Tuesday 27 July 2021

About the never ending baboon ass thumping

 I thought of doing another a day in Parliament report like yesterday for this post but one of the commentators apparently already beat me to it.

I found the comment quite amusing and decided to put it here for readers who don't go to the comments section of this blog to read it.

2 days of sitting and up to now and you got absolutely nothing substantive coming out from the Dewan.

I mean, honestly how would that have been possible…constant barking , shouting , stopping people from speaking, refusing to listen, needing to put their words in although the thing they wanted to say has already been mentioned by their same PH member, easily calling a person a dog, stupid, absolutely uncouth behaviour and not an iota of gentlemanly conduct etc…goodness me!

This behaviour is usually seen from those people you see during the 70s, cangkung tepi longkang makan mee hokien! Langsung no gaya punya orang.

For a start, lets look at the bigger picture, opposition was all against emergency and now emergency has been revoked. OKlah maybe the way it was done is debatable, let’s wait for next Monday then grill that Minister. Why waste time like tin kosong going on and on ab nauseum asking the same bloody question. I mean didn’t the government give you what you wanted, no extension of Emergency?

Next , they have been given a chance to listen to the leader of the pack , Majlis Pemulihan Rakyat, Zafrul. But did they even want to listen? NO they insist on PM. But why? Zafrul will know the technical detail which is why PM asked him to conclude? Then you get all sorts of estate origin mentality fella insisting PM to answer. Even in Corporate Company Analyst report, when it comes to detail, the CEO will ask the CFO to detail out the report!

But you can’t expect makan tepi longkang type of people on how to understand such protocal.

Lastly as has been expected, they shout all sort of slogan “kerajaan gagal” past 5 months and shout for Parliament to convene and when Parliament opened for 5 days, instead of using these days to completely debate and provide solution , they go on monkey tantrum and shouting ..waste of 2 days.

Let’s see what the third day where KJ will bentang his report. I believe KJ is THE MOST successful minister of PN so far, second is Zafrul.

Im sure he has his fantastic report writing but don’t be surprise where you will see makan tepi longkang type will shout and say- vaccine too slow, why didn’t buy earlier, people die because vaccine slow etc etc…again a never ending baboon ass thumping shout and another day will be wasted. Just wait and see!

Bloody politicans- most of them are bunch of tossers!

Yup, it's almost the same of what I think of today's Dewan Rakyat proceeding.

Another pasar borong atmosphere and display of disgraceful behaviour.

It's not like I'm a Perikatan supporter, but the way the Opposition MPs conducted themselves in the Dewan really put me off from any idea of supporting them.

No way I can support people who behaved so disgracefully to once again run this country. Especially not amidst this pandemic as they would likely make things get worse.

I'll just stick with my original stand of letting the current government stay and solve the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and after that we can have a proper general election. 

I believe that with the increasing pace of the vaccination effort we should be able to come out of the crisis as early as before the year ends.

Ya, I know, the situation is bad, but I don't want it to get worse if those clowns were allowed to take over the government now.

They had their chance during those 22 months after GE14, and they didn't show themselves to be any better than the previous BN government.

Spend months just on blaming their predecessors and not much else on top of their own blunders.

They would likely do the same if allowed this time. That, with the pandemic going on would really be a disaster. 

Can't stand their arrogance anyway.

Well, I may as well just bear with this not so great current government and try to survive until things get better.

Hopefully we can elect a proper government after that.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgkupJACZw8

    september september, errr is my mom still there

  2. amusing comment is the right description, a write up from a joker i guess?

  3. monkeys attract monkeys lah! ani.
    monkeys wont attract lions unless want to be eaten.

  4. What a waste of money to buy 16 electric vtol drone for rm48m that could fly 4 to 5 hours.Can they gauranty no more pati into the country. Us and isreal with so many uav cannot control the border. They have to build the wall. What a waste of tax payer money. Better build more hospital or spent more money on research on vaccine.lesson about covid pandemic is each country must have ability to produce vaccine fast. Stop blaming other countries of witholding vaccine stock.

  5. PH leaders have meticulously planned all their way to get to the House, only to meet with a sharp rebuff and being outplayed by a cool-headed seasoned PM. That makes the group, the opposition leader in particular, flies into a rage out of being tricked, following that we are served with all sorts of shouting, howling, shrieking or whatever, however you want to name it. Obviously, they are not there to offer any solution to the crisis nor to alleviate people's sufferings. What I find off-putting is, they keep dragging Agong into the picture, intentionally to exacerbate the already confusing and worsening situation. Well, next, the upcoming day-3 KJ's turn to be grilled. Let's see what lies in store for us.

    1. agong already in the picture the moment he picked pm and approved emergency. one cant simply opt in and out sesuka hati.

  6. Betul.
    1st day I didn't lift my butt to watch both sessions. A lot of time were wasted. Satu hal yang sama 80 orang nak sebut. Itu la dia masalah nya bila setiap seorang rasa diri masing2 lawyer yang tiada tandingan.

    Tapi tak apa la lawyer Takiyudin pun steady jugak and Muhyiddin just gave the monkeys peanuts and they now go banana.

    Today more bananarama. More monkeys got exited and more time wasted.

    1. taikyuddin. isle law pun ah! bila nak #ruu355.
      mahaddin going so what peduli. more it malay impotant.
      how many hanged souls or turjun waiting.
      the two bapok tua join eltn jon happiness. money can
      buy boi rite

      take care - sendiri jaga sendiri.
      you pemipin kesian sama you angat.

  7. Exactly my observation too.

    These two days of parliamentary sitting (or might I say shitting) have been a perfect example of a farce, or might I say a dysfunctional democracy.

    I am not pro-PN or pro-BN but I find the PH idiotic and their followers and loyalists - i.e. the Pakatoons unable to think outside of their political box.

    1. monkeys chatter n howlerr in parliment? tat explains the origin. why sounds like just aping d opposers?

  8. Other than the PN gagalist and the PH baboons what else do the rakyat have. So its still back to the grand old man who has proposed for an apolitical panel (MPN) of experts and professionals. Obvously this can ensure that actions proposed will be totally free of political mileage , abuse or misappropriation.Still this will not be accepted by the majority of the 'people' who are either supporters of the PN gagal govt or the power crazy PH.
    All this will go on while the rakyat continue to suffer with daily covid 19 infection of 500 per million of population. Among the highest in the world. Yet everyone is shouting in the name of protecting the rakyat.
    What an ass!!!

    1. How can MPN be apolitical? The perfect analogy is why let the arsonist who burned the country down be the fireman to save the burning country?

      The biggest elephant in the room is the old fox wasn’t thankful to the people who got him into the limelight so he spend the next 22 months with deceipt and lies to bring down PH and bring in PN.

      Bad enough now with only 4 supporters, he wants to redeem. Poodah.

    2. Just because the apolitical MPN is being proposed by someone not on your political side,it got rejected. The political animals we know are all the politicians. But the asses are everywhere.

  9. At least, Annie
    2. Parlimen mengadakan Mesyuarat Khas untuk mendengar para Ahli Parlimen bersuara.
    3. Tak kiralah apa sekalipun, hasil dapatan PRU14 yang menghantar mereka ke august House
    4. Wajarlah kita meraikannya.
    5. Sepanjang dua hari mesyuarat, Saya memberikan TUJUH BINTANG untuk Kuala Selangor MP
    6. TIDAK SYAK LAGI, DR. DZULKEFLY AHMAD merupakan Menteri Kesihatan terbaik yang pernah MALAYSIA miliki setakat hari ini.
    7. Mungkin beliau ada apply SPANISH FLY😂

    Lindung Diri; LINDUNGI SEMUA
    peace no War🍺

  10. When dealing with monkeys or donkeys, you use monkey's or donkey's language. This is a national crisis and not a honeymoon period for politicians with plenty of money, even can go holidays overseas. Like the Army General said, this is a war on C19, thus we must use war tactics and not sit on your fat bums. Despite the shoutings and insuniaties ( so that one learn it is flu and not fly and attend durian fest or Kelantan cafe or Raptor fan), did any of the opposition members quoted wrong facts? Did they gave unworkable suggestions? Don't fault the mode of delivery of facts. If your GrabEat's driver deliver your food in slippers, why query the slippers and not the quality of the food delivered? I rather we have fiery debates and shoutings as we are in a crisis and we must wake them up of rakyat's angers and determination for all to follow SOP fairly and no VIP treatment.However, it is very evident that this crisis exposed poor leadership. The way this PN friendly MP openly did not wear mask and got fined yesterday in Parliament speak of the "disease" affecting the current govt. If PH behaves like that, I will also shoot the same remarks.

  11. sah org PN...

  12. SAH Sidang Parlimen tadi PN sebuah Kerajaan Gagal..!!Kenyataan Ku Li, Tun Mahathir Anwar ,Lim Guan Eng dan Lim Kit Siang ternyata benar sekali...!!

    Link bawah sudah nyata dan terbukti benar sama sekali yang Malaysia di bawah Pakatan Nasional adalah sebuah Kerajaan Gagal..

    bukti link kat bawah tu haahh..!!


    1. I wish parliment would consider for the orphans and senior citizens who have lost their breadwinners than go berating and getting no way. Shut up la if don't know what to do. Wasting time only while people are dying! Frontliners also have families too.

      Please hasten the vaccination. All MP know your constitution so take care of your own own areas and bring up obstacles with plans on how to distribute the vaccine to every nook and corner of the whole country.

      I noticed that when the vaccination personnels jab a person but do not disinfect and then continue jab the next person. Just imagine the close contact with an infected! I went to hospital for outpatient appointment and noticed one lady breathing heavily and coughing (she told me "susah nafas"). How the hell she can bypass security at the main front door!

      Wonder why some people heard lockdown, terus scatter? Wonder why some people don't wear masks? Wonder why some people don't register for vaccination?...... Some no jobs, some think haram, some suspicious of vaccine, A LOT NO MONEY and FEAR KENA FINE!

  13. Today, we have conclusively been proven…PIGS actually do fly!!!

    To see the complete contrast of the PH members of Parliament in behaviour vs what we saw for past 2 days has actually stupefied me to the walls of Babylon Ziggurat..until one wonder what the heck happened? How is it that they can act so dignified, with complete sense of decorum , allowing KJ to go thru his speech unimpeded, allowing him all the time to answer all questions raised and the Dewan to go thru smoothly ( barring one incident when the SIk fella was heckled down.

    Well he was asking for it, nobody asked him to bodek the PM and because he was completely out of topic he was heckled until he could not even finish the 2nd paragraph of his speech… Lesson learnt…Maulana sahab, lain kali jangan bodek terlebih orang yang tak minta di bodek pun, buat kerja hang bagi speech hang sudah , tak payah nak ungkit PM ada majority kerusi, dia tak minta pun, …kan dah kena, kesian hang)

    And what did I say previously about KJ? Impressive , no? He knows his stuff by the fingertips, he was answering all the questions that were posed, he probably sat the whole day jotting down the questions raised and I’m sure he was even willing to answer all the balance questions raised even if he were given another 2 hours. Unfortunately the speaker left it at that.

    This is what we the rakyat want to see things in Dewan..sense of responsibility, decorum and dignified behaviour. DO you realise that even Bung was behaving and of course if you do not know your topic you will be pulled down as one member was reminded that we are in Covid 19, how was vaccine done in 2018???

    Even the Bakri member – not only is she delightful to look at , even tho she was wearing face purdah, she was intelligent enough to decide to put in all her question and barring any pencelahan within the 7 minute allotted to her and the issues raised are pertinent and I’m sure KJ have prepared to answer her but the speaker stopped at 545

    And Jelutong ( the antithesis to Bakri whether he puts on his face purdah or not) was behaving all along barring that Sik incident

    Great proceeding today I would say and we just hope that this will be so in next 2 days sitting so as not to have the adjective monkey, baboon or any other primates being used to describe the Malaysia parliament. I doubt this will be so next Monday…I’m sure all hell will break loose then!

    1. Setuju 18:42
      Proceeding today is what we want to see minus all the time wasting unnecessary interruptions. There were still many silly and repetitive questioning. For instance Kulai didn't know MySejahtera has features that you can choose vaccine and cancel vaccine appointment. I mean I felt silly being told I that didn't update my MySejahtera profile at the vaccine center and I thought how can an MP not know that!

      KJ did great. Kuala Selangor, Bandar Baru, Segambut acknowledged this.I like the well mannered Bukit Mertajam; he'd make good minister. We do not need asses like Sepang, Shah Alam or ass-licker Sik.

      Next Monday is war. I'd like to see how Kota Bharu would get around it.

  14. Am praying hard that all these useless politicians will be infected by covid 19,suffer and then continues suffering in hell.They dont deserve to be alive,at least we can have some peace!

  15. As at 27/7/2021 At least 1 dose 36.9 %, Fully vaccinated 17.3% (COVID-19 vaccine https://g.co/kgs/rZ3hUX) but cakap 3rd dose already! Hmmm!

  16. Sorry Annie, seems like you are and I are viewing the same proceedings but with entirely different views

    I watched all 12 hours of the 2 ays of sitting

    The first ay I saw a very passionate display by MP's who had not sat in parliament for 221 days I believe.

    This calmed down in the afternoon session and the speech by Shafie was especially noteworthy


    The afternnon session on the 27th as especially wonderful


    KJ answering MP's questions. Not sure why barely any PN MP's were asking questions (or aroun) but the session was respectful, the questions asked important and KJ was on top of his brief.

    It seems like you were on a different planet or watched clips or just the beginning hour or something and not the whole thing to come with such a statement/opinion

  17. I also want to ad that the speaker's job is not just to be referee during parliamentary sessions but to stand up and speak up for parliament. Tht is his key responsibility

    see below speaker of the house of parliament in the UK admonishing the PM


    Thsi is also part of the responsibility of the speaker, unfortunately this part of the duty is not being carried out

  18. also to be clear MP's can only discuss the agenda of the day

    MP's gave many suggestions to KJ in his session, mostly from PH but some from PN/BN too. This is definitely worth watching