Saturday 10 July 2021

Talk is cheap

 Umno VP Khaled Nordin said this about his party withdrawing support from Perikatan government,


In a statement today, Khaled said the prime minister and his administration must see that its previous strategies and actions to handle the pandemic have “failed miserably”. 

“So, it is ill-informed to continue to stick with the same plan or approach. 

“Secondly, the withdrawal will put to stop rumours and guesswork linked to the prime minister’s majority support. This withdrawal will make way for an open re-evaluation of the Dewan Rakyat’s trust and confidence in the prime minister.”

He added that this shows that Umno is serious in its demands to improve the welfare of the people.

You all can read the rest of the bullshit at this link;

Well, Khaled, when are you going to resign from your chairman post at Boustead?

That miserable failure Muhyiddin gave you that job as a reward for something, what.


Talk so much only.

Simply talk to be Umno's hero. That's all he's good at.

Want the cake and eat it some more.

That's what these people are.

Why do we bother to listen to them?

Eh, I'm feeling fed up today.

That's all I'm going to write.



  1. umno hv 2 gangs, one no power talk everything do nothing, the other got power gang promise everything deliver nothing.

    umno is now a symbol of nothing. under a stupid pm somemore, yuck!

    1. its ok at least better than the previous gov

    2. as usual very interesting assessment from yr kind.

  2. I think Khaled is correct. This PM has failed. He asked for emergency to control covid19.Instead cases rose .He imposed MCO and FMCO and yet cases rose again.Only the rakyat suffered especially those who dont have savings while his team fattened their stomachs.Did Mustapha think hard and smart of his constituency (and people who have no money to buy food) when he ate at that Kelantan cafe? The facts remained the facts.His team continued to flout SOP and got away with it as many cases still not wrapped up yet.On the other hand, any grey areas, rakyat got summoned first and asked to appeal to KKM. Is it fair? On the other hand, you have Bersatu's Wan Sai full barked at Zahid for asking Parliament to open for check and balance.He also said politicians cannot vote down the PM if Parliament opens. Shouldn't the same standard be used on Bersatu that you use on Khaled?We all want a leader to lead by example, be firm and focus on controlling this pandemic and revive the economy. So far, this PM gives no confidence to us and the truth hurts.

    1. Lets wait for things to subside..... after all Najib and Zahid co-produce this drama, if it turns out to be a comedy we can have a good laugh later.

  3. Betul, Annie.
    Yang mahal adalah cerut Havana dan kuda-kuda Russia/Uzbek

    Peace no War ✌️ CHEERS 🍺

  4. Whatever the game is over for Moodin...just wait on the 26th July at Parliment how many of the UMNO MPs are the party man or the Moodins man ?

  5. If you failed miserably but still get promoted,something is wrong with our country.

  6. there were said that the current government is the kings government as it is under emergency state and umno has never been one to derhaka kepada Raja. the withdrawal still stands ..just wait till 1st august unless midin got more creative to prolong the darurat....hence why the numbers never go down.

  7. People like him has no shame to have the best of both worlds, but alas, does it matter to him anyway? It is a case of the tail wagging the dog. So, never mind he being vocal as whatever passes his lips carries no weight at all, simply insignificant at any level. If he were so smart and full of ideas, Zafrul would have involved him in the National Recovery Plan instead of Tun M then. So puffed up to show off stupidity, is he for real?

  8. Ini drama najib dan zahid, kita tonton saja…. Ia comedy, kita boleh ketawa dihujung drama…. Khaled baik diam dulu.

  9. OK.. takyah bising2 skrg masa utk bertindak tegas sikit. Kawasan mana yg ade jangkitan tolong saman wakil2 rakyat berkenaan bole tak?

    1 Jangkitan RM30K (kos perubatan) dan yg berkaitan

    1 kematian RM500K (kos pengkebumian dan wang pampasan kpd keluarga mangsa Covid 19).

    Yang taknak gi Parliamen minta rampas kereta dn elaun2 berkaitan, guna duit tu masak bubur lambok dan edarkan tiap hari kpd yg sedang hidup kelaparan.

    Professor Nasi Lemak