Monday 31 January 2022

Let's ban those born after 2005 from buying beer and pork

This is interesting, I think.

Govt to ban cigarettes sale to those born after 2005


Health minister Khairy Jamaluddin in his speech at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) executive board meeting in Geneva yesterday said Malaysia hopes to pass a legislation this year which would bring about a “generation endgame to smoking”.

Quite a good idea, but I do wonder whether that violates the constitution as it imposes ban on certain group of people while not others.

I don't think it's the same as limiting the sale of cigarettes to adults because those born after 2005 will themselves soon be adults.

Some adults can buy cigarettes and smoke, while others can't, well, that's weird as by right enforcement of laws should apply fairly to everyone.

Anyway, how are they going to implement this proposed law?

Need to show IC to buy cigarettes? That's a bit tiresome, I think.

But don't get me wrong. I'm not against the reason this law was being proposed as I know that smoking is bad. 

I'm actually just asking from the point of law.

Don't want lah we simply come up with laws which foundation is constitutionally shaky.

Making laws shouldn't just simply hantam saja through short cuts.

Just look at our drug laws, which in my opinion are very bad, especially the part on mandatory death penalty for trafficking.

I wrote about that in this previous post;

But still, if those in power want to impose the proposed cigarette law, then they could just go ahead.

Maybe it will work and one day there will be no more cigarette in this country, even though I think people will simply switch to smoking ganja, which Syed Saddiq has been pushing for the government to legalise like in Thailand.

Good also that then we will have a precedent on how to easily make laws to protect Malaysians from other vices.

Later, I think, we should use the same  "generation endgame" concept of making law to rid the country of alcoholic beverages.

Those born after 2005 cannot buy beer, whisky, wine, sake, soju etc.

How about that?

Drinking alcoholic beverages is bad what.

With such a law, there will be no more drunk driving, drunk beating of wives, or stupid drunk beloved being so annoying after one or two cans of beer.

While we are at it, maybe we can come up with a similar law to ban pork.

I would vigorously support that.

Pork is bad also what. They said it got worms.

Beloved eating pork is actually quite disgusting, okay.

Ya, why not, right?

Chinese don't complain ya. Your next generation all can eat chicken. Healthier.


  1. bacon, prosciutto & siew yok is nice, not disgusting. pls dont ban them.

  2. you are getting stupider as the days go by

    1. Annie's stupidity is the only thing that makes her blog worthwhile!

  3. Our government had banned fireworks long time ago, yet, its people continue to enjoy the play. And, tonite they are going to shoot down the stars and shake the earth again. So who cares about the Malaysian laws? Bet that those lawmakers themselves also join the ranks of the utterly illegal shooting displays.

  4. Aisay Annie...if stupidity were a crime, u wld b placed in jail for this article

    1. Please lah, kawan.

      Annie have to cari makan, lah.

      She is trying to get some Cinabeng to react, then provoke more racial comments, then higher comment total, then when her bosses check her work, looks like she is "an engaging social influencer".

      Let's all post 300 x lyrics from Korean love songs so she hits 1,000 comments and gets pay raise, okay?

      Gotong-loyong maaaaaaa!

  5. ban everything lah, why stop short

    Beef, pork duck whatever, ban ban ban, nanti syiok

    better yet make everyone only eat vegetables

    Please go all the way :)

  6. The thing is not everyone leads a stress-free life. Stress and pressure are part of everyday life. Not everyone knows how to handle or cope with stress the rightful way. Some people live or work in harsh and stressful environment which make them taking up smoking. Or drinking. Just to cope with the job. And stressful life that come with it. To them, smoking or drinking is a way to destress thrmselves and to keep their sanity.

    You see, people are born with emotions. They are not robot. Everyday they’re fighting or going through battles we know nothing of. Imagine if there is total ban on smoking and drinking in a country? What do you think would happen to them?

    If people are so stress out and they’re no longer having an outlet to destress themselves, such as smoking or drinking, in the end they would resort to even more harmful behaviour such as take out their frustration and anger on their spouse, which lead to domestic violence. They too would take it out on their kids which lead to child abuse. They too will ended up abusing hard drug which lead to even more ill in the society.

    If they are allowed to smoke or drink, at least they take it out only onto themselves. Destroying their health. destroying themselves. Not people around them and their loved ones. In Malay they call it “mudarat kecil” to prevent from “mudarat besar”.

    I don’t smoke or drink myself but I understand those who do. They have every right to smoke and drink after long day at work contributing to country’s economy and GDP. Just look at the Japanese. They are known as hardworking people. And Japan too are known where large population of their country are smokers. You see, it goes hand in hand between hard working, stressful life and and high productivity. Total ban on smoking will just do more harm than good.

  7. ban tis ban tat no good, thats what komunis and taliban do.

    1. Why mention Taliban? Why so selective la kamu ni! Or are you in love with the Talibans??

      Majoriti Chinese (culture or religion tak paham) even ban their married doters fm attending own parents funeral tau tak? My jiran ibu died recently cannot even bid her final farewell to her dead mum.. even cannot visit her graves..

      Hindus pun klo fm upper caste, if SIL fm Dalit backgrounds, oso ban takleh attend inlaw's funeral juga. Infact some ban their in-laws (lower caste) fm entering their homes.. nak jumpa anak can speak luaq pagaq aje tau..

      Macam2 ban yg pelik2

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. you dont even understand the diff between ban and disallow. and use yr logic, i love komunis as well.

      betui plofassor taliban

  8. Anon 9:47 when election is around the corner racial provocation is the ultimate strategy to harness fear and all ahmad,husin,timah,latifah and sundry will come to umno embrace. It works every time and they get paid handsomely too.

    1. Yaaaaaaa, tapi Annie mmg "Trainee Umno Cybertrooper" jer. She is basically McDonalds entry-level cytro only.

      Her earning rate is RM0.02 per comment. So for only 13 comments....aiksssss!

      Annie will starve!

      Because she failed to provoke a race war, let's have sympathy for her.

      I dedicate this song to Annie and her retirement fund:

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      어쩜 그리 예뻐 babe

      뭐랄까 이 기분
      널 보면 마음이 저려오네 뻐근하게

      오 어떤 단어로 널 설명할 수 있을까
      아마 이 세상 말론 모자라

      가만 서 있기만 해도 예쁜 그 다리로
      내게로 걸어와 안아주는 너

      Gamsa haeyo, Annie. Salanghae!

  9. Is KJ an Agent of Change, unlike Ejen Ali block buster, but Malaysian as a whole. This 4th floor boy now could easily succeed ISY in UMNO polls,like a film star, a new leader reborn to take the World stage..

  10. Apa2 sekali pun tindakan nak impose atau "beBAN" kpd rakyak kena mula from source dulu.

    ..... GO ALL OUT. HAPUSKN AMALAN RASUAH DAN SALAH GUNA KUASA DULU.. yg nih yg sgt2 penting. Ban kegiatan ini.

    KJ make sure Kementerian dia bersih fm RASUAH dan SALAH GUNA KUASA..

    Mereka2 yg terlibat adalah pembawa penyakit yg lebih dasyat. Perosak Agama, negara, bangsa dan Ummat..

    Awat bab penyakit nih hangpa tak ambil berat??

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Cant talk big game when the people silently colluded in discrimnating others against taking the poison. Lots have died children included but still malaysians remain silence. But congrats causes their blood is on ur hands.

    At this point do i even give a shit about cigars ? U guys r funny.

  12. No problem. Malaysian politician from both divide always do this la. Today said ban then later no ban. Manifesto not a promise. Curi no go jail.. what gives...

  13. Super diplomat Tuan Hadi on one hand

    On the other hand Malaysia does not recognise the Taliban govt. Can it give aid to a govt it does not recognise?

    One Hand does not know what the other hand does