Friday 15 August 2014

Between showboating and actual talent (updated)


A friend from PMO who read this posting actually texted a request just now, asking me to explain how to identify showboaters that I mentioned in my organization.

Okay, very easy.

Five main characteristics of a showboater,
1. Speaks extra loudly and authoritatively to demand respect from subordinates.
2. Pretends to know everything under the sun, while in actual fact doesn't know shit about anything.
3. Treats the big boss as God, whenever he is around.
4. Steals credits of others' hard work. Showboaters do not do real work, instead they order people around and take credit for the work done.
5. Calls the toxic method of showboating as "work smart".


This is a showboat,

A showboat is a form of floating theater that travels along the waterways of the United States such as the Mississippi rivers.

You can read more about it here, Show Boat

The word "showboating" originated from it.

The Urban Dictionary has the best definitions of showboating which were,

1. To have a visibly exaggerated idea of ones own skills, talents, or abilities.
2. To exhibit a grotesque amount of undue and unfounded pride for a skill or ability which is actually mediocre.

You can actually encounter a lot of showboating in your work place.

Enthusiasts of showboating are those we refer to as kaki bodek, kaki ampu, butt kisser, tripod etc.

These are really irritating people.

At the place where I work, there are many of these people.

Sometimes I really feel like smacking their face.

I know.... I have to be patient. 


But what makes it most irritating of all was that a lot of bosses actually love having their butt kissed, even though they know that those kisses 
at their butt were not sincere and could easily turned into bites.

Well, I guess it feels good to have your butt kissed.

I can only guess because I always avoid having my butt kissed.

Geli lah.

As for the hottest political drama which is the Selangor leadership crisis, I think it's for now going into a predictable pattern.

PKR and DAP will rave and rant about them actually having the majority in the state assembly, Pas playing the "we are still in Pakatan but support Khalid" game, and Umno just sitting on the sideline grinning from ear to ear.

As for TS Khalid Ibrahim, he will continue to ignore all those calls for him to resign. He is bidding his time. 

The next state assembly sitting will be in November where the Selangor's budget is to be tabled.

That's where they can initiate the no confidence motion against Khalid.

But by then the equations have changed.

DS Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case two-day appeal will be from Oct 28.

In all probabilities, the opposition leader will be in jail again when there is a chance for PKR and DAP to initiate the no confidence motion against Khalid.

But by then, PKR will already be in disarray.

Khalid must had planned the whole thing and anticipated the reactions of his enemies. He knows he got the support of Sultan of Selangor and leadership of Pas and Umno to back him up.

I believe he is now sniggering as he read about how DAP and PKR people are accusing him of being a traitor and demanded him to call for a special state assembly session so that he has to face the no confidence vote now.

"Screw you stupid. Why should I listen to you. You just wait la, you stupid Anwar's donkeys and Kit Siang's pigs," he may had said that as he read reports of his enemies' statements. 

And indeed, PKR and DAP really can't do anything other than issuing threats and condemnations against him.

Khalid is a real maestro. He played this one beautifully.

PKR and DAP young strategists such as Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua, despite their showboating efforts were totally no match against the former corporate figure.


  1. Ehh..macamana pendapat kita boleh sama maaa.. (geli tak !?)

  2. Annie,

    Khalid has played this game very well and it shows how he understand the realpolitic of Selangor, including the roles of the palace and the Selangor constitution, and not some textbook ideal which the pakatoons rant and rave about.

    Whilst I don't support Khalid due to his handling of the KIDEX issue nor necessarily support his ouster, I however have to acknowledge his clever handling of the attacks against him by his enemies within the PKR and the broader Pakatan Rakyat.

    I lean towards Khalid on his deal for Selangor to pay RM250 million instead of RM2.5 billion for SPLASH, though I fault him for not acting sooner to avoid the water crisis and water rationing in Selangor.

    Khalid or anyone else should not run Selangor like running a profit-oriented corporation.

    On KIDEX, I'd like to know what exactly Selangor under Wan Azizah or someone else would do about it, which is different from Khalid's position.

    Thus I remain neutral on this intra-PKR and intra-Pakatan spat but am interested in what the Selangor state government under whoever does for the people of Selangor.

    1. Ya, i second your motion! As if a small fry like me matters ah. All those big fish out to telan untung projek saje.

    2. showboating = buttkisser

      now i truly understand its meaning.... like in here IT.Scheiss is snowboating anwar

    3. sorry...i pull back what i just wrote....IT.Scheiss is NOT snowboating is wrong for me to simply accuse him....again sorry

    4. "sorry...i pull back what i just wrote.."

      Pullback accepted, sir!

      If this real-life comedy continues, we residents of Selangor will suffer things like more water rationing, more dengue cases and other unsavoury things.

      Thankfully, this mess will most probably delay a decision either way on KiDEX.

      Meanwhile, I'm having a good chuckle reading about this comedy and I think some enterprising TV series producer should create a series based upon these shenanigans which will quite probably be a global blockbuster success which will beat the BBC's Yes Prime Minister series and bring Malaysia much needed foreign exchange.

      Of course, the series can use characters with fictitious names such as Carl Lid, Big Chieftain of Clang Gorge Province, Andy Warr, Liam Keat Sean, Hardy Awrong and so on.

      Hee hee! ha ha! ho ho!


  3. Never allowed your butt being kissed , once you allowed that the whole thing will be in a messed .
    Don't go and kissed other butt's as well ,then everything will be O K.

  4. " I can only guess because I always avoid having my butt kissed.

    Geli lah."

    he..he..sometimes you make me giggles, annie.. u know what, Anwar's showboating is Khalid's Rock The Boat !

    PAS now is ebola to PR. DAP ? The same bahaviour, smart dapigs.... money no problem for 'those transactions' ...he..he

    Let'em kiss your butt. The effect is like ketum !

  5. I rasa "geli geleman" nak campur urusan dalaman PKR tambahan lagi ianya bukan pun Pertubuhan Yang Berdaftar...aiya ...

  6. I thought u r describing Anwar, Rafizi, Mamasan, Tian Chua, everone else in PKR

  7. You can always quit instead of continue bitching about the culture at your workplace. What's stopping you?

    Go get a life.

  8. Escaping showboating . . . . the revolution is self-mastery over the ego's cravings

    1. the 5 blameworthy characteristics of showboating listed above in plain Islamic terminology:

      1) takkabur - arrogance
      2) 'ujub - self-conceit
      3) syirik - idol worshipping
      4) khiyanah - deceitful betrayal
      5) bathil - falsehood monger

  9. Let's see now - all those who orchestrated the previous bailouts and privatisation of MAS ("Mana Ada Sistem", as was a popular aphorism back in the day) just "showboating"?

    Because, as we know, MAS is now in yet another crisis.

    Where is the "master privatiser" now, when the skills to resuscitate MAS are sorely needed?

    Maybe "showboaters" dazzle us with their "talent", but leave others to clean up the mess that they leave behind.

    And Malaysians are such a forgiving lot that they give the "showboaters" chance after chance.

    Sad, isn't it?

  10. If TS khalid does not become Selangor MB, he should be given a chance to manage MAS ok?

  11. Annie,
    It is a ,mad,mad Sgor....This is kerja of orang gila......kuasa,duit,pangkat.....apa sajalah...victims....Rakyat of Sgor but quoting TDM...You chose wrong govt,you......sambonglah sendiri.[Org Sgor]

  12. Selangorians have endured one week without a PR govt and are desperate for normal service to resume. We are an independent state, independent of the threacheries of putrajaya and want wan azizah to represent us on behalf of her husband.