Friday 15 January 2021

MCO or CMCO...please be clearer

 It turns out that the currently enforced MCO is not as strict as the one at the start of the pandemic.

Was told by a friend in KL that it's basically the same as just a CMCO.

Offices and businesses are opened as usual.

The only difference was that food need to be tapaued and there were roadblocks again.

Guess, I shouldn't have left KL and instead work as normal.

I could have easily use a letter from my boss to get through the roadblocks.

That day I actually thought everything is going to be closed down like during the first MCO.

Asked for my boss' permission to run off to the East Coast to avoid going crazy alone in my room and she said okay.

Sigh....I wish they had made it clearer with their announcements.

Say la it's CMCO instead of MCO.

Now I'm stuck here in the East Coast.

Luckily, my boss told me that I can continue working from home over here.

She doesn't want me to risk kena saman for trying to cross state borders to get back to KL.

Anyway, if people could still go about and mingle at their work places, what's then the point of the lockdown?

People can still kena Covid-19 in their offices, I think.

Now I'm begining to wonder if it's not that strict, why do they need the State of Emergency.

By right they should make it stricter than the first MCO because based on the number of daily cases and deaths now, it's much worse than back then when Covid-19 hit the country.

Now even Ikea and Habib Jewels are opened.

Just sell online cannot ka?

Anyway, do people still want to buy furniture and jewellery during a lockdown? Too much money, is' it? I thought everyone suffering and don't have money now.

Well, maybe having the lockdown and State of Emergency is what really matter rather than really curbing Covid-19.

Maybe some people have decided that having this Covid-19 could be useful for something as it's a good excuse to get what they wanted.

Don't know lah. 

I just hope we can end this nightmare as soon as possible.

And I want to go back to my office too.


  1. "Now I'm beginning to wonder if it's not that strict, why do they need the State of Emergency."

    They don't.

    Plus they are saying MCO for 4 weeks max.

    Mana cukup?

    Unless they want cases to spike again, then in Ogos extend emergency.

    Just because the Three Stooges don't want to lose power.

    1. 3 stooges...I definitely know of one, Moo-hiding. Who are the other 2, please tell.

    2. Stooge 2: Larut (Sabah Cluster Financier)

      Stooge 2: AssMain al-Sandakan. Completely useless at any job except politicking and tikam belakang.

  2. ".. I shouldn't have left KL.... Now I'm stuck here in the East Coast."

    Hahahaha.... Dear oh dear Annie. No worries, the government loves to make U-turns and do flip-flops. In just 2 days' time, self-service laundry and optic outlets are allowed to operate after some noises being made. Maybe later, the interstate travel ban will soon be lifted due to whatever reasons or excuses they may furnish. Nobody knows what might happen next in an unparalleled Emergency Rule period of time. Wherever state you are now, pls bear in mind that Kelantan has just been listed under MCO too and the number of new cases in T'gganu is on the rise. So, fingers crossed and hope that TSMY and his government know how to weather the storm and prevail eventually.

    1. "So, fingers crossed and hope that TSMY and his government know how to weather the storm and prevail eventually."

      Yep, keeping declaring emergency until hari kiamat...

    2. Ringgit crashed.

      Stock market crashed.

      This darurat politik will KILL the economy.

      "The emergency proclamation seems to have provided a hint of political stabiliity and some relief for the markets, but economists believe investors will see through the government’s rhetoric and realise that the so-called certainty is manufactured and temporary.

      During his announcement on Tuesday, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had assured stakeholders that Malaysia would remain open for business during the emergency, set to last until Aug 1 or until the number of cases fall and stabilise.

      “This period of emergency will give us the much needed calm and stability, as well as enable us to focus on economic recovery and regeneration,” he said.

      However, Mydin Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera, former dean of the Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance at the International Islamic University Malaysia, said that despite what the PM said, “an emergency is surely not a sign of stability” for investors.
      Mydin Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera.

      “Investors are intelligent people, they can see through what is going on in the country,” he told FMT, adding that many will realise it has little to do with the pandemic."

      People are not stupid.

      Hanging on to power is at our expense.

  3. ya ya ya follow what Najib said cos u makan dedak from him.....

  4. Haiyaa
    My kids workg in Singapore dok tersipu2 nengok Msians.. nape la kalut semacam ni? Tak malu ke?

    2020 dah dpt bonus, profit sharing, increment macam biasa2 aje..infact due to covid macam segala perks lg mereka dberi, considered as frontliners.. tambah pula coy trpaksa pohon employees buat OT max limit as orders kept coming tak renti2.. malas nak cakap la. Go check sendili. Neway

    1. phase two of reopening the economy on Friday 19 June 20. Discipline aje semua gomen bantu rakyat, coy meleka sama2 bantu gomen meleka.

    2. General elections were held in Singapore on 10 July 2020 to elect the next Government of Singapore. Turnout 85.81%

    3.OK la malas nak panjang2 gi jengok after elections the Covid 19 infections chart cam mana? Kekekeke

    4. Lawak2 la kamu semua ni. Nak kata bodoh semua cerdik2 belaka, tapi tak paham bahasa apake hal he eee?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  5. Time for rakyat to speak up. Come on people bring this useless PM n his goons down for good. they are totally clueless and only serving themselves. So many rakyat are suffering but their voices are not heard. So disappointed with the King for agreeing to this.

    1. Agreed, but blame Moo, AssMain and Larut, not YDPA.

      Also add Annuar Musang to the list.

    2. Anonymous16 January 2021 at 23:06
      if you were king when you balik kampong and saw houses indaunated by banjir sampai ada yang bumbong tak namapk apa lagi banyak banjir samapi bumbung
      what will you do? let parlimet resolve and have PRU 15!!!!

      Ei! Pooper Nask Lemah masih hidup!!!! covid dah ke Sik kan!!!!

    3. Dok ada, kita org sini nak pi mana? Seronok dok peghati gelagat hegeh2 kamu semua.. trrlompat sana sini last2 nganga. Kekekeke

      Oops atas typo. Singapore elections turnout 95.81%. Apasal la rakyat sini kelolo loqlak semacam? Takde disciplin ke? SOP pun tak paham2.

      Nampak gaya kena mula SEMUA diwajib military service selama 2tahun. Macam Singapore dan lain2 negara.

      Tu yg kena tangkap. Tak makan saman. Hantaq mereka.masuk kem askar suruh kawat selama 1bulan. Tak kisah betina atau jantan.. kasi disciplin sikit.

      Lepaih tu 6bulan hantaq masuk hutan survival, bg belajaq tangkap ikan, udang galah, lembu hutan dan tanam sayoq2 sendiri. Hantaq wakil2 rakyat pembangkang atau gomen yg songgeh2 taktau buat kerja jadi team leader mereka dalam hutan.

      Dok bagi makan gaji elaun buta buat pengabih duit rakyat aje. Don worry.. covid 19 belum masuk hutan lagi.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. your boss is a women
    >james bond

  7. masih lagi Pooper itu kat Sik, Yan.
    kovid dah kat sana. cuma banjir

  8. Anwar has mooted a lawsuit against PM over the declaration of Emergency. Looks like he is all out to make a grab at the golden opportunity of Muhyuddin's minority government to claim the coveted PM post. So, there is indeed no political ceasefire after all. Does he really have the foolproof formula to turn the tide of people's current dire fate as claimed by LKS? Or is it just another bullshit? Can't wait to see the reaction of Palace and PMO despite the fact that emphatic forewarning had been given.

    1. The "Emergency" is illegal.

      The Constitution says it MUST be laid before both houses of Parliament in order to be valid.

      Moo didn't.

      The "Emergency" is illegal.

      Your tax ringgit pays for gomen lawyers, ya.

      Have they ever read the Constitution???

    2. Anonymous 09:19

      The "Emergency" is legal.

      i dont care what The Constitution says.

      Moo did.

      The "Emergency" is legal.

      our tax ringgit ,the gomen knows best how to handle it , ya.

      do wuhan have Constitution???

  9. Alamak! Lawsuit against the Emergency is getting louder and louder. Think so the pressure is now obliquely on Tuanku instead of the government. Kind of knotty legal matter while Covid continues its endless spike, whether or not we are under MCO, CMCO, RMCO, EMCO and whatever. It is awfully suffocating living in such a chronic circumstance. With no job, no $, stomach continues to growl when hunger pangs kick in anytime of the day.

  10. elok usia wajib pencen di kaji balik. PKP ramai yang menganggur, hilang kerja dan pendapatan. Bila usia wajib pencen di kaji balik pada 55 tahun seperti dulu. Dengan itu ramai yg menganggur dan lepasan universiti kolej di bawa masuk ke sektor awam.

    New norm Suka atau tidak kena kaji balik usia persaraan.


    Pemulangan wang 1MDB bukti dakwaan Tun tidak benar, kata Najib

    Perkembangan ini jelas menyangkalkan tuduhan Tun sebelum ini bahawa DoJ tidak akan teruskan kerjasaman dengan kerajaan PN ataupun kerajaan PN tidak akan teruskan usaha untuk mendapat semula semua dana yang dikatakan hilang,” kata Najib.

    Najib mengulas laporan bahawa DoJ memulangan AS$300 juta yang didakwa diseleweng daripada dana 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) hari ini.

    Mei tahun lalu, AS mula memulangkan dana yang berjaya ditemui semula, membabitkan bayaran pertama hampir AS$200 juta (RM836 juta)

    DoJ dalam kenyataannya, berkata, ia menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan wang 1MDB yang dipulangkan adalah sebanyak RM2.6 bilion (AS$600 juta).

    “Namun US$620 juta hanya sebahagian kecil daripada US$4.5 bilion yang sepatutnya dikembalikan kepada 1MDB sebelum 30 Disember 2020 jika perjanjian penyelesaian dengan IPIC milik kerajaan Abu Dhabi diteruskan.

    “Namun kerajaan Tun@PH dahulu telah membatalkan perjanjian penyelesaian asal yang ditandatangan pada masa BN. Kerajaan PH juga menolak tawaran IPIC yang disyorkan oleh DOJ sekali lagi pada tahun lepas seperti didedahkan minggu lepas,” kata Najib.

    Najib berkata, kerajaan sepatututnya meneruskan perjanjian penyelesaian dengan International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) jika mahu mengambil balik semua wang 1MDB yang didakwa hilang secara sekaligus.

    Zeti lantikan Tun Mahathir. Najib Bebas tanpa lepas. Bank Negara tahu tapi buat senyap bodoh

    Jika dibuktikan bahawa keluarga Tan Sri Zeti telah menerima dana melebihi RM100 juta dari Jho Low termasuk dana yang berasal 1MDB yang disimpan dalam bank di Singapura, terdapat ' conflict of interest' Zeti mempunyai impak kepada kes SRC bossku sebab Zeti yang cadang bossku gunakan akaun bank atas namanya (dan bukan atas nama parti) untuk menerima derma asing.

    Dan asas bagi kes-kes mahkamah SRC dan 1MDB bossku ialah dana asing yang dikatakan berasal dari SRC dan 1MDB pernah masuk ke dalam akaun bank atas namanya.

    Link 'conflict of interest' Zeti kes 1MDB.. koh koh koh

    “Niat kerajaan PH berlainan. Jika semua wang 1MDB yang didakwa hilang dikembalikan oleh IPIC sebelum akhir tahun 2020 ini, maka Najib tak rompak apa-apa. Itu bercanggah dengan propaganda Tun.

    Dah curi duit boleh pulak dipulangkan duit yang dicuri. Tak cukup dengan pulangkan duit curi (fitnah curi) si pencuri boleh buat sumpah laknat lagi....

    Baik sungguh pencuri itu kann..!!