Saturday 22 October 2022

Malay candidates to replace DAP's Santiago and Kashturi?

This piece in FMT today looks weird,

DAP scores ‘own goal’ with Santiago and Kasthuri out


Unfortunately, the issue had become a racial argument in memes and posters on social media. “It will affect the Indian votes and the party leaders should know it,” said one source.

How can that be, as we all know, there's no racism in DAP, right?

Santiago was the Klang MP. Klang voters are less than 27 per cent Malays, over 55 per cent Chinese and  about 17 per cent Indians.

Kashturi was the Batu Kawan MP. Batu Kawan voters are about 21 per cent Malays, 56 per cent Chinese and 23 per cent Indians.

Both constituencies are DAP's strongholds that BN could never dream of taking over.

DAP can really put a dog there as its candidate and still wins.

Guess, everyone in DAP dreams to contest in such a constituency.

Still, I don't buy it that racism got anything to do with the squabble within DAP over those seats.

After all, it's normal for DAP to introduce new faces as its candidates.

No one was spared, except of course  certain party leaders who are considered as members of the A Team, who can remain as MPs for decades.

DAP had in the past even wiped out an entire state party leadership to introduce new faces...who are more aligned to the party's central leaders.

Former Johor DAP chief Dr Boo can confirms that.

So, Santiago and Kashturi cases are not unique and their supporters shouldn't complain about them being replaced.

Santiago's supporters particularly needed to shut up. 

They have been making all kind of noises the past week to the point of pulling up the racial card by saying that Indians will not vote for DAP if he's dropped.

I'm quite sure DAP will still field Indian candidates in Klang and Batu Kawan as the constituencies have a sizeable number of Indian voters there.

Where else could it place its Indian candidates if not at such constituencies.

Despite its claim of not tolerating racial politics, DAP does consider racial composition of voters in its calculations.

Nonetheless, DAP can always prove me wrong on that one by fielding Malay candidates in those safe seats to showcase its inclusiveness and at the same time increase the number of its Malay MPs. 

That would be nice, I think. 

Well, whatever it is, I hope DAP will place good candidates to replace Santiago and Kashturi.

It doesn't matter to me as BN is going to lose in Klang and Batu Kawan anyway.

At least if the incoming DAP MPs there are good, the people will be well served.


  1. Letak calon yg dah bersunat, katakalo PH3 menang GE15, kan makin cerah peluang dpt pilih PM baru mrk dr DAP!

    Harap2 jgn amik minah terjun mcam si comel Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud ya.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  2. there are racism in dap, just that unlike umno, they feel a bit shame to pronounce to the world 'i am a racist and feel proud of it'.

    1. The closet racist is worse. Infront of u they pretend to be nice but later backstab u. They are not ashamed of being racist (they call it sticking together, culture, etc) but rather they know they won't ever be in govn again if they don't pura2.

  3. Bekas MP Klang okay lagi,tak macam bekas MP Langkawi(tak sedar diri dan muka tebal,nak bodek Anwar lagi).

    1. Anwar probably the most forgiving person/politician in Malaysian history. After what the old man did to him all these years, he is still more than willing to meet him. After the Sheraton move, Atuk put the blame squarely on him for the collapse of Pakatan gomen. Anwar was his punching bag. His favourite place to go to if things go wrong. If he suddenly falls from his chair, it is Anwar’s fault.

      If he didn’t get his way it is always Anwar who becomes the target with his acerbic tongue. Hitting straight to the heart like with a thousand cuts. It would be a gross lie if Anwar doesn’t get hurt. He has feelings too. Got thrown him in jail twice, beaten up in custody, stripped naked and humiliated, being promised with written agreement but then reneged on the promise, far too many times, got betrayed over and over again but yet he still forgives the old man and extend his hand.

    2. Anwar forgives coz he probably has no qualms doing the same if the shoe had been on the other foot. Look at what anwar did to Khalid Ibrahim; khalid was a friend & his family's benefactor but anwar had no qualms to toss him out when he refused to do anwar's bidding. Almost everyone who had been closed to anwar during reformasi days had left him. So it's everyone else's fault then?

    3. Anon 12:00
      It is most unnecessary to sing the praises of Anwar to skies. All along, Malaysians have chanced to see through him more than enough as we were not born today. It is the people like you have sculptured and elevated him all the way to the level of saint, which he superciliously thinks he is, a perfect, untouchable and invincible godsend. He takes no blame but only credit. Sandakan stunning acts had firmly confirmed that they (the mentor & protege) did share the same taste in man-man's world of indulgence. Who needed a pardon if he was indeed innocent? So tell him to stop playing victim because not everybody is conveniently to buy the claim. Instead, make a clean breast of it and move on.

    4. Anon 15:38 . Takde mana Tun nak bodek Anwar.
      And anon 12:00. Nothing about Anwar being forgiving.
      This is all politics of the day. Both TunM and Anwar knows very well, to stop BN-UMNO from winning GE15 is for all other opposing parties to come together under one big umbrella and not split the votes. But this looks almost impossible because all these parties , regardless whether PH,PN,GTA and the rest are supported by political ignorants.

    5. I also heard about Anwar’s character fr many of his ex close friends who were disillusioned by him. One of my cousins were closed to him fr MCKK days. Supported and financed his early political campaigns during fr Abim days. But suddenly he broke away. Told me Anwar was a user. When he made more powerful friends and dont need anymore he just dumped him. Infact, After G14, it seemed he dumped Rafizi too. Thats why Rafizi merajuk and said he wanted to concentrate on his business. Thats what Rafizi told some friends of mine. (Ofcoz he will deny now but I still hear, they are not really on good terms). Rafizi is building up his own circle of cronies. He knows he has to protect himself bec he knows Anwar cannot be trusted. Very shallow. No depth.

  4. Apapun jgn lupa beri kesedaran kpd generasi muda kita agar memilih pemimpin2 yang benar2 berjuang demi bangsa, agama dan negara.

    ....Jangan biar negara dijajah semula - Ismail Sabri Disiarkan pada: August 30, 2022 @ 9:10pm

    1. Iyo lah tuu... pemimpin kaya raya harta 7 keturunan makan x habis, anak pi tadika kat negara omputih & jawatan main 'pass2' kat kaum kerabat.. rakyat biasa dapat apa? Dapat dedak aje..

      Yang kaya hanya click umnoputra... dah 65 tahun merdeka, miskin tegar makin berlambak, anak bangsa terpaksa kerja jadi samada delivery (wo)man atau scammer kat myanmar atau cuci jamban hi tech kat s'pore. Tak perlu dijajah untuk telungkup, case in point Sri Lanka, dgn taksub bangsa nya + polisi2 bodoh stok sendiri.

  5. In comparison with PKR, DAP is far more discipline and well organised. Don't think Charles would dare to make an issue out of it. Sometimes it is the hard core supporters who tend to overreact to the unexpected decree and set off a tempest in a teapot. Just can't praise Kasthuri Patto enough to voluntarily make way for new face. It was truly an altruistic act. Bet you can't find something of that sort in PKR. Go ahead to check out the commotion at Batu Pahat PKR office. Well, it all boils down to the poor leadership, from top to the bottom. Meanwhile, its boss has already started counting his chickens, "1,2,3....."

  6. Anon Oct 22 22:01

    Hang dah gi check pej2 tanah ke belum? Start dgn pej tanah Kluang dulu ya..

    Rampas tanah2 pemilik haram dn sedekah sorang 15 ekar cukup kat rakyat2 Kluang yang miskin. Mrk bole tanam sayoq, bela ternakan. Sayoq, teloq ayam kan skrg tgh mahal. Nah takde la olang miskin kat Kluang lepaih ni.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. PNL basi, sila lah cadangkan kpd mb umeno dari kjaan terpilih umeno. Kuasa dah ditgn, tunggu apa lagi?

    2. Hai kita olang biasa2 mana bole senang2 gi check. Awat hang lambat sgt kan pakleman dah bubar?

      Takpe. Manatau bekas MP hangpa dcalonkn semula dn menang GE15 nanti. Aso ke Amoy saya tak pasti;

      Name, YB PUAN WONG SHU QI. Party, PH - DAP. Seat Number, D-47. Parliament, P152. Area, KLUANG. State, Johor. Phone Number, 07-7711778.
      Parliament: P152
      Party: PH - DAP
      Mailing Address: 29, Jalan Perniagaan Tasik 1, Pusat Perniagaan Tasik, 86000 Klu...

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Tak tau ler anon 10:36 ni pnl basi yg keberapa tapi MO 2x5... tak boleh jawab, divert dgn ulasan2 yg tak berkenaan...

      Cybertrooper upahan yg satu lagi dah x kelihatan sejak bossmu masuk lokap... dah kena berhenti ke?

    4. kerja subervis pooper nasik

  7. ZH promised that DPMs will come from sabah and sarawak. The promise should come from IS waiting PM if Bn won pru15. That shows IS will be puppet PM with ZH as puppet master. Only pM can make the promise. Get out jail party

  8. ani dun be "batu api" kastui married an "ang moh" better things to do in UN than backwarding here. as for santa oh! santos maybe much cabinet sekelton like Xaver, oh! my wife cannot stand all the pressure like rosmah in court!!!!

  9. Anon 24Oct 2022 at 08:52

    Elok hangpa start gi semua pej tanah.. usahakan agar dapat rampas balik semua tanah2 reserve Melayu yg telah di curi pemilik2 haram

    Lepaihtu agihkan sorang 15ekar tanah2 ni kat rakyat miskin.. mrk bole cari rezeki tanam, ternak dn lain2 dNegara sendiri dn tatak akan ujud tragedy2 generasi kita yg terpaksa keluaq negara cari kerja dn dok kena scam sana sini.

    Lu olang sikalang giat kempen konon nak bantu rakyat miskin. Haiyaa Jangan sekadar dok merepet waktu kempen saja tau.

    Mayak cilaka, gomen bg bantuan max RM2.5K setahun kpd yg miskin pun hangpa bebel menghina semacam.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. DAP tend to take the Chinese votes for granted. After PH won GE14, they tried to fish the malay voters at the expense of their supporters. I hardly heard of any Chinese SMEs praising them for helping or assisting them in trying times except many curses.They left it to MCA and Umno to help the SMEs. They forgot where they got their voters' base and keep thinking if they can get more malay votes , they can form Govt on its own. This time, I think they will be surprised by the Chineses. Their socialism approaches cannot work in this multi races country.Many still remembered what LGE did last "summer"-"punishing" TAR University to soothe his bruised egos.After all, he is also one of the court cluster.Next time he barks the same court cluster conspiracy, look in the mirror first.