Sunday 25 July 2021

About Hungarian ventilators and why God creates rich fools

A friend yesterday asked me whether I know what Azmin's news outfit Malaysianow was up to with this story;

Multiple agencies probing businessman for tax fraud, 1MDB-style money laundering

Well, actually I do know what it was all about.

That article which was published two days ago actually looks quite grand, complete with a suggestion that the nonsense it was trying to highlight was as big as the 1MDB scandal.

It was actually a follow up of this story which Malaysianow posted on June 16, (which was more than a month ago);

Malaysian businessman gets lion’s share of multibillion-dollar Hungary deal

It was for all intents and purposes, a character assassination attempt on that businessman Vinod, because he is a friend of Anwar.

Simple actually. It's Azmin fighting Anwar and he's trying to knock off everyone he sees as supporting his enemy.

It was actually a concerted effort.

Here's another "news outlet" of Azmin's with its own piece four days ago;

Anwar Ibrahim Crony Vinod Sekhar In Questionable Multi-Billion Deal

Yup, RPK's Malaysia Today is now serving Azmin's interests. Just check out the trend of its stories of late and you all should know that it's true.

RPK really has a nice gig over there in UK. 

Politicians, from all sides in Malaysia were bankrolling him with good money at one point or another.

I wish I'm over there too so that I can write whatever shit I want, out of reach of people who want to sue me.

That's of course unless this Vinod guy goes out of his way and spend considerable amount of money to sue him in the UK courts.

Anyway, that's RPK's business lah and it's not for me to be jealous of him. Good for him, really.

The only problem is that the story being peddled by these Azmin's hired hands was not only a spin but also an overkill.

I can say that because I happen to know the real story.

It actually started when the pandemic first hit the European shores in early last year with Italy being among the first to get hit real hard.

People were dying left, right and centre and the Italian healthcare system was pushed to the brink as doctors were forced to choose who to be put on ventilator and who were to die without it because there were not enough of the machines at that time to go around at the hospitals.

Neighbouring Hungary saw what was happening in Italy and went on a scramble to get more ventilators as it knew the pandemic will cross the border very soon.

Other countries in the European continent were also doing the same thing.

This was when Vinod was asked by his friends in the Hungarian government to help find the needed ventilators.

The guy actually knows nothing about ventilators but have good contacts in China, which was the only country producing enough of the machines to meet the demand.

It was a mad global scramble for ventilators at that time and the Chinese manufacturers jacked up the price to  extortion level.

The Hungarians were so desperate to get the machines that they ignored Vinod's advice about the exorbitant price and bought the ventilators before other countries snap them up.

Can't blame them though as their citizens' lives were at stake.

They paid the Chinese directly and promised to give Vinod a relatively small sum for acting as the middleman.

From what I was told, the Hungarians have not been able to give Vinod anything yet but the guy was okay about it and intended to give whatever he would receive to charity.

That was basically the story that Malaysianow and Malaysia Today have been spinning into a 1MDB-like scandal.

Well, I don't care much about Azmin wanting to knock off Anwar as I don't really like Anwar myself, but for me it's not okay for him to get his hired writers to do such a spin job on an innocent bystander just because the guy is an Anwar's friend.

They have been trying to get this Vinod guy for quite a while, actually.

I wrote about some of those in these posts;

Stop whacking the guy who created jobs for journalists

No to personal attacks against people who want to help in Covid war

Honestly, I don't really know the guy and the fact that he's an Anwar's friend makes me feel that despite being a successful businessman, he's a bit naive when it comes to politics.

However, based on what he had done so far, the guy actually seems to be a good guy.

So, it's not very nice of them to try paint him as an evil rich man, who was greedy enough to profit from the sufferings during the pandemic.

Even if the authorities do check on the Hungarian ventilators story, they would only find that the guy was actually just trying to help.

He really doesn't have any business related to the pandemic like making or selling rubber gloves, masks or medical equipment.

Furthermore, from what I know the guy's finances had been an open book the last time the authorities thoroughly checked on him sometimes late last year. 

Well, I have to admit though that this Vinod guy was being rather foolish for trying too hard to help others and got whacked for doing so.

But then again, God sometimes does make one or two rich fools like him so that humanity as a whole doesn't seem to be such a bunch of greedy bastards too much.


  1. a half breed that supposed to inherit both side of the english gentleman culture plus religion concept of honorable and righteousness, that however turn into a congenital liar, pity.

    1. He is just low class. Keyboard for hire with zero principle just like kotak man. Like a lalang sway as the wind blow. They are angry with sometimes all the time.

  2. The funniest thing about RPK is that at one stage, he was even selling the services his fat, spoiled brat of a daughter as a "youth influencer" to these same politikus.

    Sell your own backside okay lah, but your own kids?!?

    Today he is whacking Najib, after spending three years of accepting under table money from Najib's people (he licked their shoes and called them "boffin boys"). At the height of 1mdb he was claiming no money was missing. Before Pru14 he predicted a huge victory for BN.

    Not much loyalty but then that's now prostitutes operate - on to the next customer.

    I guess RPK is quite a failed propagandist. I don't think AbahCirit or Sandakan's reputations are improving, just the reverse actually. Oh well.

    1. RPK's daughter is actually pretty and she's entitled to her own opinion. I don't believe she was sold off by her father like that.

    2. Anon 19:00, speak for yourself lah..u expect / coerce your children to follow bulat2 your views in politics ke?

      I can think of many dap politicians family - by your definition, they were all prostituted by the head of the family. Oh I forgot, if it's dap, the rule is different..

    3. 22:26 yelah, she is 100% parroting RPK talking points.

      Huh? So Hisham is the same by following Tun Hussein Onn...Jibby and Tun Razak...Madey and BoiBoi...Lim Ah Pek and Iguana Eng...etc etc.

      You don't seem to understand "paid blogger" vs. politician family....maybe try reading again.

  3. Pretty ke? Hmmmmm hmmmmm. Okay. Well, it's in the eye of the observer...

    I think if she lost around 30-35 lbs, she can be slim and beautiful like Annie. But it's okay, honestly. As long as people feel comfortable with their own self, kan? Tu la yg penting.

    Enjoy seeing Azmin anyway, Annie, he's quite hensum.

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