Thursday 20 June 2013

Omar Ong should have a powerful breakfast with Syed Akbar Ali

I read Syed Akbar Ali's Most Powerful Breakfast In Malaysia just now, upon which I suddenly have this strong urge to smoke a cigarette.

It's stress, actually.

Not that I have not heard most of what he wrote before, but now that he had lumped all the nonsense together, it appeared that the situation seems really really screwed up.

These are the sort of things which make the situation seems hopeless.

Now, what are the PM's people doing to allay such fear, at least among DS Najib Razak's supporters?

I know that Datuk Najib had met some of the pro-Umno bloggers to assure them that he has a good plan for the coming 5 years.

That is good, but, I think his people also need to do more to help their boss in this matter, now that pressure is mounting on him.

Why can't they themselves go to the ground and explain to Umno members and supporters that things will be alright and that they should continue to support Datuk Najib?

What is happening now is that the boss is going around defending his people instead of his people defending him.

It is all wrong.

Anyway, do the PM's advisors and consultants have ever been on the ground?

Omar Ong was said to be the treasurer of Gelang Patah (or is it Pulai?) Umno division but I had never met him even once during my years in Johor.

Well, not even during the GE13 campaigning period.

I think he really should do something to help Datuk Najib now.

Being one of the most criticized among the PM's consultants, I think he should engage these Umno's stakeholders who are baying for his blood and explain to them how his presence has actually helped Datuk Najib.

Being a smart guy, I'm sure he can handle his critiques and relieve the pressure off his boss, the Prime Minister.

Maybe Omar Ong could start with having a powerful breakfast with Syed Akbar Ali and see where it goes from there.


  1. Omar arrogant. Nak cakap dengan orang besar-besar.

    Pandang hina orang kecik-kecik. Badan kecik tapi humiliaty lagi kecil. Engage pun nak pilih bulu.

    You ever heard omar ong give public statement or up on a forum or public discpurse?

    Everybody else is not worth his time

  2. Yeah Annie,

    Just read it too. It make me stress out that I boil a spegetti and eat it with prego chees and herb. Finish out about half a bowl too. Sheesh. Looney Tones lah they all... aiya\\

    :( sarah

  3. Yeah I just got outsided too.. Spoil my lunch la this Syed. Tell him to run for PM lah senang cerita.

  4. Annie, who are you tiny pipsqueaks to dictate what qualified political operatives do? They do not need to take "instructions" or even "suggestions" from the likes of paranoid, drama-queen, chip-on-the-shoulder-daisies like you. I think you should tell the PLF to save their money and divert it to valid charities rather than bankrolling scummy diva bloggers. Mahathir's time is over. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. If she's not bankrolling and doesn't seem scummy, then this lady diver may be onto some big sushi perhaps? Unbelievable saltwater act yes? For those paranoid about the open possible oceans just watch thru your computing screens lah ....

  5. Syed Akbar Ali. Not AKHBAR. TQ.

  6. The Watcher,

    Qualified political operatives your @$$. The pipsqueaks are feathering their nests from within the PMO. Say this loudly five times : AES. Pipsqueaks are now down to 133 seats in Parliament. Najib's time is over. Watcher, you can soon watch from the sidelines. Unless you switch sides soon enough. Cheerio.

  7. having KJ in cabinet votes BN out in PRU14