Wednesday 19 June 2013

Minyak Yu Yee, crap business journalist and self-hating Melayu bald monkey

I had initially planned to write about cases of corrupt business journalists tonight, but at the moment is not feeling very well.

My chest pains are back. I had taken my medication and applied some minyak Yu Yee on my chest and tummy just now.

I know, I'm supposed to boycott products such as the Yu Yee ointment but I'm so used to it since I was a baby.

Well, I'm feeling drowsy and in no condition to write too much.

However, since I don't want to disappoint, I'm instead providing the link to this posting on the same subject that I had wanted to write. It's by former MP Wee Choo Keong,

B K Sidhu’s source said “AirAsia X IPO over sub-subscription rate is 3 to 4 times”!

By the way, BK Sidhu is the Star business journalist who is the darling of some prominent Umno bloggers for her "heroine" role leading to the concerted attack to demonized former Securities Commission boss TS Zarinah Anwar three years ago.

She had then raised to the status of a diva in the rank of the subtly pro-Pakatan Star newspaper.

Well, based on what Wee Choo Keong wrote, he doesn't seem to have too high regard for BK Sidhu or the newspaper she is working for.

They are, to Wee, just some lapdogs of the scheming Malay-bashing AirAsiaX bosses and their self-hating super liberal Malay axx-licker who is now their mascot to sell the airline to especially other Malay-hating people.

Here is the advertisement in that backstabbing the Star newspaper which is actually AirAsia X gesturing the middle finger at the Malays.

They purposely put the picture of that self-hating botak Malay piece of crap there to encourage other Malays like him and Malay-hating non-Malays to buy that airline's shares.

Something like that.




    The last vestiges of the national car project will disappear as soon as Putrajaya replaces its fleet of ageing Proton Perdana V6 limousines with Honda Accords, while the Pahang government has opted for the Volkwagen Passats.

    Both models are now assembled by Proton Bhd's main shareholder DRB-Hicom Bhd in Pekan whose Member of Parliament is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The company that produces Proton is owned by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary.

    The new cars are for Cabinet ministers, deputy ministers and state executive councillors. The total cost of the purchase has yet to be determined.

    Other state governments have also slowly replaced the two-litre engine capacity Perdanas, which went out of production in 2010 and is now proving to be expensive to maintain.
    A source told The Malaysian Insider that Putrajaya is taking the Honda Accord 2.4-litre model while the Pahang government had opted for the 2-litre Volkswagen Passats. It is learnt that one Volkswagen Toureg has also been bought for the Pahang government.

    Other replacements for the Perdanas include Mercedes-Benz E200 Kompressors for the Terengganu government in 2008, replacing their 2004 Perdana V6 Executives.

    Both Selangor and Perak had also replaced their Perdanas with Toyota Camrys, while the Sabah government opted for the Volvo S80s.


    China's Tianhe-2 supercomputer unseats US Titan as 'world's fastest'

    China has built the world’s fastest supercomputer, almost twice as fast as the previous US holder and underlining the country’s rise as a science and technology powerhouse.

    1. Good for China!! I suggest Malaysian Chinese start packing up and go back to their beloved grdma's land right away. Adieu.

    2. If all Chinese return to China, they'll be adopting the 'village Champion' mentality which leads to race regression.

      Why bother to be the best in the world if they just aspire to hide in China?

      And what would you do when you are the best in the world? You spread yourself all over the world and make it your oyster. But always aim to bring peace and properity to those who want to make friends, while ignoring those who don't.

      The US is a great country. The trouble with it is it expects the world to see things its way most of the time. China, on the other hand, understands that people of different cultures think differently. In this regard, a number of middle eastern muslim countries have found China a better friend than the US.

      In generally, Chinese like working with those who are realistic, intelligent, hardworking and responsible. Certainly not those who always blame others for own deficiencies.

      Regarding approach towards other nations, the policy is to respect and co-operate with the government of the nations. On example is the 2nd Penang Bridge which is financed and built by China companies. The aim is to make the life of the friendly nation's citizens better.

      As for Chinese in countries other than China, the official position is they are the citizens of such countries, and are expected to contribute to the peace and prosperity of those countries. Not just talk.

      Hope the readers of Annie's blog understand the Chinese slightly more.

    3. Jangan perasan boleh tak?

    4. Delusional. It's like saying China is second largest GDP in the world. To the 99% poor Chinese it means nothing PLUS relevance to Malaysian Chinese?

  3. Take great care of your health . Saya doakan Semuga Annie Cepat sembuh.Aamiin.

  4. Botak is the type who wont think twice about selling his own mother when he can make a buck or two more..there is a more appropriate name for this strain of Melayu -> Bangsat!!

  5. The corruption in the Journalist world can be seen in the junket trips, the promotion cars that are available to personal use all year round .Expensive Dinners and free entrance passes and goody bags are common so that they write good stuffs. Corrupt practices like these are costs to us

  6. Life Of Annie blogger,
    I think its understandable why u came out with such a post. After all, few want to see successful Malay businessmen and even more want to bring them down. Say whatever you want to say, the fact is Azran is a CEO who manages to run an EBIDTA positive airline. If you know anything anything about an airline firm you would know that its a dog of a business and for somebody to make a living in that sector requires brains, guts and balls.

    3 things you don't have. 3 things you want to say the Malays lack.

    for you, you'd prefer the Malays to be still in the villages, agreeing with everything that suits your own confused view and anybody who disagrees is deemed a moron, an arrogant, a carpet bagger or just bad.

    Like that whats the point of asking Malay students to study hard. Instead of pushing up people like Azran who created something out of nothing, you want to drag them down.

    Is your definition of a successful Malay Raja Ropiah who banged the Armed Forces pension fund for hundreds of million? How many jobs did Raja Ropiah create for the Malays? How many jobs did Azran create?

    b4 u jump to conclusions, I personally hate Air Asia and will not fly the airline given half a choice. But that is my decision as a consumer. But consumption preference does not mean I demonize Azran.

    Learn a bit more maturity, or OD on your coughing syrup.

    1. Ramai lagi Melayu yang berjaya tapi tak lupa diri.
      SiAzran ni pulak baru jadi balaci bergaji tinggi dah perasan bagus nak kutuk bangsa sendiri. Macam lah Airasia X tu dia yang set-up dan punya.
      Sebab lupa diri lah si Azran ni di puji dan disanjung puak anti-Melayu.
      Yang awak tu pulak sibuk-sibuk kat blog saya yang awak kata tak matured tu pulak apa hal. Raja Ropiah? Tang mana saya mentioned such a person? Apa kena mengenanye dengan apa yang saya tulis ni.
      Anyway, suka hati saya lah nak tulis apa kat blog saya. Awak nak merepek apa pun kat awak punya blog, ada saya peduli?

    2. Life of Annie Blogger,
      Since your not a Malay, don't have to tried hard. I peduli if you attack successful Malays who can be a role model to other young Malays out there. Stick to attacking DAP and don't dare attack Malays like Unspinners and Azran because your not qualified.

    3. Being Malay is a state of mind and daily practice - tak caya, sila rujuk Perlembagaan Negara ;-)

  7. Actually Annie, your answer reveals your shallowness. I suppose any Malay who forges his own path to success is to be described as someone who forgets his roots. By your logic, all the crooks in UMNO are upright citizens who care for their "race". Please don't be like the mamaks in UMNO who try to be more Malay than the Malays, just because you have a Malay father. I personally think all this shallow so-called anti-Malay rants are childish and self-defeating. The Chinese continues to get richer and more influential while UMNO bickers and blame others. This call to BCL continues to be a failure, isn't it Annie? I am quite sure that PRU14 will belong to Pakatan. It's called DESTINY. Salam.

  8. it wasnt azran who created those so called job also wasnt tony...who gave leeway in setting up air asia initially...we all know who....last year they made a lot of losses for FYE 2012....about the positive ebitda is nothing to shout about la sir wenger..they made the positive ebitda from the cash collected from advance sales...they sell their tickets few months to a year in advance in order to give really good blum transacted dah dpt accounting it is known as advance sales...dpt duit awl2...go la redeploy ke reinvest the capital busuk2 pun ltak kt FD....u imagine how much air aisa collected via the advance sales tactic.....jgn la rs azran tu genious sgt...and rs dia exceptional...ordinary joe and jane like me also could have figured it out cuma i dont hang out with KJ etc so xde la opportunity jd ceo air asia.....seriously it doesnt take an einstein to generate those positive ebitda bro.....jgn la prasan rs diri best and exceptional sgt....air asia x ipo is 10 times its par many factors is beyond the mgt control..most obvious is petrol prices...sbb tu air asia slalu ikut suka hati mak bapak dia delay flight...sbb minyak x cukup bagai.....there are so many others LCCT operators in asia......kata ipo over subscribe or they went n ask their employees to take up the shares.....yg anti melayu ni sanjung dia sbb dia bole dia x sdar dipergunakan sbb diberi in turn dia rs prasan best prasan terror....i am succesfull because i am exceptional bukan sbb i bumi...pls la bukak mata bsar2 cermin diri lama....

  9. Do try ginger and kunyit tea for the chest pain, dear Annie. Just pound, add hot water (and honey if you want), strain and drink.

    You can also just pound the ginger and rub on the place that hurts.

    Get well soon, darling Annie!


  10. try minyak herba by nona roguy (purple labelled bottle) as a substitute. it works for me hope it works for you too....and you can still BCL....