Saturday, 20 August 2022

Umno needs to focus on GE15, not Najib

 It looks more and more likely that Najib is going to jail.

Even his legal team seemed to admit it that the guy's fate has been sealed after the judges blocked each and every attempt that they made to prove his innocence.

They have already said they would not make a submission for Najib's final appeal.

Obviously, they did that to express their protest.

The judges have more or less said that they don't care. 

They have a mission to accomplish, and that's that.

Well, that's the way it is then.

Naturally, Umno people are quite upset about the whole thing.

It's almost the same way when Pakatan people got upset when the judges back then ruled against Anwar and sent him to jail for sodomy and abuse of power.

Back then they said Umno/BN was behind the judges decision.

I'm sure they, especially the DAP people will get upset again if the judges rule against Guan Eng  in the Penang tunnel case.

Yup, they will once again say it's Umno/BN people who are behind it.

But for now they are cheering what seemed to be the imminent jailing of Najib and Umno people are not supposed to complain about it.

I agree, Umno people shouldn't complain about what's happening to Najib.

Ok lah...grumble a bit, but that should be just about it.

What they should do now is they should redouble their efforts for the coming GE15.

They need to get Ismail Sabri to abide by the party's resolution during its last general assembly to dissolve parliament by end of next month and call for the election.

Get him to stick with the original plan of Umno and its BN allies to contest on their own like they did during the Malacca and Johor elections.

If Ismail Sabri refuses that, get rid of him.

If Hishammuddin, Annuar Musa and others like them refuse, get rid of them too.

As the Pakatan people used to say, the rakyat are the supreme judges (actually it should be God).

So, give the mandate back to the people. 

And that means NOW.

That should be the focus of Umno/BN people.

Also, keep in mind that anyone in Umno who oppose that are traitors. 

Oh, by the way, since Anwar that day can get royal pardon, I'm sure Najib would be entitled to get one too....and so will Guan Eng, if he gets convicted la.


  1. We sorely miss you Annie. Where have you been??

    1. She's been waiting for orders lah. Then her bosses said "write some extra-lame, predictable crap" and Annie said "baik, tuan". Kih kih kih. Cari makan maaaaa.......

  2. “Oh, by the way, since Anwar that day can get royal pardon, I'm sure Najib would be entitled to get one too....and so will Guan Eng, if he gets convicted la.”

    -If you want royal pardon you need to serve the jail time first lorr. No prison time no royal pardon. And then you need to ADMIT of the crimes committed and admission guilt, regret and remorseful of committing them. Only then royal pardon process can be commenced. It is no walk in the park.

    Then how on earth to apply royal pardon without serving prison time? Easy. Just pretend that you are sick. That you have chest pain. Butt pain. Ball pain. Or back pain. Like that one guy did last time. Then you can serve your sentence from hospital beds. Or rehab centre. After all you are almost 70. Already warga emas. Make sure the pain is severe and unbearable. So you could spend time much longer time there. Surrounding by smiling doctors and nurses in air conditoned room. Instead of wet, smelly, foul odor cell with open lavatory. Sleeping on already made up bed instead of hard concrete. Sleep tight rather than sleeping rough like they say. Make sure you are well behaved there son. Please don’t cause much trouble. Or making lstaffers’s life there difficult. Otherwise you’ll asked to return back to you cell.

    1. Why pardon are reserve for politicans. Not muderers, rapist, drug dealers . GUESSED they angels in devil clothing and can do no wrongs

  3. Yes Najib would be entitled for a pardon but 1st he must go to jail dulu laa... otherwise the royal institution will chart the beginning of its own downfall should they pardon najib even bef he sets foot in jail.

  4. The more Umno dragging their feet to dissolve the parliament, the more it will plays into opposition’s hands. All it takes just one sh*t to hit the fan. Any issue or scandal erupts now the they will play it to the hilt. Umno will struggle to contain the fall out. LCS is just the beginning.

  5. That is not level playing field to have election when ruling party is in feel good situation.Finish the parliamentary term than everybody are in same sitiuation good or bad. Look at uk. Bj called for election when he is in advantage dued to brexit. Now uk in in deep trouble and pm is missing. Did con dare to call GE. So 5 years term is a FARCE. It is a whim and fancy of one person.

  6. By choosing PN over MN, Pas is almost certain to head back into opposition bench next term. It really is. No brainer. PN is game over heading into next GE. And Umno too now no longer need Pas. Why should they? They are mad strong now. The strongest they have ever been since 1946 formation. It already showed in Johor and Melaka. It is a matter of time to show their actual strength right after parliament dissolves. Thus MN is a massive waste of time to them. So good bye to Lebai.

    By partnering Bersatu over Umno, Pas actually stand to lose more. And they wouldn’t get anything in return. They chose Bersatu over Umno probably out of feeling indebted rather than strategic calculation. This is going to be a big mistake. They’re going to be the biggest loser in the long run. The fact that their president runs the party like tinpot dictator refusing to listen to opinions rather his own only make matters worst. The president is steering the party to another round of general elections defeat. By refusing to listen to the grassroot and the young Turks in the like of Nik Abduh is the biggest mistake any leader of political party makes.

    That’s why Moo is desperate to partner Pas going into the next GE. Pas in fact don’t need Bersatu but Bersatu desperately need Pas otherwise they will completely annihilated going into next GE. Even their own flower logo has been proven suey and ceased to use it altogether after massive humiliation in Tanjung Piai.

    The partnership is more parasitic rather than symbiosis because Pas stand to lose a lot of grounds and rather than gain anything by befriending Bersatu. In fact Pas have to sacrificed their safe seats to make way to Bersatu.

  7. End of blur’s position if he is still a VP when GE is called.He is smarter than you think.

  8. I fully agree with you when you said Pakatan people got upset when the judges back then ruled against Anwar and sent him to jail for sodomy and abuse of power. Umno people said he did crime so he had so serve time and so he did for 6 long years. LGE too had served time during Rahim Tamby Chik's alleged rape case of an underaged girl. The question you deliberately evade to ask, has najib serve time for his crime?

  9. I think DSNR will be fine. He has most of Malaysia’s greatest geniuses managing his image: mat maslan, lobak adam, RPK, lim sial see, and of course cik annie. These excellent bootlickers will soon secure a full acquittal for Pokjib. Toksah risau beb.


    OMG! Someone who used to be chairman of a bank couldn't see anything wrong with receiving undocumented $2 million! Not 2 rggt or even 20k ringgit!

    And he sees nothing legally & morally wrong asking for donations from companies the gov is doing business with!!! Does he think the money grows on trees?

    Corruption is so ingrained in these umno leaders such that they couldn't recognise it anymore.

    The worst is pengikut umno masih nak angkat orang2 mcm ni jadi pemimpin. Ni ikut sunnah rasul ke?



    Antara lafaz Najib Tun Razak.. jom lafaz ramai ramai semoga aura gelombang Dan energy lafaz sumpah laknat Itu makin besar banyak dan kuat menjelang esok dan hari2 berikutnya ke seluruh negara...!! Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah

    Wallahi wabillahi watallahi...

    Aku tidak pernah menerbitkan atau bersetuju untuk mewujudkan syarikat SRC untuk tujuan merangkumkan apa-apa dana bagi tujuan peribadi atau keluargaku.

    Aku tidak pernah mengarahkan mana-mana anggota pengarah atau mana-mana pegawai SRC untuk menyelewengkan apa-apa dana syarikat SRC ke dalam akaun bank aku untuk apa-apa tujuan.

    Aku tidak pernah terlibat dalam mesyuarat Kabinet untuk meluluskan jaminan-jaminan kerajaan bagi pinjaman Kumpulan Wang Persaraan Diperbadankan (KWAP) sebanyak RM4 billion kepada syarikat SRC bagi tujuan aku mendapatkan habuan haram sebanyak RM42 juta tersebut.

    Allah hu akhbar 3x


    Sudah lebih 24 bulan Najib melafaskan ' sumpah laknat" dengan menyebut kalimah Allah SWT bagi menafikan bahawa beliau terlibat atau sedar akan kemasukkan dana RM42 juta dari SRC keakaun beliau.

    Kemasukkan Dana RM42 juta yang dakwa inilah yang disabitkan kesalahan keatas diri beliau.

    Berbagai ranjau dan rintangan telah dilalui sepanjang beliau dipakaikan "rantai kesalahan" olih Hakim Nazlan dimahkamah Tinggi.

    Semua umat Islam faham dan mengerti apa maksud "sumpah laknat' . Tujuan sebenarnya adalah menyerah diri atau berserah diri bulat.bulat kehadrat Illahi dan memohon Allah SWT menjadi "Hakim ' diatas kesalahan yang dituduh keatas dirinya dan berharap agar pertolongan dari Allah SWT hadir sekiranya dirinya benar benar teraniya.

    Memandangkan August 25 , 2022 adalah hari terakhir penghakiman berhubung rayuan Najib dimahkamah tertinggi negara bagi menyempurnakan 'penyaliban atas kesalahan", Najib akan dikenali sebagai banduan selama 12 tahun mendatang.,

    Tetapi inshallah, sekiranya Najib sebenarnya tidak bersalah dan teraniya,. inshallah, mereka mereka ( zety taufik Jho low nik faisal pegawai ambank nazlan dan kartel mafia kerala seangkatan dengan nya) yang merancang dan yang bersubahat dalam menganiya Najib. pasti mereka mereka ini akan menerima "ganjaran' dari Allah SWT dengan kadar segera.

    Inshallah, sama samalah kita nantikan berita "kegemparan" dalam negara dalam waktu yang terdekat ini.

    Inshaallah Allah SWT tidak menzalimi mereka yang teraniya .

    Inshaallah kebenaran bakal mengatasi kebhatilan.

  12. "They have a mission to accomplish, and that's that."

    Annie you are making an unfounded accusation against the Federal Court panel of judges. And you claimed that you were legally trained yet you are capable of doing low class contempt against the court and judiciary system.

    Indeed what is the mission you want to accomplish?

    SPRM in their investigation paper already freed justice Nazlan of corrupt practices. Instead, SPRM suggested section 220 Penal Code is applicable against a judge.

    But all three categories of duties in Section 220 Penal Code are not applicable to a judge presiding over a hearing. SPRM is talking bullshit and their suggestion was uncalled for. They abrogated the AGC's job and the ulterior motive is clear. What is the mission that SPRM wants to accomplish?