Wednesday 25 February 2015

It's all about politicians' ego

My room's air-cond has gone kaput.

And it's so damn hot tonight.

It had been like this the past several days.

The ceiling fan is not doing much good.

I am wearing very little clothing now, but still sweating.

It's the ongoing heat wave, I think.

Maybe I need to take another round of shower later.

Anyway, i am writing this post simply because I got nothing better to do.

It's hard to sleep in this heat.

Actually there is still nothing yet really beneficial to write about the political scene.

None of what is happening now is of any help to the life of ordinary Malaysians.

Does it improve our life that yesterday Anwar's family filed a petition for royal pardon to get him out of jail?

I don't think so.

Who really cares anyway? Right?

The MIC ding dong helping the Indian community?

I don't think so too.


How about the DAP and Pas fight over hudud and other things?

That's to me is just to please their followers. Their tit-for-tat is not going to improve the people's quality of life or lower the crime rate.

How about DAP's rule in Penang? Has it improved the life of the people of Penang by leaps and bounds?

Honestly, I can't see much difference between the life of someone who lives in Alor Star and someone who lives in Penang.

Okay la, maybe in Penang a Chinese may feel liberated because the chief minister is a handsome Chinese guy.

But that does not make life much better by much, isn't it?

Dengar ceramah DAP hantam the Melayu gomen tak improve life, okay.

Syok sikit je. Itu saja.

Really, everything that's happening were almost all about the politicians' ego.

The Umno people are no better.

They are messing things up and showing no sign of improving.

Very tiresome people, actually.

Eh...this is wasting time lah.

I better wait until I am really inspired again before writing a posting.

Don't want to bore you all with my aimless ranting all the time.

Here, better listen to this nice song instead.


  1. why la you have to mention you are wearing very little clothing will drive the redbeaneres bonkers and they will start wanking nanti hahaha

    1. Hmmm...akak ni kn suka la goda lelaki2 melayu...hmm...

      Org muo

    2. You started wanking already?

  2. If got nothing better to do then write about our FL complaining about RM1200 hair styling and dyeing..
    Darn..with so much inheritance still complain..write about the inheritance too..

    Sigh...Poor people like most of us can only watch with envy..

    1. Dont you know youre talking bout a revolution . . . disregarded disenfranchised oh no ....

  3. "I am wearing very little clothing now, but still sweating"..

    How little? Can you be more specific? Do you have any pic?