Wednesday 13 January 2021

State of Emergency, handling Covid-19 without democracy

 I was driving to the East Coast when they announced the State of Emergency yesterday.

Yeah, I was escaping the strict MCO about to be imposed in KL when that happened.

I was actually okay when PM Muhyiddin announced the lockdown the previous day but think the Emergency was unfortunate.

The lockdown is understandable because Covid-19 is now worse then when it first hit the country early last year. However, let us be honest about the Emergency being declared for political purposes.

With that, the current government has admitted that it can't handle Covid-19 in a democracy. That's why it needs the Emergency, which practically suspends the country's democracy. 

So, that's the way Muhyiddin's administration intends to handle the situation.

Well, I think it sets a precedence for other governmemnts which will come after this - faced with a crisis and losing the majority support of elected representitives: declares an Emergency.

Got it.

Najib could have done it when he was at the brink of losing GE14, and so could Dr Mahathir too when Pakatan Harapan was emploding. Just cook up something distressing and says the government needs to be focused and not be distracted by the opposition to solve it.

But they didn't.

Najib accepted defeat and Dr Mahathir resigned as per the democratic process.

Muhyiddin, instead, just changed the game.

Something like; I'm losing this football match, so I'm switching to rugby.

Not very fair, isn't it?

Never mind, it's done already.

It's until at least August, so I guess Muhyiddin now has time to convince Umno to continue supporting him and his administration....or getting their troublesome leaders being placed in jail for one reason or another.

Guess it's worth a try.

Whatever it is, I doubt it would change things much on the ground.

The most it would do is to prolong the uncertainty.

When BN lost GE14, the Umno grassroots mostly stayed with their party despite some of its leaders switching over to Pribumi Bersatu and became ministers and such.

I believe it will be the same this time.

They'll just wait until the next GE even if it is to be held in 2023.

Just imagine the Emergency being extended till then. Our economy will definitely suffer and Malaysia probably becomes a new Cambodia at that time.

Hey, it's possible okay, with the Covid-19 damage and all.

By then, I'll probably be selling pickled mangoes at a traffic light like these guys;

Hopefully not lah.

Let's pray for Malaysia, okay.


  1. "Najib could have done it when he was at the brink of losing GE14, and so could Dr Mahathir too when Pakatan Harapan was imploding. Just cook up something distressing and says the government needs to be focused and not be distracted by the opposition to solve it.

    But they didn't."

    Excellent points.

    In fact, even Najib did not use the new NSC Act to stay in power, as widely feared.

    Moo is a desperate man, but I think Larut and The Sandakan Sodomist are even more so.

    There is zero political future for them if they get kicked out of power.

    I guess UMNO and PH both knew they have a long-term future.

    But Double Traitors are trusted by nobody.

    Who in their right mind would welcome AssMain and his pet toyol in the future?

    They are finished WHEN - not if - they lose power.

  2. Aisay Annie, most know the Emergency is just to save PN. But wat can the ordinary rakyat do? If try to question...commit treason la etc . Pendatangs have to zip their lips...left to d Bumiputra tulen to show the way but can they? Do they have d scrotal gumption?

  3. Hanya politikus kluster mahkamah & gila kuasa saja yg inginkan pilihanraya pada masa ini. Zaman najib & zaman tun tak ada kes ribu2 setiap hari masuk hospital.

    Are u saying the Agong & majlis raja2 are so fickle minded that they are easily influenced?

    It is a sad day when a royalty understands the common people better than their wakil rakyat does...

  4. Upon the announcement of DE, the court cluster and its PH fair-weather political playfellows' last spark of hope to unseat our PM8 was instantly snuffed out. There is nothing left for them to scheme nor threaten the current existing government, not at least within 6 months from now. So, TSMY's government remains unscathed and stays put until August or maybe longer. Who cares what sort of drastic measures are being implemented so long as the disastrous Covid19 can be wiped out and returns us the normalcy to allow the economy to recover and fly high ASAP. We cannot afford to live in a situation with endless fear of ubiquitous invisible killer intruder. As the number of cases continues to skyrocketing at daily basis, everyone seems to stand a higher chance to get infected. When TSMY finally came to the decision enabling MCO and DE to take place simultaneously, I believe, he has taken every possible details into account for the sake of nation and its people, not just his political survival. And, that will surely provide a wider powers for the government to effectively curb the spread of virus, especially by commandeering the private hospitals and buildings. To me, better end with pain temporarily than pain without end. It has been quite some time now that the nation is embroiled in an uncalled-for topsy-turvy sitch. The people are longing for political stability and certainty. We just want to secure better jobs to eke out a living to make our own money for betterment of future. Hence, TSMY should really make good use of this 11th-hr moment to prove his worth as our PM8 by helping us to pull through the darkest and longest tunnel in Malaysian history.

  5. what to do. you did not start a post to ask those (especially your neighbours) who do not hate malaysia to pray for malaysia when covid over 120k. the pm has no choice lah. lol

  6. Saya berkongsi sentimen tersebut dengan anda, Annie. Absolutely.
    Tiada yang pelik bilamana MCO 2.0 but bila PM Yidin tanpa segan silu MENEKANKAN state of emergency perlu untuk mengelakkan Persengketaan Politik; SUDAH TERANG LAGI BERSULUH betapa teramat lemahnya Skil Politik Yidin n the Gang.
    Sedih, namun Hidup mesti jalan terus apatah lagi saya memegang jawatan penting dan berpengaruh dalam kepemimpinan PIBG SMK BUKIT BANDARAYA & SK BUKIT PANTAI.
    Bukan mudah untuk menggesa Kebersamaan dalam menelusuri saat sukar ini ditambah KEBODOHAN Yidin GANTUNG DEMOKRASI.
    Saya terpaksa berlakon kepada para Stakeholders bahawa our current govt of the Day tiada pilihan lain dan kita mesti menyokong demi Malaysia.
    Selamat Maju Jaya MALAYSIA. Yidin tak ada konek. Penakut.

  7. Amboi...! Hebat dan berakal betul la ketua bangkang kita ni sibuk menggesa semua mp utus surat kpd Agong agar darurat dibatalkan. Nampaknya dia ni bukan saja asyik berani mengusik ketua kerajaan malah ketua negara juga dia tak akan lepas. Rasanya Agong kena hunus final straw kerisnya utk menghentikan segala bentuk politiking murahan ini tatkala negara tengah dilanda musibah dahsyat. Cis, berambuslah makhluk songsang ni, pi main belakang jauh2!