Thursday 21 January 2021

The miserable state of affairs

This is the 2,001st post of this blog since I started it on March 1, 2013. That's almost eight years ago.

I have slowed down a lot though with only 89 posts last year.

Truly, 2020 was a miserable year.

Unfortunately, things are not looking any better so far this year.

Covid-19 is getting worse and so does the political nonsense.

The whole country, except Sarawak is going under MCO again as the number of daily Covid-19 cases continues being far worse than when the pandemic started.

I'm not sure how they are going to enforce this MCO, but judging from how it was the past week, I don't think it would do much good.

Yea, even with that stupid state of Emergency, which I still think is political, on top of it.

Well, unless they make it much stricter. Something like when how it was before - everyone stays at home except those who really need to be out there.

Otherwise, it will just be for a show and more people will die.

I don't know about you all, but I'm already holed up here in the East Coast since I got out of KL when the MCO started there a week ago.

I'm not taking any chances. If the government chose to be wishy washy about it, I just have to rely on myself to avoid being infected.

It's good that my employer understand the situation and let me work from home. 

I don't understand why some other employers insist on risking the lives of their workers by not doing the same.

I mean, if the work could be done from home, just let them work from home lah.

And those big shops which continue to remain open, don't they care about the safety of their staff and customers?

Do they wantt things to go on as normal and let everyone be infected?

Those are big corporations selling branded goods and led by smart educated people, okay.

Corporate bottom line shouldn't be down to dead people, okay.

Yeah, I know, the government allowed them to remain open, but just wait la until more people die to a point where there would be not enough of us to go to their shops.

Shit. I'm sitting here in the kitchen early in the morning writing about this really gloomy situation.

But what to do, that's what's happening right now.

The only hope now is for the vaccine they said they will give us, to work.

However, I'm a bit apprehensive about them being rather slow about it.

Singapore, for instance, is already going full speed ahead with theirs.

Well, at least I know that my relatives over there are okay.

On our side, maybe they are still discussing over it....and discussing over it...and discussing over it....


I actually can go on and on about the miserable state of affairs now, but what the heck la, it's not going to change anything, right?

Feeling quite helpless, actually.

Wish I could go to sleep and wake up when the whole mess is over. Sort of hibernate. Weeks, months, years....

See, this is why I have slowed down a lot with the blogging business. Everytime I wanted to write, I was overcame by the miserable feeling of doom and gloom.

Okay, enough of that. I'm beginning to sound like a whining windbag.

Sorry if I'm making you all feeling miserable too. 

I'll try to find something more cheerful to write about for my next post.



  1. To be honest (tbh) Annie....
    Saya memang sangat-sangat MENYAMPAH. Segala nasihat BIJAKSANA pihak KKM dibakulsampahkan oleh MKN, PMO dan inner circle Yidin takdok KONxK
    2. Apa guna buat MCO seluruh Semenanjung tetapi Traffic Congestion di SJR menunjukkan Khalayak masih bertebaran saling menari bersama Si Kobid.
    3. Sedangkan Data telah membuktikan Kluster Tempat Kerja adalah PENYUMBANG TERBESAR peningkatan kes! Dalam masa 2 minggu (14 hari) jika kita benar-benar TUTUP EKONOMI, Yakin dan PERCAYALAH kita akan 100 PERATUS mampu FLATTENING the Curve!
    4. Tambah pula dengan PROKLAMASI DARURAT yang kononnya untuk bendung Encik Kobid!
    Macam mana Kita tak Marah jika Tahap kebobrokan Pentadbiran pakwe NIKx GHEE ini sebegini Jelik?

  2. Being infected is not a death sentence. Only a small percentage get sick, and even smaller few need hospitalise and a handful of them defeated. The fact is Covid19 is 98% survivability, 2% fatality, slightly worse off than flu. Nevertheless nobody should stand in the middle of fhe road to get knocked down by traffic, so to speak.

    1. The fatality rate is only about 0.4% in Malaysia but most likely to be alot lower because alot of the cases are not detected because most of the patients are asymptomatic.Singapore had only 25+ fatalities with more than 50000 cases which gives a fatality rate of only 0.05%.

    2. Do your research.

      COVID can do permanent and lasting harm to the body even after it's been "removed".

    3. I read this somewhere.....If I give u 100 beans n tell u 2 of them are poisonous....would u eat any of them knowing yr chance of dying is only 2%. U would not. But with Covid v think we will not get infected. Sigh!

    4. Anon08:37
      Trump had covid 19 and recovered.He is just as nasty as before.No permanent change.

  3. Most of the Malaysians politicians are the selfish and idiotic lot. Their main purpose to be put in the politics is to find fault with others, perpetual criticising, but never bother to offer any kind of alternative solution. They would say, the key remedy is with them but refuse to share unless and until they are given the power to enforce it. What quality are these sort of lawmakers? Sad to say that they are none better than the UMNO as they used to denounce. So, same same la, money, position and power are their focal point, instead of the sake and fate of the people as they have pretentiously been yowling like those street cats. Even street cats can yowl better and genuine. Go to the hell la that irritating PKR 'designated' PM. These Covid, Emergency, MCO and the likes have, in fact, brought out the true colours of these politicial animals in my beloved homeland. Permainan politik kian berlarutan sementara rakyat sengsara dlm kerisauan. Adakah mereka nak peduli? Kononnya majoriti warkah telah diutuska kpd Agong. Negara didahulukan, rakyat diutamakan, my foot!

    1. bukan hebat sokong march 2020. hai! annie
      dah nak lingkup you punya company?
      tak apa boleh cadang ppjek tabat rm 40 billion kat kedah PieM Sanasini. taipusam no holi-dei

  4. A true competent leader is one who manage to navigate his country and its people out of a crisis. The bigger the crisis, the leader with resolute formidable character will emerge to lead its people to glory. Good leaders during good times are no perfect measure of leadership quality. Winston Churchill was one good example who defended UK and its allies that brought UK to the forefront during WW2. During peacetime after the war he was defeated in the general election but the quality of his leadership remain unblemished. People remember him more than his successor. We have yet to see our leaders able to bring its people out of a difficult crisis to fruition. Most times the rakyat will have to fend for themselves whilst leaders remained unscathed no matter how big the crisis is.

    1. just close shop annine.
      not missing!

    2. sikalang mau naik saman mco.
      sistem tak funsi bagut, tak cukup test ubot, sistem mysejeta rm 51,000,000 51 juta yang baru 4000 kes hairan tak cekap trak, vaccin sampai akir bulan feb baru kat airpot


  5. First and foremost, congrats upon marking a real milestone in blogging for over 2k of journals sharing with us your insightful opinions and thoughts. TQ for that too. You have been doing very well, so keep it up!

    Back to appalling politics that people loathe to chew over. It looks like both sides of the divide are now into a potentially explosive endgame while the nation and its people are plunged into deep water. During PH regime, we chanced to witness endless of infighting among same side of leaders, that of course included the incessant "bombing" of Tun from all directions. As fate would have it, the same goes to PN now. Should the YBs ever care first for the well-being of people and the progress of nation, all these insane nonsense would not have happened otherwise. These big-heads just fail to let go of their egotism but clash with each other on everything, even during this most challenging pandemic times. O tempora! O mores! The whole country is now in dire straits and it will persist and we are, for sure, going to suffer from all the consequences. Why can't they push aside all political differences for awhile and rack their ingenious brains to vanquish the Covid19 battle? Looking at the daily high record number of cases, sooner or later, the virus is coming to knock at everyone's door however you shield yourselves. I think the only way out is to heed the Agong's call, ceasefire for the time being before it deteriorates further and beyond. Oh, for heaven's sake, all politicking needs to come to a halt!

  6. "I'm not sure how they are going to enforce this MCO, but judging from how it was the past week, I don't think it would do much good."

    The D-G says "four weeks max MCO".


    It was a lie when he said it, and he knows it.

    You mean 2 weeks from now, the numbers will be back to single digits or low hundreds?


    It was a lie when he said it, and he knows it.

    Read the TMI article by a real doctor, Musa Nordin, who pointed out that we will just get sucked into an endless cycle of MCOs.

    The gomen has failed.

    The gomen is clueless.

    The MCo strategy is wrong.

    And what's the logic?

    One month health crisis prevention, plus an extra 6 months of Emergency with no MCO crisis prevention???

    You think people are stupid?


  7. OK OK bawa bertenang. Covid 19 started in 2019.. lama dah tu.. masih belum setel ke semua? Nape nak marah2, sepatutnya tepuk dada tanya selera.

    Kebuluran? famili takde makan? Sya awal dulu dh beri nasihat.Tanam sayoq, ternak ikan ayam itik kambing lembu.. satu tahun macam2 hasil dah dapat, just fm home.

    Takde kawasan tanah nak tanak atau berkebun? Smartfon kamu tekan butang itu ini pun bole cari rezeki.. Invest fm home aje satu bulan can help you cover 3yrs of your household expenses. Tak caya? Rajin2 google, the skies the limit.

    Sebenarnya salah siapa klo diri sendiri yg not organised?


    Ade pun sama takde pun sama. Yg kesian sgt2 hari2 depa melelong rakyat pun kalut ikut melelong. Dok kalut layan depa, kamu? Kerja, duit makan itu ini takde padahal depa semia gaji, elaun2 dan perks bulan2 masuk poket. So nak kata siapa sebenarnya yang bodoh?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Get conglomerates to donate laptops for online learning, says Umngok Youth
      Wndfall Taxws glove company.
      Country of penggemis

  8. The state of Malaysian politics is now at its worst since independence. Most of the political parties are divided and on the verge of breaking up. "Civil-War" has broken out here and there. With pandemic persists hovering around, making matters even worse. A Thaipusam cluster is bound to happen. Health system is already at breaking point. All hospital workers are acutely exhausted. Still, a dull-witted cry-wolf old man insists sticking to his guns on the "I have the numbers9" obsession. Arggg..... pi balik liwat la, Aljuburi. Apa nak jadi Malaysia dgn setan mcm ni?

  9. Blogger KD akhirnya tutup ruang komen kikikikiookkk...!!

    Walaupun komen dlm blog barua Tun dia yg pilih pilih untuk siar ari ari kasi taji dengan fakta dan bukti akhirnya kepanasan bontot kena hantam

    kikikiki... jangan salahkan kami salahkan Tun Mahathir , dia yang mulakan serangan fitnah jijik .... tugas kami lawan fitnah dengan fakta

    kikikiki... mengelupas kulit badan minag kena hantam yerrr


  10. "Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad | Malaysia Kemana Kita?"

    He summed up the situation & rakyat's sentiment well.

    Macamana la umno boleh pilih zahid jadi presiden???

  11. sesajer kopi pes dari laman reformasi



    Adakah rakyat malaysia bersetuju

    Harta dan kekayaan yang mahathir rompak dan curi sepanjang dia jadi perdana menteri...di kembalikan kepada rakyat malaysia...saya percaya sekiranya harta ini di kembalikan ekonomi negara akan kembali pulih dan rakyat pasti dapat manfaat

    Terlalu banyak perbuatan jahat yang di lakukan mahathir bukan saja jahat kepada sesama manusia malah negara kita telah di hancurkan nya..

    perbuatan hina yang di lakukan mahathir sangat tidak bolih di maafkan..sekiranya DSAI jadi perdana menteri malaysia...saya minta beliau sumbat orng tua gila ni ke penjara dan rampas semua harta rakyat malaysia yang dia curi dan rompak.

    p/s : Duit bailout beratus billion guna dana KWSP, Petronas, Dana Pencen TH adalah duit rakyat dan anak anak Tun Mahathir wajib bayar balik masa guna wang rakyat untuk selamatkan syarikat anak anak Tun. Bayar 50% pun kira ok. Bila syarikat syarikat anaknya melingkup dihina orang Melayu malas, tak tahu berniaga dll.

    Niaga kedai roti pun lingkup mintak bailout tokey Cina dapat 300 juta Bandar Malaysia. Akhirnya Rakyat dah tahu Tun ni Pengkhianat atau PejWang..!? kau fikir lah sindri