Monday 24 October 2022

Islam wins....then perpaduan ummah

Today I just want to celebrate the victory of Islam Makhachev over light weight champion Charles Olivera at UFC280 a few days ago.

It was a great victory, as the Dagestani managed to submit the very capable Olivera in just the second round.

Extra sweet was that Islam was coached by the great former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The celebrations were however a bit marred by a ringside incident.

Up and coming Swedish UFC fighter Khamzat Chimayev, who is originally from Chechnya got into a scuffle with a member of Islam's team, later identified as Khabib's cousin Abu Bakar.

The incident quickly became a hot topic and depicted as caused by the bad blood between Chechens and Dagestanis.

Chechnya and Dagestan are predominantly Muslim republics in Russia.

Khabib, who led the Dagestani team backing Islam was quick to realise that the whole thing was not good for Muslims' image.

Muslims fighting Muslims is bad.

So, Khabib invited Khamzat and his team to meet his team and they reconciled their differences.


Hopefully Muslims in this country can be like those guys.



  1. wow annie, you watch ufc too ?
    i am not a fan of physical fighting sport but i watch ufc because of khabib. the way they grow up training in the mountain and then to become the world champion is really amazing.

    something similar to khalid ibn walid. he grew up in the mountain and was train and then you know the rest.
    >james bond

    1. ada islang yang kata boleh tipu asal untuk , nik adoi.
      ini kerja half past six blg
      On Sept 27, The Star quoted a DAP source as saying that three-term Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah would be fielded as a candidate for Klang in place of Santiago.

      The next day, Santiago announced he had no plans to vacate his Klang parliamentary seat and expressed his gratitude to those who supported him.

      A party source has since told FMT that DAP might drop Santiago from its GE15 lineup, adding that V Ganabatirau, the Selangor exco for social welfare and employee empowerment, was likely to replace him instead of Ean Yong.

    2. ani will the ketuanan leader send their kids to fight for komunnit like rusia or China Merah. like theChechnya and Dagestan.
      bet send kid to be "power point" opis gal better.

    3. anon 22:05
      lol this comment got nothing to do with GE15