Friday 8 August 2014

Guan Eng's sue sue

DAP main idol, secretary general Lim Guan Eng never fails to astound me with his lack of maturity.

He always behaves like a spoiled daddy's brat, whom he actually is considering that he is what he is now just because his father is DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.

He even looks like one.

Seriously, it's the only reason why he is at the top of the Chinese dominated party.

If you disagree, please tell me what attributes of Guan Eng which are so outstanding that could had persuaded the party leaders to appoint him as their secretary-general.

Bear in mind that in DAP, there is no direct election of party office bearers. They just voted the CEC members and those elected then decide who among themselves should be this and that at the top.

In his latest outburst yesterday, Guan Eng got very angry with Pas Youth central committee chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi for questioning the Penang government's undersea tunnel project and claiming that the DAP-controlled state suffered from yearly deficit budgets.

Nasrudin was actually comparing the Penang government with the one in Selangor led by the embattled TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Guan Eng was so angry that he threatened to sue Nasrudin, the same way as he did whenever criticized by BN people or pro-establishment media.

He doesn't seems to care that Nasrudin is from DAP's ally Pas.

Well, maybe it's because Pas at the moment is the bad guy in Pakatan, having refused to tow-the-line in the proposed sacking of Khalid.

But seriously Guan Eng, that guy is your ally la.

Like that also want to sue him ka? Talk nicely between friends cannot ka? Just misunderstanding ma. Why you cannot be criticized a bit one? So big headed is it? Eh, you are no longer in kindergarten lar.

You can read the whole story here,

Guan Eng to sue if Nasrudin does not clarify allegation

The following are excerpts of the Rakyat Post report and my comments in red,

1. “It is very clear that Umno’s dirty tactics have been employed in creating these lies against the Penang government, and I will just treat him as an Umno member as he is no different from them as he already sounds like one,” said a visibly upset Lim at a press conference in Komtar here today.
- Hah! Like this also Umno's fault...sigh.

2. “If Nasrudin claims to be a good Muslim who is not a munafik (hypocrite), then he should withdraw his lies and apologise to me within 24 hours.
“Should he fail to do so, he is behaving dishonourably and is no different from Umno, and I will be left with no choice but to treat him like a BN opponent by instructing my lawyers to take legal action for defamation and for spreading blatant slander and lies against me and the  Penang government, ” he added.
- Helen Ang is right. The DAP evangelists know best how one to be "a good Muslim" and not a "munafik".

3. “I will not allow just one person to affect the relationship between PAS and DAP,” added Lim.- Yes Guan Eng, you should also not let Anwar Ibrahim being the one person affecting the relationship between DAP, Pas and PKR.

Meanwhile the Malay contractor Consortium Zenith BUCG Sdn Bhd chairman Datuk Zarul Ahmad Zulkifli, who got the undersea tunnel project also defended Guan Eng. He was quoted as saying,

“I don’t know why he made such baseless claims despite us informing time and again that the project was awarded via open tender.

“Could it be because he wants to bully the Penang Chief Minister just because Lim is a Chinese?”
- Aiya, how to bully Chinese la. They are very powerful these days Datuk. Anyway, why you flashed the race card like that? You from Umno ka?


  1. Great, now the rakyat will have two choices. Devil1 or DevilA. Both equally good in hoodwinking the rakyat for their personal gain.

  2. Him being mad only makes it more suspicious, I suspect Nasrudin hit the nail on this one.
    MACC should investigate.

  3. Only DAP idiots will hail this 'pendatang' CM of Penang as their idol. This braggart LGE is nothing but a racist and anti-Islam. Sometimes I wonder why the chinese chauvinist DAP members are so stupid.


  4. RE: "DAP main idol, secretary general Lim Guan Eng never fails to astound me with his lack of maturity. He always behaves like a spoiled daddy's brat, which he actually is considering that he is what he is now just because his father is DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang."

    Did this kafir clown once call himself some sort of a khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz?
    If he's anything muslim then he would like Yazid (the Tyrant) who was handed the caliphate by his cunning father Muawiyyah. That perverted Yazid who upturned the office of the caliphate; and in order to secure his ill-gotten rank Yazid eventually ordered the murder of Imam Hussein bin Ali (may Allah bless the rightly-guided Imam and his son) and Hussein's entire family.

    This sort they usually pull rank, and vilify, and suppress and sue then oppress, and who knows what next .... if they don't get what they desire or if the devil blows fear into their inner insecurity.

  5. Arrogant bas****..No way he can become the Cif Minister if he is not the son of the emperor; LKS

  6. Nasruddin also say abandoned babies and fanticide were due to Valentine and New Year celebrations.

    I bet he was born exactly 9 monyhs after Valentine's Day or New Year Day and thus such conclusions.

    1. So what? His father had married his mother legally, before he was conceived. So there is nothing wrong if he was born nine months after Velentine, New Year or Chinese New Year!

      Or may be you are the one who was born exactly nine months after Valentine's Day or New Year because of too much cahmpange!

  7. Haiyyah you all.. Tantawi made a good point la.. Selangor is better administered by Khalid than Penang is by guan eng pendatang dari johor yang kena halau dari Melaka.
    This much is statiscally true.

  8. Annie...talking about maturity? Are you serious? Have you got permission from your masters? Is it not past your bed time? You are by far the most juvenile of dumno bloggers.

    1. far the most juvenile of dumno bloggers??!! whoaa!! ..then you have read all the pro umno blog... 'BIG achievement' from someone who had and have crappy life....

  9. Anon 02:22

    Not sure if Annie has past her bedtime, but at two o'clock in the morning, normally those still not sleeping like you are old people.

    Many old folks could hardly sleep at night, then they become grumpy and keluar kata kata kesat like calling names etc., eg dumno juvenile....

    Seriously, i'm not insulting you but pity you. I had a good night sleep and just had my breakfast and feel really good! Are you still sleeping ?