Thursday 29 July 2021

What to do when angry with the police and government

 I do understand the people's anger and frustration with the authorities during this Covid-19 pandemic.

I sympathise with them.

Received a call from a very upset friend just now.

He had went to the Bukit Puchong police station to get permission to cross state border because he needs to send his daughter home after she completed her practical training in Cheras.

The daughter needed to vacate her rented room tomorrow.

His wife, who is at home with their other child who is with autism also needed him to be there as she has to go for her first vaccine jab tomorrow.

The boy could throw a fit if left alone and she doesn't have anyone to help look after him.

My friend lives alone in a rented room in Puchong because of his work.

The corporal who manned the desk didn't even let him have the permission form, telling my friend that his daughter should go home alone on a bus.

My friend told the policeman that taking a bus would put her daughter at more risk of Covid infection but was told if that's the case he should send his daughter home in a plane.

Picture by my friend

When my friend pleaded for consideration because of his autistic child, the policeman said that's his own problem.

I don't know what exactly the corporal said, but it really upset my friend.

I told my friend not to argue with the policeman anymore as he may get in trouble because of it.

"Polis tu ada pistol, engko tak ada," I said to him.

I tried to calm him down as much as I could.

Told him to pray to Allah for that policeman and his colleagues to be blessed with autistic children so that they will understand his predicament.

In Islam, if you can't do anything in a predicament, then you pray.

Also, told him not to be too sympathetic the next time when policemen get into trouble at work as they were just doing their job and getting paid for it.

"Engko anggap je lepas ni dia orang tu buat kerja untuk dapat gaji, bukannya sebab nak berkorban untuk rakyat ke apa ke," I said to my friend.

Well, I know that's not politically correct, but I have to comfort my upset friend, okay.

"Kalau engko masih tak puas hati juga, engko doa je banyak-banyak biar Muhyiddin dan menteri-menteri dapat anak autism juga," I added.

Well, KJ should understand why I said that to my friend. He has a child with autism.

Anyway, I think Muhyiddin and gang lost the votes of my friend and his family over the incident.

People who are upset with the authorities, over whatever matters, tend not to support the government.

Yup, I really understand when people put up that kerajaan gagal hashtag.

I'm not going to argue with them.


  1. if the police officer action is consistent and treat all equally irregardless of vip or class, then he did nothing wrong, he is not a law minister like that pas fella who could interpret law as he wish to. what i initially cant understand is how some can still support a double std govt under a stupid pm but at the same time demonstrate his sympathy for the weak even to an extent to curse, until i read to the end then like a lightbulb starts to flicker in my head the entire narrative turn out to be how to win votes.

    this is really a hilarious piece of writing if not amusing.

    1. I'll pray you'll be blessed with a child or grandchild with autism too. Maybe then you'll understand that this is not a hilarious matter.

    2. i dont believe in anything so no pray, but i wish you, your child and grandchild all in good health, and also the stupid pm get lost.

  2. they mislead everyone. now Agong pun kena. tats y lah!

  3. Annie,

    Tolong spin nih sikit ye. Toksah tunggu arahan from upstairs, ye...VERY URGENT! Go girl, go!

    I help you ya....

    FIRST PARA "This is all PH fault..."

    SECOND PARA..."No big deal what..."

    THIRD PARA....Talk about something else to deflect.

    KUALA LUMPUR – Yang di-Pertuan (YDP) Agong menzahirkan amat dukacita dengan tindakan kerajaan membatalkan semua Ordinan Darurat yang telah dimasyhurkan, namun pembatalan belum lagi diperkenankan.

    Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja, Datuk Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin berkata, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (Parlimen dan Undang-Undang), Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan dan Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Idrus Harun menghadap Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah secara maya pada 24 Julai lalu.

    Beliau berkata, pada pertemuan itu YDP Agong bersetuju dan memperkenan bahawa semua Ordinan Darurat dibentang dan dibahaskan di Parlimen bagi tujuan diungkaikan tetapi tidak dilaksanakan.

    “Seri Paduka Baginda menegaskan kenyataan menteri di Parlimen pada 26 Julai adalah tidak tepat dan telah mengelirukan Ahli-Ahli Dewan Rakyat.

    “Perkara 150 (2b) dibaca dengan perkara 150(3) Perlembagaan Persekutuan secara jelas memperuntukan kuasa pengubalan dan pembatalan Ordinan-Ordinan Darurat terletak pada Seri Paduka Baginda,” titah Istana Negara dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

    Deadline 6pm.

    Ribuan terima kasih!

    1. It is expected Malaysiakini and its like carries comments calling for foul play, derhaka , PM, Speaker, AG and Law Minister to resign etc etc after today’s episode. Nothing unusual there.

      Nonetheless these are just loads of cacophony noise which will go on for 2 days or so with all sorts of law experts coming out giving their 2 cents and what next!

      From the media statement , the biggest paragraph was that which mentioned the Law Minister and AG had audience with Agong on 24th saying they will discuss on the emergency ordinance but come Jul 26 the LM said these have been revoked on 21 Jul. And Im sure the Agong would have wondered…what? on 24th you did not mention to me they were revoked and agreed it will be discussed and now you said they were revoked on 21st, 3 days before! SO you can understand the Agong being pissed off as seemingly he was taken as a fool and so he was extremely disappointed. OK fair enough.

      SO lets just say we are now in Aug 2. And The LM said ok we will now discuss the 7 ordinances so as to carry out the AGong’s titah, which is what they had wanted to do all along

      SO assuming the oppositions all say they disagree with all the ordinances and so those are now invalid. OK. And the Law PM said ok I have now undertaken the decree of the Agong and apparently majority doesn’t agree. SO I have fulfilled my bit for Agong’s decree.

      Then he purposely discuss to extend the Emergency and obviously majority will disagree. He will say ok , I have now also undertaken the decree of the Agong to discuss on the extension as well and majority say No

      By him doing the above 2 is it considered he derhaka? Don’t think so right.

      Then what after that? Im sure AI will say he wants now to have undi tak percaya, but obviously that cannot happen because it is not in the Agenda.

      So there will be loads of noise Derhaka, this that , poong pang, paaang , poong and then Parliament bersurai

      Later in the evening the Law Minister tender resignation and probably the Speaker as well.

      Then what? Will covid decrease? I think it will then be another same day after that and the day after as well!
      Once the 80% vaccination done by end of year, maybe just before the Budget the PM bubar the Parliament.

      Do you honestly think PH will win the seats after that? I think the Malays will double punish them because of playing politics during covid crisis plus the vaccinations probably will be successful by then so there is no reason why would they change allegiance.

      So seriously PH need to think really what would they want to do, to carry on with their tantrum or just paly along as seriously the PN govt already given them what they had wanted last Monday namely revoking of ordinances and no extension of Emergency!

      Im just afraid what the Malays would think about this particular Agong when he did what he did today…itu saja!

  4. i misread. you meant to say dap at fault here right ?

  5. Annie for your next piece pls refer to Matsal Gemuk @ Manchester.

    He basically tikam YDPA while pretending to "defend".

    His paymasters now are in "telur di hujung tanduk" situation.

    Kena cari makan, mahhhhh.

    You understand.


  6. "Engko anggap je lepas ni dia orang tu buat kerja untuk dapat gaji, bukannya sebab nak berkorban untuk rakyat ke apa ke," I said to my friend.

    You made my day, Annie
    2. Inilah yang saya suka explain kepada orang sekeliling saya
    3. Tak kiralah apa FRONTLINERS pun, mana ada perasaan untuk Berkorban untuk RAKYAT
    4. Hak tui lah semua tu. Mereka buat sebab mereka dibayar gaji dan upah.
    6. Sebab itu, kekadang mereka sukar Express EMPATHY....
    Lindung Diri; LINDUNGI SEMUA
    peace no war 🍺

  7. Well, this stoopid gomen of yours is on its way out. Lie to the Agong somemore...Ptooiee

  8. I don't know why but the police seem to have become a power unto themselves, investigating criticism of themselves excessively,

    There have been attempts to reform the police in particular establishing the IPCMC has always been opposed by the police themselves, but the police are not a separate power centre but under the control and responsibility of the civilian govt but they do act as if they are a separate power.

    Having said that my interactions with the police have generally been good and having known policemen and seeing how they live in the housing they have been provided, a lot can be done to improve their living conditions and pay.

  9. What your fren should do is try again during different shift time or at a different nearby station. If that fails, write to a newspaper about his predicament. Ppl of authority nowadays seem to respond more to public perception


    Please read this on the police