you all what is his qualification, because if I do that, you all will not believe it anyway.


  1. There's a lot of forgotten soldier out there. YOur friend is/was not alone. His case was/is not unfamiliar. Some will learn the hard way the sooner or later that politic were/are not going to pay unless you want to go all the way to the top. That when you go all the way or no way at all.

    Now for your friends, he actually worth more than he knows (job wise). If he have a higher qualification just ask him to use his degree for a while and omit his other qualification. Don't inform anyone during or ofter the interview his actual qualification. A lot of people have done this.

    And if he have a master or phd, just ask him to apply for lecturer. There a lot of opening for this type of job and to tell you the truth a lot of under qualified apply. Just ask him to open any IPTS webside and apply will you.

    :S sarah

  2. My family was grassroots UMNO. But we no longer recognise how UMNO works and got depressed and stopped being active. We just keep voting the same way ...


  3. .. daripada kerja cashier baik kerja jual burger or something. Now with BCL, a lot more Melayu are willing to help fellow Melayu in business by buying their products.

    .. since he is based in Johor, I recommend for him to sell frozen Johor (Kg Majidee) murtabak to KL people. Mesti laku punya coz KL murtabak sucks!

  4. Oh forgotten soldier, take the bridge over the troubled waters of worldly strife; take the handhold that never fails - the Lord that never forgets His friends. Perhaps it's only our sincerity that we have to worry about when we set about to do some good to others for a worthy cause ...

    Recall the All-Compassionate:

  5. Ask why, just separated by a strip of water, Singapore is able to become the world's richest country?

    Can you face this fact squarely and learn its lessons?