Saturday 13 April 2013

PKR and Pas are more powerful than DAP

This is the weekly posting by Ai, formerly of BigCat -

By Ai

When I was writing for the BIGCAT blog, I had consistently insisted that DAP is the most powerful party in Pakatan as compared to PKR and Pas.

Now I have to admit that I'm not sure anymore about my assessment.

PKR and Pas have apparently proven that they are more powerful than DAP and these had been proven by their leaders.

Of course, almost everyone know by now that PKR's most powerful man is this guy-

Now, it's Pas' turn to prove that its leaders are powerful too and chosen to prove their self proclaimed Islamic party's powerfulness is this guy -

Well, come to think of it, DAP leaders are actually much less powerful than those of their partners. For instance, this guy had just about to try to be powerful and he ended up being hit with a flying ashtray causing the plaster on his forehead -

Hmmm...maybe it's true what they said about Malays being more powerful than Chinese....even among those in Pakatan.


  1. That's what I like most of Aisya, the Big-old-Cat. She is just very cunning and funny with what she wrote.


  2. Funny! when is Mustafa resigning? Can't wait, wheres Nik Aziz comment

  3. What does Rafizi have to say about this? He planning on giving some free condoms if Pr were to win..haha

  4. The guy at the lift might look more like Anwar. But the man in towel is definitely not. (At the lift, and in the room could be different videos) Anwar does not have that huge belly and tummy and his fingers are different. The hands and fingers tell it all. That cannot be faked in photos. Most men have man hands, Anwar's are more like pudgy fingers (not flattering of course) but it proves that man in towel is not Anwar!

  5. Also look at the ear-lope. The guy in towels has ears that end at the middle of his nose (drawing a straight line from the tip of his ear lope to his nose). Anwar's ear lopes end much lower. You understand?