Thursday 14 January 2021

Maybe we deserve a totalitarian regime...led by Sajat

I'm now at my hideout in the East Coast trying to do my best working from home.

Never been comfortable working like this as I'm used to my routine of going to the office.

Anyway, I suspect this MCO/CMCO is going to be for a long haul.

The Health DG yesterday said it would take at least until May to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

Therefore, the current two weeks lockdown is almost certainly going to be extended up to even more than a month.

The damage, especially economic, is of course will be enormous.

But, I guess we all simply have to bear with it.

This is to save lives.

It's better to be a poor third world country with living people than be an advance country with dead people. Right?

Yea, I really believe now that our country is on its way to be something like Cambodia or one of those African countries of poor people.

Something like going back to the 1950s when up to 70 per cent of our people were living below the poverty line.

And there is also the possibility that we are going to lose our democracy.

The precedence has been set - once power is in our hands, don't ever let it go. Use any excuse to hold on to it.

Soon, people will start campaigning that it's better to get rid of democracy as it would be easier to manage the country by having a government which is all powerful and without check and how it is now under this State of Emergency rule.

Well, never mind. If it's fated to be like that, then we just simply have to get use to it.

After all, some people in North Korea are still happy despite their country being like that. We can be like them too, right?

Anyway, I have think quite a bit and concluded that maybe we do deserve to live under the rule of a totalitarian regime.

It's because I found that many of us do think that it's okay to bully others.

I hate bullies and there are apparently many of them in this country, either at the workplaces, schools, and even in social media.

Just look at the recent Jais versus Sajat case.

Even if that Sajat is an irritating and troublesome pondan, I don't think they should have bullied her like that.

Why do they need to forcefully handcuff Sajat for an interrogation after she voluntarily went to the Jais office?

I have seen the recording of the incident, and I don't think they should have done that.

If they need to charge her, then just charge her instead of behaving like a bunch of thugs.

And there's no denying that the hundreds of comments that came with the video were purely a case of  mob bullying.

The worst was that they use Islam as their excuse for bullying.

Suddenly everyone is a defender of Islam and feels to have the right to use derogatory words to pass judgement on another human being.

I don't thik that's what Islam teaches us.

Trust me, I'm no fan of Sajat and I think she's annoying beyond belief. But then again, she's still a human being and deserves to be treated as such.

Really, I find it disturbing that so many of us have that bullying mentality.

Buli pondan seems to be an enjoyable pastime.

Oh ya, maybe that's why Allah is punishing us by letting an undemocratic government to rule over us.

If we are bullies, we have no right to later complain about being bullied by such a government.

And then there's the never ending Covid-19. Maybe that's Allah's punishment for us too.

 So, don't complain too much, okay.

Just pray for Allah's forgiveness and try to be a better human being.

Maybe then things will change for the better.

Hmmm...maybe I'm saying all these to myself more than to you all.



  1. Poodah!!! Manusia munafiq!

    Where were u when najib & rosmah bullied & bulldozed those around them? Not a pip squeak.

    Where we you when Jakim/ Jais bulied book publisher & seller? Now only suddenly got conscience?

    Is it better to be poor or dead? Ask yourself this question if the lives at stake are your parents.


  2. Come on la, Annie. Don't get upset and pessimistic over the Declaration of Emergency. The condition is understandably just momentary, partly to tackle the virus but mostly to shut down the overly intensity of politicking which has already caused so much damage to the nation during this difficult period. Take it as political ceasefire until these dark clouds pass by. No worries, tolalitarianism is out of question unless DAP can produce a clone Chairman MaoZD.

  3. “Anyway, I suspect this MCO/CMCO is going to be for a long haul”

    “Therefore, the current two weeks lockdown is almost certainly going to be extended up to even more than a month.”

    -You probably right. Number of cases announced this week and the week after are coming from thousands of samples/swabs taken from the past 2 weeks; that is before MCO and the emergency. It doesn’t really reflects the outcome of MCO 2.0 which starts on the 13th of January.

    If we want to know whether the MCO 2.0 really works in bringing down the numbers and flating the curve, check out the number of cases after 26 of January where samples which will be tested are coming from samples/swabs taken throughout MCO period. It the numbers start to decrease by then, it shows the MCO 2.0 works. It is also means the MCO 2.0 most probably will continue beyond 26 to really see the result and efficacy of such stringent measure in extended period of time.

  4. First of all it's a he not a she. 2ndly he was handcuffed as he was resisting arrest n did not cooperate and the charge was due to him mempermain2 kan agama by flaunting and making people think he was a woman.

  5. "..I find it disturbing that so many of us have the bullying mentality."

    Annie, what is your opinion on the imprisonments of Anwar? Was he, the Godsend saviour of Malaysia, could be classified as victim of bullying mentality or vice versa?

  6. Aisay Annie...on one hand u say Sanjay needs to b treated properly, yet u call her pondan, A very derogatory term. She is first a human being....why can't people see her as such. All of God's creation is perfect so who are you, me, Jakim to pass judgement. Disgusted to the core with all these religious bullies.

    1. "Even if that Sajat is an irritating and troublesome pondan...." Please read properly.

  7. Mahathir says may work with Umno again, on one condition… Fuck you lah..!!

    Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today he would be open to working with his former party Umno again but with a caveat. You resigned already from UMNO no body force you to resign.. now you ask what should doing for UMNO members..!

    Fuck you asshole..!!

    He said party leaders charged in court for any crimes, whether they have been found guilty or not, must step down from leadership roles before he would consider cooperating.

    When your Party Pejuang is still in incubator and time is running out for PRU 15to save his legacy and crony then still want to warn UMNO what is the best to do...!!

    Fuck you...!!

    1. Go fuck Anwar 1st la becuase he has agreed to work with those kleptocrats umno months before. He will enjoy that. So do you.

    2. Anon reply comment especially the last!!

  8. annine can ask your very reliable "fake news" sources up there.
    is toyota and honda moving to indon!!!!!
    bet sajat can survive more than annine in indon.

  9. excerpt of comment from other..
    . ...and it all can be RESTARTED/REBOOT FRESH....but now it is so messy that shits hit the fan everybody got hit! Tapi gua caya OT95 tuh masih bergeliga the brain function just as a 59 years old would and he will come up with something. He will not stop unless he is 6 feet under...salute pada Tun M.


    1. Well said and beyond 100% agree with you.