Tuesday 2 April 2013

Dissolution of parliament is tomorrow...really? Whatever...

The NST seems to be very eager with this front page headline today -

Parliament to be dissolved tomorrow?

Well, I'm not that eager anymore.

A friend who is supposed to be in the know told me that the NST report is true. Tomorrow is the last Cabinet meeting, and PM DS Najib Razak is going to announce the dissolution of Parliament after that. This will be followed by nomination day and then polling day. All done before end of this month.

Ok, fine, whatever....I'm ready for that. But I'm not going to get all excited over it.

I just want to get it over and done with. Honestly, I'm tired of the uncertainties. This country has been immersed in too much politics since 2008, and due to that, a lot of energy has been wasted. Just need to move on.

After all, there are more important things in life than politics. Honestly, do you all really think this country will be better once Pakatan takes over? No more corruption? No more racism? Everyone becomes millionaires? No more handsome boys being buggered by an old man?

I don't think so.

I rather give Najib a chance to affect positive changes for the country. He has been doing relatively well the past four years, so, why not let him continue? If he really fails after that, then only we should kick him out. Do you all really think Anwar can do better than Najib? Doesn't he already had his chance back then as the deputy prime minister and he failed big time?

Well,  it doesn't really matter to me at the moment. There are other more important things happening in my life.

I accompanied my father to visit my uncle at the hospital today. My uncle has now been placed at the neurology ward. He was in really bad shape and in pain. It's heartbreaking as I watched my father hugged him and cried.

My uncle hardly recognizes my father, but he kept apologizing to him. He said he wants to make peace with everyone. My father had in the past quarreled with my uncle over some family problems. I don't think that matters at all to my father today. He kept telling my uncle that he shouldn't think about such things anymore and instead concentrate at getting well again.

I hope my uncle will get well again. That will be more important than the election as far as my family and myself are concerned.


  1. Family is more important than anything. Will pray for your uncle's recovery. You be strong, Little Lady of the Valley.

  2. I know how u feel about not getting excited anymore. I, too, felt thoroughly deflated when they announced just a few days ago that dissolution of parliament wasn't going to happen yet. It's going to take a while to get that enthusiasm re-ignited again. Hate this feeling!

  3. Hi Annie,

    I hope and pray your uncle gets well again.

    Anyway, the crux of that headline in the NST is the question mark at the end, which indicates that it was only a rhetorical question, not a statement fo fact.

    Of course, parliament will eventually have to be dissolved and the general elections held, or the present government would be violating the constitution, which I don't think the rulers will allow.

    Sure, I'd like to see the end of all this speculation and some outcome either way, whether BN or Pakatan. At least we will finally know what the rakyat trully feel and not just the results of polls, expert opinions, astrological forecasts, coffee shop talk, etc.

  4. Well, the waiting has just ended...
    The Parliament has been dissolved today!
    Did anybody guessed correctly?
    It's PM Najib 4th Year Anniversary.
    Happy voting.

    1. Can't agree more. However, it's not late but on time.

      Now let's see how things really pan out and how the people really feel, not just speculation and opinions.