Thursday 7 August 2014

Pas' best chance to reunite the Malay Muslims (updated)


This just came out in Pas' Harakah,

Kekal Khalid selagi tidak disabit langgar amanah - Majlis Syura


Dalam kenyataan yang ditandantangani Mursyidul Am PAS Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat dan juga Timbalan Mursyidul Am Tuan Guru Datuk Dr Haron Din itu menyatakan, keputusan itu dibuat berasaskan hukum syarak dan melihat kepentingan rakyat yang mesti mendahului kepentingan individu dan parti.


Selangor Pas leaders are joining their PKR allies among the supporters of Menteri Besar TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim at his official residence later today.

They are going to perform the sembahyang hajat in the hope for Khalid to remain in his post.

Last night, the Pas Ulama Council had a meeting in Kota Baru to discuss their next step of action in the Selangor crisis.

The Pas ulama faction, backed by their party president DS Abdul Hadi Awang and spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat are against Khalid's ouster.

All this are in light of the PKR's move of issuing Khalid a show cause letter which in all likelihood will lead to his sacking from the party.

PKR's intention was clear, as Khalid was given only three days until tomorrow to reply to it.

It was to pre-empt the Pas and DAP meetings to decide on the MB issue on Sunday.

Khalid is likely to be sacked tomorrow or on Saturday, making him a non-Pakatan MB when Pas and DAP convene their meetings.

His reply to the show cause letter yesterday had already been rebuffed.

DAP has more or less made up their mind to go along with PKR but Pas which mostly are against it will be forced to decide if they are still going to support Khalid despite him being a non-Pakatan MB.

If Pas decides to stand their ground, they would have no choice but to quit Pakatan and work with Umno to defend Khalid's administration. This is very tough for Pas leaders, especially Nik Aziz who has for years been thwarting attempts at a Pas-Umno reconciliation.

But if Pas goes along with their Pakatan allies in removing Khalid, it will further diminish their standing as a party.

They will be seen as willing to compromise their principles and worst of all, it confirms allegations that they are a mere DAP's poodle and is under the thumbs of PKR's DS Anwar Ibrahim.

It will be a sad end for Pas and its supposedly Islamic ideals if it opts to go down that path just to be with DAP and PKR.

This Selangor MB episode, if it went according to the wish of Anwar of having his wife DS Dr Wan Azizah Ismail as MB, will also confirm DAP as the real Pakatan boss.

PKR's image will be badly tarnished for sacking for no good reasons an MB who is well liked for being "clean" while Pas, as argued, will forever be seen as a weakling who compromise its principles to no end for the benefit of especially DAP.

However, if Pas decides to stand its ground, it will be a day to be remembered as a start to a possible Malay Muslims reunification in this country.

I am sure Umno, under the DS Najib Razak will accommodate Pas in any reasonable way in order to enable them to work together for the betterment of a united Malay Muslim community.

The key is now in Pas' hands. It's for them to decide whether the Malay Muslims will remain divided and under siege as they are now or otherwise.


  1. PAS must set a condition that its candidates in future elections for all parliament and state seats currently held by PAS shall have the full support of BN.

    If BN agrees to the above in writing, then PAS should have no problem joining BN.

    1. meaning that PAS cannot expand and extend its influence? what about seats now belong to PKR' malay candidate, who will contest, UMNO/BN or PAS? for a start i agree with ur point but any how both UMNO and PAS has to come up with a good and logical solution.

  2. Kak Annie,

    It's already written in the stars. PAS will go along with PKR-DAP's plan to remove TS Khalid. If PAS can sacrifice 'Negara Islam' and co-operate with non-muslims in PR to bring forth 'Negara Berkebajikan', and kept mum about kalimah Allah in order to defend the Buku Jingga, what makes you think that they will not hesitate to sacrifice a non-PAS MB?

    PAS had sold its soul long time ago. All this hesitation is just a pathetic mak yong play to show the remnants of PAS' deteriorating back-bone within Pakatan. Well, it is a 'parti tok alim kampungan' after all.

    Sorry to disappoint you Kak.

    Love, Pwincess.

    1. I will never ever trust PAS leaders until and unless things are proven. They are very famous in twisting and turning their statements and at the end will deny whatever the have said.

    2. I didn't know that PAS has/had a soul!

      Any more than Umno, MCA or MIC has a soul.

      Anyways, if we are talking about the "unity of the Malays", then it is only fair to talk about the " unity of the Chinese", the "unity of the Indians", the " unity of the Eurasians" and the "unity of the others, including the Orang Asli".

      That's a lot of "unities" to contemplate.

      To what purpose?

      Will it help Malaysian Malays, Chinese, Indians and others to better compete in a globalised world where education, talent, skills and entrepreneurship count for more than race or religion?

      Of course, Malaysia can always opt out of the global rat race (leaving it to the rats!) and progress in it's own individual way.

      What "unity" has to do with it is anybody's guess.

    3. Weren't the Chinese united when they voted for DAP in GE13 which caused the Chinese tsunami? If the Chinese can, why the Malays and Muslims cannot? I am all for the unity of Malays and Muslims as it is good for the ummah and the country.

    4. jalan teberau,

      The Chinese has all the time stand united in everything of their undertaking , politic or business , to them blood is always ticker then water.

      For Malays , to be united will be a dreams come through.

    5. Asked this question to racist chinese in last election.

    6. Malay First 20:39

      Why talk about "unity" among Malays and Muslims when there's a schism in Islam between the Sunnis and the Shi'ites?

      Will the ummah back Hamas and Hezbollah (and Iran) against Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan?

      The greater ummah is even split on the issue of Israel and Palestine, as recent news reports indicate.

      The Saudis are more tolerant of Israel than they are about Iran's nuclear ambitions and regional hegemonic ambitions.

      Even in Indonesia, a minister there recently stated that Indonesia is not an Islamic state.
      So, what "unity" are we talking about?

    7. Jalan Tebrau... we are talking Malay - Muslim in Malaysia la.Why go to Gaza, Indonesia, Jordan.....Saudi ... in Malay we call this menyeleweng laa...
      Malay First Seconder.

    8. Anon 19:01

      Oh, really? Are you saying that the Malay-Muslims in Malaysia are a distinct and unique species, not to be confused or conflated with the greater ummah?

      So, "unity" among the Malay-Muslims in Malaysia is not necessarily the same as "unity" among the greater ummah out there in the rest of the world?

      Talk about self-centredness!

  3. Insyaallah Pas will put muslim interests above all others

    1. Yes, UMNO and PAS can merge and form PASUMNO or UMNOPAS!

      Even the name sound dynamik - combining Bangsa dan Agama!

    2. Who can trust freaking Wahhabi Islamists in the world anymore? Some of the PAS members have joined their demonic Khalifah ISIS going all over Iraq killing and maiming innocent civilians and Sunni and Shia ulamak altogether. And Hadi Awang still refuses to retract his Takfiri "Amanat Hadi Awang" yang menghukum orang Melayu Muslim sebagai kafir!

      The descendant of Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani, our beloved Sheikh Afifuddin from Baghdad who has settled in Malaysia are among the Sunni Ashaarite ulamak calling for the arrest of the ISIS genocide against the Muslim, Christian, and other faiths in Iraq.

    3. PAS should accept that other than religion,it should let UMNO take the lead in governing the country.

      It should not haggle electorial seats with UMNO.

      It must be prepared to accept this truth in the interest of Bangsa dan Agama.


  4. "Work with UMNO? I'm out !"

    This statement appeared in the what'sapp chat, didn't it ?

    and the guy who apologised to DAP and claimed Khalid samad will do the same ?

    You cannot use logic to try to understand these bangsat animals. What are their struggles?

    They say Islam is not a problem, it's the followers.

    Then again, this religion leaves too much loosing ends to it's believers to grow their own imagination and allowing them to perceive themselves as the fighters of Allah when what they have is just some janggut, wearing kopiah, pakai jubah, those shit to make people believe their Islamic image.

    Yet there's no one to provide an unequivocal answers that these are no Islamic shit. And so these people will continue to appear as islamic fighters.

    1. it has to be a start and a try somewhere and some how. as it goes, patching up the lose ends culd be done. working together wuld be the best that one culd think of at this moment rather than having ill feeling towards one another.

  5. Nak harapkan PAS?

    PAS cuma keldai tunggangan DAP dan PKR.

    Dalam PAS agaknya dah ramai orang yang dah jadi peliharaan Anwar dan Lim Guan Eng.

    BN dan UMNO pun sama.

    Jamin UMNO Selangor pun tak nak berbaik dengan PAS masa ni.

    1. Bukan setiap hari itu adalah hari Khamis sebab ianya akan sentiasa berubah dan bertukar. Tidak akan kekal suatu ciptaan itu. Api tidak akan selalu dan berterusan bernyala, suatu ketika padamlah nanti. Janganlah pula disimbahkan dengan minyak bila dah padam sedangkan baranya masih ada.

      Berfikiran baiklah untuk mendapatkan kebaikan. Insya Allah akan dimakbulkan Illahi.

  6. I don't think PAS joining with UMNO will be a good thing in the long run mainly because of two reasons:
    1) PAS and UMNO joining together would just be a marriage of convenience and in the long run it would just turn sour like how the marriage of convenience of PR is falling apart.
    2) If PAS joins UMNO then the political landscape of the country would be changed into Malays vs Non-Malays. I don't think I would like the younger generation to grow up in that environment.

    1. 2) Blame DAP for that to happen. DAP had influenced 95% of Chinese voters to reject MCA.

    2. Anon 15.13

      Youve clearly bought the bullshit spin umno and wackos like helen has been spreading. 51% of malaysians voted for pakatan for a multitude of reasons. Race and religion should be best left out of governance.

    3. I dont think if pas joins umno it will be malay vs non cos in pkr n dap still got malay. In bn still got non.

    4. Anon 21:11

      ..and you clearly bought anwar bullshit about her wife become new MB. ..helen..wacko?..(rafizi for sure) least she do not engineered any My Ass Move just for the sake of one man greedy!!!.. another 49% did not vote for pakatan!!!...respect that too...

  7. Finally the real ambitions of Pakatan emerged. Nothing more than lust for power and we as wealth. I pity all the poor pathetic supporters. You all have been funked front and rear. You all deserved it. Hope Allah have mercy on you.

    1. If PAS backed out and endorse Tok Wan, that means they are fighting for this world. We can expect a significant number of their grass root members deserting the party, perhaps to join ISMA.

    2. No different fr the BN Supporters who are being screwed big time too.



    This just came out from chief strategist YB Lim, Sr
    about the 23rd July PR Leadership Council meeting:
    ( LKS blog- finally spoken on 7th Aug 2014)

    " .. (ii) PAS and DAP to convene meetings of their respective Central Committees TO DECIDE on the PKR nomination of Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail as the new Selangor Mentri Besar."

    Kesian ya(?) PAS jugak, yang kena screw kiri-kanan/ depan belakang !

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. PAS muktamar has already decided to let Khalid Ibrahim finishes his term as the MB of Selangor.

    2. Atas Bawah pon kena juga tu!

  9. Sebelum mati elok jugak kalau TGNA buat sesuatu untuk perpaduan ummah.

  10. Kekal Khalid selagi tidak disabit langgar amanah - Majlis Syura... Et tu mat saBRUTUS!

  11. Unite the Malays, yes!

    But PAS should not have undue expections of being on par with UMNO which has far more governing experience.