Thursday 24 February 2022

BN employing the Tanjong Piai strategy for Johor election

It seems to me that BN is employing the same strategy for the coming Johor election as the one it used in the campaign for the Tanjong Piai by-election two years ago.

The strategy was to tell all communities in Johor that they will be represented in the Johor government if the coalition wins the election.

It was the same message conveyed in the Malay-majority Tanjong Piai when BN fielded MCA's Wee Jack Seng despite the Chinese-based party's poor performance in the last few elections before that.

The result was a landslide victory for BN despite Pakatan fielding a Malay candidate in the hope of appealing to the Malay racial sentiment in the parliamentary constituency.

The same appeared to be happening when Umno announced today that it would contest only 37 of the 56 seats to be contested in the state election.

MCA was given 15 and MIC got four.

Umno could actually contest up to 42 seats but chose not to do so, a sign that it wanted all of its allies to have the best chance to win some seats so that the communities they represent would be represented in the state government in the event the coalition wins the election.

A look at the seats given to MCA convinced me that the Johor Umno leadership had done its best to convince its grassroots supporters to help support their Chinese friends in those constituency.

Seats to be contested by MCA are Jementah, Bekok, Tangkak, Bentayan, Yong Peng, Penggaram, Mengkibol, Paloh, Puteri Wangsa, Johor Jaya, Stulang, Perling, Skudai, Senai, and Pekan Nanas.

Most are difficult seats because the majority of voters in the constituencies are Chinese, who over the past two general elections had given all out support to DAP.

DAP had basically painted MCA as Chinese traitors who are in cahoot with corrupt Malays, aka Umno.

That strategy worked for them. Even MCA members voted for DAP in droves in the past two general elections.

Yup, the supposedly inclusive DAP won most of their seats by appealing to Chinese sentiments and branding people as traitors to their community.

I believe that the BN leadership is of the view that political status quo among the Chinese is still more or less the same till today.

That's why they are giving MCA some winnable seats to contest such as Pekan Nenas and Puteri Wangsa.

I know that the Umno grassroots in those constituencies had wanted to contest the seats as the demographic there has changed with Pekan Nenas now a Malay-majority and Puteri Wangsa a more racially equal marginal constituency.

I think Johor Umno chief Hasni had convinced them to not only give way to MCA, but also help the Chinese candidates to win.

I have seen MCA people at work in the last few by-elections and was impressed with their hard work and dedication, especially in Tanjong Piai where their man was the candidate.

With the help of their Umno friends, I have a feeling they may win at least those two seats.

If they win some of the other seats, that would be a pleasant surprise as it would send a signal that the Chinese community in Johor are no longer too influenced by DAP's racialist tactics.

As for MIC's four seats; Kemelah, Kahang, Tenggaroh, and Bukit Batu, I tend to believe that it may win all of them except for the last one.

MIC contested four seats too in 2018 and won two, so that was not really an unreasonable prediction, I think.

As to why I suspect MIC will find it hard to win in Bukit Batu, it's because of the high number of Chinese voters there.

Overall, I believe this state election will more or less be a repeat of the 2013 general election - BN will do well in all constituencies except those with overwhelming number of Chinese voters.

But, who knows, the Chinese may surprise me and prove my prediction wrong by proving that they too want a return of a stable BN administration in the state which will allow Johor's economy to flourish once again.

Maybe they are also tired of all the empty talks of DAP and its gang.


  1. lets cut the bs. dap is as racists as umno, bersatu or pas. all employ the same tactics. why you choose to sound out dap is your prerogative as its your blog. as they say, you have to cari makan, so we understand.

    the chinese are very pragmatic voters, as long as bn continue to protect the corrupt leaders, they will not vote them in. the rural malays are more forgiving, giving in to sentimentality like bossku. i rest that argument.

    1. Eh, how much do you think Umno paid me for supporting the DAP guy in Mengkibol?

    2. that's like saying i have guaranteed my place in heaven because i told the waiter to keep the change.

    3. So, you want me to support how many DAP candidates to go to heaven?

    4. DAP IS a racist pig.


    5. Anon at 15:55
      Haiyooo...pengundi DAP @ Cinapeks GE14 sokong dan lantik Mahathir @ Atok jadi PM apasal.dulu Grand Apek LKS cakap Atok Penyamun No.1 ,Cinapeks hipokrit Okay? Sapa sokong BN di chop sokong Penyamun.
      Sekarang DAP @ Cinapeks lantik Anwar Ketua Pembangkang,Karpal cakap Peliwat,Grand Apek cakap Anwar Penyamun Forex BNM.Jadi kamu pun bodoh macam orang BN ke?

    6. dapigs not pragmatic..they are just plain racist...

  2. "Umno could actually contest up to 42 seats" is quite an understandable statement that mca are essentially useless. but many chinese are fine with useless mca like many are fine with pencuri and perampas.

    1. Many chinese are fine with Anwar.Also,many chinese are fine with Mahathir (Penyamun No.1)too.
      Dapster,Cinabeng,Cinapeks kena tipu dengan Mahathir,termasuk kamu HY...kesian

    2. you are right many including me kena tipu by penyamun no satu, kena curi by pencuri no satu, kena rampas by perampas and kena tipu by penipu. pity us why so many penyamun pencuri perampas and penipu di msia.

  3. Stupid of BN particularly UMNOngok to even think Johorean are Melakaan, tak kira laaa Ada xxx Melakaan a word...
    NjRz thought Malaysian were fool n lost GE14. Today he's thinking big win in Johor n would return as PM10. HaaaHaaa Ratib Mahathir Ratib Keramat. Mampuihhh luuu NjRz...
    Kusufian Write@blogspot
    Selangor Flooding Johor Bleeding seems to be true of such a tactic strategical. UMNOngok should engage UMM-I knowhow introduced GE14 but not implemented. Read Talqin Untuk UMNO dtd 15 April 2018, UMM-I predicted 69, BN won 79 eventually. Much better than invoke 54 kan kan...
    Berani Mati Hasni, TMN9 Depan sekali lagi. TMJ mengecil terkucil Lihat lagak berani SS melonjak menari. NjRz terlajak terinjak kaki, AZH menayang Gigi, konon2nya...
    PH Terus Haprak Hapak Hamis Hancing.
    PN Hadi buat kecuh, Abah a huh a huh.
    Nampak gayanya Boboiii sudah matang, xxx perlu Atok melangkah menongkah arus Perdana...
    Petai... China India Mexico punggg suka makan kan kan kan...

    1. KUSUFIAN WRITE@ Blogspot.
      Bro,simpan BODOH kamu kat Blog kamu sendiri bolih tak????
      Ikut jejak KluangMan ,dia tak merayap ke sini lagi

  4. BN sure menang besaq this time wan.

    Just go round Johor, evelywhere bisness katop, ploperties with huge "FOR SALE" "TO LET" banners some even coveling the whole flont building.

    Not only lakyat Johore need political stability to move forward, poleign investors oso WILL NOT DARE COME if PN or PH win la. Get real voters.

    Can anyone here list down what PH and PN did since they took over Johore after 2018??????????????

    Klo tatak just go fly kites better.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. You should change yr handle to professor of thievery specialise in corruption strategy and management. An insult of all honest nasi lemak sellers. No religions or cultures in this world condone thievery and corruption by any means or justifications. I guess curi duit tabung masjid is ok since everybody did it.

  5. What is you supported the thieves and corruptors. You are thieves and corruptors in cahoot. This is code of honor amongst the thives and corruptors. Dont claimed to have integrity Justice Righteouness and feeling of shame. These words just ring hollow.

    1. Tak payah crita thieves and corruptors. Cermin muka kamu dulu. Haiyaaa..Snap out of yr dreamland. You think u are an angel ke?

      Evelywhere, evelyday even penjual buah tepi jalan pun are involved in cheating (stealing) and corruption. My famili lamai fm SJKC, fasih mayak bahasa Cina.. lepan2 sambil senyum pun dey cheat us, eg beli barang2 kat lowyat.. Cheating tu sama kawan dengan perompak tau.

      Watch carefully yr own family members.. jgan memandai asyik menuduh olang lain ya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. bet kes macam ini lagi penting daripada
      tiga anak yang di larikan dan PRK johor
      In the Tik Tok video, she shared her frustrating experience with JKM which took a long time to approve her application for financial aid for her mother who is partially paralysed due to a stroke. The department first informed her that her application was lost and then kept on asking for various supporting documents, Diwiyana claimed.

      She said she also faced problems getting financial aid from religious authorities.

      not to mention those ketunan babies whose "pussy" got lapped by the new wave "pendatang" like lessener

    3. Patut pi kerja "managers in waste managment also WC logistical" kat Singapok

  6. dont vote umno lahhhhh...some of my relatives have became rich after becoming kroni for umno and they dont even have spm and they use to steal things when they came to my house

    1. Already rich but still stealing lorr??

  7. I hope umno, mca and mic would win this time around and form a stable govt to get things done in Johor. If Pakatan win, we would have the same problem like when they were in Putrajaya. All they did then was singing the Jibby song and keep mums on the manifesto janji kosong. So why waste time to put them in charge again.

    1. No way pakatan is going to win because pkŕ will strike 20-0; the same goes for dap and amanah. All will be drowned except MUDA may survive 1 or 2, especially the Larkin seat. So, no worries, Hasni will be reinstated on 13 March. All thanks to the stupid MoU done deal.


  8. Hmmm lama tunggu senarai pencapaian PH dan PN takde ke sapa2 nak share sini?

    Owh.. masih ingat masa Guan Eng jadi Menteli Kewangan. Ata delegation pigi negala China bawa pulang plojek golf? Tak pasti nak bikin padang golf atau beli bola golf. Apa jadi lepaih tu?

    Lia juga ata bawa delegation gi negala2 Alab kan?? Bawa Mat Sabun klo tak silap?? Tak pasti Nga Kor Ming ikut sama atau tidak. Cannot imagine katakaloo dia ikut. Mesti hali2 dok ketaq bawah katil tak keluaq hotel, takut ingatkan PakArab berjubah2 tu semua olang2 Taliban..

    Atok??? Plojek lia tangkap Najib dan Rosmah. Sampai alini otak dah jadi geli geleman meratip mengoyan nama2 tu tak abis!!

    Aduhhh. Lingkup la Johore klo masih pangkah depa2 nih semua.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Gpa 3.8 kata akan ada kerja utk youth. Beribu doktor yg qualified pun tak tak bolih bagi kerja tetap.
      So jangan harap lah yg lain akan di bantu beeend.Berapa anak2 mereka jadi penghantar makanan. Anak mereka dapat jadi powerpoint person kat Lon and hk. Linkup la johore klo masih pangkah depa. Jadi kuli2 kat sin saja lah.

    2. Haiyaa. Tu la PH otak tak betoi. Rangkaian sepital IHH IHH Healthcare Bhd lia olang tak pasai2 jual jadi IHH Arigatogozaimas! Kojo jual jual jual dan cekop simpanan Petronas aje.. mayak wang hasil jualan dok abayq gaji dan kos rombongan meleka aje kut? Cilaka punya bangsat.

      Muda? Haiyaa itu cikuit jadi Minister nak bg peluang2 pekerjaan gaji RM4K?

      Hayoyo.. Puluhan libu lepasan SPM selonok2 gi Sg sekadar kojo sbg pencuci tandas, bawa bas pun relax2 bole lapat RM4K tiap bulan.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Pencapaian PH?..Well they won the GE and thats the end of it. Their scriptwriter never thought further than winning GE. They forgot after winning they have to work for the rakyat that have voted them in. Not only they didnt work for the rakyat they ended up squabbling among themselves.. just like ‘ kera dapat bunga’. Well if you want monkeys to manage the government for the rakyat again, then vote in the monkeys again.

    Pencapaian PN.. thats a different story. That was never a government elected through GE. It was more of transition brought about by politician trying to screw each other and in the end everyone sign mou. Was the MOU really for the rakyat?

    For now it doesnt matter which party since they can jump away whenever it serve them best. So many precedence already.

    No point also looking at Federal level ‘ pencapaian’. After all state assembly is a different beast altogether. Johor is a bit unique since the sultan can be counted upon by the rakyat to get the point across when pointers are needed.

    Johorean would know best who will and can take care of their constituencies. Just get a stable government to step in and start working. Enough of federal drama.

  10. When you have stability you have opportunity to steal with no no check and balance and no shame. Berani ke sumpah laknak manifesto mereka. Do we want to be the perpetual generation of cuci tandas and bas drivers in sin happy with 4k or working in factories owned by southerners. Like Bill Gates said if you are born poor is not you mistakes but if you died poor it it your bloody mistakes. If previous generation choose corrupt gomen it is not your mistakes if present generation still choose a corrupt gomen it is your bloody mistakes. Nobody can help you. We all be doomed as banana republic. Remember for parents that retired two kids have to be gainly employed and pay tax to upkeeps these retired for all medical security and infrastructures facilities dued to them.Hang pi kerja kat sin paid sin tax,Bapa dan mak hang pi hospital siapa bayar kos.Anak orang lain yg bayar cukai.
    Your children in sin are paying for others in sin. So dont be selfish about having 4k and bolih lepak. Do you know how long the waiting list to do a scan or test at gomen hospital. So dont be proud of having to work in oversea earning big bucks.With so many leakage in corruption that we can buy mri pet machines build road and houses. It is sacred dutyfor those in power to enrich the peoples and not to enrich themselves.So if your die poor it is your bloody mistakes. No body else to blame. You gave been warned so many times.Choose wisely who will be your leaders.