Sunday 16 June 2013

Keeping faith in Najib

I had a long chat with two good friends yesterday afternoon, somewhere near this place,

One is a prominent blogger and the other an Umno guy from Johor.

Among the things that we discussed about were the increasingly vocal calls for DS Najib Razak to be replaced as the Umno president and prime minister.

Both my friends disagree with such a move.

Personally, I am undecided at the moment.

Even though I am now trying to portray myself as a hardliner, in all honesty I have always like Datuk Najib and his moderate ways.

After all I am really not good at being a hardliner anyway.

What I'm actually worried with Datuk Najib's ways of doing things at the moment was what appeared to be his over dependence on advisors who are too liberal in their views and may not care much for the Malays' future.

I told my friends that I don't see Umno or BN surviving GE14 if the same strategy by the same group of people in Datuk Najib's team being employed as it was in the run-up to the GE13.

My friend from Johor however reminded me how I had, along with my closest friends supported Datuk Najib's moderate approach, including attempts to appease the Chinese community in the hope of their support before the election.

He reminded me of how I had supported Datuk Najib's initiatives to assist the Chinese schools and had all the while been advocating for a status quo of the multiple school systems in the country.

He reminded the fact of how I had fiercely defended the Chinese schools and my insistence that the Chinese community will not totally forsake moderate Malay leaders such as Datuk Najib and former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

"You shouldn't now turn around against Najib despite that it's proven the Chinese don't care about him after all his efforts to be their friend," he said.

"What Najib did prior to GE13 was right. He has to do all he can to win back the Chinese support. Otherwise we would never know for sure the extent of their rejection towards us.

"Najib had done all he can on that matter and now that it's really proven that the Chinese were immune to his pleadings, he has to move on and come up with a new plan.

"Najib must lead the government as according to the constitution. He must care for the Malays and bumiputera as how the constitution laid it down for the government to do.

"I believe Najib will no longer try too hard to win over the Chinese like what he did prior to GE13. He will give them what are due for them but nothing more than that.

"We on our part must support Najib for what he is going to do all the way to the next general election."

My other friend, the prominent blogger concurred and insisted for all who support BN and Umno to rally around Najib for the next battle five years from now.

"We can't afford to be divided. Furthermore, currently there is no one else to lead Umno and BN," he said, adding that it is almost certain that TS Muhyiddin Yassin will not challenge DS Najib at the party election later this year.

My friend who is quite close with the Umno leadership assured me that Datuk Najib does realize the sentiment on the ground and will react accordingly.

I have always trusted this two particular friends of mine on matters such as this.

So, I will for now wait for Datuk Najib's coming decisions which I hope will inspire me to continue supporting him.

Hopefully, he will really do the right things and no one will challenge him at the party polls.


  1. No thank you.

    Tak payah nak spin Annie.

  2. Some imagine Najib to be indecisive but the UMNO assembly will see him with his own mandate from the electorate and anyone who opposes him will be put into the deep freeze. Not one person in UMNO has said that they could do a better job. Najib will gain full control of the party and move his plans for the nation forward more strongly. A strong UMNO will also be able to force its BN partners to put their houses in order. Altogether a bright future awaits.

    1. Mimpi lagi ke? Tak payah la. Either Najib out or we vote for PAS. Cuba try test kerajaan PAS pulak. Try us.

    2. like the one in kedah.u ve gotta be joking

    3. Federal. If UMNO does not care, why should we? I kid you not

    4. Nothing can be worse than this lame duck PM.

      PAS 100% better.

  3. Like your friends Annie, I will wait and see what Najib will do. As I stress up before, we're only 6 weeks after GE#13. It too soon to predict what he will do. After all to make a plan and act accordingly, you need time.

    I don't think it's Najib style to just fired anyone. He has his own way of doing things. If my reading is right (I may be wrong here) he will put people who didn't perform someplace where they can resign by themselves. I see a few after he take over from Pak Lah.

    ;) sarah

  4. Actually, PM had been ill advised in some instances as to how to treat the Chinese electorate. The Psy concert in Penang is a good example. Money in exchange for voting support is another. This is because the Chinese are generally financially not reliant on the government. They are not impressed at all by ad hoc measures.

    There's no need to 'plead' for Chinese support.

    So long as PM always remembers that whether rich or poor, strong or weak, educated or illiterate, all Malaysians are his people - and he'll model the government machinery to act intelligently according to good governance principles - all Chinese (die hard oppositionists excepted) will support him.

    Most Chinese will also accept the need for affirmative action on a need basis.

    Remember how Pak Lah led BN to a landslide victory in 2004? His Chinese support was around 90%! It's due to the perception that he'll deliver all the above. He is, after all, a very nice man in person.

  5. Appreciate your comment but I think TSMY will make a far better leader.

    This can be seen from a SWOT analysis that compares both leaders side by side.

    TSMY's main strength is Najib's main weakness. TSMY is decisive or "tegas", Najib waivers between popular opinion. Right now people want a firm hand at the rudder, a hand that is well beaten not soft to touch.

    The second main benefit is that TSMY is free from most of the recent scandals. Najib's credibility can be questioned because Deepak@Carpet Trader openly admitted in court that he bribed Najib.

    In terms of leadership material, TSMY is far more experienced that Najib. He has worked up the ranks, from a ADO in Johor, to a CEO of a major firm and now as DPM and Minister of Education. He distinguished himself at KPDN (Domestic Trade Ministry) where there was no issue of price rise during his tenure. When he was in charge of Ministry of Education, he firmly reversed the PPSMI policy that was causing many Malay students in the rural areas to lag behind.

    TSMY has always been solid on Malay rights. Only now it seems fashionable to talk about it, but TSMY has always been uncompromising on this.

    So the way I look at it, it comes down to principles, morals and mature decision making. People with sound principles, good morals and mature decision making will choose TSMY. Those who can be bought chose Najib.

    The rest root for Najib.

    1. Isteri Muhyiddin pakai tudung :).

      It may be silly but this takes out the Rosmah factor. At least 20% PAS support I'll say.

    2. NO PPSMI causing Malays to be backward.
      Your choice.

      Btw, I recently found out that SMK teachers arent teaching at all
      TSMY isnt effective at all.

  6. We will see an invigorated BN to be led by several newly- charged leaders who will put the house in order. DSN will have his new group of advisors plus several new initiatives to help the Bumis and Malaysians have a bigger share of the economic pie. Towards a more peaceful, prosperous, and progressive country.

  7. Apa yang Tok Jib buat betul, tak sangka pulak boleh jadi macam ni. Jadi jangan buat benda yang sama macam PRU 13. Nanti dapat result yang lebih teruk lagi ...

    1. Performance culture should start with Najib. The buck stops at Najib.

      We may think he did all the right things and hindsight is always 20/20. Having said that, he is a seasoned politician, he has a lot of resources. If Daim can predict, he did predicted the outcome especially on the Chinese support, surely Najib must be responsible.

      Post election, he is yet to change his tune. No need to be apolegitc towards Najib's performance.

      Please Najib. Resign gracefully. You can always be advisor to CIMB.

  8. Jika najib benar-benar mendengar suara akar umbi, bagitahu saya apa yg najib telah lakukan utk ornag Melayu selepas pru13 yg dah lebih sebulan berlalu? NONE!!! Kenapa kementerian pembangunan usahawan masih dimatikan? Kepimpinan berkait rapat dengan traits dan personaliti pemimpin. Najib bukan pemimpin yg dapat membawa UMNO dan orang Melayu memenangi PRU14 kerana Najib adalah Najib. Najib telah diberikan peluang dan dia GAGAL. Jika kita beri peluang kepada orang lain memimpin UMNO, kita ada sekali lagi pemilihan UMNO pada 2016. Najib telah banyak berjanji kepada kaum cina dimana utk menunjukkan kononnya najib seorang gentleman, maka najib akan tunaikan janji-janji tersebut. Tetapi jika ada PM baru, PM baru tak terikat dgn janji-janji bodoh Najib tersebut. Mustahil tidak ada pemimpin dari 1.3 juta ahli UMNO yg boleh menggantikan Najib. Najib sendiri pun tidak mencari penggantinya demi UMNO sama seperti najib tidak kisah dan tidak peduli tentang pemimpin pengganti bagi Selangor.

    Orang Melayu menyokong UMNO kerana ancaman terhadap Melayu, bukan kerana Najib. INi FAKTA!!! Najib patut tahu itu tetapi kerana Najib tidak mendengar keluh resah hati Melayu melalui FB dan Twitternya, maka Najib akan membunuh kuasa politik Melayu buat selama-lamanya!!!

    1. Well said, Najib is a spend force.

    2. Orang Melayu perlu mengambil alik kuasa UMNO semula dari tangan-tangan budak-budak yang tak tahu apa.
      Contoh anak Megat Junid- megat junid itu korup dan kaki perempuan
      Anak Mohamed Rahmat - UMNO ini rahmat buat duit saja semua bagi Cina.
      Anak tun Razak.
      Anak Mahathir
      Anak Hussein Onn
      Anak tajol-
      ramai lagi anak-anak- anak-
      Anak Aseh - bagi masuk orang India tanpa had.
      Subahan Kamal -orang india menyamar melayu
      Azeez Rahim

      Mcm-macm lagi baruah yang masuk ke dalam Majlis Tertinggi dan Pemuda dengan tujuan menggunakan kuasa Melayu untuk kaya bersama cina dan India.

      Ini belum lagi orang sabah yang baru dapat kuasa dalam UMNO.

      Sedangkan Melayu mengemis diluar sana.

      UMNO adalah terdiri dari NGO dan Persatuan Melayu jadi kita semua mesti mengambil berat tentang kepimpinan UMNO.

      Anak-anak pemimpin yang lepas tidak tahu perjuangan dan hidup dalam kemewahan hasil komisen dari orang Cina. Tak ada kerja tak ada business. Sebab itu Malaysia porak peranda di rompak oleh pendatang Cina dan India.

      Sudah tiba bagi generasi baru Melayu dimaklumkan ini adalah Tanah Melayu persaka mereka dan orang Cina datang dari Cina Komunis tiada hak ke atas Tanah Melayu. Orang British yang memberi hak kepada orang Cina dan India untuk kepentingan mereka.

      Jadi soal kepentingan Cina dan India mesti diketepikan kerana mereka ada negara sendiri, saudara mara sendiri yang mereka balek setiap bulan menggunakan airasia.
      Cina dan India mencuba nasib, gertak sana sini, bising sana sini tak sangka Presiden UMNO dan Naibnya semua bacul pula.

      Masa depan anak Melayu dan ketamadunan Melayu tidak boleh diharapkan dari Hishamudin yang seperti pelacur menjual nama bapa dia atau Khairy jual nama bapa mertua dia.

      Mereka tak ada vision. Tak ada masa depan melainkan kontrak bank negara, kontrak kerajaan sahaja.

    3. Terang lagi bersuluh. Setuju sangat. Macamlah tanpa Najib, UMNO tak boleh hidup.

      Najib leading Malaysia is like Nazir leading CIMB. Konon - kononnya maju BUT at the expense of the Malays which UMNO suppose to represent.

      Please Annie, Najib does not deserve Malays support. So far nothing, borderline biadap.

    4. Well Siad Tanda Putra!

      Kalau Ahli UMNO tak paham Lagi memang Patut lah mereka di humban kedalam alam Papa.

      Tak patut mereka complain kerana kebodohan mereka.


  9. Itu lah Kalau dah Jumpa Rocky dengan kawan dia sudah tentu kamu akan di"turnkan" untuk kepentingan diri mereka kerana dengan tiada Najib Habislah orang orang saperti mereka tu.

    Good to know that you still have some semblance of independence to see for sure whether There is any direction at all in Najib's leadership. Otherwise tak payah lah nak buang masa dan tenaga untuk the inevitable that will happen, yaitu kaput!

    Memang Muhyideen got no will to contest as can be seen in his riwayat. Its the Dark Horses that you have to beware of since they already know Najib has lost his shine.


    1. USA for centuries has “Chinese Exlusion Act” in their Constitution.. Wow! That’s why the Lims & Kims ending up stranded in Tanah Melayu..

      Kita perlu kan Chinese exclusion act. Laluan keretapi laju antara Singapura dan Kuala Lumpur perlu dihentikan.
      Ini kerana Cina Singapure telah mengumpulkan 1 juta rakyat Cina komunis di Singapura konon untuk bekerja.
      Tetapi kita tahu latihan ketenteraan adalah wajib di Cina.
      Ini bermakna ada 1 juta askar Cina Komunis menunggu untuk masuk Iskandar dan Medina yang dibina untuk orang Cina.

      Mari berjuang menuntut keadilan di Tanah Melayu!

    2. I really don't understand why some like to call Cinas communists? Especially Singaporean or Malaysian Chinese?

      What are commies?

      Commies are usually the poorer lot, who say all properties should be communal, ie, what is yours is partly mine.

      When the commies took over China, the rich had their properties nationalised. Most Chinese in China were commies then - but not those from Malaya and Singapore.

      Now, China has come up in the world. There are lots of monied people. So now they have 'communism with Chinese characteristics' - which equals 'capitalism'.

      IMF recently labelled Singapore as the world's richest country. So the Chinese there can't be commies also.

      Then what about Malaysian Cinas? These guys form the wealthiest racial group in the country. So how again they be commies?

      So who are the commies here?

    3. Biasa lah. We still have dungus using old racial slurs without understanding the context. He probably spent his whole life bawah tempurung.

      Chinese exclusion act? Bodohnya.

    4. I just wonder - if Najib had not gone to extraordinary lengths to 'buy' Chinese support would the Malays even bother if they voted for the Opposition? It was only a Chinese Tsunami because Najid felt embarrassed that his "gua tolong lu lu tolong gua" approach didn't work.

      Ayah, the Chinese and many urbanites (of different races) are generally anti-establishment. These are not BN's real customers who are the rural folk and East Malaysians.

      So can we stop all this angst against the Chinese. Let's move on and practice BBC/BCL rather than talking and talking about it. Let the Chinese look after themselves (because this is what they voted for). No need to just rant and rant and spew hatred.

  10. If your two friends typified the current UMNO hierarchy at grass root level, I am more than convinced that this will be the last BN/UMNO government for a long time.

    Orang UMNO masih tak sedar, why should the fence sitters continue to suppport them.

    I have voted for BN/UMNO all along. Now time for ubah, anything but them, Anwar, Hadi may not be bad after all.

    1. True. Annie's two friends still playing politics to the detriment of orang melayu. Sudah la tu.

      Dengar cakap Melayu kampung la pulak.

  11. Annie,

    I think we should be able to gauge prior GE-14 whether UMNO/BN is moving in the right direction. Take care of the customers and the business will take care by itself.

    AMC-Shah Alam

    1. By then, too late. UMNO sudah hancus.

      Najib should resign now.

  12. Kalut sangat semua orang ni. Kalau tanya orang-orang kampung dan felda mereka akan cakap Najib buat lebih baik sejak pru12. aku sendiri tanya makcik2 di felda dan kampung2. so siapa cakap najib tak bagus?

    1. Hahahaha, sebab tu makcik-makcik tu kekal di kampung. Makan gulai pucuk paku dan ulama pegaga pun dah cukup. Melayu di bandar nak makan apa?

    2. Orang felda dapat duit banyak. Takkan nak kata kerajaan tak elok. 54 kerusi je tu.

      Orang melayu yang bukan felda menyampah. Hari - hari Najib duk melaung berapa banyak duit dia tabur kat Felda.

      Tak pandai punya orang. Nak bagi - bagi lah. Tak payah lah nak announce to the world. ORange Felda tahu dan akan undi yang sepatutnya.

      Najib please resign.

    3. sombong punya melayu bandar. konon cakap terpelajar. hati busuk. sebab najib bantu melayu miskin di felda yang baru skrg ni nak merasa bantuan kerajaan dia dah mula dengki. melayu bandar memang jenis tak sedar diri. macam2 kesenangan dia dapat di bandar tak pula kami di kampong ungkit. cerdik sikit dah ngaku cerdik macam lah ada phd. mengaku penyokong bn tapi bila pru undi pakatan. jenis melayu macam ni yg sanggup undi dap sebab dengki sesame melayu.

  13. actually, I have no faith in Najib anymore.
    I WANT him to be challenged at UMNO AGM.
    Keeping the top polls unchallenged will be undemocratic and we won't have a real chance of moving forward, for better or for worse.

    and if Najib really cares for the country, rather than his personal political career, either he buck up and BE SMART instead of just listening to his goddamned 'con-sultants', or resign altogether.

  14. UMNO gone case already lah. Even TDM support no contest.

    PUTRAJAYA: Umno veteran Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad also believes the top two Umno posts should be uncontested when party elections take place at the end of the year.

    The former Prime Minister said a contest should be held in the spirit of democracy, but added that he was worried Umno would fragment if a contest is held for the president and deputy president posts.

  15. TDM talked through his experience but you wrote from your knees...


    But fortunately, TSSMAB still involved.

    'The last vestiges of the national car project will disappear as soon as Putrajaya replaces its fleet of ageing Proton Perdana V6 limousines with Honda Accords, while the Pahang government has opted for the Volkwagen Passats.

    Both models are now assembled by Proton Bhd's main shareholder DRB-Hicom Bhd in Pekan whose Member of Parliament is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The company that produces Proton is owned by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary.

    The new cars are for Cabinet ministers, deputy ministers and state executive councillors. The total cost of the purchase has yet to be determined.

    Other state governments have also slowly replaced the two-litre engine capacity Perdanas, which went out of production in 2010 and is now proving to be expensive to maintain.
    A source told The Malaysian Insider that Putrajaya is taking the Honda Accord 2.4-litre model while the Pahang government had opted for the 2-litre Volkswagen Passats. It is learnt that one Volkswagen Toureg has also been bought for the Pahang government.

    Other replacements for the Perdanas include Mercedes-Benz E200 Kompressors for the Terengganu government in 2008, replacing their 2004 Perdana V6 Executives.'


  17. Lagu warisan ini sentiasa mengingatkan saya tentang nasib bangsa saya. Adakah bangsa Melayu akan menjadi gagah di nusantara seperti mana dalam lirik terakhir lagu ini, sedangkan kuasanya pun telah semakin terhakis?

    Orang Melayu sendiri sudah mula benci dan merasa malu untuk mengaku dia sebagai orang Melayu, malu untuk berbahasa Melayu, malu untuk mengamalkan nilai-nilai hidup dan budaya Melayu yang tulus lagi murni ini.

    Orang Melayu lebih melihat laba dan untung, jaga perut-perut sendiri-sendiri, siapa yang kuat kuasa ekonomi dan kewangannya, kumpulan itulah yang ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh.

    Segala kehendak dituruti. Segala permintaan dipenuhi. Orang Melayu ada kuasa, tetapi hanya jadi pak turut dan alat kepada kumpulan minoriti yang menguasai ekonomi dan kewangan serta perdagangan. Orang Melayu sanggup menjual maruah dan nilai peribadi yang mulia hanya kerana ekonomi dan kuasa kewangan.

    Tak payah diterangkan, telah banyak contoh tertonjol di depan mata. Orang Melayu sudah tidak kisah apa nak jadi pada bangsa, asalkan mereka terus dapat laba dan untung.

    Tak apa tanah dan bumi Tanah Melayu ini tergadai, kerana hasilnya kita dapat kemajuan dan pembangunan, kita dapat sediakan pekerjaan, kita dapat tingkatkan taraf hidup orang Melayu, dapat ditingkatkan pendapatan Orang Melayu .

    Namun, kemanakah pergi orang Melayu apabila bumi Tanah Melayu dibangun dan dimajukan? Siapa yang kaya dan memperolehi laba dan keuntungan?

    Siapa yang kenyang? Adakah orang Melayu? Orang Melayu amat merendah diri, toleransinya tinggi, sehingga dipijak kepala dan terus diperbodoh pun masih sabar. Kesabaran orang Melayu ini amat tinggi.

    Menitis air mata ini melihat bangsa ini yang cukup baik budi pekertinya, patuh, taat dan setia kepada ketuanya, walaupun pada ketika mereka 'dikencing', dan diperbodoh-bodoh. Jangan dihina ketua mereka, mereka akan bangkit marah dan mempertahankannya.

    Kasihan bangsa ini. Kemanakah mereka akan pergi selepas kuasa sudah tiada lagi? Tiada lagi keistimewaan, tiada lagi perlindungan kerana semuanya sudah hancur musnah, dihancur dan dimusnahkan oleh bangsa itu sendiri? Renung-renungkan.

    Anak kecil main api
    Terbakar hatinya yang sepi
    Air mata darah bercampur keringat
    Bumi dipijak milik orang

    Nenek moyang kaya-raya
    Tergadai seluruh harta benda
    Akibat sengketa sesamalah kita
    Cinta lenyap di arus zaman

    Indahnya bumi kita ini
    Warisan berkurun lamanya
    Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain
    Peribumi merintih sendiri

    Masa depan sungguh kelam
    Kan lenyap peristiwa semalam
    Tertutuplah hati terkunci mati
    Maruah peribadi dah hilang

    Kini kita cuma tinggal kuasa
    Yang akan menentukan bangsa
    Bersatulah hati bersama berbakti
    Pulih kembali harga diri

    Kita sudah tiada masa
    Majulah dengan maha perkasa
    Janganlah terlalai teruskan usaha
    Melayu kan gagah di nusantara
    Melayu kan gagah di nusantara
    Melayu kan gagah di nusantara