Thursday 5 February 2015

Chinese, you want Najib or Ismail Sabri?

The Chinese-own media appeared to be all upset and ready to crucify that  Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

How dare of him to suggest for Malays to boycott Chinese businesses which refused to lower the prices of goods accordingly, they said.

The social media is also abuzz with talks about the issue, with the Chinese netizens for the most of it being upset with Ismail Sabri.

Pakatan, in particular DAP, off course pointed at Ismail as the typical Umno Melayu racist.

Some BN Chinese-based parties had also lodged police reports against the guy.

However, Ismail Sabri doesn't seems to give a shit.

"I will not retract nor apologize (for the statement)," he said yesterday.

And why should he?

It turned out that he is now being treated as a hero by many people who really matter for him as a Malay politician - the Malays.

Here is an example,

Kami bersama Ismail Sabri

The Pas people and their Melayu gang in PKR are rather quiet about this issue.

Deep down inside they know that most Malays, who are their supporters actually believe that the all dominant Chinese own businesses have not always been totally honest in their dealings.

If they whack Ismail Sabri, they may get a backlash from their own supporters.

Cina meniaga tak tipu memang tak sah.

That's a common way a Melayu think of the Chinese businesses.

For many of them, what Ismail Sabri said was true and for that he is a Malay hero for daring to say it openly.

And that actually tickles me.

Ismail Sabri is actually just a mediocre Umno politician and not so bright a minister.

Come, tell me what is the last remarkable thing that you remember that he did as a politician or a minister?

Ada tak?

If you think I am being wicked for saying that about  Ismail Sabri, then you all should have read the post about the guy by Syed Akbar Ali of the Outsyed the Box blog.

Unfortunately, Syed Akbar always takes down his post after he posted a new one, so that we can't read it anymore.

But never mind, the point is Ismail Sabri is now a Malay hero.

No body can do anything about it.

Not even PM DS Najib Razak.

If Najib tries to remove him as a minister because of the issue, he will surely get clobbered by the Malays, especially Umno members.

The Chinese will be stupid if they think they can gang up to push Najib to get rid of Ismail Sabri.

The harder they whack the guy, the stronger support that he will get from the Malays.

Honestly speaking, many Malays don't care anymore to be nice to the Chinese after the Chinese tsunami of the 13th general election.

Of course, DAP will exploit this issue to consolidate its Chinese support base.

MCA and Gerakan will be hard pressed to try to out-Chinese DAP over the issue.

But of course DAP will win.

They are now the champion who are going to save the Chinese race in this country from the evil Melayu of Umno.

And so they think.

At what price, Chinese?

What if after this another Malay politician emerges as a hero of the Melayu the same way Ismail Sabri did?

And then another, and another, and another....

It's the popular thing to do to get popular among Malay politicians these days.

Just look at how DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi did it, okay

Are the Chinese ready to jump every time that happens?

How long can DAP play the game of penyelamat bangsa Cina anyway.

Are they ready to face a united Malays led by people such as Ismail Sabri?

Or, will they rather work with the moderate Malay leaders such as Najib to mend relations with the Malays?

I know, the Chinese abandoned Najib in GE13 despite the guy's best effort to woo them, but maybe they now realize their mistake.

What I know of Najib is that he is a kind man.

I think he will be okay to start afresh with the Chinese if they want to work with him.

It's now up to the Chinese whether they are gung ho enough to be led by DAP into an all out fight with the Malays, or help Najib and other moderate Malays to regain control of their community's leadership from people like Ismail Sabri.

It's for them to decide.

Hopefully the Chinese will live up to their reputation of being a bunch of smart and practical people.


  1. An "all out fight with the Malays"? Malaysia in flames, engulfed by racial riots, murders, rapes and widespread mayhem?

    I know that you have a predilection for hyperbole, Annie, but, surely, you can't be serious in your claim, can you?

    Do you think that the world will stand idly by when this happens?

    Or that Malaysians, of all races and religions, are willing to see Malaysia become an international pariah?

    Unfortunately, for all these perpetrators of racist posturings, the truth will not stay suppressed or hidden. The social media will see to that.

    Ismail Sabri and his ilk may portray themselves as folk heroes and preen in the adulation of the deluded who believe in free lunches and that the world owes them a living because they are "special".

    Alas, their awakening to reality will be painful indeed.

    Where will Ismail Sabri and his fellow thinkers be then?

    1. Of course the world would not stand idle, just as the world is watching with great anxiety and bewilderment of the beheading and crude justice of renegade groups of unsound people like ISIs, Boko Haram, AlQaeda, Talibans.. and also the tyrants of yesteryears like Hitler, the Japs and quite recently Chin Peng and his merrymen.

    2. What Malay hero? This Ismail Sabri kind is like the fabled incompetent Temenggong playing court intriques to oust Tun Perak and Hang Tuah from the Malaccan Sultanate.

      Kalau jenis ni dibagi kuasa pemerintahan Melaka mesti mundur ke dalam kegelapan sejarah; Laksmana Cheng Ho pun akan rasa tertekan oleh tindak-tanduk bathilnya.


    3. Itu, eaa aa, Ismail Sabri cekap atak betut , Wa pon atak malu ini Cina punya hat ,selalu cekap semua olang salah ,tapi sendili punya salah tatak mau kasi betut lea aa .

      Ai yaa ,Cina tetap mau Cina, maa aa , Wa tetap lespek itu uncle Lim lor rr

      Bulayu sikalang atak kuasa politik ,Cina atak kuasa ekonomi (halga naik tulun) siapa atak lebih kuasa ?, semua olang mau makan lor rr ,apa macam mau boikot maa aa ,kalau boikot tatak makan maa aa !.

    4. Cik ani, to hell with chinese vote. Even 100% cina vote for Dapig, malay can still form govt. So, who cares ? Cina boleh balik goreng ikan tongsan

    5. ABC..Asalkan Bukan Cina

  2. Annie I like your posting, simple to read and to understand, to the point, making a lot of sense, and unconvulated unlike some of the other bloggers, who write to impress, keep it up Annie whoever you are.

    1. Can you enlighten this ordinary individual chinese voter how he is supposed to vote for Najib without also implicitly voting for Ismail? How can PKR possibly have any seats if all malays stand with UMNO? There aren't enough chinese voters to give PKR everything, is that not so?

    2. "unconvulated" (sic)???

      Really? Making up words, are we?

      I am familiar with the word "convoluted" (e.g. the cosy political-business nexus in Malaysia, the various toll and power purchase agreements, the 1MDB imbroglio etc), but "unconvulated"?

  3. Quote.."Where will Ismail Sabri and his fellow thinkers be then"?...they will be with their own people through thick and thin..and you can live with your people..who ever they are..the world doesn't owe you anything konon..actually those vendor and retailer who are majority of them are from the kiasu clan owe their money to the public.

    if they can't keep their greed in check..the public especially the largest customer of all the malay should boycott them if they still can't lower their goods price or at least measure it to a reasonable value despite the lower oil price..since before this they always complaint about the oil price and making it as an excuse for the price hike.

    1. Anon 08:14

      It is obvious that you need a quick lesson or two (or three) about supply chain logistics.

      What's that, you ask?

      But ignorance of the realities of supply chain logistics shouldn't be an excuse for stupid comments about alleged "profiteering", "price gouging", "monopolistic groupings" etc.

      Has Ismail Sabri asked the big consumer goods manufacturers in Malaysia to justify their profit margins and pricing? Or the prices they charge their distributors and wholesalers?

      I am talking about the big consumer goods manufacturers who are also big MNCs with substantial investments in Malaysia - the likes of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, P&G, Nestlé, Unilever etc. Or the big oil companies like Shell? Or the breweries like Carlsberg?

      Of course, Ismail wouldn't dare criticise these MNCs for their pricing and profit margins. Because if he did, the government would shut him up pretty damn quick. The international chambers of commerce in Malaysia have a lot of clout, and the last thing that the government wants is for Malaysia to be perceived as "investor-UNFRIENDLY".

      So, what to do? Simple, lah - like demagogues everywhere, target the minorities and the easily-scapegoated with rhetoric that is devoid of reason or logic.

      The modus operandi of bullies everywhere!

    2. Anon 16:28,

      Who is actually bullying who , when the oil price high the blamed the government for the increased price of goods and services . Now the oil price at the lowest they still blamed the government because they cannot reduce their prices of goods and services .

      They had learned the blamed games well .

    3. This all stems from illogical linguistically separate school systems .... I'm in Indonesia now and all the Chinese speak bahasa like every other Indonesian. Lim Kit Siang you chin peng worshipping Chinese chauvinist dong zong!

    4. Anon 19.10

      What the flying fuck are you on about? He clearly said Chinese retailers. Why don't you keep your inbred stupidity to yourself?

    5. Ya I can see how the blame game can worsen between racial groups over economic issues if people do not share their school years together learning about each other and mirroring themselves in the other.

    6. quote "the likes of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, P&G, Nestlé, Unilever etc. Or the big oil companies like Shell?" thinks who control those co.? if not the kiasu clan..the chain of distributor and everything..of course the typical chinese answer is the typical people especially orang melayu are ignorance about business supply and demand...get all highly with the economic terminology all you want..ignorance lah sangat orang melayu ni ye...the monopoly is well known..the gov are so soft when dealing with your you want to deny it and keep that so called blame game..well go's a blame game alright.

    7. Anon 08:14

      It is obvious that you need a quick lesson or two (or three) about supply chain logistics...

      hahaha you think you're so clever...let bare in mine our economic system is capitalistic in nature..the need for control by a small group of people on the distribution of wealth or good is the main priority...who ever control it surely will have power and of course money..who ever they are..cina melayu or multinational co. etc..everybody will fight neck to neck..

    8. Anon 8:16,
      I say you hit the target! We better watch our ass as the Najib guys weasel in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and put ordinary Malaysians under the mercy of the global MNCs and the powerfully rich.

  4. What Annie said is absolutely true.

    The Chinese have no political future in Malaysia.

    Accept that, and plan accordingly.

    1. Whatever the outcome, never will I ever vote for any Chinese candidate, ever again. Especially the Donkeys and Pigs and additionally the half -past 6 MCA and the almost dead Gerakan.

      Time to reclaim the homeland. We need more people like Ismail Sabri. Whats the use of brilliant Malays (err, Najib???) when constantly and consistently the Melayus and Islam are being sidelined tsunami like.

      Long live Ibrahim Ali, Zahid Hamidi, Mukriz and of course Ismail Sabri....

    2. I support Ismail Sabri simply because it was the PR that started the campaign of smearing the government first and sparked the hatred nationwide after Tun M's era through price hike issue regardless whatever effort the government has done to remedy it. They are the one that claimed the mess was largely due to oil price hike triggered by the government. Now the oil has dropped no domino effect on the consumer goods? They just keep quiet till they find another excuse to ignite the hatred again since the consumer price hiking card no longer proved to be correct. What now? To accuse people racist is the other card they will have to play as the last resort to garner more people's support...i mean the same race going against other race even though everybody wants the same n reasonable consumer goods. Why go against this good cause initiated by DS Ismail and working with him instead to fight the cartels? Chinese parties are funded by the cartels regardless PR or non-PR...everybody knows that..MCA..Gerakan..DAP...they are all the same. Their job is to ensure their panggung opera cina complement each other in so called "struggle against the tyranny" by the Malays. Man...this is blockbuster punya wayang mcm 13th May punya....before merdeka all the businesses dictated by the British to be monopolised by the Chinese...then we got our merdeka by agreeing the fact that whether via legal or non-legal means...whatever belongs to them nobody can kacau the citizenship. Now...whenever Malays accusing chinese's monolopy in business the other side will say the malays got more from government...malays also like pot calling kettle's butt sum game. The one that got hit the most all this while is the poor majority malays....minority Chinese and Indians...

    3. Chinese,

      Your second generation in America could be a senator, a governor, or even the president.

      Many of you have already succeeded in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

      And there are lots of opportunities in the 'greater China region'.

      Your time, energy and capital are precious.

      Why work for something that you can't win?

      Go where you potential can be maximised.

      Could always come back for holidays and good food.

    4. Anon 17:34,

      Lu cekap atak betut lea aa, Ya aaa Lor rr ,kalau tatak bolih telima and keleja sama lain tempat cali lor rr .

    5. Anon 17:34,
      Cant agree more. Fuck off.

    6. What 17:34 advised is true. Sad but true.

      Most who took that route are financially better off. Here I'm talking about ordinary people, not the 'well connected' ones.

      Surely you can see the economic trend for Malaysia? It is already a net importer of oil. It is still a natural gas exporter though. Suffice to say that the country is still a net energy exporter with a falling net export. Meaning that falling energy prices = falling government revenue.

      Thus the government's ability to subsidise has reduced sharply over the past 10 years. And that's why it needs GST to add to its coffers.

      Also, the country has no choice but to go nuclear for electricity generation...does it scare you?

      But the main thing is, Chinese comprise only about 25% of the population. And if the Malays want, eg, hudud, there's nothing you can do!

    7. Hudud? How come PAS never ever explain the maqasid al-shariah which is the philosophical justification of Islamic law-making. Will Mustapha Ali be stoned for his illicit sex on the internet?

    8. 12:25 is right.

      Do you want to become poorer in the future?

      Live in a society increasing under ulama influence?

      Face the risks of a nuclear accident?

    9. Another Example Of Current Socio-Political-Economic Trend?

      Salary delays leave RTM temps in the lurch

      One of them is thinking of postponing his marriage while others have turned to delivering pizzas and selling coconuts to make ends meet.

      These are among the sad stories which have emerged after the state-owned Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) purportedly delayed the salary for more than a hundred of its part-time staff for nearly two months.

      "The last time, we were paid half-month salary for December, 2014. According to the management, the outstanding amount would be paid only in March.

  5. The issue here should not be about race or racist remarks.

    The oil price has lowered but the other prices such food , transportation etc remain status quo.

    He is a member of the cabinet, voicing out the concern of ordinary citizens.

    Let us all focus on the main issue , that include you too, Annie. There are other things in life more important to the laymen, not just politics.

    1. Then he could have just said "consumers" and "traders" without bringing race into it?

      I am aware of the concept of "privilege" and how a poor chinese is still better off than a poor malay, but that's no longer the case when you pit "all malays" against "all chinese" now is there.

    2. Like I said focus on the real issue. What we are witnessing now and attracting discussions aren't.

      Why play into their ploy?

  6. Pertama saya berharap tulisan di atas tidak ditarik balik atau di edit atau disesuaikan dengan kehendak pihak ketiga... susah nak komen kalau sekejap biru sekejap hijau..

    Orang Melayu memang rasis tetapi majoriti ada sikap kompromi dan kesabaran yang tinggi. Kalau tanpa Islam orang Melayu lebih arab lebih jahiliyah dari pak arab.Perkauman yang dimainkan oleh DAP dan kini MCA seumpama memberi semula senjata kepada Melayu yang sudah lama tidak digunakan.

    Atas nama Melayu dan Islam bila diperlekehkan dan dicabar macam anjing sakit gigi menyalak - musuh tradisi PAS dan UMNO boleh berpeluk sakan dan kalau DAP tak percaya...boleh terus cuba.

  7. Next step, MCA should only be allocated poll seats in PRU14 wherever there are Chinese majorities; face to face with dap. Period. There should be no more safe seat or kerusi kesian for MCA in Malay majority area. If MCA fails, no quota for ministerial post in the government. No more begging for any posts in the cabinet! And please, no post for the fail party, neither through backdoor (senator).

    Having so, as MCA can sit together with dap on matter regarding chineseness, then dap should allow MCA to win the seat in order to secure chinese in politics.

  8. I am with Ismail Sabri. So do others. Why ? The truth already spoken. So are the chineses in their chauvinistic sense, taken for granted, the Malays are their enemy now and seems forever. It has been Dap and MCA like button ! Their fans are all alike. Are they true malaysians ?

    Your question, annie, wont fit them. You know exactly what they want.

    1. Do you truly believe all chinese voters are alike, that all chinese voters seek to profiteer or put mandarin above all else or christianity above all else or whatever other bogeyman we have this month? Then why should any choose to vote for the people you stand for?

    2. Then don't vote ismail sabri or any UMNO can vote uncle Lim or anuwar al juburi or Pas pis pus candidates..let the malay vote Umno if they feel umno represent their sentiment..represent their sentiment ok..and let ah jib gor continue jadi pengampu the chinese..let play with think the surat kabar cina don't play that..oh please continue their job..and we will do our part.

  9. When you can figure out how chinese voters can vote for Najib without also voting for Ismail in our system do let us know yeah? You make it sound like chinese voters can decide who is UMNO president and therefore PM.

  10. orang melayu suka yang bercakap macam ismail sabri baru dianggap hero. sebenarnya lebih baik ismail sabri selepas ini jangan bercakap banyak tapi buat kerja betul2. banyak tugas di kemntereriannya yang memerlukan pembaikan besar. kementerian pertanian mengawal selia banyak ap khususnya beras dan makanan lain. di situ bidang kuasa seorang menteri untuk mengaturkan segala-galanya. jangan lupa ismail sabri juga menjaga ap sarang burung walit yang telah dibekukan importnya demi menjaga kepentingan pengusaha sarang burung walit tempatan. siapa majoriti pengusaha tempatan yang dilindungi ini kalau bukan mereka yang dia kritik itu. apa kata kalau ismail sabri buka semula ap untuk import sarang burung walit supaya negara beroleh keuntungan daripada perusahaan itu sepenuhnya. buat masa sekarang, singapura mengambil keuntungan mudah kerana mereka menjalankan urus niaga berkenaaan disebabkan keengganan kementerian pertanian mengeluarkan permit import sarang burung walit. tekun juga di bawah seliaan ismail sabri. yang ini khusus untuk membantu golongan peruncit terutama bumiputera. ismail sabri tahukah berapa lama pemohon perlu menunggu sehingga keputusan pinjaman dikeluarkan oleh pihak tekun. memang dalam rangkanya tempoh 1 bulan tetapi yang sebenarnya berbulan2 pun belum tentu dapat keputusannya. belum lagi pengeluaran pinjaman. elok ismail sabri semak dan ambil tindakan yang benar2 membawa perubahan bagi membantu golongan sasar. bila dah diangkat menjadi hero, teruskanlah bertindak dengan lebih berkesan. bukan hanya seronok pandang cermin. bak kata pepatah, alang2 menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. alang2 dah nak boikot, sediakan saluran pemasaran baru yang pengguna boleh memperoleh produk untuk memenuhi keperluan hidup mereka.

  11. Annie, hang punya blog "puasa politik" sudah terbatal ke? I wish Ismail Sabri will be our next PM !!! kasi ajar itu c**a kui

    1. Apakah awak kira En. Ismail ini berakhlak mulia kah? Saudara dia belum membuktikan kewibawaannya dalam pentadbiran lagi. Kononnya dia adalah ahli kroni ....

    2. 10:58

      Your intelligence is indeed astounding!

    3. Anon 17:32

      Ada kah kah kah kamu kah rakyat kah Malaysia kah. Tahu kah berhasa kah MaMalaysia kah?

    4. That's the trouble with some of you linguistic bigots .... That's why this country is fragmented along racial lines.

    5. Makan kencing berak saja bley. Cakap BM ta bley wor

  12. if nothing is being done 2 neutralize d DAP soon, I wil not b surprised if 95 % of d Chinese voters wil vote 4 them in GE14. this is 4cos all d other Chinese based parties r handicapped by d spirit of d coalition n politics of compromise. d DAP is free 2 play on d Chinese fear n can promises them d 'moon'.

    d MCA has got to b forthright with d community that d Chinese can never govt d country with only 27% . d present model that has been proven since independence is d only safe bet. nothing else wil work except military dictatorship - n nobody wants this 2 happen. d pakatan rakyak has been trying 2 form a similar arrangement but they hv failed n bound 2 fail again. MCA shld wth honesty n clarity xplain 2 d Chinese community that d DAP brand of politics of confrontation wil never work n d Chinese shld contd 2 work within d present framework. I was very lucky 2 hv served under tun ling 4 7 yrs n I hv seen d important concessions he has managed 2 get 4 d community. I hv always believed that compromise n conciliation is d best option.

    1. Bear in mind that not all chinese voters get the option to vote for or against DAP. some of them get to vote for or against PKR or PAS, this is unavoidable due to the nature of our election system.

      2nd, it is not possible to simultaniously claim DAP is controlling PAS and PKR and claim PAS is controling DAP (as MCA tried to do in the last GE). If the truth is somewhere in the middle, then it's true that PR is a unstable coalition, not because DAP is too strong, but because all 3 parties still have strength.

      To the average voter who doesn't read blogs, they see that PKR counterbalances DAP in the same way UMNO and MCA counter balance each other. How do you intend to change this perception while still declaring UMNO unquestioned supremacy?

    2. "If the truth is somewhere in the middle, then it's true that PR is a unstable coalition, not because DAP is too strong, but because all 3 parties still have strength. "
      PR adalah gabungan 3 parti berlainan falsafah dan matlamat. Mana mungkin mereka kuat dan stabil. Jika mereka kuat bermakna ada parti yg menguasai yg lain. Soalan siapa menguasai siapa?

    3. 97% of Chinese already voted for DAP in the last GE. All their families came back from overseas to cast their votes. That was as far as they could go. Their population is declining as we speak.


  13. Just retract-lah even if if you don't want to apologise Yg Bhg DS
    for an idiotic statement which could really be hilarious, if not for the Chinese uproar about it being seditious(?)

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. takut sangat haji ni..biaq pi lah..let it be in the open.


    2. Let us not support broad accusations, Sdr ANONs 12-55 and 15:15
      whether it comes form Muslims or non-Muslims.

      In the first place I don't agree to defame businessmen as being generally greedy, when we can argue that many are really better than our Hon Ministers themselves.

      ( Surah al-Hujuraat, 49: 11 )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

      “Allah the Almighty is good and accepts only that which is good. And verily Allah has commanded the believers to do that which He has commanded the Messengers. So the Almighty has said: "O (you) Messengers! Eat of the tayyibat (good things), and perform righteous deeds" [23:51] and the Almighty has said: "O you who believe! Eat of the lawful things that We have provided you" [2:172]. Then he (peace be upon him) mentioned a man who, having journeyed far, is dishevelled and dusty, and who spreads out his hands to the sky saying, "O Lord! O Lord!" while his food is haram, his drink is haram, his clothing is haram, and he has been nourished with haram, so how can [his supplication] be answered?"

      [narrated by Muslim]

  14. Ya lah Haji..jgn lah takut sgt. kalau hj boleh baca srt kabar Cina tengok apa dia org cerita. Tak pun Hj dengar radio BFM dlm 7.15am. Cuba Hj dengar apa dia org cakap..

    1. So, you don't agree with Tuan Haji that Ismail made an "idiotic statement"?

      Of course, that supposing that you know what "idiot" means.

      Let me spell it out for you.

      An "idiot" is someone who always finds excuses for his or her predicament or shortcomings, who is always blaming someone else for his or her problems, who believes that "free lunches" are a matter of right and who fervently subscribes to the notion that it is always someone else's fault and that the world owes Malaysia a living.

      Get the drift, brudder?

    2. Wow.... 1635 explains that he himself is an IDIOT !

  15. Anon 16.35

    Sounds like you're describing yourself!

    1. Go read what Anon 16:28 posted.

      Only "idiots" don't understand supply chain logistics!

  16. If Najib wants to get rid of the guy he can, Malay support or not. Two easy ways - give him a bigger, more important role in government, but one with problems that are too big to solve easily and let the press slowly crucify him. Or just let some blogger know about some past misdeed or family misdeed (ala NFC) and let him sink over time. Then be seen as the strong man cutting or the dead wood.

    1. A leader of integrity resorts to no such devious means. But the leader himself has been demonstrated to be far from straight ala 1MDB .... a case of the pot accusing the kettle for being black.

  17. I never believed that these prices hike are solely caused by supply chain logistics.

    Only "idiots" believe those explanations.

  18. Dap said if Ismail Sabri felt that he hasn't done anything wrong, why he's taken down his posting?

    Eric Paulson too deleted his tweet on Jakim before and thought he hasn't done anything wrong. Why did Dap didn't ask him the same question back then?

    1. Coz these cinabeng DAP are racist hypocrite kiasus.

  19. Sabri Yaacob, Shaidan Kassim, Nazri Aziz , Liong Tong Lai ,Wee Ka Siong, Sharizat,Idris Jala to name a few of hand a bunch of useless idiots.
    And the saying goes "'Apa lagi Cina Mahu"'

    As long as you have people like these around who needs enemies

    1. Annie, these are your "kind" Mr Clueless' archetypal companions of the crony kind.

  20. Ismail Sabri cakap tak salah. Making generalization tu yang off sikit.
    Kuasa di tangan Pengguna. Kalau tak puashati, jangan beli. Habis cerita. Melenting-lenting kan kerja buang masa !
    Supply chain logistic ni alasan. Macam generalization jugak. Kita Pengguna. Mulakan tindakan..mahal jangan beli. Bila kurang pembeli, peniaga kurangkan pesanan dari pemborong. Bila pemborong kurang pesanan, pemborong pun kurangkan pesanan dari pengangkut dan pengeluar. Lama-lama gostan gohed harga barang boleh turun jugak. Ada pakar supply chain logistics nak sangkal akal "idiot kampong" ?
    Economic sensibility.
    Kita tengok apa jadi.
    Siapa mengeluh.
    Macam ada yang kata kuasa rakyat. Tunjuk la kuasa Pengguna.
    Zaman Jepun 4 tahun pun tak ada kebulur orang Melayu ni. Ingat 'komplot sorok" ? Official campaign tu..


    1. Ya Rakyat bijak memilih Sdr ANON 02: 11

      Silap besar kalau memandang rendah kematangan kami, Yg Bhg DS
      dengan menengahkan politik mudah tapi amat tak cerdik.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Haji dia cakap in reference perbincangan di facebook...ada thread dh sebelum tu...dia respon ikut apa yg sedang diperkatakan semata-mata. Bukan out of the blue komen pasal peniaga Cina. Cuba tuan haji research semula.

  21. What the heck man or woman. why don't any cina retailers come out and defend the pricing structure of their goods and explained to the public Instead of making bloody racial issue out of it.

    for that matter i think all retailers and service providers should be more transparent and mark up their profit within reasonable margins. Its not difficult to calculate the hefty profit margins these importers and retailers are making. Go and ask the business tycoons how they can afford the wealth they are gripping now if not for unscrupulous profit they are making out if their products or services.

    if it can benefit Malaysians as whole that would unite us instead if dividing us.

    1. Reminds me of that Chinese seafood supplier towkay who threw away 26 million dollars at the heartland casino in Singapore all within 72 hrs. What kind of middleman profits was he reaping at the cost of us consumers, one wonders?

  22. As a Chinese I am pissed off with many Chinese traders over price increases especially during Chinese New Year. Whether good times or bad times, it is a norm for Chinese traders in Penang to raise prices during the festival. This has been happening since immemorial . 10 sen increase for your kopi and similar bullshit. All their customers are involved - in respective of race. But the sad thing now is that the Chinese politicians are defending the rights of these traders and NOT the Chinese populace. This I am very pissed. I saw in Burmah Road of one furniture shop having a Pre-GST sale and asking the PUBLIC to buy NOW because certainly their goods will be more expensive after the GST. This is rumour mongering.
    Secondly, Annie, we have been following this "boycott" saga. It happened way before the elections. Remember the Gardenia vs Maximo saga. Then came the "boikot barangan Cina DAP". And now this is has come full blown. The issue between the Malays and Chinese today is a tit-for-tat. You "kurang ajar" so I too "double dare kurang ajar" to you.

    And yes I will boycott all traders (black, yellow, white, purple, rainbow colors) who try to raise prices because of Chinese New Year and GST.

    But one solace. What works in the past, does not work in the present. Remember if the local shops try to increase prices, then go to a foreign shop. Or else, buy online. If the local apek shop increases prices, we have Tesco, Aeon and a many foreign shops of our disposal. We can shop at Lazada and similar ones too. Even with no boycott, the old fashion Chinese shops will die a natural death. I cannot stand shopping at a dingy Chinaman shop and surely a click on Lazada is cooler. (Would your kids want to wear a dress from a Chinaman shop, or would they prefer H&M and Uniqlo -which is cheaper and more chic? Would you want to buy from a sundry shop or brightly lit Tesco?)
    FYI. I buy my pork at Tesco and not from the wet and smelly wet market. Somehow without realizing it, I am boycotting the local trader. My shoes told me to boycott.

    (PS Helen Ang is no longer active, but the issues are still on)

    1. She's in dormant mode vigilantly observing the shitheads unfurl their vicious slanders.

    2. Wow, Milan - your naïveté is astounding!

      Did you ever ask yourself what are the profit margins and returns on investments chalked up by the likes of Aeon, Cold Storage, Giant, Tesco etc? By H&M and Uniqlo? Or by KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut or Starbucks?

      Or like online sites like

      Maybe these are only of relevance to the urban "yuppies" who are well-heeled enough to pay the prices asked without a qualm.

      But for the "mom and pop" stalls in the wet markets, for your neighbourhood coffee shops and warongs, your Mamak roti canai/teh tarek restaurants or your nasi kandar places - who keeps track of their prices and instances of "alleged" profiteering?

      That's why Ismail Sabri is either simplistic or naïve. Maybe he didn't think things through properly before he posted his comments.

      But as a Minister, he can't claim ignorance as an excuse!

    3. Went to a chinese shop in jalan ipoh looking for a padlock. Was shown a made in Thailand padlock priced at rm68. When asked for discount, the old chinese lady offered me for rm65. I asked for rm60 which she refused, then start saying price will go up after GST. When i said gst only in April, she said ask Najib to reduce price.

      I was so pissed off, told the lady to keep the padlock and just walk off. I know their cost probably rm20-30 only, but i was so satisfied to walk away from this greedy ungrateful chinese trader. Never again.

      Wtf those greedy chinese retailers. Greedy greedy and greedy. Tamak haloba. Always claim they rugi or below cost. Bravo to Ismail Sabri.

      Btw, i never buy Massimo anymore. Always Gardenia. As for hardwares, going to chinese shops will be buy last for me. Lu chinese are greedy and liar retailers.

    4. Plaza Pelangi
      Do you observe things? Go to Tesco in Penang and observe.
      You will find many kedai kopi and sundry shop apeks and their kids come in sapu hundreds of bottle/cans of beer, soft drinks (coke etc), 3-in-1 coffee. Do you that even the small traders have to purchase from Tesco and resell? Worst of all, come at 9pm. Many apeks and amahs come and sapu the reduce to bread for reselling.
      Go and observe H&M in KL and talk to some of the customers especially those who buy like 20-30 clothes of similar kind. Many are from China and Singapore. They buy and resell at home.
      I am not simplistic. Customers today are not simple. If Chinese traders continue with their current arrogant manner, they will close. They cannot buy and sell in bulk and earn through bulk purchasing. That is how all hypermarkets and e-shops work. Whether Tesco, McDonalds, Amazon etc. It is bulk. Bulk reduces costs per unit.
      Instead of bitching about how "racist" Ismail Sabri is, look at your business, Can you compete? The clear answer is NO.
      Increase prices because of CNY, customers today run to the malls. Remember Tesco, Giant, 7-11, McDonalds never close even on CNY, Hari Raya, Xmas etc.
      CNY delights? Now it is also cooler to celebrate at the hotel.
      The business world is changing you know.


  23. Annie, why do you bother about what the Chinese want? They are only between 25 to 27% of the population - no? They will never be in control of the Government. Just leave them be. Boycott them if you want. For myself I just boycott any trader or outlet that charges excessive prices. There are alternatives. Even Tun M has said that profiteering is not restricted to race as even the Malays and Indians are just as guilty. In the same way, why doesn't TNB reduce the electricity rates. Let's be guided by more experienced statesmen like Tun.


  24. Mulan,

    What actually happened to Helen Ang ?, we missed her .

  25. I would like to advice Chinese Polticians esp from DAP,stop politicizing all issues esp regarding racism just to gain popularity.The middle class chinese esp businessmen are facing hard times now even in Png.They no longer can afford to buy houses,business opportunities are lesser,as state govt only take care the big tycoons.What more in other states govt by BN.As minority races,the Chinese should admit even all of them vote Oppo they cannot become the the Boss of this country.Realising or not since GE 13,what Najib had dish to the Chinese Community.He could not careless about Cinese votes anymore and I think he is right,it better to reward those were loyal to you than who backstabbed you.Come GE 14,he will have the justifications to take back the Malay majority areas which traditionally represented by MCA or GERAKAN.and leaving the two parties fighting against PR.It is time now that Chinese to do appraisal to whether to go along and cooperate with the ruling coalitions ,be in a position of win win situation or become third class or lower citizens.My observation is that to the Malays if you touch their Religion,Race and Kings,they will join hands irrespective which parties they belong.They are very patience and accomadative lots but they also have limits.

    1. Haiya cin bodo sombong maa. Mana tau ini semua. Dia ingat banyak lui manyak pandai maa.