Wednesday 30 June 2021

Muhyiddin may stay as PM for two more years

I don't believe the parliament will have its sitting anytime soon despite the mounting pressure on Muhyiddin.

I still think it's only going to be after Aug 1.

Even the state assemblies are going to sit after the Emergency is over.

Muhyiddin will probably just ignore everyone and continue as usual.

In fact I even suspect that he probably told the Agong, Art Harun and others to join the chorus so that people will not be angry with them over the current state of affairs.

He probably told them that he will be solely responsible for parliament not being immediately reconvened.

What can Anwar, Dr Mahathir and the rest of the gang do to him after all, right?

I think he will only tell parliament to sit after he has enough number of MPs to defeat any no confidence motion against him, and that I estimate to be around September or October.

At that time more people will be vaccinated and Covid numbers have dropped to a manageable level.

Yup, I think he can pull that one off.

So far, he has even managed to get some Pakatan MPs to switch sides.

Well, unless I'm wrong and that Muhyiddin already have enough MPs now, he may call the parliament to sit tomorrow.

Really, I don't think he will just roll over and die, letting Anwar to take over.

He surely has learnt the lesson from Najib.

Najib handed over the government to Pakatan without much fuss after GE14 and look what happened to him.

Once you hand over power to your enemies, rightly or wrongly, you'll end up in court and possibly in jail.

So, better hang on to power by any mean whatsoever.

I think that would be the new SOPs for all Malaysian PM.

Well, you all may not like this but I think Muhyiddin will be Malaysian PM until at least the next general election in 2023.

Ya, another two years, okay.

Who knows, most of you may probably change your mind about Muhyiddin by that time.


Eh, also remember ya, Muhyiddin is where he is now because you all wanted to change the government back then. You got that, what.

Me, I don't want to care too much anymore.

Nowadays, I just want to make ends meet.

I think there are a lot of other people like me now. 

More works, less pay. Sigh.

Never mind. 


  1. i like muhyiddin...i dont mind if he is the prime minister after ge 15

    1. Anon 22:17

      I am sure those working in "instant mee" industries will give him their full support.

      Profit guarantee akan berlipat ganda, employees year end bonus sure akan dapat above 6mths pay.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Anon 23:02

      I am also sure those in their wet dream...dreaming of anwar to be the next pm will not give him their full support.

      Profit unguarantee and have to work like every other human being to pay bills and probably no year end bonus too due to pandemic.

      Professor Nasi Goreng

    3. Katakaloo Anwar jd PM oghang kampung kami will gelar dia PM BURUNG..


      Kerja dia as MP asyik suka terbang sana sini.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  2. Dah cirit birit pun ada yg nak dia jd PM....stupid ass....

  3. Semua yang berpeluang jadi PM biar mereka berkhidmat sampai kiamat atau mati,

    Tak perlu fokus untuk minta PM BERUNDUR.

    1. Payah kalo gitu kluangman.

      Contoh macam exPM Israel, comatose selama 9thn baru mampuih? Macam mana?.. Cirit birit la rakyat sampai tua kena dok makan mee segara sementara nak tunggu dia mati.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. I think...tercirit!
    People think...tercirit!
    Other people think....tercirit!
    What the...tercirit!!!
    Serious la...tercirit-birit?
    I think...I need more tissue....aaaarkk...
    Tercirittt...some moreee..!!!

  5. better him than rear admiral anwar...

    1. Anon9:45

      What admiral? But I do see a depan belakang boleh tin kosong that can't even to be used to carry any bit of water. Hopeless.

  6. a useless cum stupid pm cling to his position no matter what. pity msian now as if living under a hitler.

  7. tsmy & PN are dead man walking

  8. Why is every one thinking Anwar will take over? If PM is indisposed, Azmin takes over????? More of drama Bangsawan on the way. It will be like Rome,, some a---h--e fiddling while Malaysia burn...

  9. It have been proven that Mahiaddin is not able to handle this pandemic crisis and the economy, even with the support of an emergency. Giving GLC positions and govt posts no longer work in this modern world, he is so outdated. Social medias will capture all the wrongdoings and breaking of SOPs by his large team of politicians consistently and openly. If someone so senior and educated like Mustapha can get caught eating in Kelantan and another senior deputy speaker at a durian fest, rakyat wondered how many more are there and it showed poor leadership of the PM. We need someone with clear and tough stand and fair to all Msians in this crisis.May all the Gods look after Malaysia and all fellow Malaysians.

  10. semoga TSMY segera sembuh..ameen

  11. Ya, sure, TSMY may stick around until 2 years later. Allowing and letting him roam free on PutraJaya pasture for the goodness' sake. So, during this period of time, everyone should be ready to go up mountains of knives and down seas of flames, to have our bodies smashed to powder and our bones crushed to smithereens, just to submit ourselves unquestioningly to the control of our greatest leader in history --TSMY. Anyhow, ever wonder the present whereabouts of Makcik Kiah and Pakcik Salleh, or, if they both have already added to the list of Covid-succumbers.

  12. Annie dearest....
    2. Jika Kekuatan Hang Tuah terletak pada Huruf T, Kekuatan Yidin X Telo terletak pada Hamzah Zainuddin & Azmin Ali
    3. Hamzah disegani ramai ahli akademik kanan sementara Azmin & Hishamuddin Tun Hussein adalah sahabat se'Morocco'
    4. Apatah pula jawatan Ketua Kerajaan Persekutuan adalah the MOST POWERFUL ENTITY di Malaysia


    1. HT is myth. WHY is he not there in 1511.Just like why UFO not landed in MIT.

    2. Anon 07:44 yang diraikan....
      Hidup ni janganler Serius sangat dude....
      Cheers 🍺

  13. Sure Annie...
    Read Kusufian Write...
    Abah just xtend EO 6 months, Xde Siapa PUNGGG bole cakap banyak...

  14. I ting aah.. we Mesia suey one lah. Got PM najib he stole money. Got pm dollah he slept. Got pm Madey he wants to be pm forever. And now moiden he cirit birit. Why so suey one.

  15. YOu must be joking. He cant even handle his 69 ministers and expected to handle
    33m peoples.Lame duck.Covid19 is WMD.How can he handle this his generals are so ignorant.

  16. Now after #MuhyudinLetakJawatan we MUST start #SaveMalaysia&ReviveABAI..