Monday 25 January 2021

Defend the Agong, please

Yesterday, someone brought to my attention this article at 

The King to step down?

I immediately saw it as an attack against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah over his decision to declare the state of Emergency as requested by the Muhyiddin's administration, supposedly in order to fight Covid-19.

Of course, as we all know, many others saw it as merely Perikatan Nasional's way to stay in power after Umno threatened to stop supporting the coalition after being bullied by Pribumi Bersatu.

I also knew that Muhyiddin's detractors have since been quietly implcating the Agong for allowing the state of Emergency. I believe they would not be so careful about it if not for the Sedition Act.

That article was however exceptionally brazen.

I'm not sure who exactlly wrote the article or the operater of this but I suspect that they are based overseas.

Something like Raja Petra and Sarawak Report who write and report about Malaysia from the UK.

That's why they were so brave about it.

True enough, they posted this one today as a follow-up,

Of Gading Sari, APMM, TSMY and the AGONG. Making Hay While The Sun Shine!

It's even worse than the first one. More direct.

I believe the media handlers of Sultan Abdullah need to handle these attacks with great finnese as they can't rely on the authorities and their state powers to take action against the writers of those articles and the website operators.

They need to find a way to rebutt the accusations as I was made to understand that those articles were being widely shared on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp.

They can't just be lazy and ignore such accussations as it would cast doubt on the integrtity of the Agong.

The Agong's media team, that I was informed is being led by a former bigshot editor need to learn from the failure of Umno media handlers in rebutting accusations against their leaders, which led to the BN's defeat in GE14 in 2018. 

As any long time reader of this blog knows, I'm a fan of Sultan Abdullah and had wrote a few times about how good he is as a Ruler. This is one of my posts on him

Sultan Abdullah will be a cool Agong

The picture which I took myself of Sultan Abdullah with flood victims who were sheltered at the Temerloh R&R area of the East Coast Highway in early January 2015

I always see Sultan Abdullah as especially caring for his rakyat and it's hard for me to believe in those accussations against him.

But that's me. How about the public in general?

Really, it would be a pity if his media handlers fail to counter the accusations properly.


  1. This is too much. After failing to get the Emergency cancelled, the King is now made the subject of vicious calumny? The Palace should not remain silent, instead, must pronto get down to the bottom of it. Haul the guilty party into the open and make them pay a heavy price for that.

    1. The Emergency is illegal unless laid before both Houses of Parliament as per Article 150(3) of the FC.

      No, I do not blame the Agong at all.

      YDPA is bound to follow the PM's advice. The first time around he sought consensus from Rulers' Conference, perhaps thus time he followed the convention of listening to Moo's advice.

      I blame the bad advice given to Tuanku by Moo, Larut, and Encik Gaping Asshole d'Sandakan.

      They are the real culprits.

    2. Anon 20:27 "I blame the bad advice given to........."

      So, what about the advice given to the other Agong which had resulted in an acquittal to the opposition chief who was supposed still in the jail? For that, he is challenged in the court. Had His Majesty been falsely advised too back then? If so, whose blame? Tun M?

    3. Anonymous25 January 2021 at 22:06

      Thanks for admitting that any poor decision based on bad advice can be challenged in court.

      In this case, it involves Moo completely disrespecting the Constitution, Parliament and the rakyat.

      He cannot hide behind the virus and royalty forever.

      Let the courts speak.

    4. Anon 10:31
      "Let the courts speak."

      Hopefully the then Agong was wrongly advised so as to send the opposition leader back into the prison to finish his remaining sentence. Only then will the political stability return to us. We certainly don't need an empty vessel who speaks the loudest and creates the most fuss just to stay relevant. What a doofus- maloofus opportunist like him readily being made use of by another greater klepto- opportunists.

    5. "We certainly don't need an empty vessel who speaks the loudest and creates the most fuss just to stay relevant. What a doofus- maloofus opportunist like him readily being made use of by another greater klepto- opportunists."

      What a brilliant description of Double Traitors Moo, Larut and SodoMin.

      To be a traitor once is bad enough, but these 3 snakes have sold their "principles" twice.


      These 3 worms were all too ready to accept SDs from klepto- opportunists during Sheraton Move, so, what's your point?

      Hang paham ke tak?

  2. The blog is run by an old angry chap based overseas. A Malaysian by the name Husin who lives in Down Under. He used to write those highly seditious, no-holds-barred pieces attacking royal houses especially down south while taking care of his ailing Mat Salleh wife.

    His wife recently has passed away and he is all alone with lots of time in his hands. His children live very far away from him. I believe one of his children lives in Canada. During Bossku’s time he was blocked for good for his nerve wrecking pieces but lifted when Atuk became PM. Back then nobody was sacred and deserving respect. He spared no one in his scathing and poisonous remarks piercing hook and corners of Malaysian politics and institutions. Maybe the time is ripe for Abah to pull the plug on him.

    1. Maybe the time is ripe for Abah to pull the plug on him.

      Like Pok Jib did to Sarawak Report?

      Instead of making ad hominem attacks, why not rebut the article fact by fact?

      You cannot, right?

      Of course SR got tons of generic abuse about being a busybody white woman, but in the end her evidence was vindicated. It's thanks to matsals that we know about 1MDB.

      But takpe lah, stay under your tempurung or Abah's ketiak, where the sunlight of knowledge will never reach you.

  3. Still remember when COVID first landed in the country...PH did nothing...Tun as well...unlike Taiwan..immediately imposed no entry to China travellers and Tun M sarcastically said...they were thousand how can we stop them.." TAK KAN NAK LETAK DALAM KANDANG" very naughty of who paid the price????

    1. Your logic is bullshit.

      We were at single digit cases in q1 2020, up to the Sabah power grab. After that, cases skyrocketed.

      Don't try and pass the blame.

      The facts say otherwise.

    2. dun forget patient 26 big shot return from shanghai, even after Atok ban travel to china, also the wannabe k poop star patient 136 return from korea no quarantien. he missed the tablig so much. camped outside sri petaling mos

    3. anyway moo-moo and semburit is enjoying right?
      who paid why worry

    4. Look at the data from kkm when the spike. Dont twisted the facts.The whole world knew.Nice article from scmp.

  4. Annie,
    Suka atau tidak, Ketua Negara Malaysia hanyalah SIMBOL. Rais Yatim tahu itu.
    2. Yang bengap adalah Yidin Takdok KONEx! Marhaen tahu dan faham itu
    Annie, Marhaen faham.

  5. In cultures, we worship those who are the kings, queens, rulers;
    In business, we are obedient to our masters called CEO's who pay us;
    In government, we cower to the political leaders;
    In military, we fear the mighty power of the armed forces;
    In our personal lives we favour bloodlines;
    In corporate life, we follow a satanic survival of the fittest philosophy;
    In religion, we overlook rape, pillage, slavery, death, and destruction by a god;
    In life, we fear the consequence of death and sin;
    In purpose, we seek carnal pleasures and desires so as to better than others;
    In family it is our bloodlines we protect not the rest;
    In family it is our fortunes and accumulations that we hand down and protect;
    In our family we are willing to forgive others unless they mess with us;
    In history we believe what experts write;
    In life, our forgiveness, love, and preferences are conditional;
    In behaviour we follow those deemed smarter, more powerful;
    In beliefs we follow a pyramidal structure of hierarchy and inequality;

  6. Aisay to b careful writing abt this....cld b seditious. The King genuinely loves d rakyat. However when he asked Moo to b PM did he have d numbers? Nobody knows...except Moo n d King....and I don't mean Larry or Don

    1. The King genuinely loves d rakyat. However when he asked Moo to b PM did he have d numbers?

      Logically, no.

      Hensum old man had 115, 8 hours before Moo was sworn in.

      Moo doesn't have the numbers now, for sure.

      The darurat politik will not save him.

  7. Already 2 weeks of PKP and numbers are not even decreasing. Till now am still disappointed that emergency is declared. The current gov is incompetent and the whole nation suffers and we can't do anything about it.

    1. The DG says MCO is 4 weeks max.

      The Emergency is 8 months.


      The gomen says COVID takes 4 weeks to control.

      So why is the emergency 8 times longer?

      Bloody selfish bastards.

      All about power.

      Nothing else.

  8. Lets not all become fools and be dragged into all these nonsense. Apa dapat? Yelek, kasi pun yelek.

    Neway let us not destroy the future of our poor young kids, having to witness all these rubbish.. still a long way for them ahead.

    Jangan sampai satu hari anak2 kita trpaksa merempat dNegara orang sekadar utk mencari rezeki..

    Wokay2. We have "someone" or "whatever" who chose to remain anon but is bringging so much hope to this world.. taraaa Nakamoto Shotoshi. Go google. Wabaq aside "he" has pulled many out poverty, even made many new young millionaires.

    Look at this once young 17yr-old-idol, Mr Vitalik Buterin harini sja has brought so much joy to the world.. go google!

    These are the quality of new generation of leaders our kids shld look forward to have.. mereka yg kalut dok berebut duit rakyat, menjijikn la, tak malu ke kat anak2 kita? May Allah protect this beautiful country from these greedy iblis2 yang bertopeng manusia.

    Owh by the way tgk ni, Pak Arab pun dh move on;

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Anonymous26 January 2021 at 16:59

  10. Communist Republic + re-education camps. Any questions?

  11. The proclamation is valid. The appointment of TSMY as PM is valid. Until he resigns or being dismissed by YDPA, nothing changes. There is no automatic resignation or dismissal in our system. As for now, Parliament is suspended and YDPA will be the one who will promulgate laws.

    1. The proclamation is valid?

      Go read the FC doh.


      Must be approved by parliament, ONLY THEN YDPA will be the one who will promulgate laws.

  12. Since we are on Covid19 memes, attacking the YDPA is akin to injecting (live attenuated / mrna) vaccines that will trigger antibodies reaction to kill the foreign invading virus. The YDPA is not a person, rather, a cultural institution deeply embedded into the psyche of a popular base. The reactionary force triggered by the blogger will have quite the opposite (unintended?) effect of popularising the Darurat decree.

    1. "The reactionary force triggered by the blogger will have quite the opposite (unintended?) effect of popularising the Darurat decree."

      You think Malaysians are as retarded as Trump supporters?

      Kih kih kih.

      People know what Moo's motive was, lah.


  13. You expect to get Latok title by highlighting this? Where were you when the nation was being plundered by Bossku and his cronies?

  14. Hari hari puak Otai Reformasi belasah PAS dan lobai lobai... hari hari belasah PAS yang kononnya gagal membela maruah Isle dan memfitnah penunggang agama dan penunggang Isle...

    Nak tanyo hok satu nih ajo...

    Boleh kah kito menhgarapkan kaki jubo memartabatkan Isle di bomi bertuah Malaysia. Boleh kah kita harapkan pejuang Pluralisma Murtad LGBT membela Isle di Malaysia.!?

    1. pihak sebelah sana tak de ke, kaki jubo? LGBT?, ast spkr pompuan ke? jantan ke? jangan lupa tuade satu masa kawan baik CT kaseam ke? assmin dan geng semburit, peremas "kuih lemping" isteri orang, usta budak ape fedo ke, montori yang hadiah kereta kepada artis jamtan, ex mentori besar yang "like" twit!!!
      apa kato?


    So we see the PPBM strategy.

    Go right into PRU15 after the emergency.

    What this pundek fails to understand is this:

    UMNO can pull out of PN gomen even DURING Emergency.

    And refuse to support them in PRU15.

    And that is what will happen, actually.

    Even if Zahid is gone, Tok Mat is no friend of Parti Bunga.

    Annuar Musang and the Three Stooges are goners.

    Bye bye.

    1. Adoi wakil2 rakyat nih semua. Bayaq gaji elaun puluhan ratusan libu tiap bulan kerja galuh dan lompat macam katak aje memanjang. Buat peghabih duit rakyat aje.

      Anak2 kami terpaksa cari rezeki dNegara olang, pemimpin2 sana plak yg dok jaga mereka. Tak malu ke pemimpin2 negala nih?

      Shitoshi Nakamoto satu lunia talak kenal sama lia. Vitalik Buterin bebudak aje lagi.. tapi see what they are contributing to the world?

      Hai wakil2 rakyat Menteli2 semua... nak jaga lakyat Malaysia pun kelam kabut semacam, tst tst tst koman koman.. belajaq2 la maluuu sikit bole tak?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Sebuah certot benar.. kikikk

    Siapakah Ibu Yati. Sesatkah Dia? Adakah ibu Yati juga spt species Jon Doe..!?

    Kecoh sehari dua nih berkenaan ngan isu Ibu Yati ... Ibu Yati nih atau nama sebenarnya ialah Wan Noor Hayati Wan Alias (bekas wartawan) telah dikatakan membuat ajaran Melayu ... yang katanya adalah sebagai Islam Melayu... link video bawah ni haahh

    ps : Dulu dolu ada ajaran Jon Doe kata Tun Mahathir akan kibar panji hitam dari timur.. ari ni ade sekor lagi buat lagu ni link atas tu..

    Jon Doe pun ade blogger macam Kluang Dimond KD yang jadi barua jon doe .. cukup cukup lah tu...jangan jadi melayu mudah lupa

    kikikikiki... biar lah jon doe saja yang perangai macam tu dakwa Tun kibar panji itam dari timur... tapi yg terkibar bergoyang telo atuk jer yang bergoyang ke hulu ke hiliorr

    kikikik... Bangsa lain dah landing kat planet Mars orang Melayu masih lagi nak tunggu panji itu panji ini... pegi melantak lah panji tu tiba masa nya berkibar la tak payah nak memandai buat andaian itu ini...

    hadoooiii aaiii...!!

    aleutoh sungguhh...!!!


    There was another "big delegation" from Moo.

    The DG was a hero 8 months ago, now he's a huge zero.

    "This (emergency) ordinance helps the Health Ministry to further strengthen Act 342. The Act as it is has its weaknesses, as many (provisions) were drafted in 1988. Back then, the ordinance did not even have states specified, only areas.

    “So by using the emergency ordinance, we widen (its use). For example, redistribution of doctors from one facility to another," said Noor Hisham.

    This is total rubbish. It doesn't make any sense. If Act 342 is weak, strengthen the Act. Using Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's political emergency is nothing more than an excuse and cements the view it is a ‘political’ emergency to secure Muhyiddin's power when he's under siege from within.

    It also shows Muhyiddin's cowardliness and stupidity when asking for the imposition of his political emergency and shutting down the Parliament.

    It'll take Parliament to discuss/debate strengthening Act 342 and pass it as an emergency - a medical emergency, not a political one. An honest and decent politician, even a director-general, wouldn't argue against this and dismiss it outright.

    Not that Parliament ever achieves anything for the people except more repressive laws. But now is the time for it to reconvene and pass a revamped Act 342.

    Instead of demonstrating just how lily-livered he is, Muhyiddin should repeal the emergency he has imposed and call Parliament back even for just this purpose.

    I'm really disappointed in Noor Hisham for taking a political and dishonest stance to back Muhyiddin's emergency ordinance. It shows just how out of depth the entire Perikatan Nasional (PN) regime and bureaucracy machinery is, and that they have no idea what they're doing.

    Do you really think the MCO will be lifted on 4th Feb?

    Oh, really?

    With almost 6,000 cases?

    Even Najib is right - the MCO is doing nothing but killing the economy.

    It's so weak, it may as well be lifted completely.

    Either do MCO properly, or don't bother.

    No fake Emergency is going to help.

  18. Tun Mahathir dirty works and yet other to be blame..!!

    So, it was Mahathir and not Muhyiddin who is at fault. And yet the Pakatan Harapan people are accusing Muhyiddin of “stealing” the government. With this latest revelation by Tommy Thomas, the truth is finally known. And that truth is: Muhyiddin is not a backdoor Prime Minister after all.

  19. Tommy Thomas VS Tun Mahathir.

    Sangat menarik juga pastilah pendedahan Tan Sri Tommy bahawa Tun Dr Mahathir menyebut kepada beliau di dalam pertemuan mereka pada 25 Februari 2020 bahawa:

    (1) Tun Dr Mahathir mempunyai sokongan sebulat suara daripada 222 Ahli Parlimen untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri.

    (2) Tun Dr Mahathir akan mempunyai kuasa penuh (“a complete free hand”) di dalam Kerajaan Perpaduan beliau.

    (3) Jawatan parti tidak akan diberi pertimbangan oleh Tun Dr Mahathir untuk lantikan Kabinet Kerajaan Perpaduan.

    (4) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Lim Guan Eng tidak akan menjadi sebahagian daripada Kabinet Kerajaan Perpaduan.

    (5) Tun Dr Mahathir terpaksa memecat Tan Sri Tommy sebagai Peguam Negara kerana ini adalah syarat UMNO dan PAS.

    Buku Tan Sri Tommy ini adalah bukti nyata bagaimana Yang di-Pertuan Agong telah melaksanakan tanggungjawab Baginda dalam tempoh peralihan kuasa ini dengan seadil-adilnya tanpa cuba memihak kepada mana-mana pihak seperti didakwa.

    Lebih penting lagi, buku Tan Sri Tommy ini juga adalah bukti jelas bagaimana Tun Dr Mahathir telah mengkhianati dengan seteruk-teruknya rakan-rakannya di dalam PH, khususnya Datuk Seri Anwar, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah dan Lim Guan Eng.

    link selingan kat bawah tu haah..! bagaimana si Mukhriz kaya raya di usia 30 tahun.

    Tidak dapat dibayangkan jika pemimpin- pemimpin seperti Datuk Seri Anwar, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah dan Lim Guan Eng masih sanggup bekerjasama dengan Tun Dr Mahathir setelah beliau dibuktikan telah mengkhianati dengan seteruk-teruknya mereka. Selesai baca... kau orang bergadoh lah sesama sendiri sampai mampos...!!

    Haahh tepokkk...!!

    c/p : Kamarul Yusoff

  20. Universiti Malaya Medical Centre in online donation drive to fund PPE

    annne get your supportve blogers, ulamak and duta mid east taraf monteri mobilized. go!go!
    tak ade duit doa-ed mineral water also can


    Rasanya tidak perlu ditulis lebih lanjut lagi tentang pelbagai pendedahan mengejutkan oleh bekas Peguam Negara, Tommy Thomas berkenaan Tun Mahathir Mohamad, dalam bukunya yang baru diterbitkan, Justice In The Wilderness.

    Daripada tindakan meletak jawatan, menolak permintaan Agong agar tidak berbuat demikian, mencadangkan namanya sendiri semula sebagai Perdana Menteri interim bla.. bla.. bla.. blahh

    ... sesajer kopi pes dari blog Bodin Reformasi

    Kesimpulan mudah ajer selagi orang tua ni idup sesapa yang jadi PM tak akan selamat dengan fitnah, adu domba lidah bercabang nya..

    Elok PM yg ada tukar orang kuat pilihan si tua spt Amit Bedul dan SPRM dan AG sekarang... pasti orang tua ni mengelupor kepanasan bersama keluarganya....

    haahhh sila gadoh sesama sendiri sampai kau orang mamposss...!!

    haahh tepokkkkk...!!!

  22. frankly annine what your opinion about that makmak kutty blue eyed boy "actually gai" MITI minister ass-0-min.
    being self praising "biggest" ever trade surplus.
    said astromical rise to lebih kurang 200 billions.

    1. Then cows can jump over the moon and the sun rises from the west