Thursday 1 July 2021

Japan send vaccine to Malaysia as Beijing communists threaten Taiwan

 I was so happy when I saw this story just now,

Japan’s vaccine contribution arrives in Malaysia, symbolises close friendship


The Japanese ambassador to Malaysia Hiroshi Oka in a statement said it was a symbol of close friendship between the two countries.

He said Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga had earlier sent a message to Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to say that the vaccine was a token of Japan’s deep friendship with Malaysia.

“Hand in hand with Malaysia, a strategic partner of Japan, let us work together for overcoming the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic.

“I sincerely hope this vaccine donation will contribute to the Covid-19 National Immunisation Programme in Malaysia, protecting people’s lives as well as helping the economic recovery,” his message reads.

Thank you again Japan.

Really, that story made my day, which was almost ruined in the morning by this story,

Xi pledges to take over Taiwan on Chinese Communist Party’s 100th birthday


Speaking during the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th birthday celebration in Beijing today, Xi promised to take over Taiwan, which he considers as a great mission of the party.  

“Solving the Taiwan question and realising the complete reunification of the motherland are the unswerving historical tasks of the Chinese Communist Party and the common aspiration of all Chinese people,” he said.

Typical of the communists in Beijing. They want to enslave Taiwan like the rest of China and they said it's the aspiration of the Chinese people.

I hope the democratic Taiwan will remain strong and not be rattled by the rhetorics of the authoritarian rulers in Beijing today.

I also hope that most Chinese do realise that communism is not Chinese.

Ya, I marked today as the day Japan sent one million Covid-19 vaccine doses to help Malaysia while China's communist rulers again threatened Chinese living in Taiwan.

Some may say our country had once suffered under Japanese rule during  World War Two but I think our country suffered even more during the communist insurgency which lasted for decades because the Chinese Communist Party gave weapons and assistance to the Communist Party of Malaya.

So, for today, thank you to Japan again for helping Malaysia and middle finger again to the communist rulers of Middle Kingdom for threatening Taiwan.


  1. we have more than enough problems to be concern with china and taiwan laaa...geez

    1. no taiwan no ifone. simple
      30% of world semicon from taiwan.
      f@@k that communist bastard Xi anjing pin

  2. Many thanks to Japan. You are our angel.

  3. xiaodi, most likely our next pm, n his dage from ccp now working hand in hand to undermine democracy so that authoritarian regime like ccp n pn can stay in power disregard of peoples right to choose. apparently pn now take over the mcp role, n probably we would suffer much worst knowing that more than 5k msian die.

  4. N we r giving away a million to Vietnam..

  5. It’s nice to know that countries are helping out each other to share their excess vaccines.

    However I want to hilite an aspect of how human greediness and “me for myself” kinda attitude that’s happening over here.
    I believe the PIKAS which is currently being done for factories has been abused and is not meeting its intended goal and hence I don’t see the numbers going down rapidly for factory clusters. Why do I say this? Here are some examples of what is currently happening

    1. When the PIKAS was announced it was meant for those workers who are in production line who cannot work from home. What do you think happen? The first thing these companies do whether MNCs , GLCs or SMEs, the head decide that their top tier people get the jabs and so CEOs, CFOs , Chief Engineers, etc who are able to work from home majority of the time take this jab and they make silly excuse saying they need to be in line.
    What makes is worse is that when the production line people are mainly foreigners, they don’t jab these guys because why should they , these are foreigners, we should give to Malaysian first ( which beg the question, bloody hell why did you hire them in the first place?)

    Not surprised if some non production related departments such as finance, HR etc are in the forefront of receiving these doses although the average age of the people in the dept is in mid 30s- 40

    2. The company deliberately mislead the worker numbers and so they get more vaccines than required and with the extra they even sell for RM300 for 2 doses to those outsiders who are not in the production line nor even in the factory headcount
    These extra headcount that was made is also used to justify to get more people in the factory in order to show that they meet the 60% capacity should the factory be subject to random checks

    I believe this abuse will continue more and when other factories know that the factories were able to do this without any penalty they will adopt these too and so don’t expect the factory numbers to come down any soon

    The abuse is basically due to human greed and those who do not have value systems inbuilt in them and do not fear God and as long as these capitalistic human greed is there the abuse will continue. To expect check by authorities would be futile as there are just too many places to go and check.

    SO I believe PIKAS should be discontinued . Whoever has got the first jab should be given for the next one and that is the time when authorities could actually check whether those who were given should rightfully received them ( ie works in production line and cannot work from home) and should wait for the normal My Sejahtera appointment. And if not then the company should be heavily fined

    Good Luck to getting the factory numbers down any time soon.

    1. That is reality mate.Each countries has it own priorities.Vax involves money. I will bet the new normal will be to work in malaysia in future must have proof that they are all vacinnated with approved vax. They either pay or hiring employers. SO think twice before hiring.It is no more cheap.Accomodation must be provided with good facitities to avoid another clusters.Medical must be provided at private clinic or hospital. Our goverment hospitals are max already.In long run it will be cheap to hire local.Finally if we dont provide these we will be branded as slave labor. SO the age of cheap is gone As for local we should not shun these jobs as nobody own us a living

    2. I think most employers would prefer local workers but unfortunately they can be quite choosy.

  6. Skg bendera hitam plak berkibar.. dolu ada bahalul barua Tun Mahathir Mohammad budak Jon Doe nama nya dengan pengikut setia Jon Doe, budak Suman Made In Singapork, Cik Minah, Pomen Bawah Tanah di support oleh blogger barua Tun Mahathir kluang daimond blogspot.

    Depa kata akan muncul Panji Hitam dari Timur dikibar oleh Tun Mahathir.

    Nampak nya kata kata Jon Doe betul lah.. semalam bendera putih berkibar sekarang ada kempan Bendera Hitam pulak.

    Bendera Hitam dengan Panji Hitam kan tak jauh...!!?


  7. "TOKYO (BLOOMBERG) - Japan is poised to buy more doses of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, a move that would pave the way for the country to immunise its adult population without using any of the controversial shots it purchased
    Currently, only the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is cleared for use in Japan. Moderna and AstraZeneca have filed for approval, but a decision is not expected until May at the earliest.

    A report this week suggested that the AstraZeneca approval may be delayed as regulators request more information on the blood clots. Japan's deal with AstraZeneca is for 120 million shots, many of which are already being manufactured domestically."..April 22 2021.
    Not so good of Japan to give away vaccines which they themselves are afraid of giving to their own citizens. Why not give away the Phyzer vaccine also.

    1. Because we don't mind using the AZ as our health authorities had approved it. So, Japan gave it to us to use first rather than keeping the vaccine until its own health authorities give it the green light. As for the other vaccines they had already approved, they need them for their own people. The most important thing for the Japanese is apparently for its people and others to get the vaccines as soon as possible. Very thoughtful of them, okay.

  8. Israel sampai nak kena buang 800,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine.

    Vaccine makers ni pun celaka jugak. One claims the other vaccine maker(s) ada worrisome side efects. The other claims Pfizer ada delayed side effects. Ada pulak cakap Sinovac lagi tambah infection. Astra Zaneca from non EU manufacturers EU tak approved. We get all these rubbish now.

    Boleh jadi jugak Covid 19 ni has been a scam by big pharmaceutical companies.

    Age of deceit. Kah kah kah memang celaka