Thursday 18 April 2013

My mother is angry with Guan Eng

I was yesterday told by mother to read an article by pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider but only managed to do so just now.

Her only comment about the article was "How can Guan Eng be so arrogant and childish..."

Only after reading the article that I understand why my mother was unhappy with Guan Eng.

My mother had met Ghani and despite being a staunch DAP supporter, she thinks that Ghani is a good man who has done a lot for Johor.

Based on the Malaysian Insider report, the way Guan Eng as Penang chief minister attacked Ghani in his capacity as an outgoing Menteri Besar is indeed unbecoming. I have to agree with my mother, I think that he is behaving like a kindergarten bully.

I can understand that he needs to promote his father for the election, but I think he should show some "class" as a chief minister.

Now I'm not very sure whether my mother will vote for DAP again as she did in 2008.

I'm reproducing here the Malaysian Insider article in full and highlighted the parts which I think had irked my mother. I hope the Malaysian Insider people don't mind so much. Here is the link to that article - Umno sending MB-discard to Gelang Patah

Umno sending MB-discard to Gelang Patah, says Guan Eng

 KUALA LUMPUR, April 17 ― Lim Guan Eng took aim at Datuk Ghani Othman last night as the man “Umno no longer wants as MB”, as he went on the stump in Johor for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and his father, Lim Kit Siang, DAP’s candidate for the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat in Election 2013.
Speaking to thousands of supporters gathered at the nearby Kulai constituency, the DAP secretary-general also attacked MCA for giving up the Gelang Patah seat to Umno’s Ghani, suggesting that party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek did not dare take on Kit Siang.
“Ghani is someone that Umno no longer wants as MB... so MCA has willingly given up a seat it has held for 50 years.
“If the MCA had any self-respect it would have told Umno it would even defend Gelang Patah in a three-cornered fight. At least then people will have some respect for MCA,” he told the rally.
Ghani was named yesterday as Barisan Nasional’s (BN) candidate for the Gelang Patah federal seat, which is seen as paving the way for Datuk Seri Khaled Noordin to take over as Johor mentri besar.
Gelang Patah is shaping up as the contest that will define PR’s push into the Umno bastion state.
The MCA seat was “loaned” to Umno after party president Dr Chua decided to sit out the May 5 general election.
Kit Siang is expected to leverage the Chinese majority in the federal seat but BN believes Ghani, who helmed Johor for four terms, may be able to keep the seat from falling into PR’s hands.
Gelang Patah has 106,864 voters, with Chinese voters making up 52 per cent in the constituency, while Malays and Indians account for 34 per cent and 12 per cent respectively.
Last night, Guan Eng whipped up the emotions of the mostly-Chinese crowd at the Kulai rally by condemning Dr Chua and MCA.
“We have sent a heavyweight to contest Gelang Patah. In DAP, there is no bigger heavyweight than Lim Kit Siang. But Chua Soi Lek the MCA president does not dare to come.
“Instead he is sending Ghani Othman. I am not sure if MCA has joined Umno or Umno has joined MCA,” he said.
The battle for Gelang Patah has become heated in the past weeks with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad leading BN’s attacks against the DAP and Kit Siang.
Last week, Dr Mahathir said that a Kit Siang win in Gelang Patah will result in racial confrontation and argued that Chinese-Malay economic partnership will be ruined.
The former PM issued a warning that Lim’s victory in the southern state would trigger racial clashes that would replace the existing co-operation between the Malay majority and Chinese community.


  1. DAP is panicking.Their strategy backfired,so confident of Chinese wholly support them.They became arrogant and cocky.Not all Chinese are stupid,there are poor and hardworking Chinese.These middle class Chinese were neglected by DAP and I have the feeling that they will punish DAP this time around.

  2. Real paid UMNO cybertrooper telling grandmother story. your mother should complain why UMNO is sending ex-MB to exile? Why UMNO do not want to keep him as MB. If move to federal cabinet, then give him a safe UMNO seat if he is So gooood.

    1. Unlike Guan Eng and his father Kit Siang who only dare to contest in Chinese majority constituencies which they deemed safe, Ghani is going to Gelang Patah with the belief that the voters there will vote for him based on his track record instead of his skin color.

    2. Anon 17:46

      Voters in Gelang Patah would prefer someone with proven track record who has a footing in Johore rather then someone came down flying like a bat's during fruit season and has been shouting all this years with nothing to show except politic of hate where he is a master .
      I am sure ,ability to shout and condemn others ( especially anything related UMNO) as a quality sensible Malaysian are looking for to be an alternative government.

    3. Ghani has a knife pointed at his back especially Annie wanted him to go to hell zone. Whereas the other guy get out of his comfort zone to marginal seat.

    4. You mean MCA's Jason Tan has no track record and footing in Gelang Patah as this is MCA's area and require UMNO's Joker to fight against Batman?

  3. I think Guang Eng is the 2nd. most stupid CM/MB after after Khalid Ibrahim. Last time when he was in a foreign land, bad-mouthing Johor, being infested with criminals to potray the good image of Penang?

    Today, there was a big rally, a fierce protest by DAP's Pulau Tikus constituents, in Penang. They are not satisfied that their ADUN Koay Teng Hai was sidelined by their Tokong. The protestors seem very angry. Mr. Koay, last year was suspended for missing that sitting where they voted, barring their own politician from doing a 'lompat katak' after wining the election. The Lim Dynasty was angry since they need a 2/3 majority aye for the law to be enacted. With Mr.Koay absence, they fear that the law would be abstained by the BN opposition.

    That law against 'frog leaping' shows how undemocratic DAP is. Couple with the practice of nepotism to the hilt, how could they be not shameful when enticimg the rakyat into voting for them.


  4. my uncle is also angry with UMNO/BN because till the day he dies still holding a red IC even-though he has lived in Malaysia for more than 50 years !!

    1. Really?maybe he doesn't know how to speak bahasa Malaysia or don't really subscribe to RukuNegara after all these years....LOL!!

    2. wait!!! does he even know that there is bahasa malaysia or rukun negara?

    3. What does Cowok, pinoys, bangla and pakis knows bahasa malaysia and rukun negara and yet given blue IC. Bahasa Indo is not bahasa malaysia.

  5. a malay candidate to contest in chinese majority gelang patah constituency. isn't that a true spirit of malaysians malaysia? why LGE/LKS need to attack MCA when you go around town claiming a 'truely multi-racial' party when in actual truth, you echo racial slurs and racially divisive political campaign?

  6. Ayo...Annie pls don't bring mother into your blog lah...sure not your mother is angry with LGE and not Najib Rosmah UMNO that stealing the country money like no tomorrow ?? or you putting the word into your mom mouth ??

    If next time your mother is angry with anyone, youtube it so everyone can watch, okay girl.

    My mother is angry...kah..kah..kah....

    1. I just bring my mother into my blog, while other people bring their son, daughter, wife, in-laws etc into political parties and give them important posts such as secretary-general, president, vice-president etc as well as get them appointed to important positions such as chief minister....why don't you laugh at that?

    2. Good answer Annie.... Way to go girl...

    3. Thanks, Annie.

      You pretty sum it all up nicely there!!


    4. You've got a point there!

    5. UMNo calls PM's wife as first lady? Why it was not call during our first PM's time?

    6. I have never been interested in Gelang Patah nor Ghani before, and i'm looking for clues for who are more deserving of my vote this time around. (i'm voting in S'gor btw) I think i know now who to vote for. I have the utmost respect for Johoreans for not falling into the racial trap. Ghani must have done well all these years for being able to still get the support from his people. Go Ghani! When it comes to money and Rosmah and whomever gives money to get projects, i think we have to see the real perspective. The one giving is more readily giving to ensure they get whatever they wanna get. People should stop giving!

  7. I guess you all know Chen Shui Bian, the "famous" ex-president of Taiwan. Don't you see the similarities now between LGE and Mr Chen now??

    One went into politic with good causes and ambitions - generally for the good of the people or rakyat, but when she/he got the power and $$$, all her/his attention and intention would be twisted from serving the people to her/his personal interests.


    Personally, before LGE went to Penang, I think he served the people well esp. in his home state Melaka. Once became MB, his personality and interests changed totally...

    Gelang Patah... I believe LKS has made a fatal mistake, he will be "patah" there and buried.


  8. iam malay ,i dont mind to vote chinese or indian as long the candidate not from dap party tq.

  9. Let your mother be angry.

    Let the people exercise their rights to vote for the person whom they think would be good for Malaysia. We need honest and sincere politicians whose families are not so rich or wealthy as those from the M cabinet who need to retire as they had enriched themselves.

    Let the people vote for those who had not enriched themselves so much as the M cabinet members did.

    So, your mother is not important nor a big issue whose tantrum needs to be dealt with by the voters who have greater issues at hand to deal with.

    Leave her aside and not be a problem to us voters.

  10. 'Unlike Guan Eng and his father Kit Siang who only dare to contest in Chinese majority constituencies which they deemed safe'

    I am not saying that the ends justify the means. Talking like a Kinda kid is not as bad as character assassination, viz the sex tapes which plainly was not Anwar Ibrahim. Just look at Anwar's hands, and the actor's hands. Anwar has fat fingers, that guy has bony fingers. Anatomical structures cannot be 'copied'.

    Also look at the low set ears of Anwar. Compare that with the high set ears of the actor, not to mention that a huge pregnant abdomen is what Anwar never have, clearly discernible despite the layers of clothes he wears, shirts on top of singlets. These do not hide a pregnant abdomen, or a beer belly, due to years of sloughing about, the sedentary life-style of an old actor.

    Look at the actor's hands, hanging , long and bony from his elbow. Totally not anwar.

    Anwar is 65, that actor is barely 55, yet he needs mastectomy to look like a man interested still in the young thing given to him to hug.

  11. And to tell all and sundry your mommy voted for DAP in the last election and now changes her mind based on political wrangling and showmanship? Look for substance of what Guan Eng achieved, not the icing (albeit a childish one) . To choose beautiful icing instead of the solid tummy filling cake itself tells everyone your mommy is even more childish than guan eng. Heck, you should leave your mommy out of this. You did not do her a favour, instead you cast her in a very bad light. So you are childish, but to make your mommy appear childish, yu have committed the most silly act. Did your mommy say its ok to tell everyone how she is voting silly this time round?. Speak for yourself, leave your poor mommy alone.

    As mommy of 40 year old son, I will not be proud of you at all.