Friday 4 August 2023

Media Madani

 A journalist friend, who is covering the ongoing state elections' campaigning called me last night.

The guy was frustrated that his editor, who is a known staunch Pakatan supporter refused to clear his stories because they appeared to be in defence of Sanusi, the funny Kedah MB.

My friend's stories are actually just what were said by Sanusi at press conferences and rallies. They were not even my friend's commentaries. Just basic reporting of what were said.

Well, what else can I say, other than telling my friend to be patient and continue with his work the best that he could.

Just cari makan, you have to support your family, okay.

Guess the media is still the same.

Back then Pakatan people said the media was being controlled by the BN government, but now that they are in power, they become the controlling masters of the media themselves.

All their talks about media freedom actually wasn't meant for reports to be balanced and not bias.

Seriously, which media outlet in this country which are now not supportive of the Madani government?

Malaysiakini? The Star? Malay Mail? NST? FMT?

Just count the stories published by them which are actually the government's propaganda and compare that to the number of stories coming from the opposition's side.

Also, check who are the owners/financiers of those media outlets and the editors who control the newsrooms and editorial contents being churned out.

Just look at the Sanusi case, which media outlets that have reported in full his explanation of the rare earth mining issue in Kedah?

If there are such reports that appear to be so, compare them to his speeches on the issue which are available on YouTube. Then, you would understand why I said the media has not fully reported the guy's explanation.

Really, the media in this country is still the same. It is just owned and controlled by different people.

Sorry (true) journalists, your life is hard.

That's just the way things are.

The current PM is not actually a believer in freedom of the press, okay.

Just look back to the 90s when he was a BN deputy prime minister and in control of the media. 

Ask any (honest) journalist from that era how tight was the control. I believe it's going to be the same for the coming next few years. All the signs are already there.

Well, never mind.

We have social media now.

For the state elections, I just follow what's happening by watching YouTube videos on it.

At least that way I get to know what was actually being said instead of what was reportedly being said.

Hopefully one day we could have a proper independent news outlet to report the truth and nothing but the truth.


  1. we have our cnns, we also have our fox news. theres always 2 sides - articles, headlines, editorials are never independent. its up to the people to read both sides & decide themselves.

    you friend just happen to work on the wrong aide. boo hoo. Your writings are also never balanced.

  2. The reforbasi cakap tak serupa bikin govt is now on the brink of cliffs. They are awash in restless anxiety of losing power, especially the Madanon. Hence, all the handouts.
    These days, who would even bother to read those pro-ph paper while all candid infos can be easily attained at the tip of fingers. Well, of course, those ph pentaksub are exceptional.
    Why send a stupid proxy to deal with REE while the very person in the photo is available and answerable to all the dispute?
    Meanwhile the Power House of PN, Angkat Tangan Sanusi Tsunami, keeps gaining momentum and ready to wipe clean all 6 states. Just can't wait to see the Madani being marched out of Putrajaya. Who needs a failed govt anyway.

    1. dengar kato zaman viet cong berak bercangkul dekat tali air sawah orang siam pun takde kilang kereta.


      SIAMBdah buy over tesco, soon KK. harga berpatut an jual lah. ambik lui "chao" macam teng family dairy farm GIANT

  3. Information access is so prevalent. You can access both side point of view so easily now days from various channel electronically. No one want to pay for news.
    I am not sure why your journalist friend thinks he is the only source of information in this age.

    1. I am not paying for today's new. 75% are about sick combative politics.

  4. looks like your fav caretaker mb has slandered with his big fat mouth again. pn may win kedah, with a bankrupt MB 😂, go berjaya !

    1. Good la, let there be a court case so that the real stories will become public knowledge. Both sides are no angels... 2x5 jer

  5. Govt MASIH belum ada lagi SOP tentang REE!! Sebab itu CnuC guna pakar dari china untuk korek dan sakau..

    1st case kena tangkap - MBI cepat2 bayar compound rm500k : MAHU TUTUP CERITA. (Imagine MBI setuju bayar DENDA rm500k)
    Bila 2nd case - lori terbalik..PTG tak mahu buka lagi kertas siasatan..hehe

    MB(I) CnuC masih gebang macam Hero. Siap angkat tangan pulak!
    Ubi tak empok betul..

  6. Anonymous4 August 2023 at 15:15

    sahih ke?
    semau negeri jatuk ke PN (Peniup Nasional) pun belum Paktoon jatuh salagi ada 112 MP sokong DSAI

  7. the more hadi, sanusi, tsmy & the PN idiots spew their racists shit, it works in favour of unity govt. East msia, particularly Sarawak, has seen PAS’s true colours in their treatment of gerakan - their only non muslim ally. PN doesnt even have a presence in Sabah now.

    So even if the take more seats in state elections, how are they gonna take over federal ?

    1. the current PRN are state elections. who said PN would take over federal if they won the elections? bodoh laa lu.

    2. its the idiots & towel heads from PN claiming unity govt will fall if their states fall. they will kafir kan all of us if we dont vote pn.

    3. Yes the PN morons will talk shit like they know everything but the whole world is laughing at them ha ha ha

  8. PN ? they have pissed the current Agong off 1) during the bs emergency debacle 2) when tsmy gave the bs numbers post PRN15, then thumbed his nose at agongs suggestion of unity govt. PAS in particular…

    - pissed Sultan Selangor off
    - pissed Sultan of Perak off
    - refused to accept decree of SoTerengganu on preaching in mosques

    And next year, when the royal family of johor, who are pragmatic, progressive, comes to rule, they wont take any of Tun’s, TSMY or Hadi’ bs lying down.

    yeah, PN 😂

    1. Anwar & ph pissed off sultan s'gor big time when they make a mockery of the system to topple khalid ibrahim. Does the sultan hold a grudge? Helloo... the malay sultans has more class in their little fingers than your pm kaki klentong.


      + infineon in kulim, kedah

      Yet you idiots keep blabbing abt madani shit this & that, 3Rs, malays under siege. calling you kampung mentality is an insult to the honest good people in kampungs.

      lets go malaysia !

    3. Go where bro? All the shit to be swallowed becoz of one nikkei article? Start living in the real world. Shit would still be shit. Go swallow it whole if that is yr poison.. dont expect others to join in yr cult. Go bro go..” we will despatch police car to yr house” he he that was a nice touch. Swallow that

    4. The sodomist was stripped off his datukship by Sultan Selangor.



    So condescending cara dia jawab soalan. Ni pm terbaik???


    1. The whole world knows that he tends to get KOYAK whenever he is confronted with unfavourable situations. As a leader, he truly lacks gentlemanship nor leadership. People get so used to his hideous kicking up the dust behaviour. He doesn't give a shit what and how others think or feel; be it his rivals or otherwise. To a young student, he couldn't care less to belittle right in front of an audience, what else he can't do in the dark? Shame on him.
      I pray for his downfall, and hope that he wil fall hard, I mean, real hard this time that he will and can never be able to rise ever again.
      Enough is enough for all his nonsense, endless lies and betrayals. For real and sure, he is the Bapak Pengkhianat of all.

    2. I have seen the video and the prime minister did the right thing. I am not even PKR supporter. He was fast taking control of situation before it getting out of control. Asking such a provocative in that type of setting and audience only inviting trouble. It’s like stirring a hornet’s nest.

      That girl clearly was reading a question from a script. It is not off the cuff question. Sensitive question asked in an appropriate situation would only make the crowd agitated. It shows lack of common sense on the part of the person asking the question. A question meant to put the prime minister in awkward position.

      For those of you who don’t know history, quota system or affirmative action for university enrollment and civil service jobs is provided in the constitution. Nobody shouldn’t question. It was agreed upon by the founding fathers in exchange for easy passage citizenship. If someone keeps on harping and questioning, generations afterward, it means he or she no longer subscribes or believes the constitution. If you no longer believe the constitution, it means you no longer subscribe to the social contract agreed upon by the country’s founding fathers. Means no longer fit to become a citizen. PR status would be suffice.

    3. That wasnt in any way condescending. I think he just forgot himself..wrong forum. He is tired. Why flog a dead horse?. Mistakes after mistakes to the point no one listening and just swipe away. Beginning to be in keeping with Peter Pan syndrome who knows

    4. We just cant help morons like you ... Sorry

  10. Hahahahaha

    Gelak guling2 baca ph supporters defending anwar's reply & uni quota/ affirmative action.

    This is a blessing in disguise, I couldn't wait to find out what else Anwar will get the dap & nons to accept & defend, just like he got them to accept their enemy #1 as their bff.


    1. Warga emas dalam video kafir Umno nyanyuk, kata naib presiden PAS
      PN PAS party dengan ahli ahli nyayok mimpi mat jenih. Tukar kerajaan ‘Cukup-cukuplah’, Nak Nuzmi bidas dakwaan Peja ada cara tukar kerajaan pusat

      pada hal ramai ahli kelar party
      Lepas dakwa calon Bersatu ‘lemah’ - Frust Na'aman keluar parti

      mane profeshot nyanyok hilang?

  11. Skrg dh tak baca/tgk berita lagi. Beli surat kabar yg tebal2 pun sbb nak buat alas sangkar kuching2 beranak itu saja..

    Best lagi update berita2 Jungkook, haha dh debut album solo tau.

    Bab politik dh tak minat. Selagi Anwar tak turun harga minyak (janji sejak Nov 2022.. family and friends dh putuskan will all lompat and vote for PN. Sebab? Tak tunaikan janji yang satu ni, janji2 lain tak laku.

    Harga Ayam, teloq ayam dan bahan2 asas keperluan harian.. selagi harga tak turun, we are not interested.

    Feedback fm golongan graduan muda plak. Selagi gaji minimum tak setaraf dgn gaji minimum Singapore (S Pass min/mth sgd3,500 = RM11,900 tau dak. Tuh tak termasuk OT, Elaun, Bonus dan profit sharing tau dak?

    So takyah dok byk merepet omong2 kelolo masa berkempen ya... buang masa pihak media kalut nak gi buat coverage. Kasi semak otak rakyat aje.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Inflasi tak akan reverse price. Dari setahun ke setahun harga sentiasa meningkat. Itu sebab masa bapak saya 50 sen cukup untuk makan kat sekolah. Masa saya seringgit. Entah berapa sekarang utk anak anak ke sekolah. Tak pa lah undi PN sampai kiamat sebab harga tak akan turun.


    "Govt blocks UtusanTV website"



  13. Wahh annie, suddenly so many troopers supporting PH making appearances. Just tell them bukan semua rakyat bodoh (BSRB). Next…. go call radio car….

  14. Anon 10:58

    Owh baru perasan bab inflasi ke? Abistu waktu kempen takyah le dok temberang BOHONG MEMANJANG "harini jd PM takyah ESOK, takyah lusa bukan tulat, HARGA MINYAK AKAN SAYA akan turunkan???

    Yg sekok lagi masa kempen macam segala FORMULA.. ALACABRA ALAKAZOOM.. Aduh ingatkan rakyat semua burung punggok ke?

    Trending skrg idol2 kpop. Elok lagi pihak media cover their progress, 98% golongan muda will definitely visit yr daily coverage..

    Professor Nasi Lemak