Saturday 19 February 2022

Hopefully Chew Zhong Xin will win in Mengkibol

 The only DAP guy that I hope will win in the coming Johor election is the party's incumbent Mengkibol assemblyman Chew Chong Sin, or Chew Zhong  Xin, as according to my mother's spelling of his name.

My mom and him went to the same Kluang Chung Hwa Primary School.

I don't know Chew nor familiar with his work as a wakil rakyat but my mom and relatives in Singapore are taking the trouble to return to Kluang to vote for him.

So, he better wins. 

I don't want my mom and relatives to make all that efforts and risk taking for nothing.

I actually told my mom it's okay for her to balik kampung to vote but not the elderlies in the family because of Covid risks, but she said the old folks were the ones who really insisted on voting for Chew.

She said they like Chew very much and that he's a good assemblyman.

Well, I just reminded my mom to take really good care of the elderlies and try the best not to expose them to risks of Covid infection, especially at the polling stations.

As for myself, I have changed my voting address outside of Johor. So, I won't be voting on March 12.

But I do hope to visit my home state when the official campaigning period starts just to get a peek at what's happening down there.

At the moment, it's all seemed comical, especially on the side of the anti-BN gang.

There's that PKR quarrel with new party Muda, PKR quarrel with Amanah, DAP quarrel among themselves, Pejuang and Warisan unrealistic ambitions, and antics of some mosquitoes.

Actually there have been more stories about them than those about BN in Johor.

I'm sure BN has its own troubles but they seemed to be able to handle it better. 

Guess, Hasni has been quite good at keeping things under wraps.

Buat kerja je Datuk, pedulikan je yang buat bising tu.

That would be my message to him.

Anyway, I do hope BN will win and I am confident that it will win.

However, if the opposition have really good candidates like that Chew fella, then it would be good for those candidates to win too.

The main thing for me is for the people to be well represented by good wakil rakyat and hopefully the state government which will be formed after the election would be strong and stable in order to better manage and develop Johor.


  1. BN will sure win blig if the opposition, particularly the arrogant pkr, continues its stupid bickering. The result will be BN sapu almost licin, leaving only 7 seats for dap and MUDA. Most importantly, let the huge-headed pkr to telan hard more telur down its throat. May God grant my wish. Amin.

  2. Anwar and his pkr will meet their waterloo in Johor, for sure. Kosong again for tin kosong. All 20 will be wiped out and washed down into the drain.

  3. Go4New politics...
    Fed up laaaa...
    Kusufian Write@blogspot
    BN Babiiii Nagara
    PN Pengkhianat Nagara
    PH Haprak Hancing Hamis
    DAPigs PANtettt Pakar Kencing Rakyat
    Penat Nama2 Parti....
    Kekal MUDA menjadi Warisan berzaman Pejuang2 Petaiii....
    New kids on the way to clean sweeping...
    Selangor flooding Johor bleeding

  4. Aisay Annie....yr mum says d Chew guy is a nice bloke n u agree. Well u r Mummy's for u. But wat is a gd assemblyman? UMNO's YB's are all good . .good at raping n plundering d country. PH is v gd....good for nothing! Why bother voting cos nothing changes.

  5. as long as chew is not a pencuri and not from a pencuri party, me also hope he win.

  6. Annie - who is more handsome, Chew or LGE?

    1. Both not handsome lah. But my mother supports Chew and I can't go against my mom on that.