Friday 7 October 2022

What BN should do if GE15 is in September next year

It gets a bit funny for me watching Pakatan and Perikatan people desperately scrambling to prevent GE15 from being held now.

BN is so strong now, is it?

It's rather comical that they are now using the monsoon season as an excuse to delay the polls while in actual fact we all know that they were all just trying to buy time.

Pakatan people are hoping to have more tine to get their shit together and for the current government to stumble in handling the expected global recession next year 

Perikatan people on the other hand were just trying to cling on to power as long as they could.

The GE15's deadline is in September, which means if they have their way, we Malaysians must endure another year of this currently bullshit situation.

I don't know about you all, but I'm fed up with it and want things to be settled now.

The country needs a strong and stable government with a clear mandate from the people to weather the coming global economic turbulence.

Well, Perikatan people have even sent a letter to Agong asking the guy not to allow the parliament to be dissolved now.

Let's say Agong actually listens to them. What should BN do then?

In my opinion, BN should just pull out of the government.

If Ismail Sabri and the other BN ministers refused to let go of their posts, then they should be sacked by their respective parties.

Let them be independent PM and ministers.

That way BN could distance itself from whatever the government do up to September next year.

If the government screws up its handling of the coming recession, which I think it will, the fault could then not be pinned on BN.

BN should not worry too much as I believe the people can now judge for themselves who should be blamed for their sufferings.

Umno and its gang should from now just be focused on their works and continue to prepare for GE15.

Helping the people and cleaning up the parties from rubbish and parasites should be the priority.

As for BN MPs who are itchy to continue supporting the non-BN government, they should be allowed to do so. 

Just don't nominate them again for GE15.

BN leaders facing charges in court and already in jail need to be patient and defend themselves the best that they could. 

They should have the faith that justice will prevail in the end.

And Malaysians, just remember who are the ones who don't want you all to have your mandate back to end the bullsit we are in now.



    Apparently economic ties are more important than muslim brotherhood...

    Munafik semuanya.

  2. "If Ismail Sabri and the other BN ministers refused to let go of their posts, then they should be sacked by their respective parties."

    You keep claiming you have a law degree - right?

    Q: DYMM YDPA is given COMPLETE DISCRETION in three things by the Federal Constitution. What are they?

    HINT: The ability to refuse a dissolution of Parliament is one of them.

    You mean Ismail Sabri and the other BN ministers can force through a PRU15 date?

    Really? That's your understanding of the Federal Constitution?


    Wow, wow, wow.

    An Umno mouthpiece like you, recommending derhaka?!?

    Not good for 3Rs rhetoric, kan?

    I think JKOM Control may have to cut your fees to RM2 per post : )

    1. Of course Agong has the power not to dissolve the parliament. As a person who knows a bit of law I didnt recommend Ismail Sabri to go against Agong but instead to just quit the government which is not against the law. Good what. Maybe your Pakatan gang can kowtim with Muhyiddin's party and PAS to form a new government until September next year and handle or mishandle the coming global recession.

    2. Toksah spin laaaaaa Annie : )

      We know exactly what you are driving at,lah. (Hence Mat 3.85 also attacking Mael today as having "lost his authority"....ko ikut pulak. Surprise surprise!)

      So if YDPA exercises his RIGHT under the FC, BN should pull out? Damn insulting to YDPA, right? "Let's say Agong actually listens to them (PN)." Who says that's the basis? Didn't YDPA go personally to the Met Dept? Ko nih derhaka jugak kut...

      And why would Mael "have to" be sacked from Umno if he refused to abide by a constitutional right of YDPA? Ada logik ke?

      YDPA's job is to look after the people; your job is to produce sub-standard propaganda for your deeply corrupt masters.

      Whom should we trust more?

    3. Ish, kan aku kata korang Pakatan boleh take over bila BN dah keluar dari government. Tak mau ke? Aku sure Pakatan boleh kerjasama dgn gang Muhyiddin dan PAS memerintah sampai setahun lagi dalam kegawatan ekonomi dunia.

    4. Laaaaaaa....standard Annie SOP - bila kantoi, cepat tukar spin plak.....nih la hang punya "argument" (konon) asal.....

      "If Ismail Sabri and the other BN ministers refused to let go of their posts, then they should be sacked by their respective parties.

      Let them be independent PM and ministers.

      That way BN could distance itself from whatever the government do up to September next year.

      If the government screws up its handling of the coming recession, which I think it will, the fault could then not be pinned on BN."

      Opkos laaaaaaa bloga2 upahan Jibros / court cluster all singing the same tune : ) "bubar, bubar, bubar"....hang nih predictable giler laaa doh......adoiiiiii......

    5. Eh, kalau parliament bubar, lepas tu geng Pakatan engko menang pilihanraya, kan bagus tu. Aku ok je kalau rakyat pilih Pakatan macam tahun 2018. Itu lah demokrasi namanya. Yg engko tak nak rakyat diberi mandat memilih semula Pakatan memerintah ni apasal?

    6. Annie at 10:52.
      Jawapan nya sebab PH TAKUT KALAH .
      Takut hadapi rakyat sebab Manifesto Tipu Rakyat.Madey penipu,Lim Guan Eng Penipu,Mat Sabu blurr kelabu asap,Muhyidin/Mahiadin tak de sapa nak percaya lagi.
      Itu lah pasal nya mereka takut.

  3. What is the current UMNO led govt not doing that it thinks it can do better if it was the sole party (with BN) in govt?

    What is the difference?

    These guys have been agitating and undermining govt's for 3 years already - this is the 3rd govt they are trying to take down.

    What is it that they think they will do that they can't do now in a govt led by them?

  4. Very silly analysis, sorry. The blogger seems to be forgetting that its a largely umno govt...the ones like kj are the only ones performing anyway. So the logic is what, they in the “cabinet umno” should fuck off and let the “real umno” run the country? Stupid. Just proves the blogger must be on payroll of Najib and court cluster. Clearly. Then you let us know who’s in the “real umno”?

    1. Don't be silly. The logic is, lets return the mandate to the people as soon as possible so that if the people think Pakatan is the best to run the country, they should immediately take over from the evil " Umno government".

    2. It is umno government when the PM is umno. PM has sole authority to call for GE. Ismail had to chance to call for.election when he met with Agong. Ismail so weak can't even push for election when he met the agong. Focusing on PH disagreements just a diversion of UMNO failure to call for election.

    3. The PM is from BN, the FM who presented the budget is from BN (will run under Umno banner in PRU15), the majority of the cabinet is BN.

      Apa lagi Annie mahu?

      It's ALREADY a BN gomen, or a Melayu unity gomen right?

      7 October 2022 at 20:25 has made a logical point.

      Are there two Umnos???

      What are you whining about, Annie? Logik x masuk akal.

      Or, if Annie is convinced that these losers cannot perform ("If Ismail Sabri and the other BN ministers refuse to let go of their posts, then they should be sacked by their respective parties. Let them be independent PM and ministers.That way BN could distance itself from whatever the government do up to September next year") then please LIST all the hidden Umno Einsteins from OUTSIDE the cabinet who can do BETTER?

      Tajuddin? Lokman? Noh Omar? Jamal Jamban? Zahid? Najib?

      Over to you.

      What is your Umno dream team that can do better than Umno's Ismail Sabri and his BN-dominated cabinet?

      Or let's be honest, it's got nothing to do with performance.

      "The country needs a strong and stable government with a clear mandate from the people to weather the coming global economic turbulence." Oh please noble!

      The court cluster need a PRU so their cases can disappear. End of story.

    4. How could court cluster's cases disappear if PRU is held? I thought PRU is about returning the mandate to the people so that we can have a properly elected government. Why Pakatan supporters like you dont want that?

    5. Kih kih kih......go re-read your own article laaaaaa.....and answer the question, who in "UMNO Camp 2" is actually going to be better than Ismail & Gang - once BN sacks them, as you've suggested?

      I vote for return of BossMu as PM and FM, seeing as he was SO GOOD for the economy....

      Maybe you can contribute?

    6. PH menang PRU 14 ,Kes Lim Guan Eng yg sudah ada Prima Facie di gugurkan oleh AG lantikan PH,semua pakatoon lackeys diam macam tikus.mungkin adil bagi mereka jika kes mahkamah pemimpin PH di gugurkan.
      PH takut kalah PRU 15 sebab situasi tak macam PRU 14.PN takut kalah banyak "Katak Politik" didalam nya.Jika PH yakin bolih menang PH tak akan tangguh walaupun 1 hari.BN /UMNO yakin bolih menang sebab itu mereka perlu mandat baru.Dalam kabinet sekarang ramai Menteri lantikan Senator,Katak Politik,Menteri UMNO yang tiada jawatan dalam parti.Kesimpulan nya PH & PN takut kalah.UMNO/BN yakin bolih menang,susah sangat ke nak faham sampai di cipta alasan monsoon,nak berbakti kepada dan sebagai nya.PH & segala macai2,lackeys,Dapigs mahu tak tangguh PRU jika situasi politik menyebelahi kamu semua?Tunggu sampai habis term??Kelakar !!
      Saya pengundi biasa suka PRU disegerakan.noktah

    7. Anon at10:05
      PH /PN pun ada Court Cluster lah.Cermin diri dulu.
      Jika BN menang semua kes pemimpin PH akan dibuka semula.Yg di gugurkan olih AG Tommy ada 15 kes kesemuanya.yg lain lain akan di dakwa nanti.

    8. Weeiiii....anon 13:22,
      Can't agree more with you. Apabila PH naik, kes org dia digugurkan. Yg paling jelas ialah kes rafizi dan pengampuan anwar. Kalau BN menang pru15 nanti, mereka pun buat style sama juga la. Masing2 tak mengaku, kononnya tak liwat, tak curi, tak rasuah, tak fitnah.....semua bersih suci. Jadi, undi BN /PN /PH /PAS atau mana2 sekali pun, fenomina mcm ini akan berulang tak kehabisan. Itulah politik tanah air-ku.

  5. GE15 deadline is in 2023, stop spreading fake news and although election can be made before the deadline...there is no need for an election now.
    >james bond

    1. Mr.James Bond.
      U cakap PRU 15 tak perlu tahun ini.UMNO cakap lain.mereka mahu tahun ini juga.terpulang lah kepada PM dari UMNO.Pembangkang bolih menyalak buat bising sahaja.

    2. bukan saja pembangkang boleh menyalak , keldai2 umno pun boleh menyalak bagaikan keldai gilerrr seperti anon 20:45

      oh ya PAS dah tetapkan negeri2 yg dipimpin dan negeri2 yg ph memimpin tak akan dibubarkan..haa pening lah cam ni kan keldai2 yg nakkan pilihanraya skrg.

  6. Memang yang terbaik ialah PRU15 segera. Yang lebih baik adalah pemilihan umno yang dah 2 kali ditangguh. Pasal apa tak buat ? Pilih presiden baru dulu. PH pun tak payah cakap banyak la. Campaigner PRU14 terbaik PH kali ni tak berkempen intuk PH. Kita tengok.

    1. Not really sure what you meant by " campaigner pru14 terbaik ph kali ni tak brkempen utk ph".

      Who was the guy if it wasn't Rapiji, the best of the best in PH back then? Hasn't he already made an overwhelming come back and been active since then? I remember vividly that he got all the credit for the PH victory in GE14. They deemed he was the MAIN reason BN had been flung out and had created a never-before historical trouncing. All along he single-handedly and tirelessly campaigned throughout the country, days and nights, with just an ultimate aim to make anwar, the hypocrite, a PM. The way I see it, he still sticks by anwar's side through the good and bad, only to ensure his sifu comes to the throne. And, that is going to happen real soon. Right?

  7. Nobody can predict there will a strong government after PRU. Not PH PN or BN. There will be a lot of horse trading with parties have it own political agenda. Now or 9 months down the road does not make any difference. WHO EVER win will have to face with global recession. If it aint broke dont fix it. We will be in economic and political snafu .

    1. It's actually 11 months to Sept next year and that makes a lot of difference. It's broken and we are already in economic and political snafu. The people must have their mandate back to decisively elect a stable government to handle the recession which was expected to hit us early next year.

    2. Are we a broken nation in the same league as sri langka and parkistan begging. We are not good but we are worst.

  8. Haiyaa.
    Mula hangat brkempen sana sini tp semua sekadar asyik menabur ayaq lioq basi, omong kosong merepet2 aje. Masa kempen nampak sangat "blur" tak tentu arah tuju. No wonder GE14 dulu PH lapat bertahan 22bulan aje, PM meleka sampai melelong sonyap2 cabut lari!!

    Hoi.. PH cuba la bg sikit "harapan". Masa kempen kemukakan idea2 yg realistik sikit takmau janji2 bohong semata..

    Rakyat nak tau apakah pembangunan yg hangpa mampu bawa demi masa depan rakyat dan negala?

    Satu contoh sumbangan era zaman BN dulu yg sampai harini lakyat satu Malaysia, tatak kila bangsa, agama, tua, muda semua lapat lasa. Founding of "PETRONAS in 1974".. HAH benda2 macam ni la yg rakyat mau dengaq.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. msian give a mandate to ph to rule but mahathir/bersatu/umno/pas do shit with the mandate and now we want to return the mandate back to people again because nothing work well? and how one know ge15 will give us a strong govt if the rule of game already tranformed from a everyone honored the result to a all sorts of frogging, infighting and manoeuvrings type of politics? every two years one new pm and new cabinet is now the norm, we successfully evolve ourself into uk kind of mess, we learn well from our old master.

    1. Sorry HY, but Umno and Pas have nothing to do with the implosion of Pakatan in 2020. Malaysians voted for Pakatan to rule but they fought among themselves and the whole thing collapsed. Rightfully, now Malaysians should be allowed to once again choose who to govern this country.

    2. PH nampak bagus semasa jadi Pembangkang,lihat perancangan Rafizi dan Tony Pua cukup lah.Bila di beri peluang jadi Kerajaan apa mereka buat?Langkah Port Dickson,bercakaran rebut jawatan PM,sekali Madey letak jawatan PM,runtuh kerajaan PH,semua putih mata,terpingga2 macam ayam berak kapur,.Mat Sabu balik dari Vietnam,hilang jawatan terus komen 'Haram Jadah'.masa itu dapat di lihat berapa kemaruk nya Pemimpin Dap,Pkr ,Amanah memujuk Madey,macam takde Maruah,hilang kemaluan semua asalkan dapat jawatan semula.bila tak dapat maka di cari alasan Langkah Sheraton olih pengkhianat,ini Politik lah,mereka cuma merebut peluang saja.kamu Pemimpin PH yang amat amat Bodoh dan bebal,kamu lantik Madey apasal???Agong mula 2 dah offer Kak Jijah jawatam PM.Padan Muka kamu semua Pakatoons yang bodoh dan bebal.
      Raķyat biasa macam saya dijangka tidak akan percaya lagi manifesto PRU15 PH (Penipu Haramjadah)

    3. without a pseudo malay fighter like mahathir and bersatu, ph cant win, thats the reality, so to embrace them was the only option available though opportunistic.

      and thats why i accuse not only umno pas but listed mahathir and bersatu as the first party that cause all the mess, umno and to an extent pas were clearly the accomplice, dont they have a choice to insist a full term or an immediate election back then but instead wanna have one now claiming peoples mandate?

      wrt anwar and port diskson, thats the promise mahathir made, he refuse to honor his promise is not ph fault, we can only say they bet wrongly on a liar and lacking honor leader that is damn selfish.

      thats perfectly fine if one choose not to give their vote to ph, but simply to accuse ph this and that sound to me a bit unfair on todays problem and predicament.

    4. HY, Dr Mahathir was the Pakatan administration's PM when he resigned. Muhyiddin's gang was also part of Pakatan. Azmin and the other PKR MPs who defected were also part of Pakatan. They are the ones who caused the collapse of the Pakatan government. Umno and Pas were the opposition that have nothing to do with the nonsense in Pakatan and they do not have the option to call for an election at that time. Pls remember the facts of what happened at that time. If Pakatan people feel they are not to be blamed for the current mess, they shouldn't fear giving back the mandate for the people to choose a new government as we clearly need ine.

    5. anne, whats good for the goose is good for the gander, today ph is the opposition, so all this election now or later have nothing to do with ph, its umno pas and bersatu problem, just sabri is not as dumb as mahathir, he dont trust umno wakaka

    6. Anon 12:41
      Nasib baik lah Kak Jijah tak berani terima offer Agong sebab dia sendiri tahu dirinya tu tak ada kaliber, tin kosong macam suaminya. Dia tu diberi posisi TPM sekadar membolehkan dia mencipta sejarah je, kononnya TPM wanita pertama la, wanita pertama mempengerusikan mesyuarat kabinet la, ....dsb. Apabila kerajaan Pakatan jatuh, berakhir juga lah fairytalenya merasai kerusi empuk di JPM.

  10. Tuan/Puan
    Sebenarnya begini,saya pengundi biasa berpendapat,sebelum atau semasa musim banjir masa sangat sesuai untuk PRU,kita akan dapat tengok semua Parti &Pemimpin Politik bertungkus lumus tolong rakyat,nak tunjuk sapa lebih pandai tolong rakyat.Kita kan sudah tahu & rasai sikap bermuka2 Pemimpin BN,PH,PN.
    Bila mereka sudah menang,pengundi di tinggalkan,ramai yang duduk di KL atau bandar besar sahaja,sidang Parlimen pun ramai yg Ponteng,ada yg datang pun cuma kepak di cafe.
    PRU 14 yg lepas,calun calun kawasan saya datang pakai baju biasa,kereta nasional,yg UMNO & PAS pakai ketayap,calun wanita bukan muslim pakai baju kurung siap mini telekung,masjid,surau,kuul,tokong semua penuh.Pasar malam & Kedai kopi pun penuh.
    Hah,PRU musim banjir lah rakyat/ pengundi nak "kerjakan"Pemimpin& Parti Politik cukup2,sebab lepas PRU kita tahu mereka akan HILANG.

    1. Sokong 100%. Banjir besar2an elok adakn GE15.. baru rakyat dapat kenal siapa pemimpin mereka yg sebenarnya.

      Takmau bakal2 calon yg jenis terjun parachute masuk kawasan macam Jijah kipas dn Anwar, yg nak bertanding masuk kaw baru pakai selendang mcam Dyana Sofya cekiut

      Bila menang takmau lantik Menteri ala Syed Saddiq tau.. blur sekadar mahir menang bahas aje, ikut belakang puntut Atok memanjang, kerja sebenda taktau buat..

      Haiyaaa.. lawak2 la pemimpin PH semua ni.. elok klo depa menang lantik aje MrBean jadi PM mereka!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Yeahhhhhh!!! Steady pak Mail!
    BN Menang..rakyat senangggg...!!! Banjir or not...masyukkk!!!

  12. Finally the parliament is dissolved for good. Within 60 days, we will have a fresh mandate and new government. That means the wars of words are about to erupt. Stay woke, people!

  13. Say NO to DUMNO