Sunday 11 July 2021

Thanks UCSI vaccination team

I'm quite tired of the whacking of our Covid-19 war effort in social media.

That's because I don't feel that it's that bad.

Yes, things are quite grim at the moment, but I believe we are not really fighting the pandemic that badly.

War is grim, after all, and we are bound to suffer losses.

However, I think we could turn the tide soon if we hang on, at least until our vaccination effort, which is now picking up speed has reached its objectives.

That should be within just the next few months.

You may not like the government or leaders, who are leading the war effort for whatever reasons, but I hope you all can still support our frontliners who are putting their heart and soul into the fight and their lives on the line.

Give them moral support, at least, by not being too negative about the Covid war.

I have to admit that my only real experience observing our frontliners since confining myself mostly at home since the lockdown was when I went to the vaccination centre at UCSI University in Cheras for my jabs.

I like what I saw as the frontliners there are really doing a good job.

They are quite a bit like DAP election workers. Mostly Chinese youth volunteers (probably students of the university) who are very dedicated and efficient.

The medical staff were also very professional. 

The Indian nurse who administered my second dose was courteous as she went through the routine of showing me the right amount of vaccine before the jab and then showing me the empty syringe after that. She even asked me to say Bismillah (In the name of Allah) before the procedure.

They all gave me a good impression of our Covid-19 war effort.

Thank you vaccination team at UCSI.

A good friend of mine also reported a similar experience at another vaccination centre in this Instagram post of her,

My friend Miss Chuah is a former JB-based NST journalist and she blogs at Roam with Bee

Really guys, we do need to be more positive, count our blessings and thank those who are doing their best for us, even during this difficult time.


  1. That is so true Annie! Malaysians need to learn to stop complaining and just help and if you can't help, just keep your mouth shut. To make things worse, these politicians who are ex-PM (who has been found guilty of corruption by the High Court), ex-DPM (soon to join the ex-PM), ex-Ministers n ex-Deputy Ministers are certainly not helping the with their non-stop politicking and instigating the rakyat.

  2. i went to sunway, 90% of the frontliner r malay while those that attended for vaccination r mostly chinese. can i therefore claim sunway is not pwtc but still looks like one umno election centre? i think race has nothing to do with this pendemic, all the frontliner is doing their job, n do it well. its pas n umno that wanna self labeling malay muslim govt, while u label chinese as dap, so who is instigating?

    to remain positive is fine, and to urge the stupid pm to berhampus is kind of positive attitude to make things right. but this pm not only stupid, also damn thick skin like that lks.

  3. I believe most of us have good experience with frontliners and the health personnel during this pandemic and totally opposite with the politicians. If only we can reverse the role and let politicians be the frontliners and nurses and let the doctors run the country during this time, we may have the pandemic under control.I guess only in my dream.


    10% percent of Malaysian population already received their jabs. That is like 3.2 million from entire population. In order to achieve herd immunity, 28 million Malaysians have to be inoculated. 28 million minus 3, than means 25 millions more to go.

    Yesterday we managed to vaccinate more 300,000 people. That’s quite a staggering number. It is a matter of time before we could get to 500,000 a day. Within a month or 2 I suppose. If we manage to vaccinate more than 500,000 a day, it will only requires 50 days to get to the magic number of 28,000,000. 50 days is like a month and 20 days. It means we could wrap up this vaccination exercise sooner rather than later. Probably by early October. Ahead of schedule projected by government. And 14 million more doses of vaccines will arrive this month according to MKN text message.

    Finally there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Return to normalcy is around the corner. Though COVID cases are still frighteningly sky high at the moment, and will remain so for months to come, it won’t matter anymore once we achieve herd immunity. At that time, daily cases could shoot sky high but it won’t matter anymore because we already over the finish line.

    When herd immunity attained, hospitalisation cases will gradually drop. Even if you’re going to be infected, you’re not going to be seriously ill or down with severe respiratory diseases. Yours will be like seasonal flu which can be healed super fast with over the counter medication. That’s what happening in the US, Great Britain and certain parts of Europe right now. Otherwise they wouldn’t do Euro 2020 or tennis tournament like Rolland Garros or Wimbledon.

    Though it is grim and sombre experience looking at the number of cases which don’t seem abated at any point of time now, please don’t lose faith. Keep your spirit up. The night is always the darkest or pitch black before dawn. And the DAWN is coming…

    1. How do you get herd immunity if the vaccinated can get infected and transmit the virus?

  5. Annie,

    Different needs bring different expectation, and different expectation brings different satisfaction.

    A vaccinated spinster who hasn't losen her job and has no one but herself to take care of, only worries when her period would start to dry up?

    A rainy day to her is only boring when the dark sky makes her moody, nevermind if people drown to death and thousands more need relocation.

    Her concerns for a wakil rakyat is his face, whether he looks handsome or funny or ugly, she bothers only if there are complaints from the rakyat because too much complaining would make her tired, tired of hearing too much notices in her head.

    She trains her positive thinking by counting her blessings, saying 'Qu'ils mangent de la brioche' to any who raised a white flag.

    For anyone who dares saying bad things about the pemimpin must be suffering from dengki complex irrational and kurang sabar.

    Say, Malaysia is lucky because coronavirus being the enemy of the so-called war, has no intention of taking over the government. For if coronavirus has a conqueror's mind then for long the COVID-19 would have been crowned the King.

    1. Too bad Im not a spinster like that. Sigh.

  6. I am trying hard not to think that all the complaints today are all politically motivated.
    The relentless attacks on the govt. from all fronts on all issues as if nothing at all the govt had done is good,seems like an orchestrated effort by certain parties to achieve a certain aim.
    However this overdrive/overdose/harsh condembations is just not working, as I am concerned.
    For one who never accepted the Sheraton Move and the PMs scheme of things, I am beginning to symphatise with PN govt.
    Or maybe I am being bias.As the political situation today has been led to a point where if PN were led to fall today the inevitable alternative is PH govt and DSAI as PM.
    I hope this is just a personal phobia.

  7. It is not bad if we have enough capacity with our hospital. If you are covid + and told to wait at home, that's bad. Havent you seen the condition of our government hospital?. They are fill to the brim. Any way please advise you reader to get oximeter. There are sold in shopee cheap. So if you get covid and told to be at home to wait for their call. Measure you oxi level with these oximeter. If youare seeing oxi level getting lower, run to the nearest hospital and show them your number.