Friday 19 April 2013

Jason is a good man

This is indeed a good news

Gelang Patah MCA division chief declares support for Ghani

JOHOR BARU: MCA Gelang Patah division chief Jason Teoh declared that he would give unwavering support for Datuk Seri Ghani Othman who will be contesting in the Gelang Patah state seat soon.

Jason, who was rumoured to harbour plans to stand as an independent candidate, cleared the air yesterday.
"I love MCA and BN. No matter what happens,  I'll be with them as they are the ones who champion the real cause of service for people.
"I will do my best to make sure my comrade, Datuk Ghani will win the seat,"said Jason at the MCA gathering with the public held last night.
"When our brother Ghani wins, we would be there to help him to help the people of Gelang Patah," he said.
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And Jason was with Johor BN chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman for a walk- about at the Gelang Patah town this morning.

"I am a BN man. I will support Datuk Ghani. It is just not only me who will support Datuk Ghani but my entire machinery," he declared as he stood by Ghani's side.

Jason led Ghani and the other local BN leaders to meet the constituents and introduced the outgoing MB to some Chinese shopkeepers and their clients.

They spend some time having coffee at a kopitiam.

Ghani and the BN team were well received by those they met today.


  1. I really want ghani to win
    Pls pls get your friends vote him in

  2. I am glad for Gelang Patah. It could be a disaster. But Jason is a big man with a big heart. He is able to see the wisdom of this course of action.

  3. I post my comment to u before..johor chinesse is different..they are more open..the race relationship is need to ubah ma..only a few anti establishment people making so much noise..victory to all johorean..

  4. It's wonderful to know of a grand man like Jason.


  5. Not only is he a wonderful man, he's good looking too ;).

  6. Go Johor! Lets be a showcase for 1Malaysia and harmony.

    1. 1Malaysia with Ibrahim Ali and Zul under BN candidate.

  7. I've always said this to my friends that Johorean are not the same as those who live in Kinta Valley, Klang Valley and Kelantan. Johorean are proud to be as one.

    Let's show to the world that we act and think as Malaysian.

    1. Yes way to show as in KL, BN is living in Bali design bangalows by Tukang Gigi MB and Cowgate Condos

    2. But bn had sack all the stupid idiot guys..unlike your pakatoon leader..cakap tak serupa bikin..

  8. This time around my vote goes to BN, those Pakatoons can anly talk talk talk in the end nothing is done lol