Wednesday 6 January 2021

Prasarana as expected, and a tough 2021 start

 Let me start by saying  this is why appointing politicians as chairmen of GLCs is a very bad idea,

Prasarana under MACC investigation, CEO told to go on leave

Well, by now, I believe most of you all already know about what the actual shit that has been happening at Prasarana. The whole thing had gone viral. So, no need for me to eleborate lah.

Whatever it is, politicians, with the exception of one or maybe two very moral individuals should not be let even near a GLC. 

Being made a chairman, they simply think they own the place.

By right, they should only be chairing the board meetings and that's about it.The running of the GLC should be left to the professionals.

That's how it should be, okay.

Anyway, I wrote about this one on May 27, last year

The unfortunate political appointments - Sime Darby Plantation


To appoint politicians to GLCs is one thing but to appoint unqualified and proven failed politicians to important posts in GLCs is simply bad and there's no excuse for it.

Still, I have ignored this issue till now as I wanted the focus to be on the Covid-19 war.

I have to admit though that I cringed upon reading news of those appointments....such as Khaled Nordin as Boustead chairman and Tajuddin Rahman as Perasarana chairman.

"Tak ada orang lain ke?" I asked in my heart.

So, don't tell me I didn't give any warning.

Really, Muhyiddin and his Pribumi Bersatu guys fucked up very badly on this political appointments at GLCs.

Anyway, it's too bad that we have to start 2021 with these sorts of nonsense.

A lot of bad stuff actually happened these past first five days of the year.

I have given up on the shitty politics. No matter what, the politicians will always try to fuck us up anyway. I'm tired of writing about them.

At the moment, I'm more concerned about the major flood which hit several parts of the country.

There have already been several fatalities and thousands are now at flood relief centers.

Hopefully this will get better within the next few days and those flood victims receive the necessary help.

Also, I'm more concerned over the continuing high number of Covid-19 cases.

Praying that it will end soon. Yea, what else could I do.

On the personal front, things have not been so well for me either.

Several of my friends passed away over the past weeks, including arwah Zakhir Mohamad whose death affected me quite significantly.

There were several other issues that I'm facing now, but they were too private for me to tell you all.

On a lighter note, I'm also still without a place to practice my darts and for now at risk of being beaten by about anyone at my club. Hahaha.

Really guys, those are my real concerns instead of all the nonsense about who should be PM or which party should run the country.

They are all the same to me now. All quite useless, actually. So, let them sort that one out for themselves. If we have to vote later, we should just vote whomever we feel are the better ones among them. We should vote the ones with less bullshit and really want to work for us. Doesn't matter from which party.

Seriously, for the next general election, I'm not going to vote along party line. For me, it's the candidate that counts. One thing for sure though, I'll definitely not going to vote for a politician GLC chairman or any of their type.

I sincerely believe that's one way to teach the politicians not to fuck up things anymore at the expense of the rakyat.


  1. Salam. Spot on Annie. Just to tired of what's going on at the moment. Politics of bargain here and there. This will badly affected the nation's policies..seems haywired. Covid numbers on the rise and unemployment rate too. We can only pray and may Allah listen to us. Aamiin.

  2. it is 2021. still waiting for you to start a post urging those(especially your neighbours) who do not hate malaysia, to pray for malaysia. covid 19 over 120k already .lol

  3. What the hell Annie. 2 weeks went by without any update. I thought you’re already passed away. I was about to write an obituary in other sopo blog..

    1. Ko rindu kt Annie ckp aje la ...

    2. err!!! dont you realise her "kampong" kota tinggi "flooded" till rooftop.
      anayway annine good start for you.
      by the way is it a sign from almighty!!!! hope longer and more severe one especially those from tha musang king
      and the lebai. hmmm!!! cuma ujian tuhan aje. ulahmek otak tak "betul"