Tuesday 1 August 2023

Vote against bullies and liars

Campaigning for the six state elections is now in full swing.

Yet, somehow it fails to really interest me.

 Maybe it's because I have more pressing issues, such as trying to make some money for my survival.

Anyway, I found the whole thing rather boring.

Pakatan with their lies and Perikatan with their irritating nonsense.

Let's not even mention BN....urghhh.

I rather watch some Korean dramas than listening to their talks.

Okay, maybe a few guys like that funny Sanusi joker are worth listening to as they are quite entertaining, but the rest are just garbage.

I don't trust anything that came out of the mouths of Anwar and his gang while most PAS and Bersatu people are just annoying.

Luckily I'm in Pahang and not involved in any of the nonsense.

I actually got an offer to be an observer of the elections but turned it down as I need to work on something else to earn a proper salary.

My savings are running low, okay. Can't afford running around without proper pay.

My health is also not very good these days.

So, I can't comment much about the elections as I'm not on the ground to do so.

Comments by armchair observers are bullshit. 

I was one of those in the last general election and I totally messed up with my predictions.

No more of that, okay.

I would nonetheless like to express my wish for the outcome of this state elections to be such that it would stop the government from bullying its critics.

The voters would hopefully send a message to Putrajaya that they don't want people to be arrested for voicing dissatisfactions with the handling of the country.

I have a fear that such things will happen if Pakatan wins big.

It has actually started even before the elections.

Sikit-sikit tangkap, sikit-sikit tangkap.

So, I hope Perikatan will win in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah while at the same time reducing Pakatan's number of seats in Negri Sembilan, Selangor and Penang.

It's not because I like Perikatan, but Pakatan shouldn't be allowed to become too arrogant.

Pakatan need to be reminded that they should not lie too much and use their power to silence the people.


  1. PN said that the 6 state elections would be referendum to Madani government after 7 months in power. Wrong. The real referendum would be Pulai parliamentary seat DUN Jeram state seat. PH won big in these seats last time.

  2. While hoping for PN to retain its 3 states, I REALLY want the other 3 fall into ooposition side. The brash "ini kerajaan kami, ikut suka hati kami lah" walanon has got to be taught a tough lesson, especially the Head. He thinks the country bapak dia punya by keeping the youngsters sweet.

    1. so you goons want the idiots from pas to run the country ?

      good luck.

    2. Anon 2252
      Still hoping for a kakistocracy plus kleptocracy to bring forth a prosperous M'sia? Ya, maybe in lalaland leads by your wonderful pmx, exactly like what princess reformbasi had promised us in year 2018.

    3. and what did backdoor govt & sleepy sabri bring when they rule ?

      howse kelantan & t’ggnu economy looking ?

    4. Pls do some research yourself. Even "sleepy" Sabri did a better job than the present kakistocrat. He just talks the talk but never walks the walk. The worst in our Malaysian history.

    5. enlighten me. what did sabri do pls ?

    6. stupidy has no known cure

  3. I loathe the Madani govt. And, I loathe even more each and every dim-witted Minister in the Cabinet, the MoF takes the lead. It looks like the iron-fisted govt head enjoys exercising a tight grip on freedom of speech n press. The grip is getting ever tighter n tighter which has caused annoyance of the public. So many influencers have been called in to be investigated n news portals were being blocked n tik-tok being banned, too. Too bad, we are now suffocating under the thumbs of Kim-Jung-Non and a K-pop.

  4. Penang & Selangor will "fall"......😁

  5. Sikit2 tangkap sikit2 tangkap.... mana tidaknya. Negara sedang diterajui sekawan pengkhianat dan pembohong paling dahsyat dan zalim tapi berperangai cepat koyak. Andai kata ditakdirkan mereka menang besar dlm PRN 6 nanti, sudah pasti kuku besi mereka akan diasah menjadi lebih tajam lagi utk mencengkam rakyat marhaen yg cuba melawan. Tunggu dan lihatlah, bagaimana mereka menghapus dan memupuskan hak paling asasi manusia kebebasan bersuara dari bumi Tanah Melayu bertuah ini. Mungkin itulah satu-satunya agenda reformasi yg ingin dicapai. Sial.

  6. Jokers la you people, Kelantan 30 years pas rule and cant even get clean water in the tap and still want pas?? bodoh ka ???