Saturday, 27 August 2022

Anti-Umno people shouldn't be scared of early GE15

There were so many political parties' meetings today.

There's Umno with their jailed Najib gathering, Perikatan meeting, PKR convention, Warisan AGM, etc.

Everyone said they are ready for GE15.

Muhyiddin, Anwar, Rafizi, Shafie Apdal....all said they are ready and will win.

But only Umno is openly calling for it to be called as soon as possible

The others seemed to prefer Ismail Sabri to hang on until the end of the parliament's current term, which should be till the middle of next year.

All that despite Umno being the one which was supposed to be in trouble now because Najib is in jail.

Weird isn't it?

Isn't it good for Pakatan, PN, Warisan and others to have GE15 now?

After all, their supporters appeared to be so gung ho that day when Najib was sent to the jail.

Oh, and Rosmah is also going to jail.

Apparently the court judgement on her has already been leaked and she will be found guilty.

Shouldn't that be a further boost for the anti-Umno/BN factions?

I think Ismail Sabri should consider all these.

He was unfortunately not at the Umno gathering along with several of his ministers from the party.

Well, never mind.

Mail, they wanted you to call for GE15 now, okay.

Hey, who knows, maybe it would be a good thing for him.

Muhyiddin said today that BN is going to lose anyway, even if GE15 is to be held tomorrow.

Never mind that his Pribumi Bersatu got thrashed by BN in every by-election and state election since 2018.

Okay, maybe BN is not going to lose outright but it may need others to form a government.

That way Ismail Sabri can continue to be PM in a hybrid government like now.

Yup, maybe Umno overestimated its support among the rakyat and will not do well.

Maybe the rakyat really believe in the court judgement that Najib was guilty of stealing their money to buy Rosmah's Birkin handbags and pink they did in 2018.

To punish Najib is to punish Umno/BN, what.

So, maybe it's not a bad idea to have GE15 as soon as possible while the rakyat is still very angry with Najib and his thieving ways.

How about that?

Pakatan, Perikatan and the others shouldn't have any worry if GE15 is to be held in the coming weeks

Really,  they should have more faith in the courts' decisions which are reflective of the rakyat's belief about Najib's guilt.

Okay, Anwar's sodomy conviction last time doesn't count....that one was fixed by the evil BN lah. 

Najib's one is for real. 

Guan Eng's tunnel corruption case....errr....that one will depend on the outcome lor.


  1. MALAY MAIL Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020 1:18 PM MYT
    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 — Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan told Parliament today it could cost RM1.2 billion to hold a general election at this time.

    The total population of Malaysia in 2022 is estimated at 32.7 million


    PH, PN and now BN. Change again? BN so confident of winning GE15 but but isn't BN now the government of the day so why the rush. Contradictory kan? Prediction says there won't be a majority so are we going to continue change PM at the displeasure of a few 'disgrunts'? PM Ismail Sabri steady and steadfast. The 'bising' ones always this and that in the news with nothing productive.

    Might as well utilise Rm366.97 for the 32.7 million rakyat. Even eggs price no go down yet.

  2. “But only Umno is openly calling for it to be called as soon as possible”

    - Yup you say it loud and clear. It is only Umno calling for the mandate to be returned back to the people. Anyone else shy away. After calling this government is illegal, illegitimate, back door but nobody wanted early elections but Umno. Even Bersih call for Pak Mail to finish his full term which take everyone by surprise. Bersih stand for free and fair elections but prefer this government born out of not so free, not so fair elections to last as long as they wanted.

  3. Without Malay votes, without Malay based party in the coalition to win them votes in Malay majority constituencies, it almost foregone conclusion that Pakatan will remain Pembangkang in the next GE. Even if they gonna win all the seats in the cities, urbanite seats, semi urban constituencies, it won’t be enough for them to form government. Not gonna happen. Not in a million years. The key to PMO is Malay votes. Especially in rural areas. If you have nobody in your team who would be able to deliver that for you, luring Malay votes in droves, the best you can do is to be strong, effective and efficient opposition in the next parliamentary term.

    Before this it was Bersatu led by Atuk who looked around and delivered this type of votes which resulted in 13 parliamentary seats won by the party. And Malay votes too were spread around to other parties in the coalition in the like of PKR, Amanah and DAP as a result of Atuk’s Bersatu inclusion in the coalition. Malay votes which went to PKR had resulted PKR won big last time around and made PKR the biggest party in the coalition. But now with Atuk had left Bersatu and Bersatu itself now has became a shell of once emerging and promising Malay party, there’s no party in Pakatan who could do the job. And party itself too has turned into a coconut shell of restless political frogs who keep looking out for the best offer available. Nobody in Pakatan right now who is able to do the job. The job to lure Malay votes.

    In GE-14 PH managed to make significant inroads in their territories and carve out quite comfortable portion of their support to their side. Enough to dent Umno’s large chunk of support they used to enjoy and denied them their usual customary of more than 100 parliamentary seats won every GE since Independence. They managed to win only 88 seats last time which was still big though and came out on top of all the parties contested in general elections. The highest seat won by a single party. You see Umno is still formidable even at their lowest point.

    The reality is the bulk of majority which made up Malaysian voters are Malay Muslims. If you failed to win them over there’s no way you stand a chance. If you kept offending them, pissing them off by keep touching on their sensitivities, touching on Islam, failure to reign in the hardliners and extremists within your ranks and files, who were kept on questioning everything Malay and Islam, there’s no way they gonna give their vote to you. Period. Some 22 month of Pakatan rule is eye opening for them. The stuff that their hold dearly were openly challenged and questioned. If they had voted for you before they must have been regret of doing it and want to rectify the situation next time.

    1. Actually, no.

      Without that 22 months, the MALAY victims of UMNO's many scams would have had no redress.

      The 4 billion stolen from KWAP to fund the SRC scam is the money of MALAY civil servants. Get it? The MALAYS have been the biggest victims of the Umgnok elites' greed.

      Anyone who spreads their juboq to defend Umgnok is an enemy of the Malays.

      By definition.

      Maybe pull your pants up : )


    2. Anon 11.01, you’re in denial syndrome. I don’t blame you for living in your make-believe world. To see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. As if Melaka and Johor haven’t jolted you from your slumber. I’m sorry if someone wake you up. Go to sleep and keep on dreaming; )

  4. "Maybe the rakyat really believe in the court judgement that Najib was guilty of stealing their money to buy Rosmah's Birkin handbags and pink they did in 2018."

    Kih kih kih.

    Your tadika-level brain can't actually show WHY the judgement was wrong, Annie?

    Come on lah.

    You keep claiming you have a law degree, so use it.

    Give us a good argument why he did NOT steal the RM42 million.

    Najib’s strategy against his own overwhelming legal troubles was almost a little too foolish:

    Bury his head in the sand, hide behind religious and moral uprightness, and simply deny everything.

    Najib just kept denying. And denying. Which eventually doomed him due to one, simple word in the English language: BUT

    You see, all those accolades, tributes and laurels coming from the #Bossku Facebook fake followers mean nothing as long as the notion of "BUT" is still there. Because that one word alone, contradicts his own denials.

    He had not one, not two, but THREE chances to explain why he had RM42M in his personal account.

    That’s what doomed him in the end. He was like a stuck cassette tape, playing on an endless loop.

    YAB: I did a lot of good for the country.
    Court: BUT.. do you dispute 42M in your personal account?
    YAB: I started UTC and Klinik 1Malaysia.
    Court: BUT.. do you dispute 42M in your personal account?
    YAB: I helped the Indians a lot.
    Court: BUT.. do you dispute 42M in your personal account?
    YAB: I was awarded a religious relic by the Saudi King.
    Court: BUT.. do you dispute 42M in your personal account?
    YAB: I’m called a ‘Caliph’ by some for my contributions.
    Court: BUT.. do you dispute 42M in your personal account?
    YAB: I brought the Battersea deal and Turkish infrastructure deals.
    Court: BUT.. do you dispute 42M in your personal account?
    YAB: I built the MRT for Klang Valley folks.
    Court: BUT.. do you dispute 42M in your personal account?
    YAB: I introduced BR1M for everyone.
    Court: BUT.. do you dispute 42M in your personal account?
    YAB: I didn’t know I had 42M in my personal account?
    Court: Then why did you say someone else put it there?
    YAB: I didn’t know it wasn’t my money.
    Court: Then why did you spend what isn’t yours?


    Our Chief Justice’s job was almost too simple.

    You would derive that exact same verdict too.

    So "lawyer" (ha ha) Annie....

    ....I'm waiting.

    1. Did I said the judgement was wrong? Hmmm...I thought I said Najib is guilty, Rosmah is guilty. Umno is guilty. Therefore, Pakatan, Perikatan and others shouldn't worry to have GE15 now. I thought that's what I wrote in this post. Err, which school you went to?

    2. A better one than yours : P

      "Maybe the rakyat really believe in the court judgement that Najib was guilty of stealing their money to buy Rosmah's Birkin handbags and pink they did in 2018."

      We know your tactics too well, Annie.

      Your next line (let me help you, ya):

      "Oh I don't understand the 1MDB case, it's too complicated."

      Kih kih kih.

      Anyway, at least try, let me help you.

      It's very easy, okay?

      Your boss claimed that every sen of the SRC money was spent on "CSR", and yet the forensic evidence in court showed this:

      Najib used SRC funds to pay credit card bills which include RM3.3m shopping spree at Swiss jeweller

      Birkin handbag and pink diamond? Not this round, it was:

      1) Transactions from Prime Minister Najib’s AmBank account 211202211906 reveal that one of the beneficiaries of this money, which came from 1MDB subsidiary SRC International, was his son. On 4th July 2014 RM200,000 was cashed out to Nor Ashman Razak.

      2) On the SRC credit card (hence, money from KWAP): EUR750,000 (RM4.091 million) at an Italian branch of Swiss-owned jewellery store De Grisogono (in one visit) and USD130,635 (RM534,297) at Chanel in Hawaii (in one visit).

      3) From same account, RM167,959.50 spent at Signature Exotic Cars Sdn Bhd on 28th June 2011; RM104,110.69 at Telagamas Motors Sdn Bhd 26th Sept 2012; RM947,178.70 at Angkatan Hebat Motor Sdn Bhd 9th October 2012; RM105,000 at Naza Quest Auto Sdn Bhd 17th December 2012; RM2,496,000.00 at Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd on 27th February 2013 and another RM146,801.30 and RM155,779.00 also spent at Edaran Tan Chong on 7th February 2014 and 23rd September 2014 respectively.

      How is this "CSR" Annie?


      I am HELPING you.

      Love you : )

    3. Ok ok I say it again Najib is guilty. Can? Rakyat sure believe one. Now, let's have GE15 so the rakyat can get rid of the corrupt Umno. Ini kali in 2018.


    4. Heheheheh. Yes, Annie, for sure.

      We are on the same page.

      I also want to see everyone escape justice : )

      Anyway, I dedicate this Sunday song to you:


    5. Sigh. Why la God made so many not very bright people....

    6. Heheheheh.... : )

  5. Umno is part of a coalition, and really only has 40 odd seats. I would like to see IS call the court cluster bluff - 20 strong maybe ?

    umno has been the great destabiliser since 2018. after all the maneuverings, even with the Pm post, they are ‘ not happy ‘ ?

    its just zahid & jibby trying to save their corrupted skins - nothing more, nothing less. if zahid is really confident, pull that 20 MPs out

  6. If I stretch your argument further it should also read as Pro umno people shouldn't be scared of not so early GE15. Fair?

    1. Anonymous28 August 2022 at 18:18

      You are correct.

      But please don't use logic on Annie.

      Her job is to ensure that her bosses' bosses' bosses are freed from charges, and can continue to gang-rogol our public funds for their luxurious tastes.

      Is it a dignified way to make a living?


      But have to cari makan, maaaaaaa!

    2. UMNgok should win PRU 15. so much craps to clears.
      Mail Sobri also got many ideas to projek his besan konjlomerat empayar. any way here "Pencuree 4EVER"

  7. Puak Puak Pakatan Harapan (Di baca Hancing) syok sangat bila Najib Di jel , macam menang Loteri / Jack Pot Toto.
    Dah terbayang Puak Puak ni Akan menang mudah Dalam PRU ke 15 .
    Tapi tunggu dulu ,rasanya masih ramai pengundi tak lupa kena Kencing dengan Pakatan Harapan.Aku Salah sorang.PRU ke 15 ASAL BUKAN PH.ASAL BUKAN BERSATU.ASAL BUKAN MAHATHIR

    1. I have no qualms if PRU15 is done now or later.
      I have already decided to vote for BN this time. In all honesty, DSNR has made me changed my position. So what if he is in Kajang or Sungai Buloh, it makes no difference.
      I had enough of PH and ‘yang sewaktu dengan nya’. So hypocrites to the core.
      I thought once they were in power - the new establishment should act neutral and play a part in ensuring fairness as what they claimed.
      In fact, it went eerily south all the way.
      Such a bunch of dishonest, liars, greedy and shitty slanders these people are.

  8. NamaSamaran, tepat sekali. Daripada kena kencing dgn PH lebih baiklah disakau oleh Bosskau duit pembayar cukai ( aku yakin ko tak perlu bayar cukai pendapatan ) berbilion ringgit. Sekalipun Bosskau kena kencing berbillion ringgit duit rakyat oleh Jho Low yg hidup bebas dan mewah diluar negara lebih baik lah kau pilih Bosskau dari PH.

    1. Sesetengah orang tidak faham cukai pun termasuk cukai daripada Lembaga Bandaran, Kastam, JPJ, Jakim, Imigresen, Jabatan Tanah Dan Ukur, Jabatan Air, Jabatan Letrik atau apa-apa yang perlu dibayar kepada kerajaan. Bermakna duit tax payers untuk bina negara!

  9. Anon 14:19 Aku faham sangat tentang cukai. Sumer rakyat bayar cukai spt yg ko sebutkan tu. Tapi cukai pendapatan brp ramai yg bayar? dan brp peratus drp golongan mamat2 tu yg bayar cukai pendapatan? Orang yg tak kisah berbillion duit rakyat dicuri adalah golongan yg tak merasakan duit tu duit mrk, kenapa?

  10. There must be a good reason for an election, if it is just internal party politics, there might be a price to pay

    1. Jika tiada parti yang boleh mempunyai majoriti, kita sepatutnya mencalonkan individu yang berintegriti dan berpandangan jauh. Mereka kemudiannya akan ada 'check and balance' atas projek dan meluluskan bil sebulat suara jikanya manfaat rakyat.