Friday 28 July 2023

Best job of Madani era

 I'm going to get my PSV licence next week so I can drive for Grab.

It's not going to earn me much but should be enough to pay my bills and a bit of groceries.

I don't need much anyway at this stage of my life.

Peace of mind is the most important thing for me now and I think driving people around  to earn a living can give me that.

No bosses ordering me around to do stupid things.

Actually, I wish I could drive a truck and deliver goods instead of people but that would be too physically hard for me.

I'm not planning to go crazy and drive 10 hours per day to earn a lot of money. 

Instead, I'll just take it easy and do what I can to earn enough not to go hungry.

What ever it is, I don't have anymore bank loan to pay, so that's one worry out of my head already.

My plan is to park myself at the Kuantan bus terminal, which is near my house and wait for clients there.

If I'm tired or my back hurts, I'll just go home and sleep.

Why not do other things?

Well, I don't have any other skill other than the one that earned me my livelihood over the years.

That skill is now more or less unwanted.

That leaves driving as the only other skill that I have. 

I believe I'm quite a good driver. Very patient and polite too....I think.

Yeah, I believe I can make this works.

It has to be, as this is a hard time for me.

I don't want to complain too much though as I know a lot of people are suffering worse than me.

After all, this is the Madani era. It's normal for people to suffer now.

Kedah people said "Mahai dah le ni."

Yup, everything pricey these days.

Really shitty but we have to accept it as that's what Malaysians voted for in the last general election.

All talks and nothing else. Janji macam-macam, tipu saja.

That's what Madani is all about.

"Hari ini saya jadi PM, esok harga minyak turuuunnnn!!!!"

Yeah, right.


  1. ....."esok hrg minyak turun".....
    is such a famously cynical line to be associated with the incompetent yet cocky Madani person. Everybody knows it well, even the kids.
    To me, he is exactly the Malaysian version of PH's wife, Maghen Markle, a narcissistic pathological liar with delusional disorder. Unfortunately, the one we have here, his conditions are deteriorating. Whatever comes out from his mouth has become a joke if not brickbats. He is the laughing stock of the nation, well, perhaps the world too.
    After 8 long months rising from the ashes, he has altogether failed to prove his worth. Without a flicker of doubt, he is just an empty vessel that makes the most noises. In short, a worthless and hopeless entity. QUIT is the only option to save his face and dignity.

  2. Sudah ketentuan dari Allah SWT terima dan redha sahaja lah ....

    1. already to indon as maids

    2. annine want "minyak ular" turun educated your relatives from singpoke to pump ron 97. come JB full tank not "tiga suku"

  3. Foreign workers to hang for killing Grab driver

    - Wait a minute, isn’t this Madani government has abolished death penalty??

  4. Kuasa troll vs kuasa jalanan

    Rakyat tak perlu turun Padang Nak jatuh Kan Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim cukup kuasa troll saja menyebabkan PH melingkup..

    Kah kah kah ..