Tuesday 23 August 2022

Kit Siang's royal pardon and typical DAP

 I was at a Pakatan ceramah in Ayer Hitam, Johor during the GE14 campaign when Lim Kit Siang asked the crowd how long the corrupt Najib should be sent to jail.

I sensed that the crowd was not sure themselves of how to answer him.

That's when Kit Siang said Najib should be jailed for life to which the crowd cheered in approval.

No mercy there it seemed.

Well, Kit Siang almost get his wish now.

It looks like Najib is on all count of probabilities going to have to serve the 12 years jail handed to him by the former Maybank executive turned judge Nazlan.

Najib is now 69 and will be 81 if he survives that sentence. Then there's the other charges against him which may add to  the SRC jail term.

It's therefore quite possible that Najib may end his life in jail.

Pakatan people are also generally against the idea of Najib getting a royal pardon and Kit Siang, based on his words at the Pakatan ceramah would feel the same.

Never mind that Anwar got the royal pardon for his sodomy conviction after Pakatan won GE14.

Never mind also that Kit Siang himself once got a royal pardon.

Yup, Kit Siang got one too.

His son Guan Eng said so in this article that he wrote himself;

80th Birthday Tribute To My Father Lim Kit Siang


The highest recognition of his future and important role as an Opposition Leader came from the late Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak, who advised the King to grant a Royal Pardon for Kit Siang over an electoral offence that would have disqualified him from Parliamentary office.

See the irony? Kit Siang calling for the jailing for life of the son of a man, who once helped got him a royal pardon.

Typical DAP.

In their campaigns, they depicted Umno as corrupt to the core and that the party had ruined the country from the start of its creation.

Remember all those talks about how Malaysia has suffered for decades since Merdeka under Umno-led administrations?

All went into the basket and thrown into the longkang.

Let's not even talk about the DAP's race-based campaign against Umno which managed to make DAP the overwhelming favourite among Chinese voters in this country today. 

Umno, being typical Melayu could never match DAP when it comes to advocating the destruction of its opponents.

Do you think Umno would have still exist today if DAP had managed to gain total control of the government?

PAP of Singapore, which is the origin of DAP ,basically destroyed all of its opponents when it came to power.

Opposition leaders were thrown in jail under the Singaporean ISA law, some for up to decades without trial. Others had to flee the country.

They even closed down Chinese schools, which were the recruiting ground of PAP's leftist opponents among the Singaporean Chinese.

I seriously believe DAP would do the same if it has such power.

Too bad that it didn't have full control of Putrajaya after Pakatan won GE14. Right?

That what Umno people should remember as they push for GE15, with some of their leaders on the verge of going to jail soon.

Oh, I have a feeling that Zahid will also be found guilty and straight away go to jail. He may not even have a stay of execution pending his appeal process like Najib.

Maybe only then Ismail Sabri will call for GE15.


Never mind. Hopefully Mat Hasan could take over and do the right thing if that ever happened.


  1. blah blah blah DAP.

    1MDB, SRC, LCS, last night’s storm - DAP’s fault.

    grow a beard, and you could be a mini Hadi.

  2. its amazing how you chose to ignore the legal process, 9 judges.

    instead, blame it on DAP

    1. Ya the guy who stole panties didn't even get 9 judges to review his conviction. 2 years sent to jail. After 9 judges and 4 years of court time still Annie don't belief najib is the biggest thief in the world. He holds the world record for amount of money stolen and number of recited sumpah laknat.


    We told you not to publish this UNTIL Najib is convicted in FC. Then only whine about royal pardon. AFTERWARDS.

    Right now, you should be defending him purely on facts. Like for example explaining this:


    You see, if Najib has filed a court affidavit admitting that he knew the money was from SRC, why is he using that money to buy luxury goods?

    Please delete this Royal Pardon Whining and replace with a factual explanation.

    Oh, you can't?

    Then do what Najib's lawyers are doing lah....making useless noise, instead of mounting a factual defence.

    PS: Your pay this month has been cut by 50%, so your 4 ringgit salary has become 2 ringgit. Next time, please pay attention and follow orders.

  4. Today's verdict means a merderka victory to all Malaysians. The case has been dragged for too long. At least, there is a ray of hope for BN to win in GE15, but that can only happen if Zahid faces the same fate as his Tai-ko.

  5. Do NOT be emotional but be impartial in judgement or else you won't be able to differentiate right from wrong.

  6. Najib goes to jail, and you spent 90% of the article blaming LGE, LKS & DAP.

    wtf ?

  7. Annie,

    I read mainly Malay media and I can tell you that around 97% of the comments in BM posted today are CELEBRATING this outcome.

    Just go and read yourself. Try Sinar Harian FB or any of the other big ones.

    You and your "fellow troopers" not up to the task ke? Kih kih kih. Gurau jer, okey, jgn marah.

    PS: I still think BN can win PRU15, but BECAUSE they don't have this live biawak around their neck any more.

    1. 97%?? Betoi ke? Cybertroopers kut?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. As usual, DAP are the source of all negative and jahat in Malaysia. As always. Nevermind the ultra mega corrupt UMNO leaders been pillaging our coffers.

  9. Haiyaa

    Apa nak kecoh2 sgt?. Dulu PH menang aje tetiba Anwar bebas.. so apa salahnya ikut aje teladan PH?

    Masatu PKR, DAP, Amanah, dn hmm Atok. (dia parti apa dah trlupa plak?) semua under PH kan?

    Atok nih mudah lupa ke?

    Lepaih ni kita sama2 tunggu dn peghati plak hukuman2 sabit lafaz sumpah laknat Najib. Bab ni katakaloo mmg ade unsur2 fitnah, salah guna kuasa, rasuah dn bla bla... Allah sja akan mengadili..

    Allah hu Akhbar

    Professor Nasi Lemak

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    Najib merits Pardon in 2W if SRC kept out . . .

    Petition for Pardon 2009 to 2018 Najib gov't -- read 'acts in office' -- for PM & wife!