Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Dreaming of Taiwan

I'm hoping that my next overseas trip will be to Taiwan.

Even Nancy Pelosi has now visited that country.

Ya. Taiwan is a COUNTRY as far as I'm concerned.

I want to see all the nice places there that my mom and beloved always talked about.

Maybe I'll do it once the Covid-19 is really over.

My last overseas trip was to the Philippines in 2018 and it was not a very nice trip.

I'm quite sure a trip to Taiwan would be much better.

I especially want to see the university of my mom and beloved in Taipei.

Would love to pray at the mosque near where my mom used to stay as a student.

Maybe spend a few days at a tea farm too.

That would be so nice.

My beloved yesterday told me that I should visit Taiwan before the communists in Beijing invaded the country.

Ya, I really hope I could do that.

Hopefully there will not be any invasion at all.

Well, if the communists really decide to invade, I'll be praying for the Taiwanese to be able to defend themselves and their democracy.

The communists should really pick an opponent of their own size instead of bullying Taiwan.

They should go and fight with the Hindu extremists ruling over India now.

That would be a more balanced fight, and actually, I don't even mind them winning such a fight.

I think I dislike religious extremists more than communists.

Oppressing others in the name of god is probably worse than oppressing others because of disbelieve in god.

At least the communists in Beijing are openly admitting that theirs is an authoritarian rule while the Hindu extremists in New Delhi are pretending that theirs is a democratic one while in actual fact they gain power by conning people with religion and targeting minorities.

Well, let the bullies beat up each other. Why should we care, right?

Okay, that's all my thought for today....which was inspired by Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. 

Thanks Pelosi.



  1. Most of the Chinamen I see online support PRC's claim to Taiwan.

    I am very worried that these Chinamen are NOT worried that China is attacking our assets in the South China Sea.

    If China was at war with Malaysia, who would they support?

    Anyway good news for Muslims, RUU355 is ON!!!

    "RUU355 'bakal sampai ke penghujung' - PAS Kelantan

    Diterbitkan: Aug 3, 2022 2:51 PM

    PAS Kelantan memberi bayangan bahawa penantian terhadap pelaksaan Rang Undang-undang Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) (Pindaan) 2016 atau lebih dikenali sebagai RUU355 bakal sampai ke penghujungnya.

    Timbalan Pesuruhjaya III PAS Kelantan Mohamed Fadzli Hassan berkata pihaknya ada dimaklumkan oleh seorang menteri berhubung perkara itu.

    "Kita dah sampai di peringkat ke-15 daripada 24 (peringkat) dan insya-Allah saya mendapat perkhabaran daripada seorang menteri, tak lama lagi RUU355 akan sampai ke penghujung sebagaimana yang kita idamkan," katanya."

    Kih kih kih..... boring, every PRU, the same stale tactics.

    Siannnnn rakyat Kelate.

  2. Taiwan is a country runs by triads?

  3. History never sleeps.Taiwan is part of China.Ask your grand parents la

    1. hang hafal nih dulu, okey? Ishhhhhhh......

    2. Singapore was part of malaysia. Ask your great grandfather. The separation was done peacefully. Just bt because south china sea has china name. It belong to china. India can claim india ocean belong to india bbecause it has india name. China has to let taiwanesr to be part or not of china. This is 2022 not 1949.

    3. 9:09, lu punyak nama Hew kaaaaaaaaa? Maaaaaahai..........

    4. Nato n US 2022.. dok nipu sedunia tapi masih ade bahalul2 tak sedar? Buta sejarah ke?

      This is 2022 not 1949??

      Kamu ingat asal usul keturunan kamu jelmaan dari langit ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Ehhhhh sorry 9:09, I meant 4 August 2022 at 21:25. Actually your comment is right, "China has to let taiwanese to be part or not of china. This is 2022 not 1949." By the way, more than 90% of Taiwanese DO NOT want reunification. PRC will ruin Taiwan like it ruined HK.

  4. Annie, comment lahhhhh on your hensum old man's new "political movement" with the equally hensum Ibrahim Ali and a bunch of Indians : ) Thanks!

    1. The so called coalition to save Melayu and Islam. Before gaining power, he promised Malays the star and the moon. After gaining power he labelled Malays and addicted to easy cash.

    2. Anonymous 6 August 2022 at 18:19,

      You are beginning to understand.

      Madey's control over the Malays uses the same techniques that abusive spouses use to keep their partners in violent relationships.

      It's psychologically identical.

  5. When you put a politician as special envoy. You have a problem. They are undeplomatic in thier thinkings and manners. It is best for them to shut up or piped down and let a prefessional deplomat do the job

  6. You will find beautiful women everywhere in Taipei. Everything is clean in Taipei even in the backstreet. Go to Taipei Arena and you will find delicious halal food there. There are many motocycles riders on the streets of Taipei but they are very disciplined. It rained almost everyday in Taipei. The Grand Mosque is a place where you can meet muslims from other parts of the country. Been there once and looking forward to another visit.

    1. Wait till China takes over and turns it into a filthy, corrupt dump like the mainland.

  7. not sure abt taiwan.

    but those ships that the navy & rakyat paid for, DAP have not delivered.

    just putting it out there for your next article

    1. Anonymous 7 August 2022 at 11:47,

      Please get your facts right.

      DAP killed Adib while shopping for Birkin handbags for Rosmah using the 1MDB money they stole. Then, on the way back, they used the balance to buy Scorpene subs, plus invisible helicopters and ships, while setting up a fake Yayasan for kids in order to songlap money.

      My god, we're better at doing Annie than Annie herself!


    2. No lah. ALL were delivered as per Philadelphia experiment specification. It existed but nobody can see it. It can levitate and teletransport. It might be hiding in south pole now. It is fully autonomous with hypersonic missile. Top secret man. Nobody can see.

  8. In 1970s. Major semiconductor company has copyright issues with russian.So they design in thier chip certain functions that do nothing as a part of eccm. I.e electronic counter counter measures.russian copy it blindly. It is not a suprise that taiwan will built a chip that will have eccm to sell to china. Once there is a war they will activate it.


    1. Star witness in Guan Eng trial unable to attend proceedings due to health scare
      dulu pun ada olang macam ini. bila di suruh cek doktor baru terus semboh

    2. Anonymous4 August 2022 at 21:25

      when mao si tong kids ask to produce grant that taiwan is chinese. they say aready ham ka chang during yhe wars.
      however chian kai shiak able to produce grant chian is komuntang taiwan

  9. We do not want transparency on lcs what we want our pm to ensure and guaranty it is deliver within stipulated time and cost. Otherwise it is just hot air. You as pm should act without fear or favour punish those responsible. We have 1mdb now lcs. Do you think investors what to come in with imcompetent goverment. It is a joke and the world is laughing at us. Amanat yang di beri allah sebagai permimpin misti di tunai.

  10. Haiyaa
    Satu dunia dok perang nak letup bom tembak loket sana sini...

    Kita sini dok terpaksa nonton perang mulut, mrk2 yg sdg pulun dok pertahankan harta2 mereka (hasil dr rasuah). Inilah sebenarnya musuh negara ini yg sangat2 merbahaya.

    May Allah protect us all from all these greedy individuals yg sedang mghancurkan negara kita yang indah dan bertuah ini.

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

  11. Kalau kroni dipanggil 'offset'bukan kroni dipanggil 'rasuah'Kes LCS ni offset ka rasuah..!?

    Kesian kuda kayu Tun budak Rafizi Ramli. Bila kuda kayu Tun terpekik terlolong pasal LCS suma walaun dan blogger Tun pun ikut satu kali terpekik terlolong berlari lari dari satu bukit ke satu bukit... kikiki.

    Semua goreng mamak kuda kayu Tun sangat mudah bossku lawan. Dari dolu lagi aku pesan lawan fitnah jijik goreng mamak dengan fakta, data dan stasistik suma melingkup ke laut dalam akhirnya... kikikiki

    Satu kali kuda kayu terpekik terlolong maka kuda kuda kayu Tun yg lain tumpang sekaki termasuk blogger reformasi spt Budin Blog, Kelengge blog, KluangDimond Blog dll.

    Rafizi dengan angkuhnya membuat “pendedahan” kononnya ada dua syarikat sub-kontraktor digunakan secara berlapis-lapis untuk mengaut keuntungan 200% daripada projek LCS.

    Bossku bertanya esay question pada Rafizi, siapa pemilik kedua-dua syarikat itu?

    Akhirnya Raja Formula Luar Tabii terpaksa mengaku bahawa kedua-dua syarikat sub-kontraktor tersebut merupakan syarikat usaha-sama 51%-49% antara Boustead dengan syarikat Jerman gergasi Rheinmetall AG yang merupakan pakar sistem senjata anti-udara.

    Wakil-wakil syarikat Jerman yang disebut Rafizi adalah Gordon Hargreave, dan Luitjen Rolf Ennega yang kemudian ditukar dengan Frank Hoffmann.

    Memetik sumber, bossku menegaskan perkara tersebut biasa dilakukan malah turut dibuat dalam gabungan Celcom-Digi yang bermula dan diluluskan zaman PH juga.

    Hadooiii iii mana nak letak muka kuda kayu Tun nih..!! Goreng mamak tak cukup masin.!

    Pengurusan syarikat gabungan itu diketuai oleh orang asing yang merupakan wakil Digi/Telenor manakala pengerusi ialah dari Axiata biarpun Axiata mempunyai pegangan saham yang lebih besar.

    Sekiranya Rafizi menuduh orang asing iaitu wakil Rheinmetall terlibat songlap dalam projek LCS maka siasatan terperinci sangat dialu-alukan.

    Kena kat orang lain itu 'rasuah' kalau kroni mafia kartel kerala itu 'offset'. Lagi nak mampos bertambah tambah bodoh nya

    Tak kan Bossku nak kena kawal juga subkontraktor yg buat kerja ini, mano peranan laksmano potaseh takkan nak gentel telo lam opis tu tggu duit komisen... gilo ko hapooo..!?

    Kuda kayu Tun sila cuba lagi.... tak cukup garam lah goreng mamak kuda kayu tun mamak nih...

    Tekak kembang goreng mamak ni weii...!!

    Haahh cuba goreng lagi weeiii..!!!

    Haahh Tepokkkk..!!



    1. patuh hukum!!!!

      serprise ketuanan many

    2. 2/3 duit dah di bayar.Purata kapal siap kurang dari 1/2. Bolih ke siap jika gomen bagi duit1/3 . Kalau sumpah laknat bolih buat than it will not be a problem. Jangan nak minta2 lagi.