Wednesday 24 April 2013

A story, a commentary and an interview with a non-racist

For the latest on Gelang Patah, please read this posting by Chuah Bee Kim who  said that
Ghani Is Well-Liked, Well-Respected
despite allegations by DAP leaders that he is a racist.

You may read a commentary on that story written by Chuah and her colleague Suganthi Supramanian at Big Cat who described the DAP's slander against Johor BN chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, who is contesting in a Chinese majority constituency of Gelang Patah as
Reverse Racism

Sorry, I am not feeling well today and going to the clinic in a short while. I think I got a fever and can't write much. You all have to make do with those two links. I will try to do a proper posting later in the day if I feel better.

To go with those links is this World Business interview with Ghani -


  1. Basically he means he need Singaporean money.

  2. Stupid Annie, day in day out accusing people racist....anyone that doesn't support Ghani is racist ??

    Please-lah Annie don't be so immature and stupid !!

    1. go look in tne mirror lah anon >.<

      Lim Kit Siang pretty much said anyone who don't support HIMSELF and PR are racist, boleh pulak?

  3. Woi Stupid Annie.... make sure you go Klinik 1 Malaysia for your treatment okay, ubat UMNO memang bagus punya !!

    After makan "ubat UMNO" then continue with your daily racist ranting on PR supporters.

    1. Ah, you know, people like you who can get the benefit of private hospital, should just shut up man. There are millions of malaysian that goes to government hospital and even Klinik 1 Malaysia, have gotten their treatment for a damn cheap price of few ringgit. And if you don't have money they even give it free. What more do you need to ask? I bet people like you don't even go there to see.

      And you know, if you go to the hospital, if you poor, irregardless of your race, you will still get the best treatment the government hospital have to offer. Even this you people don't be thankful to the people who have tried to give their service. Buta Hati betul.

    2. Sure best treatment? Ask "what's up Doc" UMNO make Doc work like slaves - more than 50 hours per week on low salary. Ask doc - easy solution - just potong everything. Ask HA - if you are injured in an accident - they emptied your pockets just like enforcement cari kopi o.

    3. Anonymous24 April 2013 12:13

      The best place for you to get your best and free treatment is Hospital Permai. There you'll be treated with one jab makes you hallucinate like riding rocket to the moon. Send my regards to your parents.

    4. Anon 18:04, ah, come on, everywhere is the same, doctor have among the longest working hours compared to other occupation, even so, if you work in Gov hosp, you start up payment is way more than somebody who finish master in engineering even if you are foreign grad. The number of patient that comes for emergency and also non-emergency case is many fold more compared to private, why because it's almost free. Even so, the gov having putting a lot of effort in increasing the number of doctor. People like you only knows how to whine and whine, give a concrete and constructive criticism at least that will help.

      And let me say this, you think PR coming will make sure all the problem go away, in your dreams. They want to make it free even for private hospital, you know how much money the country have to fork for that? You know at least, we malaysian can be proud that we have a universal health care that takes care people. Life expectancy has increased greatly but only marred by fact malaysian have really bad life style like obese and smoking. Infant mortality is low compared to other country in the region. There are rooms to improve and ways to improve, but pakatan has yet to make clear their idea how to do that, not only that their manifesto idea basically sucking the country's money.

      I have one thing bout pakatan idea of trying to make incentives so to make private hospital cheap, it only benefits those who have money, why should we spend money those who can and have money to go to private hospital? In medical management there is saying "treat equal people equally and threat unequal people unequally". It means you must do more for those who doesn't have anything.

    5. To Anon 18:04, only greedy doctors would say their salaries are low. UK doctors are paid even lower in their currency. Gov docs are well off already as it is.

      Due to you Annie, i'm beginning to wish that i'd known Ghani before.. And how i wish i am a resident of Gelang Patah now. :) I wish Ghani all the best!

  4. Salam Annie. Semoga sihat segera. InsyaAllah :)

  5. anon 12.09 and 12.13, some more got ah!
    Wishing you well annie.

  6. See storify on the star,
    most saying voting for LKS
    pls inform his team or not u malu


  7. To Anon 12:09 and Anon 12:13. I have never read annie wrote those who do not support UMNO/BN as traitors of their own race. Maybe you should check who are rascists and hypocrites. Stupido idioto!

  8. The real problem of the Chinese is not DAP or MCA. It is the Chinese themselves. Chances are BN will retain the Government.
    If the Chinese continue to vote for Opposition, it will soon find itself that it does not have any form of representation in BN Government. Malaysian politics is still very racial based. Everyday policies will be made without the consultation of these Chinese supported DAP MPs. Chinese will be at the mercy of other race based political parties which BN hopefully would be accommodating. In the end of the day, it is the Chinese who choose to vote for the Opposition and therefore they will have to bear with their choice. To the extreme, Chinese would lose some of its influence in safeguarding its identity.
    I hate to think one day, Malaysia would be like Indonesia where Chinese loses its right of family name, education or religious right. Yeah it is in the constitution but there’s nothing to stop in the bylaws in harassment.
    Moreso, there are so many gullible Chinese who think Ubah is great. Little have they known Ubah for the worse. So let’s kick these think skulled mentality and get it in their head. (I know you guys would say I am a racist but Malaysia has not grown beyond skin colors. Let’s get real)

  9. No need to hope. Dato Ghani and the BN as led by the UMNO with 14 component parties will win a landslide victory with Chinese support. Push hard ! Push hard ! Shove and push hard ! The final victory awaits you BN and send all these intruders into the Straits of Singapore.