Saturday 21 February 2015

Achtung! Bullies in the building!

I hate bullies.

Maybe it was because I was traumatized by them when I was very young.

I was once quite badly bullied when I was in school.

The irony was that, those who bullied me back then were not kids who were supposedly bad.

They were school prefects.

There was not much that I can do as at that time I was just a small form two kid being slapped around by my seniors in prefect uniform who were in form six.

I grew up actually hating those in authority because of that incident.

As I am a bit older, I adjusted it into hating those who abuse their authority.

It's something that stick with me till these days.

For instance, it's the reason why I despise the Khaled Nordin's administration in Johor.

They are bullies because once they gain control of Kota Iskandar, they tried their best to push out everyone they deemed to be part of the former administration even though they were from the same BN camp.

Arrogant, greedy and power hungry piece of shit. That's what they are in my eyes.

Bullies are indeed despicable bastards, no doubt about it.

They think that the authority they have, empowered them to behave like God to determine the life of others.

I also got a few of those in my office.

They normally pick on those who can't fight them back.

Bullies in my office love to display their power by humiliating their victims in public.

Real pricks.

They may think they are powerful and invincible now, but when the time comes they will not even know what hit them.

Well, never mind. Just want to get that out of my chest for now.

Something happened today that reminded me of all those bullies in my life.

Made me very angry.

Why can't their parents brought them up properly so that they don't turned up into bullies that they are now?

What's wrong with these people anyway?

Really spoilt my mood.


  1. Next time one of em ego suckers grows on you just tell them in their freaking face:
    "I don't need your approval and I don't want your disapproval!"
    Habis cerita . . .

  2. Just punch them in the face Annie. Keep throwing the punches until your bare knuckles bleeding excessively..then take a good look at the face you just hit..Isn't he look beautiful; )..

  3. "They think that the authority they have, empowered them to behave like God to determine the life of others."

    Annie ke Bandung belajar Pencak Silat!
    Tapi jangan lupa merendah diri dan bersabar juga

    1. Classic Malay literature by Raja Ali Haji, performed by Jogja Hip Hop Foundation (INA)


  4. Annie ,

    Wa ingat Lu atak cekap , Lu Cina sekolah lea aa , mungkin lia punya cala memang itu macam maa aa .

    Wa lulu pon Cina sekolah juga lea aa .

    1. No lufang. I didn't study in a Chinese school. My school is one of those prestigious boarding schools.

    2. Solly Annie , Wa sutak lupa lea aa ,sikalang Wa sutak ingat kembali , itu Ai , eaa aa ,sikalang sutak ingat .

      Atak kuasa punya olang memang itu macam maa aa , sikalang Cina atak kuasa ekonomi lea aa , itu balang mau tulun ,tatak tulun Cina punya tangan lor rr ,kelajaan apa bolih buat ,kasi tulun minyak ,lain balang tatak tulun .
      Siapa atak kuasa .memang itu macam.

  5. Annie
    buli dgn ragging tu sama ke.. saya tak pasti...
    .. kalau saya tak kena ragging.. mungkin saya kurang sikit kawan dari kalangan senior di boarding school or masa undergraduate..
    jangan usik fizikal ok le... dah naik form two , kan dah jadi senior baru....

  6. Those bullies who think as they hold the economic powers, they can do whatever they like to maximize profit and customer whatever costs.

    Yes, they also agree to disagree; AGREE to raise price at whatever factors and silly reasons but DISAGREE to lower price if any major cost contributing factors reduced.

    Such a bully. They bully the rakyat to make the rakyat hate the governing authorities.

    Good for DS Ismail Sabri in walking the Jihad Membanteras Orang Tengah through FAMA's Pasar Tani new regulation for the benefit of the rakyat.