Saturday 15 June 2013

Who are PM's speech writers?

I posted this two days ago,

Errr....are you serious about this Datuk Najib? (Updated)

Just now, Rocky gave this most likely scenario of what had happened,

Putting words into the Prime Minister's mouth

I had double-checked on what happened and it turned out that Rocky was totally accurate.

Nonetheless, the media handlers of the Prime Minister need to be responsible too over the screw up.

How did the original speech text of DS Najib Razak which contained that ridiculous  insistence for all bloggers to declare their identity got to the hands of the journalists?

Now, an even more important question is, who wrote the speech and why did he/she include that offending part in the speech?

I had noted that the Prime Minister's speeches of late often times contained suspicious bits in them.

Here is another one which I picked up somewhere in this report,

NajibMalaysia must choose a flexible, open economy

This is the part of the report which I feel a bit uncomfortable with,

Najib said the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) has a definite vision of the kind of economy it is intended to create including stimulating foreign investment, boosting domestic demand and ensuring the rewards of sustainable growth are made available to all Malaysians.
"In the medium term, we must make our affirmative action programmes more market-friendly and meritocratic," he said, adding that Malaysia must concentrate on boosting domestic demand and productivity to offset dips in the country's major export markets.

So, what do you all understand by what the Prime Minister said in that part of the speech?

My understanding is that, the so-called affirmative actions will be no more.

Please correct me, if I got it wrong.

Now, is that what the Prime Minister is planning for the next five years before GE14?

I hope not.

I hope it is just what his advisors and consultants want and they are using their positions and the PM towards that end.


  1. Come to think of it, I see what you means. Something is not right here and for whatever reason, his action of late make me wonder. hmmm


  2. Affirmative action is not just a racial issue, it includes affirmative action on a gender basis and also on a rural/urban basis. Is it better to support agricultural output or IT development hubs? Are there aspects of the system we have that make it harder to women to achieve their potential because rules are biased towards working men? As a country should we support education on the basis of talent and economic need or focus it at one community? All affirmative action programmes have costs and benefits, but are these the same as when programmes were started or do they change over time? What do we need to succeed in the world economy? It is right for the PM to reconsider these issues because the world changes. For me, your quotation above just shows that Malaysia has a smart PM who is trying to do the best for his country. We should support him.

  3. Ahhhh That's why Wahid was chosen so he can set for Najib the Future Economic Plan for Malaysia.

  4. If that is so, confirmed Najib is the cemekap type. Tak thorough, careless and relying on others to speak on his behalf.

    What kind of leader is he? Bad intellectual culture shown here. Hence, tak effective as a leader.

    Taxing really living in a condition like this.

  5. Najib is trying to enlarge Malaysia's economic pie, which is the most important duty as a prime minister. He has to worry about matters like:

    Do you have a job? Do you have a house? If you're ill, will you have access to medical care? Are you children being educated so that they may fend for themselves and will have a future? Will you be able to live with dignity when you grow old?

    Many countries of the world are in financial trouble. Do you know that in the US, many do not have jobs, do not have enough to eat,or live in their own house?

    1. Many countries of the world are in financial trouble. Do you know that in the US, many do not have jobs, do not have enough to eat,or live in their own house? <----- all the more reason Najib should reject TPPA, but as it is he's actually considering it!

  6. Understood -> he is courting big time TROUBLE!

  7. Annie,

    This bumbling PM is losing value by the day, very soon he will have nothing left, just scrap value.

    No balls, no integrity, he is losing hair too.

    Don't waste your space on him la!

    You have more to gain by blogging on how to quit smoking.

  8. Najib doesn't understand that even if he does away with affirmative action, renders Bumiputera's positions to moot, promote meritocracy - Opposition supporters will STILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM. Nor will BN supporters. He's a gone case.

  9. Mr Najib is a sad case. A really sad case. I pity him.

  10. I'm an apolitical Chinese (I didn't vote in GE13). Leading up to GE13, every time I was in a group, I sought answers to 2 questions, and found that:

    About 75% of all Chinese I know (mainly Pakatan supporters) said that they'll vote Najib for president if Malaysia's system of government is like America's.

    And about 50-55% will vote BN if they could see that Najib indeed controls UMNO.

  11. Cemekap la lu

  12. Dear Rocky,
    Market friendly and meritiocratic affirmative action is crafted in NEM..nice phrase but does anyone know how exactly it is to be translated on the ground?

    Isn't affirmative action is intrinsically not market-friendly and not meritocracy-driven?