Thursday 27 January 2022

A good Johorean guy

 As far as I'm concerned, this is good news;

Johor Pribumi Bersatu ex-chief quits party to support BN

Anyway, I always like this Mazlan guy for his idealistic and outspoken character.

Mazlan, who was the Puteri Wangsa assemblyman is also a hardworking guy and not just all talks like so many other politicians.

Unfortunately, he only realised that Pribumi was actually quite messed up after GE14 and for that he spoke up about it.

That's how he got in trouble with Muhyiddin.

He actually didn't quit the party or his state exco post earlier because he felt obligated to serve his constituents and fulfill his duties in the state government instead of playing politics.

Mazlan is very much like his brother Maulizan, who was also a state exco member in the previously BN Johor government.

They are both idealistic, outspoken and hardworking.

Ok, I admit that the brothers sometimes looked a bit like some overweight funny gangsters in Korean comedy movies, but that actually suits their characters.

They looked rough but actually quite honest, which I think was better than all those handsome and sophisticated ,but deceitful politicians

Mazlan said he's not jumping to Umno or anything like that but instead he now supports BN knowing that the coalition is currently the best option for Johoreans.

I don't think he's a frog as he had on Jan 20 said that he was considering retiring from politics after fulfilling his duties.

Quite honourable if you asked me.

But too bad that he's retiring young as a character such as him is actually quite rare among politicians.

Well, I wish Mazlan all the best and hope that he remains true to himself.

Datuk Maulizan, if you are reading this, please take care of your brother. Don't let him ends up driving Grab or something like that to earn a living after this. I think Mazlan is actually quite capable of doing that rather than compromising his principles.



  1. Habis madu sepah dibuang

  2. A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything.

  3. Annie dearest, orang baik tidak akan kekal abadi dalam Dunia Politik
    2. Doniya Politaik hanya untuk sosok-sosok licik a.k.a cunning
    3. Once seorang Politician menemui erti sebuah kejujuran, sukar baginya untuk bernafas unless...

  4. Biggest joke of the new year!

  5. Ehhhhhhh?

    Tiba2 not hensum also okay kaaaa?

    What a change!

    Must tell Mat Sabu the good news that Annie might be interested.

    Kih kih kih....kih kih.

  6. a good conman, a good pencuri, a good frog.....

    1. Frog waiting to kiss princess to turn to prince. Tough luck johor folks if you choose this guy as your adun. It is no honor amongst thieves party if bn is willing to accept this guy.

  7. Latest.JL is leaving NR high and dry." Dont look at me i have nothing to do with 1mdb". So do you believe that it is still fitnah. Raakyat johor pilih apa yang zahir dlm prn nanti.

  8. the hopping back has started. follow the $$, contracts & a glc post.

    these politicians are the worse kind

  9. The righteous leader to follow and support is the one having the power to govern. When najib is PeeM, we must support najib even if we need to jump ship. When madey is PeeM, we must support madey and leave najib behind. When muiden was appointed as PeeM madey is mo longer relevant. When ismail bera became PeeM, ismail is the leader who deserves support and we can say adios to muiden. The next leader to support who have the welfare of the rakyat at heart is the one who wins the election, whoever he is. Support him and life becomes merry.